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  • Ryan Gelz
    Ryan Gelz

    Yeah, my father lost his job he's had for 40yrs, an we had to get on SNAP. But he's not able to work at this moment, so this holiday is gonna be a rough one. It's A shame that we have to think like this an now be worried all month cause we might not have money for dinner Meals. From Michigan Here - Avg Family Home.

  • Jenn Martinez
    Jenn Martinez

    "you don't deserve an identity." im dead lmao

  • Drake Koefoed
    Drake Koefoed

    Ghomert. ick!

  • PM Wannabe
    PM Wannabe

    Why is this channel posting the same video twice? they posted this video like 4 days ago, took it down then re-posted the same exact video 15 hours ago? Come on man.

  • Fiberton

    Look anyone say in their 30s and 40s remember when Trump was loved by the Democrat party. Black leaders loved him. Young folks are just ignorant of that and this is ok. But even that guy in the red knew the truth. Reason he looked down and played as if he was not even in the room. The pressure to blend in. Although Trump is a buffoon most did not know that and millions of people loved him. Rappers spoke about him all the time. They wanted to be him. People who say that is not truth have no idea wtf they are talking about. Older I get the more I am just a realist.

  • Bruno vandenthoren
    Bruno vandenthoren


  • Jessica Sobian
    Jessica Sobian

    Dear trevor, you have to send Trump christmas present. He give you a lot of material to put on your show. 😁. Really love ur show.

  • Andrew Kontoh
    Andrew Kontoh

    The Prez always tries to riun christmas. Last year it was a government shutdown and now this.

  • Mahamad Alkarim
    Mahamad Alkarim

    "We got so many apples!"... Trevor's got infected with the Trump virus 😂 Also why didn't he mention Trump as an orange this time? 🤔🤣

  • N N
    N N

    This is contradicting itself. If cows burp too much, we should turn them into burgers so they can’t burp anymore

  • Cat Rey
    Cat Rey

    Please stop using plastic bottles on your set Daily Show


    Yeah but a lot of ppl won’t go to interviews because there too full 🙄

  • Fiberton

    A lot of Black folks will be voting for Trump. Just look up Blexit. I was like ..WOW. Trump is going to win so it is what it is. Lord can he please stay off twitter so us other normal Americans do not look like dip shits to the whole planet.

  • Camryn Villarruel
    Camryn Villarruel

    Dont care if the orange shit got his little feelings hurt, do you?

  • Monette Midy
    Monette Midy

    A trilion to the 1% no problems. Billions to big agruculture no problems. Billions to Corporations no problems. The only time the Right have their panties in a bunch is if the government does anything for the working class and working poor. That's socialism, but they are Christians LOL. Of course you are, and pigs are going to fly too.

  • djcharlez

    “If Anyone’s Gonna Take Advantage Of American Companies, It’s Gonna Be Us” Please Throw The Whole Cabinet Away 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Faulty Signs
    Faulty Signs

    Fun Fact: the color Orange was actually named after the fruit. Until the 1500s the color was referred to as ġeolurēad(yellow-red) or ġeolucrog(yellow-saffron).

  • Ricky Daniele
    Ricky Daniele

    I wouldn't know that feeling- I was one of the cool ones.

  • Joes Phone No Name
    Joes Phone No Name

    The founding fathers would drag him out of the white house and execute him on the lawn like he deserves

  • Bill Howard
    Bill Howard

    so whats so different about this and EVERYONE ELSE WHO WORKS TO FUCKING EAT?!?!?!? i see no problem here if u want food u get off ur ass have some fucking pride and work for it.......

  • Tracey Del-Gado
    Tracey Del-Gado

    There are no cuts 45 is claiming what Clinton had already passed! And besides food stamp paper money hasn't been around in 23 yrs wtf!

  • Carlos Oliva
    Carlos Oliva

    Omg 😮 I was born in the 80s too hopefully I don’t I don’t get all that money in debt 😂

  • BeckHitCards

    This entire skit is just that.... At skit. “It’s just crazy we get to hear a real conversation between world leaders!” Exactly. You would never be able to, nor did it happen.

