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  • Dani Zweifler
    Dani Zweifler

    50% real.....; 50% fake.........? // give us facts dude..... !!

  • Tom Robins
    Tom Robins

    Clickbait, clickbait, clickbait . . . . . .

  • Terry Tv Talaud TV
    Terry Tv Talaud TV


  • Kolson Maddox
    Kolson Maddox

    The first 2 vids were definitely Kansas or Colorado not Alabama. I live in alabama and Ik what alabama looks like when I see it.

  • Zalo Alvarez
    Zalo Alvarez

    All these ugly storms meanwhile the all fish just chilling under the ocean

  • Valentina Jiménez Quintero
    Valentina Jiménez Quintero

    Quarantine brought me here 🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Eddy's shenanigans
    Eddy's shenanigans

    2:05 the person that was landing that helicopter has balls the size of the largest cargo ship

  • D. S
    D. S

    that can't be real @10:35

  • Martin Flores
    Martin Flores

    I'm surprised the ship didn't sink after having the balls of the helicopter pilot on board!

  • 12345fowler

    The teammate on the sailship with jib problem finally had the good reflex to grab the jib line by hand to get the boat some steering power, only it was far too late.


    Why not use rain x

  • Charles Pieters
    Charles Pieters


  • Joel

    Thanks now I have crippling aquapobia

  • brooks wade
    brooks wade

    Having been without much money all of my life, there is no amount of money that could get me on an ocean vessel or on the Great Lakes. Drowning is my biggest fear so I avoid this kind of activity, at all costs. Much respect to the men and women who keep our country supplied and running by doing this.

  • Mitch W
    Mitch W

    This is horrifically disrespectful. That robot voice is proof that you pieces of shit couldn't care less about anything other than "clicks". If karma is real, I hope you all get a taste of it.

  • Michael keaton officiel
    Michael keaton officiel

    9:11 this ship is called the abeille bourbon it's a French ship I live in the city were she stay all the time to be ready to go save other ship, this thing is a monster it's the most powerful "saving" (one that go save other ship in stom tec) in France, it's harbor is brest 'cause Brittany (the french one) is one of the most dangerous cost in Europe

  • Trending Vlog
    Trending Vlog

    Snowfall in Nainital

  • Esmée Bruinsma
    Esmée Bruinsma

    This video made me both extremely nervous and seasick.

  • crimejade

    Deadly wave

  • David Dickey
    David Dickey

    Reinforces my determination to remain on dry land

  • nobody46820

    I've been there, don't want to be there

  • Jonathan Aliff
    Jonathan Aliff

    The soundtrack at the end sounds like a day at the beach...Utah that is.

  • Bill Tsirtsis
    Bill Tsirtsis


  • Mazda6Aiolos

    10:28 - 10:40 is from movie, I saw that movie.

  • Ivan Covarrubias
    Ivan Covarrubias


  • T C
    T C

    Juuust sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip...

    • Patrick Horvath
      Patrick Horvath

      " Why don't they just kill Gilligan?" -Red Foreman

  • L铭南

    So in conclusion, the bigger, the better ? :D

  • Julie Allison
    Julie Allison

    I hope he made it that was stressful just watching i take my hat fellas. i will keep you in my prayers brothers

    • MFcannon cannon
      MFcannon cannon

      Julie Allison it really is stressful. I’m so afraid of the ocean 🌊 that I haven’t been swimming 🏊 in the beach in about 25 years.


    The sound effects at the end lol

  • Klap p
    Klap p

    Imagine this at night

  • Matt Gartside
    Matt Gartside

    Did anybody else see the polar bear at 9:02?

  • mito . . .
    mito . . .

    Neptune and Poseidon do not kid.

  • mito . . .
    mito . . .

    the helicopter... don't.

  • SleazyRoseWalker

    1:32 anyone with knowledge in this area, what was that beeping for? Some sensor telling that the ship is way off equilibrium?

  • Romulus Paradise
    Romulus Paradise

    The only thing more horrible than these storms is the sound effects for this video.

