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  • M Nadke
    M Nadke

    Fire that "Teacher" because she isn't one!!!

  • De Nada
    De Nada

    Violence stops when its met with a over whelming amount in return!

  • David Burrow
    David Burrow

    cuomo is a nasty, nasty, nasty man !!!!!

  • Angie Dettore
    Angie Dettore

    Too late race baiter charla whatever. Bidens water boy.

  • Red Planet
    Red Planet

    President Trump’s “Advisor Team” turnover is 86% as of June 1, 2020. How many will leave this weekend?

  • Victor Faulds
    Victor Faulds

    Trump's right got to Take back control people are being Used by left wing nutters Wake up Americans from ENGLAND

  • Jess Stone
    Jess Stone

    There's > one way to protest. What happened to sit-ins? They aren't destructive. For those who want to protest, don't allow anarchists to use the protest as cover to loot, vandalize & create mayhem.

  • Z W
    Z W

    CNN is a JOKE

  • Daniece Blue
    Daniece Blue

    Stop showing CNN. If i want to see trash I'll turn to their channel

  • Chris K
    Chris K


  • Harry The Mouse
    Harry The Mouse

    someone please get Cuomo 30 000 ventilators

  • Felix Quintanills
    Felix Quintanills

    Juan ,you are stuck on stupid!


    Thats all i need to knowe

  • Selah Johnson
    Selah Johnson

    No China!


    Our president loves AMERICA

  • Grace Colleen Tohave
    Grace Colleen Tohave

    Anderson, don't speak, you like men's weenies! Wasn't a cop. Wasn't Pres. Trump,,it was Anderson Cooper, he likes peepees.

  • Pat F.
    Pat F.


  • LabGorilla

    Is Fox News still a thing! I thought it was a show!?! Is this for real?

  • Happy Hufflepuff
    Happy Hufflepuff

    liberals: haha we will censor you all!! no freedom of speech! me: *laughs in conservative texan*

  • Shadow Banned
    Shadow Banned

    Were talking AOC here she would face stiff opposition for her seat from a bloody squirrel....To anyone voting for either a Democrat or a woman you may as well flush your vote down the toilet.

  • Kathleen Salvatore
    Kathleen Salvatore


  • Aquarian Christianity
    Aquarian Christianity

    While this is not exactly journalism--from what I hear I generally agree.

  • tgone23

    What an empty piece of trash photo op. Is Trump Catholic now?

  • Darren A
    Darren A

    How about next time you open your mouth, Rudy give you a check , and you can get off your knees and cash it ...!

  • NVP

    All police protection should be taken away from DEM politicians' and see how safe they are without them ..We all should appreciate the policemen .

  • Daniece Blue
    Daniece Blue

    That man is a complete idiot and is why people are being brutalized and cities being destroyed. He's just another liberal hack in a high position using this and blaming everyone but the right people. He is the coward. The whole NY gov is corrupt trash

  • Natureboy207

    Sorry Collins, but you lost me when you tried comparing your father, a Georgia State Trooper working the civil rights marches, to these idiot looters and Antifa today. Please don’t compare the two. There is no comparison!

  • J H N E T W O R K
    J H N E T W O R K

    The teacher did her job!

  • HD

    Why is it that everyone in this comment thread deems everything they don't agree with as "fake news"?

  • N C
    N C

    Schumer needed to get a new pair of glasses before he passed out any judgement.

    • T R
      T R

      You need to be a whole lot more educated before you comment.

  • BluuGiant Miller
    BluuGiant Miller

    im so sick of the media blaming trump ! putting words in his mouth !CNN , Don Lemon , and the rest of you people are maggots ! Jealous assholes are all fixated and have trump deranged syndrom ! Stupid as hell you news anchors are ! none of you could ever do his job !

  • Houston Yu
    Houston Yu

    whoever is still listening to blind

  • Mark Magdaleno
    Mark Magdaleno

    This guy is in bed with the Mayor. The way he prevaricates is a thing of beauty. He is a trained lap dog. Say the usual things, predictable.

