Chaos Unfolds After Trump Gives Kurds the Cold Shoulder | The Daily Show
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After Trump pulled U.S. troops out of northern Syria, Turkey attacked Kurdish forces, leaving detention centers holding ISIS fighters vulnerable. #TheDailyShow
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  • kral marx
    kral marx

    Kurdistan ✌✌

  • GG Channel
    GG Channel

    So your telling me that isis troops are going to escape to Europe, wow thx Mr president, if you look at a European map which is the closest European country to Syria? as you may notice its Greece so yeah trump just created a whole new problem for my country!!!

  • Mami Slivany
    Mami Slivany

    The problem is not turkey turkey is a joke but fighting in too many fronts that makes it complicated

  • DB 2310
    DB 2310

    This sorry excuse of a Cheeto just abandoned the Kurds, an oppressed demographic, sworn ally of the US, with currently more than 10.000 ISIS members in their prisons, for a country with a Semi-Dictator which despises the US.

  • ihihking31

    God bless kurdish rebels 🙏

  • ROJAVA Walatêma
    ROJAVA Walatêma

    We never expected that America would leave us in front of ISIS, the Turks, the Islamists, Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime. It was a strong shock to us.

  • Eros

    Northern Iraq , Northern Syria , Northern iran , South turkey Stealing Land .. actually there's Kurds Land go search history.. Father of History said there's Kurdistan, Sumerian tablets and old Greece said there's Kurdistan

  • Ana Paula
    Ana Paula

    Why they decided not showing this video in Canada?

  • Sertan Kasver
    Sertan Kasver

    Trevor talking about a socialist terror group as they where allies also trevor thinking that the kurds who fought on the side of the allies are the same kurds also also trevor talking about how those ''isis'' prisoners could escape or are escaping but doesnt mention that their ''allies'' let them go and didn't give them over to american or turkish forces to keep the prisons safe.


    I am Kurd a proud Kurd!

  • Yngve Andersen
    Yngve Andersen

    Trump has buildings in says it all

  • Bee Yang
    Bee Yang

    w/o vampires you dont have a lawyer. XD!

  • Enes Samed Dereli
    Enes Samed Dereli

    What??!!! US' Kurdish allies? WTF? Am i joke to you? As a sovereign country for hundred years and THE ONLY ally in the region throughout the whole fucking 20th century? You're chosing the terrorists and side against Turkey?

  • N T
    N T

    Just go out from the media perception please and read what AEK wrote in these comments; AEK- Nothing is going to happen. Turks are going to clear the YPG rebels from the areas in proximity with its border whilst keeping the civilian damage as low as possible (hopefully). Then, the ISIS prisoners will be under Turkish detention. It's better to have them confined by a state than a displaced rebel group. If you look into some reports, there is clear evidence the YPG Kurds are having difficulty with the management of captured ISIS fighters. Virtually all of Syria's other ethnic groups hate the YPG wether it's Arabs, Arameans/Assyrians, Turkmen, Druze etc. Just look at their representative websites. Also, it's wrong the equate all Kurds with the YPG. A sizeable Kurdish community in Syria and the great majority of Kurds in Turkey will say they don't support them. But yes, Trump's Normandy remark was stupid. But again, please don't attempt to present actualities when you're dealing with such sensitive subjects and doing it wrongly, I'm afraid. 1) Trump's Europe remark was to point the European belonging of those ISIS terrorists. Most of them were born in Europe (France, Belgium etc.) and want to be tried back home despite Europe's objection(rightfully so, I guess). 2) Kurds didn't fight for America. They fought for their existence and land as Trump says. Before Western support, Kurds were being attacked, pillaged and even raped en masse by those crazy ISIS terrorists. ISIS hated them and wanted to get rid of them (especially the Yazidi). If anything, they should be grateful for all the American support they received in battling those monster and saving their community. A fun fact is that Turkey was among the countries who sent arms to the Kurds during the battle of Kobane against ISIS. More 'fun' facts ? Turkey was the only nation (perhaps with Sweden) that received Kurds during the Halabja and Anfal genocides where 300,000 Kurdish refugees arrived to Turkey under the Özal administration. Turkey also hosts around 4 million Syrian refugees (largest in the world) in which around again 300,000 are of Kurdish extraction. Yet, the media never talk about these and are so happily quick to demonize Turks. Also, Turkey holds the biggest Kurdish population in the world (around 15 million) which for the great majority are peaceful and happily cohabiting their Turkish brothers. They have all their rights, can speak/teach their language, host cultural events, have their TV/Radio/Newspaper medium etc. Turks have never treated the Kurds the way Arabs did(notably, Saddam). BUT NO, the media makes it look like they're arch enemies and Turks are going to Syria to slaughter a whole buncha civilian Kurds for fun... one last fun fact ?? Okay, but a last one. Most of the Turkish soldiers participating in this operation are of Kurdish origin. I love your content Trevor and that hilarious humiliation you gave to that French ambassador is something I'll never forget. I believe you have the maturity to take into account other points of views and even go as far as to present them on your show. With today's media it has really become difficult to pronounce the simple phrase "I'm Turkish/From Turkey" in Western countries. Please do right by your many fans around the world and fight the trending bia