  • falstoffe

    Cargo ship, Mega Cruise ship, military ship big enough to land a chopper..... 4:10 what is THIS Mickey Mouse doing in this line up? Oh, that's what it's doing in this line up.

  • William James
    William James


  • Mikolaj Wojtowicz
    Mikolaj Wojtowicz

    If I was on that boat at least I would be warm BECAUSE I WOULD PISSING MYSELF

  • David Sprague
    David Sprague

    Demolition derby on a ship

  • Fencer Dennis
    Fencer Dennis

    how pacific tribes and atlantic island tribes navigated long distances between islands across open ocean in wooden boats is a mystery.

  • kyle Dove
    kyle Dove

    And this right here is why I’ll never be a sailor

  • libtards suck
    libtards suck

    The captain at 6:38 has balls of steel

  • Butt Hurtz
    Butt Hurtz

    Quit with the bullshit sound effects. Also no movie shots.

  • Franz Huber
    Franz Huber

    Strongest? By what measures?

  • Itz Cheezy
    Itz Cheezy

    Unexpected waves.......

  • Gus Kelman
    Gus Kelman

    And what's with the shit sound affects

  • Gus Kelman
    Gus Kelman

    Why you using scenes from a movie

  • Team 11
    Team 11

    The 2nd to last one was the Andrea Gail

  • Rxspzct

    10:26 has to be from a movie

  • Dexter Morgan
    Dexter Morgan

    Just the video makes me feel uncomfortable.

  • Adam Wilson
    Adam Wilson

    And imagine blackbeard and Isabella Drummond or Edward low in these storms in the video these are like destroyers and cruise ships but not what these people had ☠

  • Adam Wilson
    Adam Wilson

    My cousin always wanted to be in the navy I showed him the video and it was instant regret

  • Trapking SWAG
    Trapking SWAG

    I would need to wear headphones that are constantly playing the winderwaker ocean song to get through that calmy, otherwise it's terrifying

  • Johnny Shumway
    Johnny Shumway

    If the waves are strong enough to list the ship never let it hit the sides, it may capsize.

  • Jack J
    Jack J

    Anyone that’s been to sea knows that cameras never do the size of the waves/swell justice

  • Applefied

    6:20 scares me

  • Laith Mohammad
    Laith Mohammad

    The ocean is scary

  • kisisina hasanah
    kisisina hasanah

    ,LBH berat ini drpd wayuh😁(insy!),ayo like👎

  • Mr ZAG
    Mr ZAG

    Great storm on 4.00

  • Rolflol Grisepelle
    Rolflol Grisepelle

    big containerships and oil tankers can't handle this kind of beating, the hulls start to crack up due too much movement over long periods of time.

  • Алексей Иван
    Алексей Иван

    надо было показать сказочника конюхова,которому 12 бальный шторм не по чем)))

  • culle6 crossover
    culle6 crossover

    wahnsinn ,15-20 meter wellen !!!!

  • Sajad Jamali
    Sajad Jamali

    ماشاءاللہ جزاك اللهُ‎سبحان الله الحَمْدُ ِلله الله أكبرمُحَمَّد ﷺ

  • Sajad Jamali
    Sajad Jamali

    ماشاءاللہ جزاك اللهُ‎سبحان الله الحَمْدُ ِلله الله أكبرمُحَمَّد ﷺ

  • John Irving
    John Irving

    Me watching ships ride through heavy waves: Coool! 😁 Me picturing being pulled under those waves and the deep dark water beneath: 🙀

  • Plum_ Pie
    Plum_ Pie

    groovy generic storm sounds

  • Logan Brasfield
    Logan Brasfield

    Lmao I’m on a cruise ship in a storm rn, deadass

  • Tra Cambodia Official
    Tra Cambodia Official

    Wow wow so beautiful 😍i want to go to its 😍 I'm from Cambodia 🇰🇭❤️

    • Gida Permana
      Gida Permana

      u know corona virus is here

  • RammPage

    10:30 is that a movie or real? holyshit that ship got knocked over.

