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  • The Comedian
    The Comedian

    Thank God it wasn't another Batman Vs Spiderman again, because that's a bit over kill. Batman won the second round, Spiderman won the first round, the end.

  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller

    14:48 Dark Dizzy: HUH! Slash Beast: YAH! Wheel Gator: Huh. MatTrex: RAH! Commander Yammark: LET'S DO THIS! Sheild Sheldon: Huh! Grizzly Slash: HI-YAH!

  • Exodius


  • Cameron Braze
    Cameron Braze

    I Can be the new bom stick or bom stick junkie

  • Gtastic Voorhees
    Gtastic Voorhees

    Make A Steve (Minecraft) Vs Jonesy (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  • Blackout 1
    Blackout 1

    Me before watching: is this going to be another Bat vs Spider match? Me after watching: Static Shock, didn't see that one coming. This match is going to be interesting.

  • Moon45 Ben
    Moon45 Ben

    Fire team harmony ?

  • Salo Guzman
    Salo Guzman

    Magnetic powers versus spider powers who will win DC or MARVEL.

  • sugendran shan
    sugendran shan

    blacan won

  • Dragonball_Z137

    Killer Bean vs Katana Zero

  • Dajuan Whitaker
    Dajuan Whitaker

    Death Battle Ideas: Ultimate Kars vs Doomsday(JJBA vs DC) Jonathan Joestar vs Sanji(JJBA vs OP) Katakuri vs Garnet( OP vs Steven Universe) Bucciarati vs Trafalgar Law(JJBA vs OP) Give me your thoughts please

  • Xavier Hardy
    Xavier Hardy

    Damn I love both these characters

  • Ireckkids _Toxic
    Ireckkids _Toxic

    That stupid

  • mattwo7

    Oh Oz is just in the spider that bit Peter in that universe. Was confused for a minute there because Oz is the Green Goblin serum.

  • Marcus Bell- Dixon
    Marcus Bell- Dixon

    They about to do my boy virgil Hopkins dirty I can see it coming.

  • Brandon Flores
    Brandon Flores

    Lol black spiderman >:D

  • raphael tan
    raphael tan

    But all might should have won since his untied states of smash should have been calculated by sixty times

  • FiveGates

    Ugh.... love Miles and Marvel in general, and I know his Venom blasts will work on Static but that's not gonna be enough here...

  • Mr. Variant
    Mr. Variant

    No venom blast? It only beat doctor doom? No idea how static could win but yay black superheroes for MLK day and black history month.

  • Daniel

    The people saying Miles loses seem to not know that he's, technically, immortal. Thanks to that OZ spider

  • Brian McGauley
    Brian McGauley

    According to what I've read up on, the only advantage that Static has is that he has far more experience than Miles. Miles has the entire stat trinity in his favor. So there is logically no way in Heaven or Earth that they could - *Flashes back to Thor vs Wonder Woman, Terry vs Miguel, Dante vs Bayonetta, Captain Marvel vs Android 18, Garra vs Toph, Carnage vs Lucy, Sasuke vs Hiei, and Nightwing vs Dare Devil* ...Oh, right. I almost forgot what show I was watching for a second...

  • Bloom Sosahater
    Bloom Sosahater

    I'm voting for MM and i think Static is gonna put an end to Morales.

  • Kyle Baker
    Kyle Baker

    - Storm ([X-Men] Marvel) vs Korra (Avatar: Legend of Korra) - Hawkman (DC Comics) vs Archangel ([X-Men] Marvel) - Hellboy (Dark Horse Comics) vs Etrigan (DC Comics)

  • Little Devil
    Little Devil

    Miles Morales vs Static! Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen! Place your bets!

  • chaotixninja5

    Technically another Spiderman vs Batman episode, right?

  • Jonathan Windley
    Jonathan Windley

    Asking again fellas, last have a rat King vs squirrel girl Battle

  • Adrian SpejsonPL
    Adrian SpejsonPL

    Normaly No One wins it is a draw

  • Mr_Dredd

    Miles also has the Venom Blast Which would def be helpful against static

  • Zero Knight
    Zero Knight

    "RTX is inspiring..." 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ultra instinct Cam
    Ultra instinct Cam

    Does gaara supposed to turn into a sand demon when his skin stature cracking

  • Rofist

    Static shock got that

  • The Reverse
    The Reverse

    I'm a huge DC fan and a huge fan of Static but I feel like Miles has this one. How can you hit someone you can't touch lol Spider Sense

  • Galvic Online
    Galvic Online

    Miles is a spiderman so he has a good outlook but Virgil's power does like 20 different things and I don't think Miles has an answer for all of them. Even if he could match Virigl in raw electrical power, which he can't, Virgil also has magneto level power hence electromagentism. And even without that Virgil is really smart not Gear smart but I'm pretty sure he understands chemisty, electricity, and physics better than Miles.

  • Paul Powell
    Paul Powell

    What a great watch !!

