1,000km Cable to the Stars - The Skyhook
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Getting to space is incredibly hard, expensive and needs a lot of resources.
A more efficient way to get there is a Skyhook (or Spacetether), an ever rotating cable with a counter weight, that catapults spaceships from earth orbit into the depths of space.
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    • Robert Jarman
      Robert Jarman

      Why not add in railguns to this idea? They don't need to reach 40000 km/h, they only need to reach enough speed to get to the lower end of the tether. You could easily launch something at a G force which humans can tolerate well up to the tether, likely using renewable energy. On smaller planets like the other rocky planets and the moons of gas giants, where you only need a small railgun to get to the orbit of the tether, you could get something far more useful, perhaps a shuttle to get out to Neptune's moons and then a huge railgun or a huge tether or a conventional rocket could get you out to the distant solar system. I do have a question about the propulsion of the tether anchor though. If the propulsion system is electricity, assuming it is collected via solar panel, how does it convert the electricity into a form of energy which can be used to propel it?

    • Diomar Antonio Perez Jimenez
      Diomar Antonio Perez Jimenez

      Plis hagan un video sobre los quasares

    • Asjinga Akangka
      Asjinga Akangka

      I have an important question to you, because it involves your survival. This channel is fully animated. So how do you handle COPPA? I worried your videos are considered for kids, and because of subject matter, you get fined.

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    aryan bharadwaj


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  • bernette Nuwusab
    bernette Nuwusab

    I have a question if the world becomes over populated what would the world leaders do

  • vijay choulkar
    vijay choulkar

    Which software do you use to animate

  • Бакуров Тимофей
    Бакуров Тимофей

    What about warp engine?

  • Groovy Dude
    Groovy Dude

    This could happen while I’m alive! That’s crazy to think about.

  • Fishfinger

    anyone else getting a take over the galaxy vibe?

  • Jasmine Elshadid
    Jasmine Elshadid

    Things I love about Kurtgesagt 1. He supplies links to where he got his information 2. He has his information reviewed by scientists 3. He adds humor 4. He animates with entertainment and humor 5. He spends time making the. Thnx :) That’s worth a subscribe! :)

  • Frank Ng
    Frank Ng

    wow, surprised there's no "hold my beer" or "i'm gonna end his career" comment...


    Bro how do you make your videos???

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    asante baadu

    Please do Roko's basilisk

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  • Dan

    I imagine people from the future finding this video and either thinking, "Well, yeah, that's how it works, but why's this only in 2D?" or "Can you believe they actually thought that would be a better solution than _______?"

  • Carter Crowley
    Carter Crowley

    Someone go show this to Elon Musk

  • Axesomerta

    Has this ever been brought to NASA? (Not this video, the idea)

  • RubberDucky

    This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

  • Srijan Jaiswal
    Srijan Jaiswal

    Please make a video on Einstein's theory of time and aging And also on time dialation plzz..

  • whanowa

    God isn't gonna be happy about this.

  • WholeWorker

    This is a great channel. Keep up the great work!

  • Mr. MultiTalented
    Mr. MultiTalented

    Elon Musk are you seeing this?

  • Cheeze

    Wont that take soo many years before they could even reach that point and build that many tethers and place them?

  • McChubby

    We need space cow boys to hold them

  • 귀여운것에환장한놈

    U.S: that's useless Me: you can bulid military base in mars U.S 5 years after: *_DONE_*

  • Arnav Jain
    Arnav Jain

    What would happen if the tethers collide with the satellites in our orbit?

  • Nick Cava
    Nick Cava

    OH MY GOD. What a great video. Hahahahah mind blowing. Good stuff

  • Peacrushed 11
    Peacrushed 11

    Kurzgezagt, could you please make a video about the shape of the universe and whether it has a border?

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C

    But instead we'd rather spend money on useless things and NASA is only losing money. But space exploration can only be the future of mankind.Can power sources such as solar or radiation be used?

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C

    *NASA has entered the chat*

  • Gytis

    This cool and all but what if the ship doesn't catch the giant thing. The ships still need to have emergancy slow down system. Just saying.

  • ꏳꀍꏂꏂꌚꏂ爪ㄖ乙乙卂尺乇ㄥㄥ卂

    This is what i get by typing space yeeter on youtube

  • jason

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  • A Nice Place To Live
    A Nice Place To Live

    What about the moon?

  • A Nice Place To Live
    A Nice Place To Live

    I love that I am way under aged to watch this, but I still love and enjoy it!

    • A Nice Place To Live
      A Nice Place To Live

      Kurzgesagt, keep up the great work!

  • M.A. R
    M.A. R

    Hi! I’m a big fan. I love outer space, and I love this channel, so one month ago, as soon as the space age calendar vid came out, I sent a link to the vid to my mom and told her “mom. I’m doing really good in school this year. If I promise to fix that A-, will you get me this calendar for Christmas? It would make me so happy!” And she said “that’s an expensive calendar.. we’ll see! 😂” Just now, I asked her if she ordered it. She looked at me and said “you mean that silly video with the calendar for 10,000 years from now? I thought that was a joke.” She thought it was a joke. Immediately, I tried to get to her computer, but it was already too late. You’re out of stock. And your words echoed through my head, like the banging of a cruel gong “we’ll sell them till they’re gone, and then never again.” This is not just some made-up sob story. I am a 16 year old, and all of my money is currently trying desperately to pay for an educational trip to France (je parle Français), so I could not buy it for myself. I have high ambitions for my future and I love space. The universe calls me. I was so excited to looking at all your beautiful animation-styled space art on my wall. Please. Take pity on my soul, oh rare kind hearts of youtube. Please lift me up... please.

  • Astroboys1234

    Who knew that space travel was the Angry Birds Movie number 5

  • Tyrone Taylor
    Tyrone Taylor

    Awesome idea. WHY is this not a movie???

  • Mrs Lame 4EVA
    Mrs Lame 4EVA

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    Stephen Connolly

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