  • Furkan çetin
    Furkan çetin

    Wtf “Kurdish Allies” We are in N.A.T.O we are “Allies” At that case Kick us NATO bastards

  • Josny13

    That's rich, coming from Drumpf. President of the place that refused to help in WWII allowing the holocaust to last that much longer before finally helping out at destroying Germany.

  • __ Eivy__
    __ Eivy__

    Why isn't he gone already!!!!!!!!! Even after allll of this, this utterly stupid decisions and this not-so-smart not-so-kind remarks on other countries and people, how is still he running this great country ? Like how? Its high time now!And there's still half of the population who do not want him to get the f out? Really? That really makes me wonder after all the scandal he faces and manages to away with is he indeed above the law

  • Abha Agrawal
    Abha Agrawal

    51%? Man these americans

  • Kurdish Ball
    Kurdish Ball

    Thank you guys for all your supports. From kurdistan

  • Ömer Kaya
    Ömer Kaya

    Lets suppose that You are right.Why you prefer marginal groups instead of your nato ally for finish actings of Isıs? I know that you just think about oil.We are so glad to see your twoface politic games.Go on like that and one day you will get alone Usa.

  • The Nge
    The Nge

    Trump:hey Russia why are you invading Ukraine! Putin:Because they didn't join WW1

  • sSemTeXx

    So ironic that they mock trump for saying Isis will go to Europe. To portray that European lives don't matter. Meanwhile they support YPG an PKK terrorist groups to fight their own problems and don't care that they are enemies of the Middle East. Guess Arab, yezidi, Assyrian and Turkish lives are less worth then both Americans and Europeans.

  • The1Ghost

    This Fukin idiot has no idea what he is talking about. And most of you who are in support of this idiot has no idea how foreign policy works. These lame 😒 ass night shows are not even funny 😄 anymore.

  • Nhokz

    Just let them god damn they share like 900miles of border with Syria, if Turkey has invaded Syria so did America. You people think it's either black or white but it isn't Turkey has been fighting the Kurdish extremist groups of the PKK for 40 years they have all the reasons to feel threatened

  • Gökhan GÖY
    Gökhan GÖY

    Man, you are the worse. You know nothing about YPG. THey are terrorists. If you look TURKISH history, you can't be able to find any kind of bad things but if you look yours you can easily find. Let me start the beginning of the sentence then you can complete. 6 and 9 August of 1945 ...