  • David Cohan
    David Cohan

    Be carful what you say about Jews you will lose your career nigga

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Both of these girls are pretty tho.

  • Jeff Antilla
    Jeff Antilla

    Yang 2020.

  • Tim Othy
    Tim Othy

    They didn’t actually say anything. They didn’t make fun, but it was I guess implied, and certainly inferred by anyone waiting for something to attack the president on. Screw The main stream media, and Canada, you’re ok, but next time elect a man as your P.M.

  • Africa Spiritual Institute
    Africa Spiritual Institute

    It a pity how u all hate trump. Guess what, trump is not going anywhere, in fact they just Foolishly help him again to win the next election ahaahhahah funny crazy Americans....

  • Aida Roman
    Aida Roman

    I kind of feel bad for Trump; then I remember all the kids he has been separated from their parents, and I don’t anymore. I hope one day to see him in jail.

  • Roberto A Fernández R
    Roberto A Fernández R


  • ShadowWolfRising

    Trevor, we need more Yang in these questionnaires.

  • Ronnie White
    Ronnie White

    When a movie called “Idiocracy” becomes so not funny anymore

  • Robbie Backpacking
    Robbie Backpacking

    1-877-Kars-4-I'm going to break my radio

  • christian delich
    christian delich

    Disappointed in Trevor's assessment of the new apple variety. It will reduce food waste.

  • ToniHunterOne

    Hasan, I'll keep praying your mom makes it home safely. This is BS, Again!.

  • Eli Phillips
    Eli Phillips

    Asking able bodied adults without children to work 20 hrs a week isn't horrible. It's literally what every person not on these assistance programs HAS to do to survive. Welcome to society, it sucks sometimes.

  • Poof Cucumber
    Poof Cucumber

    I hate how all these boomers take one instance of an annoying teen idiot, doing a “new online trend” that actually is completely unknown by the entire internet, and decide that they represent our entire generation.

  • GamePapa

    "Can dish it out but can't take it in" sums up the kind of person Trump is.

  • logician32 gaming
    logician32 gaming

    look up Andrew Yang people. You wont regret it

  • Mandatory Money
    Mandatory Money

    Let's vote for Andrew Yang #YangGang #yang2020

  • Lu S.N
    Lu S.N

    Zuckerberg have blood in his hands already.

  • Eli Phillips
    Eli Phillips

    I was raised on food stamps. I fail to see how this is crazy, most of the comments are saying everyone IK that uses SNAP works, good, this won't effect them. I live in the lower income area of a large city, the amount of times I've seen someone throw down a SNAP card while talking on the newest iPhone is preposterous. That is a luxury item, not necessity. Buy a flip phone. Those are the people they're aiming at, not your friend who's working 40+ hrs a week struggling to get by cause they're a single parent. No one wants to take away their assistance. We also can't keep shoveling money to people who work the bare minimum cause they know they'll get a check from the GOV to double their income. There's gotta be a middle ground.

  • Kira Attar
    Kira Attar

    Hey .....!!!! Trevor why couldn't I participate on to meet you ? That's because I'm Algerian !!!! Trevor .....hey ! !! ....can you see me .?.....Trevor .!!!!....boy

  • ToniHunterOne

    Ladies, that's BS. Keep the fight going! Yay Billie Jean King!

  • Justa Gurl
    Justa Gurl

    Love this 💜!

  • Rasan Sanders
    Rasan Sanders

    I really do not get it when some try to confuse us (the viewers) when we hear an awkward sound in any video that we watch. For example, at the end of this video Joe clearly is telling this gentleman ''fat''. Now he is claiming that he said ''fact''. Alike, we recently heard someone farted on MSNBC and then they told us that this was '' the sound of a mug scrapped on the table''. Who do they think we are?!

  • ToniHunterOne

    Congratulations Canada! How's it going? Is your program working well? I hope so and I'm very glad you don't hold Donald Trump against us. Sincerely, An American.

