Can the Pelicans Make the Playoffs this Season? | NBA on TNT
The guys react to NOLA’s OT win and discuss what we should expect from the Pelicans when Zion Williamson makes his NBA debut.
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  • Trenesha Clark
    Trenesha Clark

    You play checkers fool 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

  • J.R. Elgran
    J.R. Elgran

    I'm a die hard GRIZZLY BUT the pelicans with Zion have a better team. They will pass us in the playoff race. Mainly due to veteran guard play and way better 3pt shooters/wing guys.

  • Christopher M
    Christopher M


  • hzr

    lol Chuck @ Ingram having 30 shots. He had 25 including overtime :)

  • Sh0wcasesF0rY0u

    “You play checkers fool”

  • PK Droid
    PK Droid

    "Two letters ain't nobodies name"

  • alvin081988

    It might be memphis and SA fighting for that 8th seed

  • BadLuckJames

    First of all. You play checkers foo! 😂

  • xart23x

    Remember Shaq said Kuzma is better than Ingram? Ahahahaha

  • Jason

    Ingram scored 49 points off 25 shots. More efficient than donovan and they won they game

  • Travis Jackson
    Travis Jackson

    Man give ingram his respect!!!!!

  • Billy DaBaus
    Billy DaBaus

    Utah is pretty unpredictable in the playoffs. They could potentially upset the Houston Rockets if those two teams meet in the first round of the playoffs and possibly make it a series against the Clippers if they've got home court advantage.

  • Kenneth Hardeman
    Kenneth Hardeman

    I can’t wait to see Zion play NBA basketball

  • ProbablyThe1

    Pelicans could have a better record, theyve lost so many down to wire games this season

  • jileel

    They got robbed.

  • Hand Strong
    Hand Strong

    Two letter aint nobodys name😅😅

  • Panis Dis
    Panis Dis

    Give credit to lonzo for a sec, he been putin some work lately

  • tydelthom

    So nobody believes in the Grizzlies, huh🤔

  • Stephen Price
    Stephen Price

    Pelicans are a semipro team going against pros

  • Morgan Right?
    Morgan Right?

    Ingram a god now...💪🙌 #WildLifeJayDot

  • Jonathan Solomon
    Jonathan Solomon

    Staff: "What about B.I.'s 49 point career high?" Charles Barkley: "Doesn't matter, wasn't 50."

  • Jonathan Solomon
    Jonathan Solomon

    This was so funny, yet so irrelevant.

  • david graves
    david graves

    Haha Ingram drops 49, only show 3 highlights from him and when they did show him they talk about a different player. They also show about 10 highlights for Mitchell. Then after they talk about Mitchell, Zion and then Ja. No mention of Ingram at all. Haha what does this dude have to do to get noticed.

    • brendan gilmartin
      brendan gilmartin

      Maybe because half of Ingram points were foul shots... So unless u wanna see free throws then they showed enough highlights.

  • Peedy Mack
    Peedy Mack

    3:18 I have to disagreed him... DISAGREED HIM?? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Carlton Vincent
    Carlton Vincent

    Zion Williams is about to get beat down in the NBA and it will change the course of history because he was seeing like another player on the bench.

  • Carlton Vincent
    Carlton Vincent

    The Houston rockets are going to lose in the first round. They are notm Walt Frazier and Earl Monroe. There are any emotional outkast

  • Carlton Vincent
    Carlton Vincent

    I'm a Knicks fan feel sorry for me if you choose but the Milwaukee buckswilll going to win it and take the trophy true.

  • Carlton Vincent
    Carlton Vincent

    Utah is like the Miami heat in the West. When the playoffs begin it will be an unprecedented moment for the east and west. Who you expect to win or lose who you expect to lose will win. The Lakers the clippers I' Are not going to make it not going to win it all

  • Carlton Vincent
    Carlton Vincent

    The Utah jazz is the big surprise in the NBA.zion coming back is just another injury.. and when he's not injured the team is going to pretend he's injured till they get some good players the play with him we're not going to see a lot of zion

  • Aaron O
    Aaron O

    Charles is my guy but gotta go with Shaq on this one. If they all remain healthy, the Pelicans will make the playoffs.

