Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers Full Game Highlights | January 15, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers Full Game Highlights | January 15, 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • Trues Galore
    Trues Galore

    Dinwiddie spin moves puts it between his legs and gets through 5 opponents - Yes reporters: "nice move" Kyrie throws a jumper from 4 feet - Yes reporters: "oh my god you see those handles?! what a player!" Great game from Spencer and Allen as always, I think Prince is maybe the weakest starter tight now and Levert needs more minutes

  • Atem Yugimoto
    Atem Yugimoto

    Lmfao that chigga dat bought the Nets must be pissed asf rn 😂😂😂😂

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis

    What the hell is this philly team can someone please tell me lol 🙏 What are they. Are they real or not. Most fukin strange team. They out here whoopin ass ever since Embiid out Wtf is this

  • KP

    Gotta love that guy Matisse

  • Minsun Gaming
    Minsun Gaming

    Why Brooklyn Players Don't Pass Kyrie Irving?

  • Arpan singh
    Arpan singh

    thats thanksgiving !

  • Davon_Koo

    Get more away win 76ers!!

  • Gulitz Tse
    Gulitz Tse

    Its quite hard to thrive for kyrie against sixers. The sixers have the tallest starting 5 in nba. If embiid was there too... kyrie is in trouble.

  • benjo velasco
    benjo velasco

    Kyrie’s playing again another lossing streak is comming..😅😅😅

  • Paul Ranalli
    Paul Ranalli

    It's so obvious how Simmons plays with more energy and has the freedom to create looks for shooters when Embiid is not playing. There was a touch of Giannis about how he went about it!

    • Paul Ranalli
      Paul Ranalli

      @Sean Redman if he could shoot at all, none of this would be a discussion! He'd fit in anywhere as one of the best in the league

    • Sean Redman
      Sean Redman

      Paul Ranalli dude, if he has freedom and had more of a shooting touch, maybe second best player in the league. He is physically dominant

  • Daniel Berri
    Daniel Berri


  • Daniel Berri
    Daniel Berri


  • Chris Morén
    Chris Morén

    Harris was our closer today. Great performance from him

  • Unique Westbroks
    Unique Westbroks

    Nets need a PF desperately

  • Emirhan Alkaya
    Emirhan Alkaya


  • D Cons
    D Cons

    Dribble man bad

  • MrOhehir

    Kyrie is Cancer..

  • uğur akdemir
    uğur akdemir

    i love furkan he always there when you need him great guy. love you bro

  • Güzel Insanlar
    Güzel Insanlar

    Tobias Beast!!

  • eitel tee
    eitel tee

    Simmons ne sert a rien à Philly, un joueur de ce calibre devrait prendre des risques et tirer plus, mais il n'a pas ce courage, que fait-il la donc? car aux playoffs ca va etre important ces tirs...ce gars ne sert a rien

  • Mohamed Karim
    Mohamed Karim

    All talk about Simmons and embiid Tobias Harris is the most important player in this team

  • Samkris Bustamante
    Samkris Bustamante

    the kyrie haters are back hahahahahahahahahahhaha lol!

  • DeAndrius Reynolds
    DeAndrius Reynolds

    J cole balling that's Tobias Harris

  • Pochino

    Keep the videos coming!

  • Capt Cav76
    Capt Cav76

    Pelle impresses me. He's wingspan must be a +4

    • Capt Cav76
      Capt Cav76

      @ErKaN he's what? 6"10? He'd have to be 7"4 - 7"6 wingspan

    • ErKaN

      yeah he has a 7 foot wingspan

  • Jason欧阳子锋

    fuck the 76er weak ass, 6foot10+ and choose to shoot 3? weak

  • Abdurrahim Efşin
    Abdurrahim Efşin


  • SJ Talks
    SJ Talks

    I’m liking pelle at the 5 with horford, thiabule, Richardson and Simmons

    • yueoy 0
      yueoy 0

      maybe even fit Harris in at the 4, still a good lineup

    • SJ Talks
      SJ Talks

      100% he’s a stud! Probably 1 of the steals of the draft for his defensive versatility alone. He has a lot of Iggy characteristics

    • The Cleg
      The Cleg

      @SJ Talks yes... That guy thybulle really deserves more minutes

    • SJ Talks
      SJ Talks

      I mean if it wasn’t already obvious, he’s injured so I’m talking about in his absence

    • The Cleg
      The Cleg

      I'm liking Embiid at the 5......................

  • Enes Tezel
    Enes Tezel

    Dinwiddie is way better than Kyrie

  • Kar Fai Wong
    Kar Fai Wong

    Lol Kyrie can't save the team!

  • Bryan Lee
    Bryan Lee

    Kyrie dislike the team again ...

  • Мухтар Тойлыбаев
    Мухтар Тойлыбаев

    Kyrie toxic Irving

  • rob

    Dinwiddie seems so annoying to officiate why is every foul or time he takes the ball to the hoop a argument lol

  • Eren

    Furkan is getting better 👍👍 He can perform well in criticical stuations

  • yuniar sri wahyuni
    yuniar sri wahyuni

    Ben simGOAT


    Kyrie, dinwiddie and ben simmons >>>>>>>>> statpadbrick

  • Carlos Pereira
    Carlos Pereira

    Hey Phily .... Fultz with a triple-double @Lakers tonight .... lolol.

