4K Snowfall - Peaceful Snowing - Snow Falling - Relaxing Winter Video - Ultra HD - 2160p
Relax in a cosy wintery atmosphere with the sights and sounds of snow falling over the trees high up in the mountains. This nature video can be used to create a background ambience of peace and tranquility or a festive Christmas mood in your home or place of work. It can help with relaxation, stress relief, yoga, sleep, meditation, study, work, etc.

For more info and images, visit: www.thesilentwatcher.com/2017/06/02/fields-of-white/
Filming location: Rila National Park, Bulgaria.
* 5.1 channel SURROUND SOUND * This natural ambience audio is recorded with a surround microphone and is encoded as 6 channel audio.
All material in this video is original and personally recorded by myself on location.
Copyright © 2017 Petar Paunchev. All Rights Reserved. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.

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  • Vanesa Grassi
    Vanesa Grassi

    What a beautiful scenery!!!!

  • Panturbo Fanger
    Panturbo Fanger


  • Merx Eddie
    Merx Eddie

    All you obnoxious people who leave vile and hateful comments on USsofts sites watch this sublime and contemplative posting and maybe you will recover some of your lost humanity.

  • LPS MAYA 123
    LPS MAYA 123

    My mom used to make me sleep with nature sounds, now I'm 30 yo and at the office, I came across to this vid, and I'm about to sleep :D anyways, nice to hear snow when feb is almost over.

  • Srî Kanth
    Srî Kanth

    Mobility of camera wanted.

  • GameRo Pro
    GameRo Pro

    I miss this snowing . Here is not snowing so much like ten years ago .

  • Xavier Colon
    Xavier Colon

    This was made for us ohioans. It nice to see it snowing instead of unpredictable weather we have

  • Elizabeth Long
    Elizabeth Long

    "◔ ◔¨ *

  • Lia Spring
    Lia Spring

    Snow does NOT sound like this. It is completely quiet . But this is icy snow/

    • TheSilentWatcher

      Yes, this is the sound of snow falling on top of the umbrella protecting my camera.

  • David Liggins
    David Liggins

    Oh that’s what snow looks like in the 🇬🇧❄️ it’s a rare thing these days..Winter our most favourite time of year...Christmas Day 🇬🇧..⛅️⛅️👎🏻2019..

  • scaxxce 90
    scaxxce 90

    Merry Christmas 🎄🌹So pretty snowing

  • Kapitan Mayday
    Kapitan Mayday

    In poland we have now(christmas) 25ºC. Nice snow.

  • DRWman

    let it snow, let it snow. Happy New Year 2020!!

    • DRWman

      мде уж

    • Swedish Metal
      Swedish Metal

      DRWman trump 2020 happy new year

  • Michelle Poutre
    Michelle Poutre

    OF course, I am looking for something peaceful and quiet. Without a bunch of music. I find this wonderful video which looks promising. I click, load and listen. It's perfect. THen...do I see down in the right corner, that this is a Silent Watcher video. Of course it is! Why am I not surprised. :o) Well done, once again sir!

    • TheSilentWatcher

      Thanks a lot! :))

  • NYangryguy

    Heavy snow fall for 3hrs strait and no accumulation so weird.

  • gajah mada
    gajah mada

    i want snow , we wants snow, all wants snow, snow snow snow

  • Heather RaeStrickland
    Heather RaeStrickland

    I would have a love-hate relationship if I were to live out there when it's snowing it looks beautiful during the holidays but when you're all alone it's going to be creepy as hell

  • BlackKnight101

    Got to say this video has had me searching my memory hard. I went skiing for 3 weeks every year from when I was 2 till I was about 24 and I'm trying to think if I've seen snow fall or sound like this at all. It's moving so fast and falling so straight lined. Reminds me more of what I'd call sleet than snow. Wondering if it's my memory, a location thing or it is indeed sleet.

    • TheSilentWatcher

      It's the sound of snow falling over the umbrella protecting my camera.