  • ratherbfishin89

    All communist staged.

  • MsMyxlplyx

    ONLY thing wrong with Blondie's reasoning iS. that Comey himself said, "I reopened the Clinton investigations BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT IT HANGING OVER HER HEAD AFTER SHE BECAME PRESIDENT"..So you see, he already was going to let her off the hook, that is WHY HE WROTE THE VERDICT THAT SHE WAS ONLY 'CARELESS' LONG BEFORE HE EVEN INTERVIEWED PEOPLE..It was a setup to be an exoneration before her believed win..

  • Steven Hartley
    Steven Hartley

    If you are a white man everybody hates you

  • Vinny

    Human trash that needs to be exterminated, let law enforcement slaughter thousands through the night.. They are like cockroaches they come out and run around.

  • crash452

    It's all a game.

  • Audrey Kennedy
    Audrey Kennedy

    Liberals !You can't get anymore criminal then Chuck,pelosi,Diblasio Cuomo,and the other blue state Mayors! Cuomo is blaming Diblasio and Cops for his terrible leadership! And the Woman who spoke must be in with the other Didnt you hear that Lady ?President Trump is bringing back religious liberty, And you dont like him standing in front of your Hipocrypts!

  • Raj Raj
    Raj Raj

    Impose martial law in all democrat states which are causing major looting... And purge this nerveless CNN media... They are glorifying the violence and want to destabilize USA

  • Naj Naj
    Naj Naj

    MAYER Dughter what was looting??

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G

    Your a stupid bishop not knowing why Trump did what he did and for you as a bishop to judge the president have no right to feel what you wana feel Who cares what you think bishop Worry about your own faith

  • john yost
    john yost


  • David Hirsh
    David Hirsh

    That bishop is not entitled to say or give authorisation to anyone to go to church to take a picture or show unity to the church or got and certainly not the president. No wonder people are confused with a misguided bishop saying nonsense. Trump posing at the church with the bible in his hand says all and speak volumes of his faith of him standing with God and for what is right and what is written in the bible.

  • Ultahri Agustinus
    Ultahri Agustinus

    Donald Jerk Trumpet is going down!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kathleen Salvatore
    Kathleen Salvatore

    I wonder how many of them are here illegally,in their democrat run,sanctuary states?!They,the dem's,should be held accountable,not that that ever happens anyway.I hear people are trying to force their way through the border to join the peaceful protests.....

  • Megan Downing
    Megan Downing

    In Phoenix the police took a knee with protesters and they said thank you we just want you to know how we feel. It's been pretty peaceful now compared to the early weekend. Maybe we have less antifa here? Then again, they didn't want people to know how bad Dallas got. Is there any new riot footage from Phoenix I am missing or are these protesters really satisfied? Thank God I don't live in Minneapolis or New York or California oh geez. I hope they are satisfied and wish the cops would speak with the people instead of the politicians and media. The barriers need to be broken. Cops are just as pissed as the protesters about George Floyd. Cops are people too. Some people are good and some are bad, in any profession. I hope people across the country follow suit with AZ and realize that they really are being heard. George Floyd's brother made an awesome speech about how to get heard without violence. These people need reassurance they are being heard and maybe they will be satisfied too. However, these other states really need to get a grip on this riot nonsense. Zero tolerance. Call in the guard or something not just let your home burn to the ground!

  • Sam Bass
    Sam Bass

    Juan for once you right.. sort of, you miss the point that the ones that are fueling the racist card are the same ones who are guilty of putting oppression on the black community in the first place, the ones, and I'm just going to say it, the Democrats have oppressed the minority in this country since before the Civil War and continue to do so today. Your the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Toni Waid
    Toni Waid

    All Leo's should stay home

  • Eric Holzman
    Eric Holzman

    Rioters and Looters are NOT Protesting

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez

    Giuliani is no good he promotes hate himself he is worthless his words mean nothing

  • V J Min
    V J Min

    F chuck & nannypansy. It's so obvious to Anyone with a brain that these two are anti American scum. Always spewing lies and leaving out parts to fill their commie narratives. Why Are they Not locked up Already. Maybe because they passed bs laws to protect themselves. KAG

  • Jodi P
    Jodi P

    Al Sharpton is the biggest race baiter . What an IDIOT

  • Beer Hound's Beer Reviews!
    Beer Hound's Beer Reviews!

