An Up-Close Look At Ford's Mustang Mach-E
Ford's Mustang Mach-E Is a Radical Gamble on an Electric Future.
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  • Nostalgia Rookie
    Nostalgia Rookie


  • Lil Joshyy
    Lil Joshyy

    Why the hell do people hate this, personally i love ig

  • KTMsoldier1988

    You know what this sounds like when it drives by......mmmmmmmmggggaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Diego Martínez
    Diego Martínez

    Karen: *heavy breathing*

  • Dave Ubermensch
    Dave Ubermensch

    Ugly as effing sin. Stupid as effing H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS to call this a mustang. Looks nothing like a mustang. Has zero credibility. You choad. You are trying to turn a legend into a junk branding. Utter morons.

  • Tahna LF
    Tahna LF

    Save my soul

  • Azn Esthirteen
    Azn Esthirteen

    Just gonna slap a big screen in the middle of the dash huh.

  • Felix Doan
    Felix Doan

    I don’t buy American car not made in the USA.

  • Richard Wray
    Richard Wray

    Ford knows nothing about their customers to pull a stunt like labeling an electric SUV a Mustang. We currently own three Fords including a Mustang GT, we are ABSOLUTELY opposed to naming this vehicle Mustang

  • Bluezey

    Say goodbye to the Mustang.

  • Dontéx

    If they made a traditional shaped Mustang electric cool...but a SUV.. they don't understand 🤷🏾‍♂️'s like using the Corvette name on a minivan 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Raxr_q


  • Margaret Britt
    Margaret Britt

    NOOOOO! NOT a Mustang!! I don't think this guy even believes what he is saying!

  • Ooga BoogaIII
    Ooga BoogaIII

    :o its a ford mustang tesla


    normal grill with a v8 and we're good.

  • Roderick Hero
    Roderick Hero

    Should have called it Ranchero Imma call it the Electric Edsel...

  • Brian saadeh
    Brian saadeh

    Why on earth would they call a mustang a suv. What’s next FORD GT MINIVAN

  • CaptainBeatDown

    they could of just called it a ford focus E or something but no.

  • Shai

    this car has the word "bruh" printed all over it probably the biggest mock up in fords history

  • Mario Garcia
    Mario Garcia

    The wanna be tesla?

  • Darrell Hall
    Darrell Hall

    "THAT'S NO PONY!!!" UGLY CARS!!" #notamustang

  • Collin Lennon
    Collin Lennon

    you're not making your electric crossover better you are just making the mustang name worse

  • Nomo 4u
    Nomo 4u

    I’m not gonna lie I’m with it

  • utubecat vlogs
    utubecat vlogs

    # ford sucks now

  • OfficialYoungGenesis


  • Quantum TV
    Quantum TV

    *Mustang:* We stole (*cough cough) I mean, made a ford tesla design. *Me:* YOU'RE NOT TESLA!

  • TJ J
    TJ J

    Ford just wanted the looks of a Mustang but they ruined 55 yrs of history. Why not name it a Taurus. I'm going with a Tesla.

  • troynov1965

    Good God that thing is even uglier than the Mustang II The E must stand for Edsel cause thats about how well this POS is going to go over.


    i'm sure it's a great car but still it's not a mustang

  • Reggie Anderson
    Reggie Anderson


  • boniface njoroge
    boniface njoroge

    Why?!? Just why. You literally ruined the Mustang by making it a crossover!!! COME FREAKING ON!!!!!!!

  • JWiL DJwh
    JWiL DJwh

    Never ever will I buy this mustang!! Love my 1968 mustang fastback,now that's a MUSTANG

  • Mark Horton
    Mark Horton

    DC Pinto!

  • Igor Schmidlapp
    Igor Schmidlapp

    The Mustang is officially DEAD. I didn't think that Lee Iococca would be rolling in his grave so soon...

  • Otis Cat
    Otis Cat

    It's not truly a Mustang until it leaves Cars and Coffee, jumps a curb and runs over pedestrians before hitting the only tree in sight.

  • Otis Cat
    Otis Cat

    Ford just killed their pony.

  • Nicholas Coffey
    Nicholas Coffey

    This is the fugliest mustang I have ever seen...

  • James Caldwell
    James Caldwell

    Came out with a revolutionary car in the mid 60s. Damn near ruined it with the Mustang 2. Rebounded with the new Mustangs up to today’s models. Then you produce something uglier than the Mustand 2. What do you have a brain fart every 25 years or so?

  • CadillacFleetwood68

    Ford should be ashamed for putting the Mustang name on this crossover. Just shows what Ford really thinks of its loyal customers.

  • thejets24revis

    Get rid of the focus and fiesta st's, give us the explorer and edge st's and now this garbage. Yall really know your fanbase.