24 hours with a high school millionaire
Haley Pham
Episode 1 of interviewing and spending a day with young entrepreneurs who decided to take an unconventional path. (Leave your ideas for a series name in the comments) Today's episode takes place in Seattle, Washington, where we see the life and story of how Jonny Netz created a successful exotic rental car service in HIGH SCHOOL.
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  • Danna González
    Danna González

    Im in love with jonny not gonna lie

  • Lanna Olivia
    Lanna Olivia

    I was ready for this to be an awful idek but omg this is gonna be an awesome series

  • Darxy

    This guy is a great USsoftsr

  • Hamish Halls
    Hamish Halls

    when she calls a BMW I8 Aildi R8

  • Sarah Bixler
    Sarah Bixler

    “Now I owe her 5 dollars because I thought she would slip” 😂 that had me geekin cuz he’s a millionaire 😂

  • E

    I wish we knew the # !!!

  • E

    5:30 😭😭😂😂

  • Schnms 8
    Schnms 8

    He is wearing PATAGONIA!!!! Yay

  • M V
    M V

    he taught me more about business and entrepreneurship than my professors are right now..lol thank you fo the advice and this interview. I love this. I'm looking forward to more.

  • Todimerlin


  • Lord Gunther
    Lord Gunther

    Sold his business? He couldve been set for life if he kept with it. L

  • Will Mear
    Will Mear

    i wonder how much money his dad has

  • Yammie_ Brandon
    Yammie_ Brandon

    8:10 i cant be the only one triggered by her saying r8 when its an bmw i8 🙃

  • 10'000'000 views . 1 day ago
    10'000'000 views . 1 day ago

    8:10 Audi r8 wtf is she high?

  • San Jacobs
    San Jacobs

    8:10 Literally while staring right at the BMW logo and the i3 sign *"How to get in the Audi R8"*

  • Angie Díaz
    Angie Díaz

    The guy gives me a lot of Shawn Mendes vibes

  • khaled 990
    khaled 990

    His story is a pure lie

  • khaled 990
    khaled 990

    How much did you get

  • Gregory Halliday
    Gregory Halliday

    Wait how is that a small amount of money that’s a top series bmw.... when i was 17 my parents didn’t give me gas money

  • 1000 subscribers with one video
    1000 subscribers with one video

    10:20 i feel like this girl has a crush on johnny idk why

  • Jorge Lourenço
    Jorge Lourenço

    High school milionair? hahahaha, son of a milionair. And this video just profs thta woman are gold diggin hores

  • Jack Stern
    Jack Stern

    She called the i8 the r8😂

  • michael cordero
    michael cordero

    8:11 how to get into the audi r8......

  • Efka_Krakadilas

    it's not audi r8 it's a bmw i8

  • Ba _editz
    Ba _editz

    8:11 bruh she literally was pointing at bmw i8 and said Audi R8 smh

  • Matthew Newton
    Matthew Newton

    u say ur having such a bad allergy attack a plugged nose isn't an allergy attack, a anaphylaxis is I was in the hospital 12 times this week from allergy attacks I love your vids Haley but just say its allergy season seriously ugh

  • Nick's Drive
    Nick's Drive

    8:08 "How to get into an Audi R8" ------ It's a BMW i8, I said I would never be one of these guys but I just did :-( sorry!

  • Unlysdexia _
    Unlysdexia _

    So basically.... daddy’s money bought him these cars he’s leasing out. So it takes money to make money but he didn’t use any of his own money

  • lgtrax94

    Johnny got some money from daddy to start with

  • Jonah Frederick
    Jonah Frederick

    I drove that orange lambo on my drivers permit

  • Cedric Thompson
    Cedric Thompson

    She's like ur mom Ashley with the way she talks

  • Gamer TV
    Gamer TV

    *8:08** "Ehh Err"*

  • GG 69 Milk
    GG 69 Milk

    Why would you sell it ? 😂😂 dumb ass. Fuck college bro

  • hong thai
    hong thai

    so cute and insightful. def keep going w this B

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah

    8:11 ughhh, that made me kinda pissed.

  • Mob

    Yall are too good looking

  • SakePL

    so you are saying he didnt have any help form anyone and being a student he had money to start a bussines ?

  • Jose Lora
    Jose Lora

    Awesome video 😁, I love how you formatted the interview, cutting in between interview and vlog was an awesome way to keep the audience entertained! Never seen anything like that on USsofts! Awesome job 😁🤙🏾

  • Pearlie Grace
    Pearlie Grace

    oh my god how much was he making to afford a BENTLEY

  • Herman Brood
    Herman Brood

    @8:10 ...get in what..?

  • p0se

    ima man so.. i'm golddic..er nvm

  • lpzee gaming
    lpzee gaming

    the editing on this video is so weird.. also he doesn’t seem humble at all.. i didn’t hear him once say how fortunate he is to have a family with wealth that provided him with a start. at 18 u have no credit, so that was also a lie.

  • Black and blue
    Black and blue

    this dude actually sad that a mercedes and a bmw is better than a toyota wtf is wrong with him

  • CeGe

    In other words you need the fundings, not everyone has the same fundings like Johnny.

  • traas lorenzo
    traas lorenzo

    "How to get into an Audi R8" *Climbs in to the BMW*

    • traas lorenzo
      traas lorenzo

      damn ur funny

  • Ricoh Boi
    Ricoh Boi

    So what if they damage the car!?

  • J

    21:30 was the car? BMW what ??

  • Konnor Hallas
    Konnor Hallas

    “Only people in the Pacific Northwest doing this.” Straight false lmao there’s so many luxury car rental places in Vancouver that have been around for years

    • Sadeed

      U do realize ur bringing up a city in a completely different country right? There’s a high chance he was talking only about the region within the US. Also his business was made over 3-4 years ago so maybe there weren’t many back then.

  • N R
    N R

    hey very random, but did anyone else think he looks like a young Jeff Goldblum??

  • All U Need Producer
    All U Need Producer

    Pretty smart how I came up with the idea. Market research is key guys.

  • barbara semidey
    barbara semidey

    LOVED THIS. cant wait for more from this series

  • Fredy Manglus
    Fredy Manglus

    A Small loan of a Million Dollars

  • Hugo Zwiep
    Hugo Zwiep

    Please upload the interview without the vlog in between.

  • Rangasmash04

    Why didn’t she show the car spitting straight flames

  • Marcus YT
    Marcus YT


  • Relaxed Cubing
    Relaxed Cubing

    Anybody here live in Seattle?

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    sam hilleshiem

    can he for real wife me up please?

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    um jackie

    mento illness

  • Avery Herzog
    Avery Herzog

    Haileys next video : meet my new boyfriend

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    DavePoon 2.

    He lowkey looks like a young Jeff Goldblum