    • Fabian Ming
      Fabian Ming

      Ita fake from a movie

  • Douglas MacKay
    Douglas MacKay

    Phonie crap scammed from others

  • Silly Fishy
    Silly Fishy

    That has got to be the best pirate I’ve ever seen

    • Logan Brasfield
      Logan Brasfield

      Silly Fishy whoa this is a fr underrated comment, LITERALLY a pirate

  • Daniel Major
    Daniel Major

    the videos you find and stare at after some weed lol

  • bell

    3:35 why i will never go on a cruise

  • Lucky Underwood
    Lucky Underwood

    Sorry! Nothing compares to 2011...It's obvious Doug Jones has no clue about 2011...SMH!


    5:05 When you push of the front of the bathtub

  • G_V Channel
    G_V Channel

  • Hqze

    Me: watches one video like this USsofts:looks like he really enjoys these lets put them everywhere on his recommendation

    • Ligia Tavarez
      Ligia Tavarez

      Dios peimero

    • Ligia Tavarez
      Ligia Tavarez


    • Ligia Tavarez
      Ligia Tavarez

      @EnigmaDrath video musicaprimero dios

    • EnigmaDrath

      Me: *watches one harmless funny video of a row boat capsizing but everyone's fine* USsofts: WANNA SEE THE SAME EXCEPT PEOPLE ARE IN PERIL!?!?

    • stefano98

      I literally just watched one video af a sinking ship and now i only have ships in my recommendation

  • poopagore

    haha at first I was like wtf that looks fake? ... oh perfect storm lol dumb

  • Larry Slemp
    Larry Slemp


  • Rais Begum
    Rais Begum

    I used to think job of a pilot is the most dangerous one but now i don't anymore

  • John Armenta
    John Armenta

    From 1:37 to 2:51 - BALLS!! OF!! STEEL!!!! Total f#ckin' balls of steel!!

  • Cj Davis
    Cj Davis

    Ef 5 when it hit Beauregard

  • Jacobs Beginners Guide
    Jacobs Beginners Guide

    “Honey, lets go on a plane next year” “Yes Harold” “Mother?” “Yes Billie” “At least the boat’ll be clean”

    VOICE OF PAKISTAN like and subscribe my chanal

  • leah K
    leah K

    Laughs in Kurdistan

  • Tanki 4life
    Tanki 4life

    Does anybody know or have information on the ship at 5:10 ? I was on that ship!

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown

    at 10:10 they snuck in a clip from THE PERFECT STORM

  • François Fabre
    François Fabre

    Pauvre petit bateau se retourner se retourner de la proue vers la poupe. Tous ces marins ont du mourrir dans d'atroces conditions. Que Dieu ait leur âme

  • Lone Hansen
    Lone Hansen

    This is funny. I have sailed on the sistership of the navy vessel, where the Helicopter lands.

  • Mr. Kimble
    Mr. Kimble

    10:20 that’s from a movie lol. And you spoiled the ending A hole!!

  • Tony Robinson
    Tony Robinson

    There is a bird floating at 9;04 wondering what all the fuss is

  • Jamie Strang
    Jamie Strang

    I don't mind front-on waves but broadsides scare me

  • Cupid Cat
    Cupid Cat

    half of this is just the drake passage not the storm

  • Kevin Stoda
    Kevin Stoda

    The power of the sea.

  • самоделкин дом
    самоделкин дом

    Один обрывок всунули из фильма забыл название но фильм крут

  • Quang duy Bui
    Quang duy Bui


  • Phong Nguyen
    Phong Nguyen

    Khủng khiếp quá luôn...

  • Joseph Squires
    Joseph Squires

    Hard life even harder on the Grand Banks of newfoundland on a fishing boat os offshore supply boat been there

  • N.M.

    at 10:40: you´re gone dude

  • Martin Saxegård Olsen
    Martin Saxegård Olsen

    RIP Edmund Fitzgerald