    • Capt Cav76
      Capt Cav76

      @Carlos Pereira Brother is the embodiment of the yips.... that can't be unseen.

    • Carlos Pereira
      Carlos Pereira

      @Capt Cav76 this season .... Fultz .... 79.2% FT Simmons .... 59.4% LMAO

    • Capt Cav76
      Capt Cav76


    • Visions Clear
      Visions Clear

      Carlos Pereira good job 👏🏽

  • 柯凱章

    Harris is carrying them

    • Tamara Allen
      Tamara Allen

      As is Ben... they’re MAX players, they’re supposed too!

    • SG JR
      SG JR

      柯凱章 how? Didn’t you watch this entire video?

  • Grammar Police -
    Grammar Police -

    Well tried Nets!

  • erdem tozoglu
    erdem tozoglu

    Furkaaaan Korkmaz 😃

  • QeejHmoob 21Century
    QeejHmoob 21Century

    The female commentator trips me up..fck. 😖

  • Uncle DreW
    Uncle DreW

    Nets defense is really atrocious But nba haters prefer to blame Kyrie for no reason😂😂

    • Tobi Emmanuel-Aina
      Tobi Emmanuel-Aina

      This is it. There are no elite defenders on this team. And they waived shumpert

    • 1223 Justin
      1223 Justin

      @Uncle DreW nah I get that but there's just somethings you don't say to the media cuz thats just disrespectful to your teamates. If it's ok for Kyrie to say that then hell, more than half of the nba team stars could say the same

    • Uncle DreW
      Uncle DreW

      @1223 Justin guess what...he wants to win games It seems like a surprise to you? 😂😂

    • Swat Me
      Swat Me

      Nets r better with Cancer Kyrie

    • 1223 Justin
      1223 Justin

      @Uncle DreW lol so why is someone who just came back already talking about them needing more pieces?

  • kingjoseph aguenza
    kingjoseph aguenza

    Simmons>> irving 😂


    Kyrie Irving thinks the Brooklyn Nets need one or two more pieces to compete with the best teams.This is a back handed comment about his teammates, regardless of who he listed

  • Hannibal Zulu
    Hannibal Zulu

    Tobias Harris is a freaking beast!

  • Hieu nmq
    Hieu nmq

    Damn Thybulle with 4 blocks!

    • Bbouy

      @Lake Song Lol you were saying? Goatmaz

    • Switch

      11-1 when he plays more than 20 minutes

    • Lake Song
      Lake Song

      @rixardo quaresma with ben on the floor, spacing is our problem, when ben is out, embiid is in with harris josh and kork, you'll see the floor spaced out quite well

    • rixardo quaresma
      rixardo quaresma

      Lake Song he takes 1 or 2 wide open threes in a game Gotta improve offensively

    • Lake Song
      Lake Song

      @Jan Rhais Amantiad agree, plus he's deadly on catch and shoot, rarely misses his open threes unlike kork and harris. No hate on harris tho the man has been carrying the team like a mad man

  • Chris R.
    Chris R.

    Kyrie and dinwiddie got that dame and cj type of relationship love it man. Side note: they will need to trade for longer and better scoring pfs if they want to improve.

    • Tobi Emmanuel-Aina
      Tobi Emmanuel-Aina

      Nah nets have KD coming back so length is taken care of

    • Unique Westbroks
      Unique Westbroks

      Chris R. Coach Atkinson doesn’t want a PF he likes to play small

  • Denmar Tayaban
    Denmar Tayaban

    the kyrie effect

  • 〖žÐÞž〗 ﴾﴿Clan﴾﴿
    〖žÐÞž〗 ﴾﴿Clan﴾﴿

    Last Year Nets Would eat This Year Nets

  • Chase Madison
    Chase Madison

    Sticking with the Verticality? WTF is verticality? (4:20) Does she seriously think that is an actual word? Someone please hand her a dictionary...

    • Its_Araiz

      Chase Madison ups, hops, etc.

  • YeeSoest

    Can someone please look up the stat on how many games Non-LeBron Kyrie teams have won and lost against equal or stronger opponents with and without Kyrie playing? It seems like he mostly adds to garbage wins against teams his squad should easily beat in any case...empty stats debate on Kyrie, anyone?

    • SG JR
      SG JR

      YeeSoest what’s to debate? You’re right.

  • Jordy Mota
    Jordy Mota

    The nets are alil bit better with kyrie wow imagine when that 7 foot monster KD comes back

  • Animelytical

    Dinwiddie playing alongside and instead of Kyrie at the 1 and 2 is going to be big for this team. This comment is premature. I dont no the result, I'm just talking about keeping the team healthy

  • Rody in Japan
    Rody in Japan

    K.irving 6/21 team destroyer is back 😂

  • Janning Bensch
    Janning Bensch

    Wonder what MLG‘s fav team is

  • Ippang Galak
    Ippang Galak

    Ben SIMONS

    • Alessandro Alessandro
      Alessandro Alessandro


  • dope fresh
    dope fresh

    Kyrie Irving really is trash

  • Nikolaos Asvestas
    Nikolaos Asvestas

    Great performance by Filly but they do need to be consistent if they want to make it far this season

  • joseph visaya
    joseph visaya

    Kyrie is the problem

  • china land of mongoloids
    china land of mongoloids

    ballhog is back what's new 😂😂😂