  • Adeeb Md
    Adeeb Md

    Okii that escalated fast

  • Ragnork 101
    Ragnork 101

    i said it once i will say it again USA Is a Motherfucker

  • makelele lelele
    makelele lelele

    THIS IS A BIG LIE :this is not turkish or kurdish war.this is terrorism.Turkish and Kurdish army VS pkkypg

  • OssNix

    Trump is getting his turkish citizen visa

  • Maya2934

    I don't understand how America does not look more like Hongkong in the past few months, people on the streets protesting, demanding his resignation. He is literally condemning people to death all over the globe. The way Americans feel about 9/11 that's how we in Europe feel about all of the ISIS attacks we've been through in the past 5 years. Imagine the European leader visiting the 9/11 memorial to laugh at it, shit on it and before walking away spitting on it for good measure. That's what Trump just did to all the memorials we've had to make during the past 5 years.

  • T Hare
    T Hare

    Trevor, congrats on your success as a comedian. I don't know how it came to be... you're not funny AT ALL.

  • 1380beagle

    That reporter is awesome!


    First Turkish supported Pakistan now they killed Kurds.

  • Abdullah Nakipoglu
    Abdullah Nakipoglu

    Turkiye doesnt fight with kurds u dumb! we have already almost 10 million kurdish citizens and they are support operation too! iss - ypg - pkk no difference they all terrorist and you know what your country is making business with terrorists in syria.. ignorant americans think they know everything.

  • tan atos
    tan atos

    This is so wrong. Trevor, shame on you!

  • Woody Underwood
    Woody Underwood

    Trover know is such a pathetic East African propagandist globalist he doesn't make mention that it was only to does in America truth they trample out. That is so in inconsequential. Trevor Noah Is a Jack ass you always has been the jackass and always will be.

  • Woody Underwood
    Woody Underwood

    Good maybe Europe can actually spend something under military in the house East ices Warriors. That's the whole point and Trevor Noah and his audience had a brain they would understand this period we are not going to protect Europeans anymore from muslims parried they need to close their borders and shut this disgusting religion out themsed kves

  • Woody Underwood
    Woody Underwood

    That's true the kurds deny help in the Corinne war is well. If Trevor Noah and this audience had any education they would know Turkey was our ally in both Korea and Vietnam. Yeah that's true. Why should we turn on our Turk allies for a bunch of kurds

  • Woody Underwood
    Woody Underwood

    This whole new situation where Kurdistan and Turkey is most likely fake. There does not look appear to be real fighting and this is just meant to scare the public against trump. There probly is not even locked up Islamic fighters and if kurds can't guard them then just kill them

  • Woody Underwood
    Woody Underwood

    Is really gonna hurt these progressive snowflakes and the likes of Trevor Noah when trump is not impeached he gets real like in twenny twenny and he serves another for maybe 8 or more years

  • Woody Underwood
    Woody Underwood

    A fake poll done by manipulative media does not hurt trump. If Trevor know it believes this he is as stupid as he looks.

  • Woody Underwood
    Woody Underwood

    When will the social democrats realize in Trevor Noah that we have a democratic process. This is not post apartheid South Africa and if you want to remove president trump you had to wait in the fall of 2020 and go elect one of these awful democrats. None of them will be trump anyway and you people know it there's white you liberals are so desperate to impeach the man. It's not gonna work and without a Civil War.

  • Woody Underwood
    Woody Underwood

    This new poll was most likely done by Trevor Noah and again who cares about a poll that shows did you 1% when half of the country didn't vote for him anyway they're so brainwashed by late night propaganda in the mass media.

  • Woody Underwood
    Woody Underwood

    Another great move by trump the hated figure of the globalist like Yrevor Noah. We have no business putting American people in this region and Syria needs to move into this region after all this or territory. Trevor Noah needs to go back to East Africa or West africa or wherever the h*** he comes from. This man is an awful propagandist in even American

  • mantra4ia

    That audience was lit / about ready to take up arms and escort the President from the White House themselves. Kudos.