  • David Dishmon
    David Dishmon

    Any food bought from a gas station is a risk. I'm not brave enough or stupid enough to buy sushi from one.

  • I wanna Fuck Ivanka
    I wanna Fuck Ivanka

    Lmao this administration is stupid as fuck, some welfare recipients have two jobs..... Do they want them to pick up a third? Morons.

  • Today'sTopic

    There is already enough poor people in america.

  • Ken Titus
    Ken Titus

    Pres. did not call any country a Shit-Hole although some are, including California, yes each state is a separate country. If you didn't know that you should have and need more edumacation. Yes that is the way I wanted to spell that word, didn't believe you would know the difference. That Shit-Hole thing was made up by the Dems. People that were in that meeting says he did not say that. It was all FAKE NEWS, right CNN.

  • Little Shea
    Little Shea


  • Jorge Ferreira
    Jorge Ferreira

    Trevor is adorable

  • Tubedog8


  • ahmad55

    I get my sushi from my local Albertsons they make it right in front of you daily



  • John Bush
    John Bush

    You and people like you in the what you ask for.

  • MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)
    MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)

    Another immigrant child just died in captivity at our border. He got the flu, was given no treatment and died while lying on the floor. Anyone who can do that, is capable of anything. Expect more from Trump.

  • Florida Dad
    Florida Dad

    Meh. 3 betas in a whiner's circle. Only other betas give a crap.

  • frankcost

    Buy the official Greta Thunberg Lined Notebook on Amazon.

  • Pokzer Pozer
    Pokzer Pozer

    I’m so sorry to hear about your brother

  • HollowMist11

    I eat the white stuff under the orange peel because I'm too lazy to peel off everything. It doesn't taste like anything anyway.

  • Ashton Hicks
    Ashton Hicks

    I’m going to vote for turd sandwich

  • PC P
    PC P

    Eh Trump doesn't offend me neither does encouraging folks to work. I like what he's doing.

  • Gary McFarez
    Gary McFarez

    even if you come out rich and famous, nobody really wants to be the President

  • Najahlis 330
    Najahlis 330

    I was on snap at one point. We had to take classes and work so many hours to be eligible to receive them. I have been on both sides of the coin. some people honestly need them but there are some that take advantage of the system that make it harder for those that honestly need the help. I over heard someone talking about how she'll just have another kid and stay on welfare instead of getting a job and how people can kiss her butt and keep paying her bills. She didnt have to get a job. Like it's a big joke. Well for the people that are working their butts off it is a big deal. when the taxes from their paycheck, the one they busted there butts for to feed there families with , becomes a big joke for a lazy person like that then it becomes a big deal. It is that type of talk that makes many people hate the welfare system.

  • Darron

    Trevor Noah's questions are so insincere. He's despicable. And kudos to Rand Paul for his respectful demeanor in such an adverse setting.

  • Michael R.
    Michael R.

    Trump 2020 !

  • ToniHunterOne

    YOU WORK STUDY STUDENTS ARE ENTITLED TO FOOD ASSISTANCE NO MATTER HOW MANY HOWS YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO WORK UNDER THE WORK STUDY PROGRAM. It's all Federal dollars - Work Study and Food Stamps - ALL FEDERAL DOLLARS. Don't be denied your rights. One thing students, college/university etc If you are a student and are taking advantage of work study programs, please pay attention. The MOST hours per week a student can work is 19. This is not about wages but about the number of hours allowed to work. Now, right now there already is a requirement that the working poor must work 20 pers week. See the problem? Students who are receiving Federal Work Study dollars are NOT allowed to work 20 hours. SO, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW. Work study students are not required to work 20 hours or 19 hours or even 5 hours. If that is all the funding they have for that specific jobs, i.e. hours worked the Students are STILL ENTITLED to food stamps. AND PLEASE DON'T let the front line person at DSHS or the Food Stamp program tell you you need to get a secondary job, even for one hour. I was told that and demanded to speak to the supervisor because I already knew the law governing Work Study and Food Stamp assistance.