  • DX Gaming
    DX Gaming

    “To find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE.” Chuck would.

  • Mutant Gaming
    Mutant Gaming

    Who wants to see Snake eyes (G.i Joe) vs Ninjak 🔽

  • Night Shade
    Night Shade


  • Enan O'Malley
    Enan O'Malley

    In my own opinions and knowledge (mainly the cartoon series) of the characters, it comes down to this for a win: Can Miles get close and withstand Virgil's attacks? Miles would be faster, stronger, and tougher then Virgil. While Virgil has range, mobility, flight, and versatility over Miles. If Miles can get in close he can easily overpower the bang baby and Virgil isn't physically durable compared to other characters. But Virgil can dish out as much, if not more, then Electro could and Electro is very powerful. Plus Virgil has a lot more options to keep Miles away or counter his attacks. Miles greatest advantage is his invisibility but Virgil can create a field of energy to reveal a person's electromagnetic field (Superman cameo episode with Static Shock) which could counter the invisibility. Also, the big thing, both characters have a limit to their arsenal Miles has limited webbing and Virgil can run out of electricity. While Virgil can recover easily, he would be defenseless against Miles just crushing him or punching him dead. Love to hear other people's thoughts on this analysis of mine and counter claims.

  • DX Gaming
    DX Gaming

    101% agree with the outcome.

  • Gage Miliate
    Gage Miliate

    Look guys ive been here for 7 years every year i ask piccolo vs martian manhunter but to no avail please help me out so they cant ignore me again

  • draco king
    draco king

    My bets on static shock

  • Aric Espinoza
    Aric Espinoza

    Miles better win this

  • Geo Xev
    Geo Xev

    I think it would be better if it was Miles vs. Demian Wayne

  • Trunks

    Erza >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Zoro If only we can say death battle is miles ahead from stupidity.

  • God's Saving Grace
    God's Saving Grace

    Now that was a SHOCKING turn of events, your winner static shock...! He got alot of mileage on that one, your winner SpiderMan!

  • GuestZer0

    Replacing Boomstick? Seemed like a minor infraction.

  • Owen Cruz
    Owen Cruz

    Miles is the best spiderman because he can say the n-word

  • Mario of Seven Stars
    Mario of Seven Stars

    Freakazoid would have been a great fit for either fighter

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy

    Well.. I wanted lizard vs killer croc, but this is ok.

  • Jae animates Sticknodes
    Jae animates Sticknodes

    there is no way miles is gonna win dc makes their characters too op but I'll watch anyways. Good luck me boi

  • Lone Wolf Jet Jet
    Lone Wolf Jet Jet

    With All Might & Might Guy they are the positive of heroes who know they can't kill only giving that sparring way heroes showing moves, special moves, ultimate moves even friendship Giving this match among all killing matches and kinda rarely not killing... All Might & Might Guy took 1st place in non-killing in 2019 - 2020

  • Bruce Oaks
    Bruce Oaks

    Static shocks gonna beat his ass

  • Black Man JRPG
    Black Man JRPG

    We're starting off the new year with a DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!

  • Astro World
    Astro World

    At least this fight was fair unlike tracer and scout

  • bigmookie27

    Trogdor vs Smaug?

  • jaticthehedgehog1

    Can't choose like both. Damn you death battle

  • Jared Rietveld
    Jared Rietveld

    I'm guessing the connection is that they both have electrical powers and are heros as kids.

    • Jared Rietveld
      Jared Rietveld

      I think that Miles would win but would not be easy. Miles has more skill in close combat while Static is better as long range. Has soon as Miles Morales can get close, it would be like Black Widow vs. Widow Maker. Static is not very versatile with his abilities but is more clever using his surroundings . Miles is more reckless but has more options to choose from his abilities. Miles does learn more in a middle of a battle. Static does gets more help from other heros than Miles does. Miles could destroy Static with his strength and his the vemon shock which should work on Miles with his webbings. The only think is, Static can see Miles when he is invisible by seeing his aura, could probably melt the webbing and from before, is very clever. I think this is a close match but with Static's one weakness, I think Miles could win this his he knows about the weakness.

  • Cameron Glenn
    Cameron Glenn

    Deku vs Rock Lee

  • H3H3 Productions
    H3H3 Productions

    Who is he fighting

  • Kimg Rokai
    Kimg Rokai

    R.i.P miles

  • MLG Shrek
    MLG Shrek

    Death Battle: We use the strongest version of our characters Captain Universe Miles: Am I a joke to you?

