Tj Hunt

Tj Hunt
Tj Hunt

This is my life :)

  • DRC707

    I once got a ticket in a Nissan civic 🤣

  • Bud Buddington
    Bud Buddington

    Glad you got the Gini Vengir back without a scratch!

  • blacktiger 911
    blacktiger 911

    -hits vape- cool car bruh Seriously awesome work man

  • c dawkins
    c dawkins

    i would not feel a flicker of emotion if that pig got shot in the stomach and lived just long enough to know hes dying. then his phone rings and its a facetime from his wife who is being raped by a nigger. with his children crying in the background

  • Ted P
    Ted P

    So a random guy can drive it but it’s illegal for you. Bizarro land

  • GD 02
    GD 02

    It's not his job. He wouldn't impound his friends car under the same circumstances.

  • Martini Mihaka
    Martini Mihaka


  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    This is crazy. This is absolutely a scam. Most people aren’t rich like you and needs time to come up with the money to get there car out of storage meantime your fees are piling up. It’s just a trap. Then you need to schedule an appointment and they close early on certain days wow. I don’t even want to know how much they are going to charge to register a Lamborghini in ca

  • Roscoe Sparkz
    Roscoe Sparkz

    How bout you just don’t drive the car

  • Everett Anderson
    Everett Anderson

    all the cops want is your money. remember people like to get paid for not doing shit. mostly cops

  • David Magill
    David Magill

    I would have been devastated ,I love the way you took it in your stride & made a you tube video to offset the cost take a bow !

  • Naradhipati Andaru
    Naradhipati Andaru

    I totally forgot that this car was a mid engine

  • Mike

    Disappointed on the design. From the front it looks like a hybrid of a Hurracan and an Aventador. And from the back it looks like a Chevy camaro and the corvette.

  • Ellias Q
    Ellias Q

    Love it . Forget about la Ferrari go technology. all these new companies like remac are kicking ass. Ferrari need to catch up

  • D 13
    D 13

    God Ferrari make the ugliest interiors these days

  • Azreal busk
    Azreal busk

    Yo is that a Supra

  • Taran Kingma
    Taran Kingma

    I love they try and make it hard and expensive for you but you just make content out of it 😂👏🏼

  • Akashdeep Virk
    Akashdeep Virk

    How much it cost you broo?

  • Johnny Suschnik
    Johnny Suschnik

    Also, do you support your war veterans that wear licence plates on their own vehicles that could potentially die from action just to support the homeland of America, where people actually live thinking, gosh my Lamborghini looks way better without plates. I can do whatever I want because I make lots of money with my USsofts channel. Boy that officer could have given me a warning, yet he made me an example. I am glad you threw 750 bucks away just to get your car back. Now I just subscribed, and now I unsubscribe because you and your agreeing followers are, s,j,w's and snow flakes. F#@$ o##@

  • Johnny Suschnik
    Johnny Suschnik

    Just a question, why are you all supercar owners, refusing to put licence plates on your cars? The country I live in, you cannot drive without them and the insurance tag on the plate. Wtf? This just shows unstable vanity in America. Fu all for drawing attention to the rest of us for being ignorant of your own laws that ultimately protect you from real danger. Grow up quickly. Wtf again. It is a privilege to have a driver's license and also to be able to drive. Stand up and honour it. Otherwise when the priveledge is revoked, you make a stinking dumb video first for being dumb, and secondly, for thinking you are over privileged. Again Fu all for this mentality. Grow up

  • MR. Buffallo
    MR. Buffallo

    Sounds like that cop wanted to get money out of you

  • Hunter Davidson
    Hunter Davidson

    Move out of commiefornia

  • JohnCarlo Malaluan
    JohnCarlo Malaluan

    8:56 if you see Ryder's car

  • Slow_Kid

    5:01 *inserts windows shutdown noise*

  • BrosAuto

    Tj Hunt is the best creator for car build videos! I actually created my own channel called BrosAuto to show even more car build videos. Come check it out and ill always follow back!

  • G. Brai
    G. Brai

    A rotary that been sitting for a decade.😬

  • Jonas Pareja
    Jonas Pareja

    That’s BS!!! If they misspelled all that then you can get that money back !!!!!!

  • Jonas Pareja
    Jonas Pareja

    That’s BS!!! If they misspelled all that then you can get that money back !!!!!!