    If you have been protesting peacefully, thank you. Now go home, message received!

  • Matt Fischer
    Matt Fischer

    NYPD very sensitive theses days

  • Lee Kress
    Lee Kress

    All this chatter to smooth over the fact he just wanted a photo op

  • moxonk

    If the President can tell me any of the Beatitudes without asking what they are or looking them up, I will eat my shorts

  • Deborah Boyce
    Deborah Boyce

    get er done, President Trump. Enough is enough.

  • Colin Gen
    Colin Gen

    What do the protesters think their actions are going to accomplish? We all want change for the better for all people, whoever they are. But destruction is accomplishing nothing but pain and suffering - and that is happening to innocent people, not the guilty people.

  • gerry gunn
    gerry gunn

    They murdered a woman's sister, I heard her cries of grief. These human scum Democrats need to be made to rue the day they were born.

  • Steel Arms
    Steel Arms

    Why is it that these Law Enforcement Agencies and Leadership can't see that they are seeing the "Birth Pains"of Change. People have suffered too long, and too many lives and futures have been destroyed on the action and behavior of Law Enforcement. They only care about what is going on right now, about their Jobs and Political Power & Stance. They don't want to take accountability and ownership of destroying millions of peoples lives and futures for several decades. What Makes You Think They Will Hear Your Plea when You Don't Listen and Hear the Plea of the People that Has Had Enough Also.

  • Jason Brock
    Jason Brock

    Neil did his best to get this guy to say something anti-Trump... media is throwing everything they can on this fire. I refuse to watch "most" clips from legacy media and get my news from honest everyday people who are on the ground in these communities - NOT left or right - just the news - no spin. I am deeply concerned with the violence, looting and the burning of our cities, not "WORDS" that upset you.

  • Peter Rabbit
    Peter Rabbit

    Just saw a quote from Malcolm X "there's nothing more dangerous in the western hemisphere than a liberal." Wow!

  • Earlene M
    Earlene M

    Happy birthday President Trump God bless you Isaiah chapter 54 verse 17 may God watch over you best president ever

  • Ian Goodridge
    Ian Goodridge

    “Not a group this is nationality” 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  • Trigger Me Pink
    Trigger Me Pink

    This is what happens when secret societies try to shape the happenings of a species who's most powerful gift is free will. It can't be shaped. They've created mobs of fools. Because we are all basically magnets. We are compelled by nature to be somewhere, and will inevitably end there

  • M Robles
    M Robles

    Muller investigation was all a lie.

  • The Hound
    The Hound

    It should be clear that we all have our own reality and the variations are as wide as they could be.

  • BayOctopus

    So tired of hearing people drone on about police brutality towards one group. Problems with excessive force affect men primarily, not a particular race. This rhetoric continues the narrative. Would like to see Fox drop that. Get some fresh perspectives on your channel that moves us forward.