  • AimzS94

    Beautiful video. Whenever it snows in England people always complain (various reasons) but I love it. I can’t often get out due to medical problems, but I’ll sit by my window and watch- and listen- to it until it stops. Another thing that people don’t know is that snow is actually an insulator against more extreme cold (why some wild animals stay under it during wind and ice storms). So it’s there for a reason, too.

  • aeiou

    im excited for this winter, hopeful for a cold and snowy one.

  • esbardo hernandez
    esbardo hernandez

    the idea is great and effective to some. however, snow doesn't have a volume sound when falling. unless it's sleet. even if it is snow your sound effects are that of rain. just an observation.

    • esbardo hernandez
      esbardo hernandez

      @TheSilentWatcher 50% acceptable. audio volume to snow is almost a 5% sound level. even is the snowflake was 2 inches in diameter. the sound level would be 5% or less. it could have been slit. the visual substance of the falling object where at a larger speed than a normal snowflake.

    • TheSilentWatcher

      The sound captured is of snow falling over the umbrella protecting my camera.

  • TuxyKat 1111
    TuxyKat 1111

    Snow is silent when it falls. Living through winter for MANY years, this is what it sounds like when you're getting a mixture of rain and snow and everything in between. This sounds like sleet, freezing rain. You really can't hear soft snowfall. That's what makes it so magical. This is beautiful, but I also think to myself, " I don't want to drive in that!" When you have to-(work,etc.) unfortunately your mind isn't so much on the beauty as it is on worrying about an accident. I am free of that anxiety the last 3 winters, counting this one, (Nov. 2019-20) and right now it is snowing outside my window where there are 9 pine trees in a row. I can just take in the beauty. I was outside a bit earlier- it is silent.😌💞

    • TheSilentWatcher

      Yes, the snow falling onto snow is silent. This is the sound of snow falling onto the umbrella protecting my camera from the snow :)

  • SmartZebra Person
    SmartZebra Person

    Gets like 20 degrees No snow ;C

  • Tyler Kandhai
    Tyler Kandhai

    This reminds me of the first mission in RDR2 lol

    • Bavhroul Snow
      Bavhroul Snow

      I read your comment wrong, and racked my brain trying to remember when R2D2 had his own goddam game.

  • gotcha bitch
    gotcha bitch

    When I wait for December to come, I watch this

    • Heather RaeStrickland
      Heather RaeStrickland

      We got snow in November where I live but every year without fail we do not get snow until January

  • Hector Lalalala
    Hector Lalalala

    this is so nice. Las Vegas gets snow every once in a blue moon. I hope we get to see this stuff called snow

  • Ceyhun Qurbanli
    Ceyhun Qurbanli

    I love you snow❤❤🎁🎀🎊🎉🎉✨🎆🎆🎇✨🎄🥂🍂🍂🌲👢🧦🧣🧣🧤❤🤶🤶🎅😍🤩🤩🤗

  • Tyso

    Snow that sounds like fire. One of my favorites right here.

    • TheSilentWatcher

      It's the sound of snow falling over an umbrella.

  • Leo Goršić
    Leo Goršić


  • Topsx4

    I love the cool weather. Winter is Great! This is such a great video thanks!

    • TheSilentWatcher

      My pleasure :)

  • Razu Duplicate
    Razu Duplicate

    Ami Snowfall Ayjonno Sunthesy Fruits Tree Khake bole Toder ma bonre Bhaire Falia sudh Bessha Magir basschara Manob Jati Fruits Sudhas Tree Nishe Shaya Sudhas Amar Asmaani Qitab Nay So Tuy manob Bessha Magir Jorma Kigho Who?

  • Luis Felix Quintero De Leon
    Luis Felix Quintero De Leon

    So this is how snow falling sounds like.. Intersting

    • TheSilentWatcher

      That's the sound of snow falling onto an umbrella.

