Coronavirus: Italian city’s warning to the rest of the world
Sky News
Bergamo’s streets are empty as it deals with a devastating number of coronavirus-related deaths - and residents have a warning for others.
It is the worst-hit city in Italy, the country currently struggling the most with the coronavirus crisis.
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  • japan y.?
    japan y.?

    war for china, boycott Chinese products

  • Andy Mcr
    Andy Mcr

    Human transformer for zombie take up city any where...

  • Welking Mine
    Welking Mine

    Ohh God..Help us.

  • Ajwa goat farm M, Ahsan
    Ajwa goat farm M, Ahsan

    ÃĹĹÀH pak In logo ku seht o tundrusti Ataa kryn,

  • Ajwa goat farm M, Ahsan
    Ajwa goat farm M, Ahsan

    ÃĹĹÀH pak In logo ku seht o tundrusti Ataa kryn,

  • ajan terneto
    ajan terneto

    Turkey 🇹🇷 italian love 💚 İspanya Allah'u akbar covid

  • Error Error
    Error Error

    Just try and isolate if u can and KEEP UR DISTANCE from other ppl. Follow the rules and what pros are saying. Can't sit there and beg a god to solve all the world's problems. This is a general message.

  • ChuChild.

    Isn't this the same city that got interviewer and said "they're blowing this out of proportion". Oop-

  • Alyz Zefira
    Alyz Zefira

    I feel for this people. 😢 that first woman tried not to cry while talking about the virus but she just couldn't, the anguish that this brought to people. Stay strong everybody 😥😥

  • john sebu
    john sebu

    I really don't believe this corona virus thing because they said it is just a common cold so why panic? Creating fear for nothing. Next a vaccine will be created to kill people in the name of depopulation just watch. There's a lot coming out folks!


    No, the city of Wuhon has the highest death toll by a huge we may never REALLY know. Bonus salus Italia!

  • jee aunzo
    jee aunzo


  • Tiger Tuff
    Tiger Tuff

    It's a prophecy written in 1551,it's fulfilling...

  • sarath sk
    sarath sk

    World lockdown ...stay home

  • Hehidbj gauges
    Hehidbj gauges

    I hope all people in Italy die I hope 🤞

  • Hehidbj gauges
    Hehidbj gauges

    Nobody help Italian people Because the government stupid useless And selfish government The government in Italy is very very very dangerous People nobody help them 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • ali khan
    ali khan

    The curse of God on human for we being rapist liers cruel and involved in lust and sex out of marriage. This is something the beginning, wait for the worst to come.

  • thundervoltage adnarim
    thundervoltage adnarim

    Here in philippines we pray as much as we can we pray for italy and to the whole world..cause we believe there ara two kinds of prayer 1st a prayer from ur heart to god and 2nd a prayer from ur mouth and to ur self only.. So what do u think to the kind of prayer will god granted? we need to pray to the whole world not only to our country and to our self...may god bless the whole world in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit amen...

  • Carl Reyes
    Carl Reyes


  • bina m
    bina m

    Kenyans mmeskia hii kiherehere mkonayo mwache !!

  • A Person
    A Person

    Doctors and nurses fighting this war on the front lines are dying. Pray for them. Dear God have mercy on us.

  • Songs of song
    Songs of song

    Stay safe at home. God will help us! All the way from the 🇵🇭 Philippines.

  • Julie Holmes
    Julie Holmes

    My heart is with Italy and the whole word x stay home stay safe

  • begotten59

    Prayers for Italy 🙏🙏🙏

  • मी मुंबईकर
    मी मुंबईकर

    plz god help world 💐

  • LJ Marzula
    LJ Marzula

    An unseen enemy capable of wiping out masses. Let that sink in. God bless EVERYONE right now.

  • Suvesh Misra
    Suvesh Misra

    Why are there ads on this video... Unless they're using the ad money to donate towards this, it's unethical.

  • kunal saxena
    kunal saxena

    This really heartbreaking. So bad and sad.

  • English language with Kainat
    English language with Kainat

    Pray for humanity, pray for world, pray for your own brothers..may God bless u all.

  • rare calaor
    rare calaor

    Lesson learned... Dont hug chinese Dont trust China Rise italy.

  • johnny

    Italy facing colossal amount of death !!

  • Logan's Hot Rod & 4X4
    Logan's Hot Rod & 4X4

    Italy was hit hard without warning & Californians need to pay attention, but most only heed the warning until they can’t bear the inconvenience.

  • Dr K Chaudhry
    Dr K Chaudhry

    EMAILED TO UNION HEALTH MINISTER AND ALL ICMR SCIENTISTS :- Every Corona Death in the WORLD could be averted with Crystalline penicillin infusion 600 mg or 1 megaunit. In a crisis country, just try in 10 dying patients and publish your Clinical Trial report in 6 hours. What would WORLD lose if I am found wrong? Dr K Chaudhry FIRST Author of Jaypee Brothers

  • Dangers khiladi
    Dangers khiladi

    Where 😤😤 hug😷 Chinese🐛🐛 people 🤕🤕

  • faraz ameen
    faraz ameen

    Use bleck seed Corona virious good veksine

  • Sunshine and Kei
    Sunshine and Kei

    500 Americans alone died from it yesterday. By the end of May, likely 100,000 will. This is a catastrophe.

  • almaneea maneea
    almaneea maneea

    All the non muslims should accept the religion of ISLAM and say LA ELAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMAD RASOOL ALLAH. they will be safe from all diseases and sins

  • IR Bhat
    IR Bhat

    World should now spend more money on health sector not on weapons

  • Alok Kumar
    Alok Kumar

    Italy hug China China is Corona So Corona hug Italy Bycatt China Love for Italy from India

  • Faha Baloch
    Faha Baloch

    May Allah Almighty have mercy on whole world on every single person on planet earth, after all we all belong to HIM. Amin

  • Amit Samanta
    Amit Samanta

    God help Italians to come out of this difficult situation.

