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Join hosts Hank Green, Kallie Moore, and Blake de Pastino as they take you on a journey through the history of life on Earth. From the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era - the so-called “Age of Dinosaurs” -- right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age.
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  • james fox
    james fox

    Makes me sad Randall Carlson wasn't mentioned one time.

  • Ramshackle Alex
    Ramshackle Alex

    There is no Simbakubwa, only Zuul

  • Ephesians 2:4-10 kjv Jesus is the only way!
    Ephesians 2:4-10 kjv Jesus is the only way!

    Don’t let pbs deceive you. Earth isn’t millions of years old nor is big cats

  • Nii Lantei Bright-Davies
    Nii Lantei Bright-Davies

    How can you tell exactly how old the fossils are just by examining them?

  • Khalid Shaikh
    Khalid Shaikh

    so how do we know that those primitive organism reproduced sexually ? like with just fossils we cant say that , right ?

  • FunnyDizzysnowflake

    *Koto did this*

  • hoylemd

    ugh... I just lost The Game

  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis

    Check out Randall Carlson.

  • Mrx Tyrant
    Mrx Tyrant

    Australian insects: We are big! Prehistoric insects: hold my oxygen

  • Adam Honesty and decency
    Adam Honesty and decency

    When he says, “hominids,” it sounds like “homonyms.”

  • Barbara Brown
    Barbara Brown

    Love it all quite informatis

  • MrJonyish

    Okay I know this sounds stupid but how did dinos reproduce like copulate! Just think of a sauropod or a T. rex or what about dinosaurs with spikes? Please make this a video it will get many views I assure you!

  • Viking 1970
    Viking 1970

    How do you know this stuff???if you know comment please.

  • Val Frei
    Val Frei

    The sole purpose of anything "living" is to reproduce. If one can do it without getting up from the couch, then the better. Viruses reproduce using the energy provided by the host. All other attributes of "more complex" life are solely for reproduction - respiration and metabolism, growth, response to environment, even the cellular environment.

  • Julian Hans Halbeisen
    Julian Hans Halbeisen

    That's like in Northern Germany

  • ZnenTitan

    He went on to a spectacular career with RKO pictures.

  • endurs


  • Mitchell Skene
    Mitchell Skene

    No matter what, I'll always call the Western interior Seaway "Hell's aquarium"

  • Emily Whewell
    Emily Whewell


  • MrRobtwothirds

    It has been obvious for many years, even decades, that the human caused extreme climate change story is a scam. They fiddle the figures- that much is known, the CO2 causes climate change theory was debunked over a century ago- that is another fact, even if CO2 concentration makes a difference still humans contribute less than 0.2% of all greenhouses gases, they could not make no measurable difference anyway. Even when everybody realises it is a scam we will still be told we are all wrong, and they will continue the plan which suits the people who are in a position to carry out the plan- and that is very different to what suits the interests of ordinary people.

  • gary littleton
    gary littleton

    Wait . a sec. Ok we now know from soil testing ,north America ,was a different asteroid to hit the earth .

  • John Lamb
    John Lamb

    Please do a video on when early humans First started hunting animals

  • John Lamb
    John Lamb

    I can make stone tools it’s called Flint knapping and it’s not easy!

  • John Lamb
    John Lamb

    Please do a video on what would happen if the Permian extinction didn’t happen

  • Alfredo Agredano
    Alfredo Agredano

    Cats are not domesticated, they just know that they have a faster way to get food with us that’s why they like us.

  • whoa horsey whoa
    whoa horsey whoa

    makes sense .....the Chinese and Asian cultures decimate so many species of animals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trap mavis
    trap mavis

    It doesn’t makes any sense!

  • Eddy Maldonado
    Eddy Maldonado

    I'm sad all the big cool animals have gone extinct

  • DougtheDonkeyTV

    I wonder if anyone’s favorite animal is a sponge lmao

  • Emelie Waldken
    Emelie Waldken

    Who is Steve ??

  • DougtheDonkeyTV

    5:58 plug walk

  • Daniel Sambar
    Daniel Sambar

    If we keep going and history keeps happening it’s going to take forever to teach history class

  • Mike DeBell
    Mike DeBell

    Imagine. Stay away from the water. I don't matter...