  • Wakemeup Now
    Wakemeup Now

    Kenny's playing checkers while everyone else is playing chess!

  • JS

    2:05 Shaq said 'mate' assuming Ingles shot it when instead it was Bogdanovic. Shaq still can't tell between white guys

    • Eltalstro

      I'd love to see Shaq if the Jazz had the other Bogdanovic too.

  • Adrian Logan
    Adrian Logan

    Anybody else notice Kennys new hairline? lol

  • TheLaidBackDrummer

    Wait, how can Zion "comeback" when he hasn't played in the NBA yet? Lol

    • Jeff Knight
      Jeff Knight

      TheLaidBackDrummer I think because he started playing in the preseason

  • Mya The Bee
    Mya The Bee

    Ya'll need to put some respect on Brandon Ingram......Boy is balling.

  • Team Uprise
    Team Uprise

    Should've beaten the Jazz the game before too but these NBA refs dumb asf. Almost cost us last night too

  • Mo

    "Two letters ain’t nobody’s name"... *Breathes nervously*

    • Denied- Gaming
      Denied- Gaming

      Mo ew

  • Aaron Price
    Aaron Price

    Shaq: So if that's taking 25 shots or more I can live with that. Chuck: They're 1 and 5 when he shoots over 30 times Shaq: 😶

  • slim carlos
    slim carlos

    No area 21 ?

    • Ernest Clark
      Ernest Clark

      I thought they stopped that show 2 years ago. I wish kg would come back tho

  • TheRantGuyYeazy

    People thought kuz was better than Ingram Randle and Russell smh

  • Blo Pez
    Blo Pez

    I think the Pelicans can make it to the playoffs if Zion comes back. They have a Super human on their team. Zion grew from infant to NBA caliber athlete in just two and a half months. He learned how to walk and run in that length of time. LOL

    • anthony trevino
      anthony trevino

      What? He’s unproven and injured. I’m sure he will be good at but what are you talking about nba caliber? He hasn’t played a day. Dumb

  • andre sapiter
    andre sapiter

    if everyone's healthy Pelicans will be in the Playoffs PG Lonzo Ball SG Jrue Holiday SF Brandon Ingram PF Zion Williamson C Derek Favors then back ups are JJ, HAYES and OKAFOR

    • Pat

      AND Josh Hart, Moore, and NAW. They are deep and because of injuries have some game experience. They could make it if they keep playing like this

    • Sh0wcasesF0rY0u

      andre sapiter nope

    • tydelthom

      Grizzlies looking at this like👀

    • Protaster0003

      @Getyourbreaduppp someone get the broom

  • Adrian Martinez
    Adrian Martinez

    That’s why nobody like you chuck!

    • CleverMan

      Adrian Martinez correction: everybody likes Chuck

  • rage12345678

    Charles' analysis on Mitchell's game and Shaq's shows just how little Shaq knows about basketball sometimes. The more and more Shaq speaks, the more and more I realize his success was based purely on physicality and nothing else. Not know-how. Just brute force. No wonder Kobe was happier playing with Pau

  • King In My Own Mind
    King In My Own Mind

    Kenny just ignore Rudy also grabbing the man in front of him...

  • King In My Own Mind
    King In My Own Mind

    Chuck is right...people ride Spida, but dismiss he is a jacker...he doesn't get nearly the criticism for not making others better when he gets locked in these "shooting fits"...don't get me wrong...BALL ON EM young man, but for a team that lacks the ability to get their own shots he could spread that wealth a bit...It is weird how other young players get called out and chastised for the flaws, but others get to just grow and develop in peace...guess that goes with being in a market people don't pay much attention to.