  • Zakir Hussain
    Zakir Hussain

    Maybe Trump want his statement of so called RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST to become true by deliberately want ISIS freaks to kill people in USA because there is lot of gun shooting in US by white walkers ..🤔😂😂😂😂

  • Sharukh Habib
    Sharukh Habib

  • Sara Shadi
    Sara Shadi

    Please read this Sorry for the bad English As a Syrian from Allepo, I saw the heell it is truly hell the US, Qatar, Turkey, and Iran are using my country to solve political problems between each other. 99% of people here are brainwashed and your media use you as a toy. Iran killed more than a half-million and millions of refugees since 2012 but no one is saying anything here, I think foreigners don't know that Iran actually invading us. Now wherever I go, I hear Persians language in my city because of their soldiers and they brought Iranians to work so they make my country an Iranian state ( Demographic change ). Turkey and Qatar, on the other hand, are supporting ISIS and terrorist groups so they can gain control of Northen Syria. In 2013-2014 when ISIS was conquering my city I always see Turkey and Qatari written on guns and military ration packs with terrorists. There are 2 sides and now both of them are working together after making a deal because Russia allied both sides. The deal is Iran can stay in Syria but they need to give Turkey and Qatar the North so they stop Kurds because Turkey is afraid of Kurds .. you can search about that, it is a complicated story. and both of them are ** First Side: Iran, Bashar Al Assad, and Russia Second side: Turkey and Qatar Please don't be used by your media, I'm just tired from the war spread this instead of spreading lies from Fox, Aljazeera,....

  • Mehmet Eren Dülger
    Mehmet Eren Dülger

    For preferring a real ally instead of a terrorist ally .... You don't have enough IQ to criticize trump . Turkey is NATO member and They are was about to pass shangai from NATO ...

  • Sara Zeynep Ramazanoğlu
    Sara Zeynep Ramazanoğlu

    Shame on you Trevor... You guys have no clue on what has been going on in Syria... You should have done some research before spreading the mainstream media crap. Turkey has been suffering countless terrorist attacks due to YPG/PKK flourishing on its borders. The "allies" of the US are not Kurds but a terrorist orgabization called YPG/PKK and they are forcing non-Kurds out of their homes and killing their opponents extrajudicially, in order to maintain their authority over the territories they control. Look up what happened to Arabs, Turkmens and Syrian Christians under YPG/PKK rule! And get your news from trustworthy local sources, not from YPG/PKK pravda!

  • 0Catchy

    Germany didn't do much for the US at Normandy either. . . . .

  • 0Catchy

    "Peace spring"... sounds like propaganda BS! WAR and genocide isn't peace !

  • Tiffany Duong
    Tiffany Duong

    I went on Fox to see what people have to say about this. Basically they're saying the Kurds "let isis prisoners go" to bait Trump to keep troops there. And they're also saying they're glad America doesn't have to fight a war they should have never be involved in. Republicans are so heartless and only care for themselves. It's clear that you just don't trust Turkey and with the American President pulling troops out, why wouldn't isis try to attack? And saying they will only stay in Europe? I am glad Trump's own people are turning on him for his impulsive decision that cost the lives of good people who were on our side...

  • Masoap Athie
    Masoap Athie

    lol who ever voted for trump is dump af

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen

    4:14 "The Kurds actually did fight with the Allies in WW2" what the hell makes you think President "fine people on both sides" was referring to _the Allies_ when he said "us"?

  • Dornel Philip
    Dornel Philip

    Honestly speaking I don't think American troops should be defending any country but their own.

  • Sheer

    It's not about whether the ISIS members will go to Europe or another country. I can't believe how narrow minded this president is. If the ISIS folks are free, they will be able to recruit and radicalise people from all over the world whether the USA, Europe, Middle East etc. That's the real problem, spreading their ideology and terrorism, no country is safe.

  • carolina montoya
    carolina montoya

    I love your show is the perfect way to tell the news. Lov it!!!

  • Mihnea Lazăr
    Mihnea Lazăr

    Hi I’m a Romanian. Glad our country has been noticed, once. I’m not a vampire btw

  • 123Justdoyourbest

    Holy crap, every time I think that it can´t get worse, it truly becomes more worse. How long does it take for congress to impeach him?