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  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey

    I didn't care for the Sam raimi Spider-Man movies.

  • Victor Joel Alarcon Eslava
    Victor Joel Alarcon Eslava

    Cowa-piece of f cking dog Shi t!

  • The Taco Squirrel
    The Taco Squirrel

    When i watched this movie i thought it was cool...then i watched it again...and oh god

  • boobbob 00
    boobbob 00

    Can't believe I just thought of this, but the ending of this before the starring segment, it got me thinking what if all of Hollywood's greatest directors teamed up and worked on a project together??? I'd hope it would be like combining all of their greatest treats and qualities. Just imagine it.... lol. , and yes I've already pictured them all butting heads and bickering lmao. Like a too many cooks in the kitchen situation Idk.... Just me..?

  • MCRJedi

    'My Midi-chlorical Romance' absolutely wish I'd thought of that!

  • Sára Tomorszki
    Sára Tomorszki


  • Josue Reimer
    Josue Reimer

    Just terrible 😒

  • Levi

    This actually convinced me never to watch this movie... even on cable... when I'm looking at my phone instead.

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey

    I can't wait for them to release the trailer for venom 2 which is coming out towards the end of this year.

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace

    Sexy Voldemort got me

  • Joseph Laldinsanga
    Joseph Laldinsanga

    This video just make Transformer so much hotter..

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey

    In my opinion all the X-Men movies should have been rated r. Plus I am so hoping that New mutants doesn't suck since I've been waiting years to see.

  • Zachary Siple
    Zachary Siple

    I really liked the movie but I didn't like that there had to be nude scenes to no real effect, and put this on a boat and this is literally Titanic. So, this is not really original.

  • ansoo lal
    ansoo lal

    Do Transformers Bumblebee

  • Vishal Yagik
    Vishal Yagik

    Please say "Vishaaal YaGEEEK"

  • sangtea otoko
    sangtea otoko

    It was all good until...'Toy Story's...🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey

    The reason why this movie sucks is because they had to reshoot the whole entire movie. Because the people that made Captain marvel stoled a lot of the ideas from the people that made X-Men dark Phoenix.

  • Mox & Alicia Channel
    Mox & Alicia Channel

    Kevin Hart sounded like Donnie from “The Wild Thornberrys”

  • thejokersonyou

    Ari was the best part of the show... Nooooooo question...

  • Darffone

    Towards the end when the captain has to tell the truth to the alien leader it cracks me up so bad everytime!

  • Creative Mess
    Creative Mess

    Tyrion Lannister Lmao

  • Special K
    Special K

    😱 I had no idea PHIL COLLINS was in this movie!!!

  • TheRepty818

    Say: "Fiendish Dr. Wu, you done f***ed up now!"

  • CJ Tabunda III
    CJ Tabunda III

    How about singing the Feet song to the tune of Single Ladies by Beyonce? I mean it's good, right? Anyway, sing it with your epic voice. Pretty please 😁

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey

    How about it honest trailer for X-Men first class.

  • Dan the man
    Dan the man

    Um, the Clones attacked the droids in the battle of Genosis

  • Mariam Ubiria
    Mariam Ubiria

    woow! one word - masterpiece! and ofc some movies are missing but come on peeps it’s hard to include everything, dude did best job!!!! there was moment even from the movie “attack the block”, the fact that you included it, means how much you searched and how you tried to make it best, and let me tell you, you made it!!! best video on youtube!

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey

    Yeah I do not like X-Men last stand because I don't get why they killed Patrick Stewart's version professor x if they're just going to bring him back to life.

  • Athar S
    Athar S

    Exactly..Anne Goaway. haha!!

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey

    Also the only thing I like about this hulk movie is Jennifer Connelly 😍

  • Joao Carvalho
    Joao Carvalho

    do anything with terrence hill and bud spencer pls

  • Darffone

    I actually love this movie for being predictable and mindless but still done really well in terms of enjoyability. Its like if you were walking past a brick wall and went" hey look at that brick, those are some good right angles and the texture is just the way brick should feel.