  • Joseph Torres
    Joseph Torres

    CNN paid over 250+ million for the kid in a settlement

  • jason royale
    jason royale

    if every evangelical were raptured trump would win in a landslide

  • Theresa

    What a WONDERFUL Police Chief! My Dad was a Police Officer then Chief. It is the HARDEST Job you can ever imagine! BUT there are those 1 bad apples that spoil the HOLE BUNCH! and that's sad.. what I worse is being a Young girl with your nose pressed against your window waiting and praying night after night that your Daddy comes home safe!! My Dad as a young beat cop used to make sandwhiches on the weekends to keep in his police car for a homeless person who looked hungry.. He was MY HERO!! he DIED just this past year and I miss him so much! He Never had to use his gun NEVER! he had a very special gift of being able to speak to people on whatever level he had to.. In fact My President Donald Trump Reminds me sooo MUCH of my Dad used to say if only those people I have to arrest Knew how much I cared about them.. and I would ask why can't you tell them Daddy and he would say well they never learned how to receive comfort joy Love sweetie because they probably didn't have an intact MOM and Daddy Like you Kids have.. He truly Understood people. and he said sometimes he had to get tough on a criminal because they are Dangerous to the innocent citizens.. and that's just not fair. Noone Knows what a difficult sometimes terrorizing Job it is.. Just imagine Being The President!!! I Love Him.. I always will!!

  • AnonymousJon

    THIS is the best in the nation? Really? That statement alone is an argument for change.

  • Steel Head Brother’s
    Steel Head Brother’s

    cnn is really a enemy of this country of 🇺🇸. And ac is a sick man if we can call him a man.

  • Lisa Dolan
    Lisa Dolan

    It's not a race problem clearly. Now it's mob mentality.

  • El Cesario
    El Cesario

    Hit em again.

  • Emmanuel JESULOLA
    Emmanuel JESULOLA

    Church set on fire, Pelosi had no comment. Trump took photo in from of a Church, Pelosi is angry?

  • Chuck Swanson
    Chuck Swanson

    What racist? The only racist i see are black people!!!!!

  • charles odonnell
    charles odonnell

    Look at that prick laughing away at the start !!! OMG what the **** is this 🤣

  • Tyler Griswold
    Tyler Griswold

    We stand with you, Maddie.

  • joan Neel
    joan Neel

    Here it comes, blame Trump, it’s all because they need more money to rebuild ... More Government money, The looting & burning are not because of the virus, it’s because they knew they could get away with it ....

  • Beree Cox
    Beree Cox

    Omg Greg nailed it!!

  • Naj Naj
    Naj Naj

    Gumo, is surfing on people misery enjoys very much, CRONA,, then looters

  • Thunder cock
    Thunder cock

    Then let your cities burn and your people suffer. Nice work, fools.

  • tgone23

    Trump said the media is the enemy of the people. Don't be surprised when Fox News is attacked, morons.

  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes

    Under God ✌️

  • yo daddy
    yo daddy

    China spraying Rioters with Blue Dye. Turning them into Smurfs with nowhere to hide

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez

    Is no good he promotes hate himself he's a trump supporter

  • ssc ssc
    ssc ssc

    Too tough when you need to be soft. Too soft when you need to be tough. Your name is opposite.

  • Keith Watson
    Keith Watson

    This guy just needs to shut up...he’s probably has deep pockets

  • sumerbc

    ANd latest polls say most "Americans" agree with cracking down on rioters....

  • Bernadette Chow
    Bernadette Chow

    Be of good courage for god is with us all Greg trust the Lord proverbs 3:5/6 Hebrews 11:1

  • albert_obey 31
    albert_obey 31

    Oh so the president has nothing to repent for , everyone dose lmao

  • Martha Pennington
    Martha Pennington

    Are you pastors bishops Priest are you just sounding off violence coming out of your mouth over the president so you have a violent behavior and maybe you should ask for forgiveness from God and repent you are wrong you need to ask for forgiveness

  • JR T
    JR T

    Go to h e l l Biden You built this Trump hate

  • Liz pSaLm91
    Liz pSaLm91

    What the heck..the Police are out there risking their lives from those punks that are destroying everything in sight. C'mon 😠...

  • moscty

    Insurrection act used during riots of 1992...

  • Scott Staritzky
    Scott Staritzky

    The police have a conflict of interest.This should not be the police's fight or responsibility. The National Guard or the military should be handling this.

  • Dan Walter
    Dan Walter

    So the Fascists believe by destroying minority owned businesses they win the hearts of Independents? MORONS 🤣

  • Rodger Harrison
    Rodger Harrison

    Juan, you are part of the problem. Please Shut the hell up.