  • Skippy the Alien
    Skippy the Alien

    I'm glad to see Brandon Ingram is finally playing to his potential. I always knew he had it

  • AsianVideoGamer

    Mitchell and Ingram gonna join forces someday in the future

  • kahleb Howarth-jennings
    kahleb Howarth-jennings

    Chuck is right about Mitchell’s game, even watching the highlights it seemed like he was forcing shots up, just because a few of them fell doesn’t mean they’re shots he should take, Utah already has a lacking offence and taking unnecessary 3’s won’t help that, Conley was supposed to be the solution to their problems but he’s not played well and he’s currently injured

    • kahleb Howarth-jennings
      kahleb Howarth-jennings

      Kirbystare1992 that’s where Mitchell thrives, obviously developing his outside scoring game more is a good thing, but trying to force yourself to be a great shooter just doesn’t work, if you haven’t got the touch you haven’t got it, and while Mitchell can definitely shoot a ball, he’s not above average from past the line, so I don’t think he should ever take more than 4-5 3’s a game

    • Kirbystare1992

      kahleb Howarth-jennings I disagree he was hitting Brandon Ingram did the exact same thing and they won. I do agree that he took maybe 1 or 2 too many 3’s I think he should of drove some more.

  • CreoleRep7

    "First of all, you play checkers fooo" 😂😭

  • SJ23

    Jesus Barkley, discussion on Pels and possibly making the 8th spot and you start talking about Ja as ROTY. Sometimes I wonder where this dudes head is at

    • Eltalstro

      Griz are in 8th. Ja Play for Griz. Griz on 7 game win streak. Griz hard to pass. You get now?

  • ZurioSm

    why yall act like zion is proven superstar coming back from weak injury? for all we know (knock on the wood)he could have greg odens type career

    • Ryan Alexander
      Ryan Alexander

      The Grammar in this chat is amazing 🤣🤣

    • shyadeny

      @Vinh N And this guy here, is the reason why reading comprehension is important folks

    • ZurioSm

      @Vinh N i didnr say zion has weak injury,i said they talking like he is a superstar with a weak injury coming back to carry his team he is young player coming from tough injury

    • Vinh N
      Vinh N

      ZurioSm you think his injury was weak? You obviously haven’t broken your knee before, come back when you do and let me know how you feel

  • I am Groot!
    I am Groot!

    Can they? Yes. At only 3 1/2 games out of 8th it is a real possibility. Zion adds a couple wins at least of he can play more than a few games this season. The issue is that wins don't happen in a 'bubble' you got the Spurs, Blazers, Suns and even the Kings all right in that mix. One or two of them are bound to find a weak stretch in they schedule like the Pelicans and be right there at the end. The battle should be fun to watch though

    • Qwerty Werty
      Qwerty Werty

      I remember at a certain point they had the toughest schedule to date. If anything, these wins are real.

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @smith lovy You should watch more NBA games... Houston lost to them without Harden, Westbrook, and Capela. The Knicks had no Morris or Randle. The Pistons same deal. Some of those games the Pelicans had starters out as well, but most of these wins are games they should won. Now Zion getting on the floor may change things up but once New Orleans gets back to a solid schedule playing teams at full roster strength we will see if they can actually WIN tough games.

    • smith lovy
      smith lovy

      The Pelicans havent had a weak stretch in their schedule yet. Plus they've gone on this run missing 2/3 starters. They beat the Jazz with no Jrue, no JJ, and no Zion.

  • B X
    B X


  • Hurrty

    *Wins 10 out of 13 games* "They're not better than the teams they're chasing." Chuck has to be one of the dumbest casters in sports history

    • Team Uprise
      Team Uprise

      @Umont12 I think he was referring to the teams above them competing for the 8th seed

    • Umont12

      Hurrty so they are the best team then? You are a joke to think anyone is beating lakers or clippers

  • son goku
    son goku

    Kenny is the best wingman to have dude tell all your cool stories all the time


    Rudy Gobert is so overated

    • mark brinton
      mark brinton

      If you really believe that, you don't know basketball.

  • CheezeASAP

    No love for Brandon Ingram here 👌🏾

    • Justice -
      Justice -

      CheezeASAP crazy right

  • Marques Smith
    Marques Smith

    I rock wit Ja Morant hard but FOH Chuck. The segment about the pelicans. We dont get much air time minus zion, so Id appreciate ot if u stick to the topic. But yes I agreed with everything u said this segment! 💪Miracles do happen..

  • Jd Gp
    Jd Gp

    No mention of Brandon Ingram who had 49... 🤷🏾‍♂️