  • CJLAKE1234

    That's an ignorant analysis. You completely assume that all American parents raise their children in this manner and are apathetic to their stupidity.

  • eva ortega
    eva ortega

    Are future is bleak so might as well have fun on tik tok after a car accident lol

  • Pluviophile

    Lol, what about Fashion Industry, clothes are becoming ridiculous nowadays and more than 80 billion pieces of clothes are made every year and majority of the clothes go into waste wasting much greater amount of fossil fuel and people want to avoid meat to "save the world". Totally Ridiculous

  • OnceUponAVideo

    Babies are gonna be made to this recording.

  • Michael R.
    Michael R.

    Wanna IF you truly need help, that's diffrent.

  • Sakeenah Auto Solutions
    Sakeenah Auto Solutions

    Host is effin annoying

  • St. Jerome
    St. Jerome

    White people🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Jayme Sigler
    Jayme Sigler

    Lucky for me, I live in Texas, where nobody qualifies for food stamps.

  • Solqueen86

    Not even the 2nd day of NATO Trump runs out of there crying

  • Thomas Soda Mayota
    Thomas Soda Mayota

    Bernie has already said NO to reparations for blacks and despite his criticisms of Trump Tax Plan, Bernie, The 1 PERCENTER, Sanders ADMITTED that he benefited from TRUMPS Tax Plan last year!

  • Shanur T
    Shanur T

    I want to know, who the hell got these kids a car??

  • Oskar Denis Baharudin
    Oskar Denis Baharudin

    Those teens made the TikTok clips to ensure everyone that they're fine. It's like when you slip and fall, and you assure everyone, "I'm OK, I'm OK" as you stand up

  • Michael

    They arrested the guy who exposed Planned Parenthood who had more quality and quantity hidden camera work.


    White parenting

  • Pennywise The dancing clown
    Pennywise The dancing clown

    I hope a trump supporter loses his stamps and shoots trump over it that would be poetic justice

  • Lu' Nier'
    Lu' Nier'

    Have enough of stupid dems 'seudo humor. Dumbasses moking the dumboes and the smart felling smart to play dumb to actualy hide dumbness behind dumpster content.

  • Michael R.
    Michael R.

    Trump 2020 bitches !

  • Kristina

    Is the flight on Spirit Airlines? 😜

  • Pennywise The dancing clown
    Pennywise The dancing clown

    I pray trump dies soon

  • Pennywise The dancing clown
    Pennywise The dancing clown

    Stupid ass teens women are so stupid now days women are the weaker sex and this shit proves it

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Year old apples that don't need candy coating to make 'em last...Hmmm-pretty good-but no more sugar rush?!

  • V J
    V J

    Itsunfair, ridiculous

  • curandero verde
    curandero verde

    They probably cause the wreck by being distracted by their phone...

  • Alana Luebke
    Alana Luebke

    ah yes i too love judging a whole generation with billions of people based on two dumb girls on tik tok

  • nickability

    4:07 GOLDEN opportunity to joke how (Apple) iPhones cant last longer than a year

  • Karma Fride
    Karma Fride

    This is really going to mess up Wal-Mart. Their cashiers do not make enough money to buy food that is why they are on SNAP, which of course many use at Wal Mart.

  • TheBiblebyANAtheist

    If you're buying sushi at a gas station, you deserve diarrhea.

  • Thomas Soda Mayota
    Thomas Soda Mayota

    Trump was the man back when black rappers were quoting his name referring to themselves as aspiring black versions of Trump from from the 90’s up until he ran for president, not to mention back in the 80’s and 90’s when he was winning humanitarian awards from The Rainbow Push Coalition and the NAACP and being praised by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson! Most of my my people are so socially and politically ignorant and this goofy little segment places that fact on full display...


    China loves both of you 🇨🇳🔥🔥😍😍

  • zorohibiki

    trump probably watched titanic and rooted for the iceberg