  • Aries

    I love this. I wish it were snowing like that here in KY instead of 90 degrees and humid!! .

  • MemeMaster 25
    MemeMaster 25

    This is ideal

  • Jill Smart
    Jill Smart

    I never knew what snow sounded like :O

    • Neophema

      This is the sound of very wet snow/sleet. Almost sounds like rain. Cold snow falls slowly and doesn't make any sound.

    • TheSilentWatcher

      This is the sound of snow over an umbrella.

  • Lana Motaz
    Lana Motaz


    • Daena

      this sounds more like hail or freezing rain because when it snows here it sounds so soft and barely audible unless it is absolutely silent and it is so quiet and calming the soft delicate snowflakes landing on the frozen ground is the best sound (for me dont come at me)

    • Heather RaeStrickland
      Heather RaeStrickland

      Fun fact both the North Pole and the South Pole are considered deserts because even though it's cold and there's a lot of snow it's very dry

    • Robert Jackson
      Robert Jackson

      Sounds sweet

    • Anna Marianne
      Anna Marianne

      For an audible sound like this you need something like a window for the (wind blown) snow to hit against. If it's just gently falling onto the ground, it makes no sound at all.

  • Bellah Nemetona
    Bellah Nemetona

    Snow is so special to me. I love it beyond boundaries and I know I have to move away from here to Scandinavia, because living without snow is nightmare for me. I do not enjoy summer or spring. I can't help myself. It's hard and even impossible to describe my feelings right now.I have goose bump and I feel secure, connected to nature and "in home". You know what I mean by it.

    • Neophema

      I live in Norway and I get sick of snow pretty fast. It's in the way, it gets wets and worst of all ICY. I've hurt myself several times falling. I even got permanent nerve damage (in my late 20s!) from a particularly hard fall just walking to work. Maybe we should trade places? :p

    • TheSilentWatcher

      I love snow too :)

  • Bread Honey
    Bread Honey

    It's very going well with a cloudy n grey day like today. thanx.

  • Mikeztarp

    This does not look or sound like snow. I'd say it's sleet.

  • Md. Misbahussadat Md. Misbahussadat
    Md. Misbahussadat Md. Misbahussadat

    slowly slowly the snow is falling on my brain and washing all the nasty things. A great experience of meditation!

  • exZerry

    I wish you could take more snow footage. This is really relaxing...

  • from Bulgaria
    from Bulgaria


  • Jackie Cochran
    Jackie Cochran

    Makes me want to snuggle in a warm fuzzy blanket and just relax and listen

  • Qmy Dee
    Qmy Dee

    Ahhh thank you

  • angi ra
    angi ra

    Nice sound, thank you:)

    • TheSilentWatcher

      My pleasure :)

  • qwerty mcqwert
    qwerty mcqwert

    Fake video.The background never moves.

    • qwerty mcqwert
      qwerty mcqwert

      I don't know what that means but you can obviously see that the trees don't move in the slightest.Unnatural. A storm moves. Branches, tree limbs will at least oscillate somewhat. Especially the tree tops.

    • TheSilentWatcher

      The video is a loop of real footage with no added pictures or other elements to it.

  • Rajeev Pedapati
    Rajeev Pedapati


  • Black Carrot Productions
    Black Carrot Productions


  • Ms J 504
    Ms J 504

    Iam about to fall asleep 😴

  • r_iiceyy

    This is some fire 🔥

  • Howdy

    Who else is watching in Florida.... wishing it would snow.... just once... lol

  • Someone Someone
    Someone Someone

    Каде во Бугарија? На кое место? 😍❄️

    • TheSilentWatcher

      Рила :)

  • Peter Mower
    Peter Mower

    Subscribed! Great videos, I love the length, high-quality video, and decent audio quality. For long days at my desk, I pop one open on my extra monitor, slip on my headphones, and hit the zone. It's been fantastic. Thanks, TSW.