  • LuckyAK

    Dogs are better.Cats dont love you like dogs, they dont care about you

  • Eri

    I love her subtle dinosaur shirt!!!

  • Sal's channel
    Sal's channel

    8:10 He is babey

  • TheL0n3lyTramp

    So breathed is a word huh?

  • Dr. Khoo Xi Xian
    Dr. Khoo Xi Xian

    The Way to T-Rex

  • bird up
    bird up

    Why's she saying "ant-artica"? It's "an-tarc-tica". Christ, lady. You remind me of my highschool geography teacher. She had a stroke twice so she talked funny.

  • some gay kid
    some gay kid


  • Nail Hend
    Nail Hend

    It holds a treasury of fossils..

  • The Daemonic Nerd
    The Daemonic Nerd

    23 and 20 degrees? thats still chilly in my books

  • Spreimes

    In 100 years all people will look back at evolution like we look back at 1700’s blood letting as a medical treatment. They will laugh and think what a sorry bunch of saps.

  • Sina Fierce
    Sina Fierce

    They don't know how the pyramids were built but they knew it rained for 2 million years at one point? Stfu

  • Peeper Fish
    Peeper Fish

    Next up: when pigs were slaugtherd

  • Samuel L. Jackson
    Samuel L. Jackson

    Do they speak Regolith in Wet Intermetzo!?!!

  • A M
    A M

    When you click a video but end up reading comments while video plays in background

  • Varonvan

    Once he shows up on my screen I was like Ight imma head out I hate this dude

  • Redxps

    Its the world's most remote and ICEolated Continent. Get it?

  • Glenda Locke
    Glenda Locke

    ive seen data that says the other way .so who do you believe?

  • Shadow Emperor
    Shadow Emperor

    Slow and steady (evolution) wins the race!

  • Divyang Sarangi
    Divyang Sarangi


  • The Roak
    The Roak

    40 days.... that's Officially Documented...

  • Dia Sonenclar
    Dia Sonenclar

    They were normal for the time.


    Chupacabras is a goat..


    Those small as a dog prehistoric animals that dissipated were not horses, It is like calling a house Cat as been the same as a Tiger. There are different animals and should not be called the same. Horses that the Spanish brought to The New World were much bigger and stronger. You cannot call a house Cat as a Tiger..

  • CPLWeeks

    What about Icthyosaurus?


    Is this like the 1978 film telling us that we were going to have a new ice age within 100 years?

  • Mocha Frappe
    Mocha Frappe

    I've been on USsofts for 4 hours And I think I'm about to end up watching an Indian guy in the forest.

  • Lj Vahle
    Lj Vahle

    Whale walked Eocene 53-37MYA

  • Hiro360

    Pls do the argentavis next!

  • Drew Fisher
    Drew Fisher

    Latest studies show that non-coding genomes are really not that silent. For example, non-coding DNA in intron located near loci modulating heart function actually produce micro-RNA that can down-modulate messenger -RNA transcribed from that regulatory loci. Varieties among these non-coding DNA influence whether organism survive heart accident or not among other things. Thus, it is highly probable that it is selected for. This should call the mollecular clock's validity and accuracy into questions.

  • Dark Sky
    Dark Sky

    Please,do cats

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    I'm so used to seeing birds and bugs flying through the air that the thought of a world with absolutely nothing in the sky but the occasional plant seed is absolutely melting my brain rn

  • DarthKhayman420

    Love the show guys. You should consider doing one on the common ancestor of cats and dogs with other living species that descended from it as well.

  • jayant kumar
    jayant kumar

    Around 10000 year ago after all neanderthal, homo erectus, Peking man, denivon, dianasor were done some higher power would have thought now these homo sepiense can live in peace........how wrong were they

  • John Martin
    John Martin

    Anyone else notice he wore a shirt from this time period?

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    above the sea, animals get smaller to compensate for a lack of food. under the sea, animals get MUCH MUCH BIGGER bc their metabolism goes way down. is it gravity?