  • Vlad Kuz
    Vlad Kuz

    That downshift 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • B Bailey
    B Bailey

    Quit voting for the NAZI f'n democrats that want to take away all your rights

  • Jeremy Games
    Jeremy Games

    I just believe that toe companies basically can legally steal your car a course you go up to someone and randomly steal their car you go to jail but when they do it's perfectly legal now what kind of shit is that

  • Lister Motorsports
    Lister Motorsports

    Only a real prick cop would do that... shame on them. .

  • Micaiah Flores
    Micaiah Flores

    Just fucking move out of California it’s easy

  • billybro1999

    Moral of the story..... Don't live in California...

  • NGARCIA350z _
    NGARCIA350z _

    california is a royal pain in the ass sometimes, id make that cop's life hard too maybe file a complaint every week or tow haha

  • NFS Drift Clibs
    NFS Drift Clibs

    Daaaam in puerto rico the cops even ser You 😂

  • Car Master
    Car Master

    Get a frequency intelligent exhaust like the stradman

  • Jason Vance
    Jason Vance

    I drive a 2006 Hyundai Tiburon GS thought about modding it. But not a lot of good mods out there. really hard to find aftermarket exhaust systems too. So.. I'm trying to get a better job and hopefully save around 10K and sell my Tiburon for a lil to buy myself a Subaru BRZ. I wanna buy it completely stock and tune it up from scratch and put a dark purple matte wrap like you did for a lil bit with yalls BRZ god damn that was sexy. hopefully gonna get one by the end of my senior year a couple years away. Love ya Tj #freethelambo

  • David Morton
    David Morton

    Standard storage prices are 20$ a day at impound lots. You got ripped off bud. They saw Lamborghini and knew you had $.

  • kyru

    Tape it where the plate is? lol

  • hazmat fishing Ferrara
    hazmat fishing Ferrara

    cops filmed live.taking legal cars 1 at a kid gets ticket for selling lemon aid with out a permit.and in other news san francisconis destroyed by homeless heroin attics.crickets

  • JetNmyFuture
    JetNmyFuture looks hideous.

  • kyru

    drives lambo with no plates: surprised when it gets impounded.

  • Kyle Botala
    Kyle Botala

    Omg hope you keep everything turn it back to stock... had a car I had to have them check out...the window was replaced and there was sealant over 3 numbers they wouldn’t sign the paper to make it legal... there was vins under the hood and on the door cam that match all the way till the number but I had to scrap the car.

  • Wesley Cooper
    Wesley Cooper

    They are all just revenue generators. When they impound it generates more revenue. They like pulling over really expensive cars because they KNOW you have the money to PAY. They pull over shitty cars because they KNOW they probably have warrants.

  • German Hiker
    German Hiker

    What a beast! Have fun driving it!

  • Jacob Stegall
    Jacob Stegall

    All that money & you can't even keep up with the simplest shit... print your electronic insurance, scan & print your registration & keep that shit in your glove compartment ,not too freaking hard should have had it done like any normal person. That being said he shouldn't have towed it but that's commiefornia for you.

  • Ejb954

    I will call him a dick. Cop was pissed you were driving that car.

  • R S
    R S

    omg you guys need respirators ffs!

  • Cody B
    Cody B

    when I was 22 I got my impounded and I couldn't get it out bc of all the fees. I ended up calling the bank and told them to repo it lol it was either take out a loan to get the car out or get it repo.

  • Rob's House
    Rob's House

    “I’m gonna insert a clip here if us revving the stock exhaust for comparison”.... <never does it> 😂


    i would sue that cop for harassment

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade

    The A90 has the spirit. The GT500 has the power. The C8 has the ingenuity.

  • Fernando Gonzalez
    Fernando Gonzalez


  • BrotherMan Nick
    BrotherMan Nick

    No tags, no reg, no insurance on you...I set your self up lol **But that officer went to make an example

  • Gooody17

    anyone else notice the cocaine on his nose at 8:35 till the rest of the video?