    • TheSilentWatcher

      It's my pleasure :) Thank you for your comment and appreciation!

  • Mark Boutelle
    Mark Boutelle

    Where's my shovel !

  • Ehrenhund

    Guys, this is what we are destroying. Global warming is real and we *need* to stop it

  • snkrs proxies
    snkrs proxies

    good work

  • ömer faruk aydın
    ömer faruk aydın

    I love you türkiye🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • deks223

    Здравей,това в България ли е снимано?

    • TheSilentWatcher


  • Samuel Chen
    Samuel Chen

    wan ha

  • midnightchannel

    Sleet. Not snow...

  • hiimedd

    Sounds like ASMR, niceeeeee!

  • Natural Settings
    Natural Settings

    it is DUMPING!. hold my chai tea, I'm getting my ski gear.

  • Vinit Singh
    Vinit Singh

    Amazing place shimla.ok. in london. 😍

  • Kourshi Fumi
    Kourshi Fumi

    Anyone else watching this in the meantime before it starts snowing? I can't wait for it to start snowing.

  • Kevin Marks
    Kevin Marks

    People hate me but i dont care..I love the sound of snowfalling. I love the mountains with the cool night breeze as you are watching the stars. Call me old fashion but i love nature. And whats cooler..i had adopted a dog about 2 years ago and she has shown me she loves the snow too.She isnt satisfied until all her body is covered in it. Makes me smile. hehe And thank you for making this video.

    • GameRo Pro
      GameRo Pro

      I like snowing and it isn't weird .

    • cash the dash
      cash the dash


    • Farid Khalilov
      Farid Khalilov

      Kevin Marks me too

    • Skooma

      Love how none of it was related to the video until the last very sentence

    • Bliss Boo
      Bliss Boo

      @Kevin Marks, why do people hate you? That's kind of a bizarre statement to make when we're talking about background sounds. Well, for what its worth I don't "hate" you, you sound like a nice caring man. Everyone needs to stop and smell the flowers and then relax with environmental sounds. Ever since I started watching these videos (about a week ago) my insomnia is "cured"! I'm so grateful that these videos exist. Take care.

  • APEX

    That snow sounds very heavy, kinda like the snow you get on the west coast of North America. Like in BC, Yukon and Alaska

    • Gacha lover webtoon girl
      Gacha lover webtoon girl

      Watched this full on 3 hours yea I have no life lol

  • beast 1
    beast 1

    I like winter better than summer ❄

  • Simon Church
    Simon Church

    戀窗隨響 探頭望 何家庭院 飄芬芳 墻角梅淩 獨自開 寒風盡染 雪紅裝 simon敬上 6.10.18

  • Elizabeth Long
    Elizabeth Long

    "◔◔¨ *

  • Dean Tambolaš
    Dean Tambolaš

    The best snowing video on you tube... The sound is simple and cool:)

  • Palacsinta Csatornája
    Palacsinta Csatornája

    Can't wait to winteeer

  • Kurdish Capitan
    Kurdish Capitan

    Watching these is make me relax 😌

  • Social Silvery
    Social Silvery

    I wished it snowed in Texas again ☹️ I really do miss it!

  • Butt Mash
    Butt Mash

    sounds like rain

  • Sully Towe
    Sully Towe

    We get this about every day in Indiana winter

  • Christina Cormier
    Christina Cormier

    Lol who else is watching this in this heat

  • jem5252

    I live in the desert, and we rarely get snow. This is lovely and such a treat. Thank you!

  • LeNa 2811
    LeNa 2811

    Красивая зима

  • jujia7

    Your videos are so amazing I can’t even!Thank you for sharing!!

    • TheSilentWatcher

      Thank you! :)

  • wintrr_snow

    I feel so grateful that you actually take the time to visit places just for ur subs. im so glad you appreciate ur subs. bc you just got a new one ;p

    • wintrr_snow

      your welcome ;P

    • TheSilentWatcher

      Thank you so much! :)