  • ZachMaster97

    Did nobody point out that the Alan Raptor was in there?

  • ZachMaster97

    The Alan Raptor is the Stan Lee of Honest Trailers. There needs to be an Honest Trailer for the Alan Raptor

  • crazyfrazy74747

    And then there was a

  • Sujoy Gupta
    Sujoy Gupta

    never disagreed with one of these before. Like, on every point.

  • Andre Ranulfo
    Andre Ranulfo

    I read the book. And it's creepy.

  • hashim Siddiqi
    hashim Siddiqi

    Do american pie 😂😂 you wanna

  • Sho Shonnie
    Sho Shonnie

    Barnes and Noble!!😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jasleen Faydelarosa
    Jasleen Faydelarosa

    If Nobody Asked For This, Then Why Did You Make This Video?

  • mike nelson
    mike nelson

    I expected funny, based on the other Honest Trailers. I know well the originals and sadly see how this parody could have done so much better. Next time, Screen Junkies, please try to live up to your better work, ok?

  • Andre Ranulfo
    Andre Ranulfo

    Best extra ever!

  • CoryL

    Jurassic Benny Hill 😂😂

  • guitarwi3rdo

    Okay but how does it add up to Italian spiderman?

  • Duc Nguyen
    Duc Nguyen

    I'll waiting for Bumblebee Honest Trailer!

  • Swampbutt Stinson
    Swampbutt Stinson

    Make that nine reasons, girl's got a stomach I could chop taters on.

  • kyle Mazon
    kyle Mazon

    do the abyss please

  • neub4321

    Thanks for this. You saved me time and money by not seeing his movies. I always thought he was overrated, with unnecessary pop culture references and glorified ultra-violence.

  • Steven Radlowski
    Steven Radlowski

    @screen junkies "eye of a mind makes a movie" hes picturing her in his head in some pretty uncouth images. At least that's what I would see it meaning.

  • khwaac

    3:43 and 1:57 cracked me up

  • Celeste Abbruscato
    Celeste Abbruscato

    Tim from Jurassic Park! What! I'm impressed 😂

  • Maggie/sal Navarro
    Maggie/sal Navarro

    You should do mamma mia!

  • Herp All Day
    Herp All Day

    i clicked cause i saw sasso and was waiting and kept thinking how could he possibly be in here, wow not disappointed LOL

  • Fairy Girl
    Fairy Girl

    I love doctor who but 😭😭😭😭

  • King Kagle
    King Kagle

    It's crazy how triggered viewers were 3 years ago. Kim & Sam were both terrific fighters with distinct means of attack. Germain seemed like someone who fights better in text. You throw a wildcard style 3rd person instead [like Ken Knapsock or Joe Starr] & it could be one of the wildest fights ever

  • Cody Bear
    Cody Bear

    Just had to rub the salt in the wound with the canceled Firefly xD

  • PooBrainHorse

    The movies of Michael Bay give me AIDS.

  • HelloIamBear

    "Instead of Mark Zuckerberg, they had to battle a much more evil robot" 😂😂😂

  • MK1996

    I would so watch a 90s sitcom about jacked up special forces guys.

  • Michael Cain
    Michael Cain

    Oh, you guys got this so right. “Nothing you ever enjoyed was original.”

  • Simon Koshka
    Simon Koshka

    "You won’t even look up from your phone when you half watch it on cable” 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joe kornowski
    Joe kornowski

    Do Troll

  • Dilip kumar
    Dilip kumar

    The Boys honest trailer... Would be diabolical!

  • Jared U
    Jared U

    Say “oh bother. Nobody cares about me” like Eyeore

  • Eric Hjort
    Eric Hjort

    Soundtrack was awesome 👍

  • Jedadiah Tucker
    Jedadiah Tucker

    love this movie.