  • José Mateus
    José Mateus

    Name de farst music please

  • Billy Ward
    Billy Ward

    Leave comifornia

  • kevin nelson
    kevin nelson

    You literally helped them take your car. I would have said f you figure it out

  • WoahCam _
    WoahCam _


  • Dave Wsh
    Dave Wsh

    SVJ convert it

  • Mikey B
    Mikey B

    the only reason he did this was cuz you have a lambo

  • Jay Tizzle
    Jay Tizzle

    Lol You made more off this video then he makes in 3 or 4 months.

  • TATERS 73
    TATERS 73

    Couldn't hear it over that Tesla lol she sounds good though


    Why tint the windows if you drive with the windows down? Pretty funny.

  • Joseph Tulk
    Joseph Tulk

    When I lived in Cali for a while when I was a teenager I never had insurance or registration all they did was give me a fix it ticket no impound they targeted you

  • byw

    Not sure how well you inspected it, but I'd bill the CHP for any week end storage, it was their fault you incurred those fees by putting a special hold on your vehicle. It would be the towing lots fault otherwise for refusing to release it. I'd bill the towing company for a detail if they made the interior dirty, which looking at their lot, they probably did. You have to play the billing game on these people. They will bill you, tack on fees, and add on fines for anything they possibly think they can get away with. You have every right to fight any of their bills, and you have every right to bill them out the wazoo. Companies extort people out of money all the time by sending them illegitimate bills.

  • ThatCrazyWuff

    this should be illegal, it probably is

  • Divine Spiritual Growth
    Divine Spiritual Growth

    I’m very happy you got her back and you positive attitude about everything, you are blessed. 🙏

  • M67v

    $750 to get your car back after doing nothing. Smh

  • antony sidney
    antony sidney

    wonder why policeman made it so hard for you .......?

  • thekretch

    2 guys with too much money and very little brains.

  • Aqua Tuner
    Aqua Tuner

    Carry your paperwork and you wouldn’t be in this situation. You did this to yourself.

  • Pat Stoll
    Pat Stoll

    California is one GIANT FLAW hopefully the big quake will come and it will just slide into the ocean and die a quiet death

  • Pat Stoll
    Pat Stoll

    How government funds their buddies business

  • Pat Stoll
    Pat Stoll

    That is how you pay for an employee using somebody else"s money at your expense more of the govt fleecing to help out their contracted impound yard buddies. These yards then help cops get cars for their family and friends,.THE FLEECING CONTINUES

  • vince taylor
    vince taylor

    wow they worked you

  • Patrick Mendoza
    Patrick Mendoza

    Car you tubers should move to Texas, this doesn’t happen

  • Sim ulation 7
    Sim ulation 7

    Tj does the avenger come with an arc reactor

  • Cassié J Vance
    Cassié J Vance

    After reading 'most' of the comments on this video. I am happy too say, "No animals were harmed during the filming of this incident". 💯💯🤘🤘

  • Carlos Pardo Rios
    Carlos Pardo Rios

    Just grab the whole TJHunt CO and move it to Florida lol

  • freakk21

    the real lesson this kid wont learn until not even 5 years later - SHOULD HAVE NEVER BOUGHT THE LAMERBORGINI AND WENT WITH THE TESLA INSTEAD -__-;;

  • ricoblade1984

    drop the lip hair man, not you at all!!!

  • Sam Dixon
    Sam Dixon

    Goonzquad woulda helped ya teej <3

  • Vanessa Garcia
    Vanessa Garcia

    Boi just drive another car u have like 20 cars



  • I am Mitch
    I am Mitch

    Cops in America are pricks. Glad you got your car back.

  • Fugazi Garage
    Fugazi Garage

    Gotta love that shit of a state you live in.

  • Jonathan Navarro
    Jonathan Navarro

    i’m no car mechanic but what impressed me the most is that i gave never seen an intake go through a turbo like that


    Impound? Good.

  • MIMCK Media
    MIMCK Media

    Keep your hands from the coke Calvin

  • TheDemonican

    But its automatic.

  • kevin webb
    kevin webb

    How are you not pissed

  • Shade

    Extortion at its finest

  • steven Chase
    steven Chase

    I think the lesson we learned is not to live in California lol

  • oPraxy

    Move to a different state 😂

  • Stefan

    What kind of lift are you guys using? Looks totally awesome.

  • shashlichokn


  • Jay Whyte
    Jay Whyte

    What a great use of tax payer money I feel safer now!

  • ijed

    how much does a BRZ cost?