  • LexisCass Madez
    LexisCass Madez

    Never stop Praying 🙏

  • hob kabeer
    hob kabeer

    يا الله الطف بنا

  • Owen Thompson
    Owen Thompson

    God bless Italy 🇮🇹

  • Rick Rascon
    Rick Rascon

    Poor people god bless them please

  • columkenn

    The Hug A Chinese stunt they pulled a few weeks back has worked out great for them.

  • Mamu Mona
    Mamu Mona

    It is heart breaking...what has struck up on mankind

  • Sri Sri
    Sri Sri

    What is the point of European Union when they can't contribute.... when refugees can be shared why not isolation ward with patients.... Really I don't understand what kind of Union it is.... stupids.... Europe has more land and less population .... it is very easy to construct hospitals at least temporary units like china did ..... I think we should remove the word developed or under developed countries.... instead matured and immature countries.... I feel bad looking people don't get a ventilator in a developed and rich countries

  • KavitAvedin

    It's difficult#KavitAvedin

  • KavitAvedin

    Very bad situation #KavitAvedin

  • Dsp

    CHINA will definitely have to pay a very HEAVEY PRICE for this PLOT. Because Corona haven't spread even in Beijing and Shanghai.....and also it has disappeared from Wuhaan suddenly and CHINA is back in action while the whole WORLD is suffering.

  • Job Fredy
    Job Fredy

    So many peoples will taste of poverty. Man fear about the air.

  • Cat Lady
    Cat Lady


  • Devon35

    God that town is so beautiful, such a horrible time, heaven will have them now :-)

  • princess glowns
    princess glowns

    Italy repent call unto the Lord

  • eric segador
    eric segador

    China is the one to blame if only they’re not eating exotic food then this problem wont be encounter!

  • ragnor1980

    Italians running out of resources there is No money & No food but there is plenty in the Vatican city ??


    Tragic 💔

  • Jeff Nasser
    Jeff Nasser

    1347 genoa way worse 20 million dead history repeats

  • Jaya jani
    Jaya jani

    I heard that Ganesh Hindu God was bought in church


    Very sad...... In my country now there is no panic situation...... God save all the world from this dangerous virus......

  • M.Behzad Jahan
    M.Behzad Jahan

    Now i feel for people of kashmir, gaza . They are in lockdown for life . We should be ashamed of ouselves.

  • Kawal

    The reason to kill the virus at home or hospital is perhaps simple!! Drink hot water, tea 4 times a day. Hot milk too once a day. Take steam through tube 4 times a day is most effective. No ice cubes! That's all. Personally I would say maintain summer room temperature above 26 degree Celsius.

  • PIN o
    PIN o

    With all my condolences 🙏 Pray for all of us and keep on encouraging each other. Please stay safe everyone!!

  • fidelis king'ori
    fidelis king'ori

    I believe our God is above this pandemic.Lets all trust and pray to our God n he will see us through in this and we shall sing a song of victory.spare time n be on your knees please.

  • Rjeffyremy Jeffbutter
    Rjeffyremy Jeffbutter

    Indian now ,, suffering,, by looters,,, who ,,, lavishly enjoy tax money,,,,

  • Horen zien En niet zwijgen
    Horen zien En niet zwijgen

    Stop this hoax to gane power and abuse power! That is something dictator’s do!

  • mystery cat
    mystery cat

    Coronavirus is legion..people are being counted with regular coronavirus.Also the death rate to infection rate looks bad because there is incomplete data.We would need a wider sample to make these types of predictions.

  • Elite Mangudai
    Elite Mangudai

    Pompeii 2.0

  • Vojung Jamir
    Vojung Jamir

    I feel sad to watch worst corona virus happening in Italy. People in Italy is completely broken with tears n thats how Almighty God is in pain n angry. They still haven't realized what they had done by bringing idol inside the church which is very Humiliating in the Glory or our lord Jesus. Repent people of Italy!

  • Apple Slices Unite
    Apple Slices Unite

    This weekend my neighbors gathered for a party. It's the ones who don't take it seriously that will keep this virus alive. I wish everyone good health and a speedy recovery.


    After decades, Italy is paying for it's deeds.

  • Updated Nemesis
    Updated Nemesis

    My deepest condolence😓

  • Okoye Stevens Ike
    Okoye Stevens Ike

    Oh no... R.I.P those who have passed... May God help us all

  • ŞiiR DoSTu
    ŞiiR DoSTu


  • Malik Suleman Awan
    Malik Suleman Awan

    #prayforall 🕋🕌🕍⛩️⛪

  • Malik Suleman Awan
    Malik Suleman Awan

    Slaam from Lahore Punjab Pakistan ❤️😁🏋️

  • Malik Suleman Awan
    Malik Suleman Awan

    #Stopcovid19 ... Very sad. 😥☹️

  • 8ball

    I think This is God's way of telling us to stop all the wars and fighting it's happening around the world and for the hole word to join as one this is only way we can get rid of this terrible virus. GOD BLESS THE HOLE WORLD.


    How the Corona cases in Italy and Spain have more than China