  • Christian Bryant
    Christian Bryant

    These suck

  • Rose Makhmaltchi
    Rose Makhmaltchi

    One of my favorite movies ever but this Honest Trailer is spot-on!

  • Blu and Ash 010
    Blu and Ash 010

    Me: female Also me: Loves arcades It's me guys: is offended

  • Sirius Ninkasi
    Sirius Ninkasi

    How have you guys not done the cornetto trilogy yet!?!?! Please do it! Pleeeeease!!!

  • Hatedj

    The smallest butts in the franchise but the best car races and had the real Drift King in it!

  • Jedadiah Tucker
    Jedadiah Tucker

    I watched it to see Olivia.

  • Eric Spangenberg
    Eric Spangenberg

    Thanos wins. How was that even a contest?

  • AlexMG OnXbox
    AlexMG OnXbox

    This is disrespectful for me a transformers fan tbh But its hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • Rose Makhmaltchi
    Rose Makhmaltchi

    The songs in this are hilarious.

  • Caleb Kirby
    Caleb Kirby

    wait, 6.66 mil subs? devil?

  • colin minhinnick
    colin minhinnick

    Fantastic video. Hilarious. And wasn't Walt Disney a dick.

  • Ship Wreck
    Ship Wreck

    Jaws 3d please.

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki

    Jaws 3d please.

  • Tilly Green
    Tilly Green

    Jaws 3d. Showing the 80s 3d trend. Plus it would be a good tie in with the rumor of a jaws remake.

  • JesseGoodwin2635

    Please do Alice in Wonderland (1951)

  • Unam The Unseen
    Unam The Unseen

    Jaws 3d in 2d please.

  • Greco Cabanero
    Greco Cabanero

    I'm a trekkie now. No, never mind.

  • dank drifter
    dank drifter

    Chevrolet, Chevrolet and introducing.... *CHEVROLET!!!*

  • Christopher Scotts
    Christopher Scotts

    Haven't Greta Gerwig and Damian Chazelle been kinda consistent?

  • Punitive Abyss
    Punitive Abyss

    Do “ Austin Powers”

  • dank drifter
    dank drifter

    *2:19** Transformers has joined the chat*

  • Katherine Daugherty
    Katherine Daugherty

    I still hate your channel

  • Hikari Takamatsu
    Hikari Takamatsu

    This movie was a straight line of indifference.

  • Aleksei Konev
    Aleksei Konev

    Chasing for Amy 2

  • Joe Kemphaus
    Joe Kemphaus

    Wow Dan looks so young.

  • Sam Black
    Sam Black

    Honestly though.. (nostalgia aside) best Star Wars film ever made.

  • Kat Dante
    Kat Dante

    wait, why do you hate anne hathaway ?

  • Marisa Tamayo
    Marisa Tamayo

    honest trailer guy: don't name your clones, you're gonna get attached me: about that... FIVES WHERE YOU AT

  • sunnylilacs

    I needed a warning on this, cuz there were some awfully disturbing scenes in this video.

  • Shameer Malik
    Shameer Malik

    It spelt aluminum not aluminium tf

  • Leanjra S
    Leanjra S

    I don't understand the plot synopsis and I'm afraid to look it up in the internet. Or to rewatch this. I kinda like the optic of some scenes but really, I wasn't able to grasp a single word about the content aside from toilet cleaning. Generally I'm not thaaaaat stupid... What about the dinosaurs part? And who is queen of the universe (or just earth?) now? What's up with that bees? Why did Sean Bean survive? Oh - and Eddie Redmayne is fabulous no matter what. Orm - dog-in-man? What? Surfing gravity? I give up...

  • Michael Woodruff
    Michael Woodruff

    Pork Chop sandwiches! OMG..

  • ShiftyApe

    Rick and Morty PLS

  • Mars Man
    Mars Man

    To be honest I never bothered to watch any of them since the looked so bad