  • Joseph Moore
    Joseph Moore

    Ok so if they are including super genius Statick from New 52 (not that his original Dakotaverse self wasnt super smart) this fight is going to be lopsided. Plz dont disrespect Virgil

  • Bobby McCrary
    Bobby McCrary

    And invisible powers

  • Emmanuel T
    Emmanuel T

    Wait will this fight happened in Black History Month??? WTH lol

  • Tamare Watson
    Tamare Watson

    This is racist

  • Tristan Conley
    Tristan Conley

    Goku didn't get to even use Mastered Ultra Instinct

  • Dior Sloan
    Dior Sloan

    Selen vs alice

  • Jay Noir
    Jay Noir

    Few Suggestions: John Wick vs Frank Castle Sindel(Mortal Kombat) vs Black Canary Devil Gene Jin Kazama vs Chaos Form Vincent Valentine Kenshi(MK) vs Katana(Suicide Squad) Baraka(MK) vs Voldo(Soul Calibur)

  • gokuandmario4ever

    Bowser vs. King K. Rool

  • Bobby McCrary
    Bobby McCrary

    Don't forget that Miles has shocking powers from that spider

  • Sean H.
    Sean H.

    I'll replace broomstick! Call me...boom Shaka laka!

  • again1 again
    again1 again

    Hello team DEATH BATTLE. I have a good fight proposal Who would win: Killer Croc or King Shark?

  • djhdhdkhy

    DAMN. I love both.

  • Yaroslav Panych
    Yaroslav Panych

    Static seems not that big of opponent for static. Unless he posses reaction faster than spider, ha will not do anything critical.

  • Joe Martin
    Joe Martin

    um, i'm here to apply for the replacement of boomstick. i'm way more responsible then him.

  • Jevon Jackson
    Jevon Jackson

    Deathbattle I'm calling it Ultimate Spider-Man wins easy. I respect Static Shock let's be honest not lie to ourselves. Marvel basically owns DC in death battles just my opinion.

  • mas8705

    It’s honestly hard to say who has the edge here. Want to say Static for the ability to fly around and long range attacks, but Miles is technically his own Spider-Man complete with his own set of special abilities. Tough call.

  • Marquis Powell
    Marquis Powell

    Ngl the instrumental was 🔥🔥

  • Kraven Spider
    Kraven Spider

    1:10 lol Miles just slaps the spider like it’s nothing.

  • Loading Screen
    Loading Screen

    Sees Miles: Cool, I wonder who his opponent will be Sees Virgil: My favorite superhero is fighting Miles Morales, welp, I don’t feel too well about this.

  • Jonathan Martinez
    Jonathan Martinez

    Static shock gonna win mostly because i loved the tv show growing up

  • again1 again
    again1 again

    Hello team DEATH BATTLE. I have a good fight proposal Who would win: Killer Croc or King Shark?

  • 10nime

    Makes sense. One takes put on the mask, the other takes on the quips

  • Eyup Mavili
    Eyup Mavili

    Why didn't cuphead use the power where he shoots milk so that he can but the ink away

  • Astro World
    Astro World

    My childhood youtube channel

  • Maelstrom Crow
    Maelstrom Crow

    Man.. Two of my top five favorite heroes.. I don't want to see either of them lose.

  • Joshus Zimmermsn
    Joshus Zimmermsn

    DIGIMON IS BETTER THEN POKEMON COULD EVER BE but Lady Jocalyn is beautiful

  • Unlockman

    I am a little bit confused. When will be the next Preview? Since next week should be the Death Battle.

  • wolfguy23


  • MysteriousTomJenkins

    So instead of actually looking at the differences between the Ultimate and main Marvel universe you just go for the lazier option and go off the Spiderverse movie... okay? This kind of thing always bugs me with you guys, you don't go with the main portrayal of the character, you go with the most recent. Spiderverse movie came out and is the most recent portrayal of Miles so you focus on that instead of the comic version, same with Shazam and same with Frank West even though Dead Rising 4 was terrible. Like, you could have explained that Ultimate Hulk is bigger, Grey and a cannibal, that ultimate Reed is a villain, that Ultimate Venom is man made but screw talking about canon Miles and his universe, Spiderverse came out so just bring up silly little differences in that. Watch as this stupid choice comes back to bite you when people think you only focused on the movie and ignored the comics. I know you will look at the comics but when you start off with a non canon movie, it really gives people the wrong impression.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    With great power comes great responsibility miles

  • Raw-Kin Bleachfan
    Raw-Kin Bleachfan

    I'll be Boomstick's replacement.

  • Anonymous Troll
    Anonymous Troll


  • Wayne Midnight
    Wayne Midnight

    Static Shock is awesome!

  • Loke High
    Loke High

    Peter Parker = Spider-Man Miles Morales = Venom Blast Man

  • Edwin Bair
    Edwin Bair

    Static and miles only similarity is being black lol

  • jimmy magic
    jimmy magic

    Ohhhh I'm excited for this!!

  • Edwin Bair
    Edwin Bair

    Static shock why

  • mc_gabriel_rock

    Ahhhh thats not fair at all static dosent have super strenght or reflexes

  • Joshua Mohlman
    Joshua Mohlman

    “Leap of faith?” THIS AIN’T ASSASSINS CREED!!!!