  • Snippy Cutwell
    Snippy Cutwell

    I want to be a giant fungus!

  • James Dixon
    James Dixon

    Is there any evidence the ratites are actually related any more than other birds? If they lost flight independently, maybe they just all lost flight. Are old world and new world bats (or monkeys) closely related?

  • Eric Alonso
    Eric Alonso

    Does a virus dream of how many organisms it has infected.

  • J Chr G
    J Chr G

    Humans evolved from humans Apes are apes, and they stayed apes....! Findings of remains of the disabled that where left by their tribes to be eaten by jaguars or other wild animals does not mean we humans evolved from an first human-ape like ancestor. ..

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    Remember that part in starship troopers with the bugs

  • Dan Allen
    Dan Allen

    Bought 2 pair of socks!

  • Mr.Kross

    Carboniferous: full of swamps Shrek: Far far away!

  • Shalyn Renee
    Shalyn Renee

    That was very interesting and deff not taught in school. Thanks for posting

  • DragonofEpics

    Well just because Majungasaurus attacked other Majungasaurus doesn’t mean it was a cannibal. It couldn’t been fighting over territory or mates.

  • AT-MC

    I hate to be inappropriate but, schwiiiing

  • Carolyn Reynolds
    Carolyn Reynolds

    Stop lying.

  • ah yes ale
    ah yes ale


  • Armando Chacon
    Armando Chacon


  • alexander Wiggin
    alexander Wiggin

    Ball pythons have claws

  • StopFear

    Well, how do I put it. Being hunted and killed by a large strong animal is one of the best ways to lose a life. You at least know it wasn’t out of anger, and you know you’d not have been able to defend yourself on your own, but you still have some chance. I’d always pick some big cat since they are supposedly quick killer.

  • Kayenne54

    5:30 Taking a cat to my mother's; had my passenger window open literally 2 inches, and the cat flattened itself like a snake and almost escaped while I was driving. I've since theorized that cats are descended from snakes. Laugh if you like but look at that skull. And then there's the cat like predilection for "sunning itself". My overall theory is that most species are descended from reptiles anyway. Seeing as how reptiles preceded us mammal-like species anyway, apparently.

  • Luce Verde
    Luce Verde

    As an English person, I thought that this video was going to be a documentary about my country.

  • 22steve5150

    It does make sense that ice at the equator might not only be thin but constantly cracking and breaking open only to freeze closed again due to tidal bulging. The moon was a lot closer back then so the tides would be comparatively much stronger than they are today

  • Fredrik Dunge
    Fredrik Dunge

    Ok third time I try to post this comment, why does it keep disappearing?I get you may have gotten some odd comments on this video but there's nothing inappropriate about mine: You could also have a situation where some closer relative ape migrated to Eurasia at some time after the first apes but before the dawn of man.

  • Panzerblitz45

    so essentially just england

  • Klaus Keast
    Klaus Keast

    These are better than the public schools system

  • Dark Sky
    Dark Sky

    Make a video why Cats are superior than dogs and why dogs are so cute

  • low life
    low life

    I have Thalasaphobia

  • Rheto12

    Literally most of the people on here on Americans why not also include the imperial system

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    Excellent video Thanks

  • Mr.Kross

    Green Seas... Now Green Day makes sense.

  • Ersin Avseren
    Ersin Avseren


  • San dro
    San dro

    Am I the only one who thinks the early soundtrack is really creepy? 0:17

  • John Lamb
    John Lamb

    It’s not that hard for them to travel because they would’ve had dugout canoes and even better water skin canoes which can reach sizes of up to 3 x 10 m! And it’s only takes about 2 to 4 years walking to get from one side of erasure to the other and considering they had it’s of thousands of years to do this!

  • Danny Reaser
    Danny Reaser

    LOVE the amazing mammoth site so glad it got a shout out. This is where i live and my family has been apart of the Mammoth site Day one with the amazing and wonder DR. A we miss you RIP. Keep doing what you do Eons!

  • Alexander Martinez
    Alexander Martinez

    This. Was. AWESOME!!! Thank you!

  • private name
    private name

    Humans are the worse thing to hit this planet