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The Daily Show takes a look at the shady business that rich people have been up to lately, including Robert Kraft’s prostitution charges and the college admissions bribery scandal.
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  • Deana Prine
    Deana Prine

    I knew I disliked the PATRIOT'S AND now with R.Kraft hands on experience 🐍"HES one KRUSTY KRAB! EEWW

  • Rafael Sirens
    Rafael Sirens

    those fake hate crime guy are hot I think they get paid more than just a fake hate crime

  • Charles Amaral
    Charles Amaral

    I wonder how much it cost Trumps Father to get him into College? Trump the Dumbest fake President in History. Impeach and Remove.

  • sxyldy7

    Funny yes but also food for thought on socialism. 🤔

  • Alejandro Kaplan
    Alejandro Kaplan

    isn't pewm the sound you make to imitate a plane taking off and them crashing

  • levin wu
    levin wu


  • simiansapient

    To address the disingenuous comments of asdf;lkj123. Their main argument is the extremely reductive definition of racism, which is not current (see the definition from a UN document, link below) [...] the term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.[...] Based on this definition, Trump's derogatory comment on Haitians (among many others) is indubitably racist and most of the pseudo-debunking done by asdf;lkj123 is therefore invalidated. Furthermore, a racist comment does not need to specify it is racist. In short, there is no need to have "because you are black" added to make a statement racist. For the three congresswomen to whom Trump told to "Go back home", it could only motivated by their skin color, and no, saying after the facts it was a suggestion does not make it any less racist. An act of racism does not need to be confirmed by the legal system. Saying a racist joke will still be racist even if it does not go to court. For the case that was settled, the court did not recognize there was no racism involved, it just recognized that the plaint had been withdrawn following a agreement between the parties involved. Cherry-picking... for someone who pretends loving facts, asdf;lkj123 is very lax in their use. Saying that all asylum seekers are actually not asylum seekers is not based on any fact (Breibart does not count as a valid source). Saying that no immigrants from Europe could cross illegally is not a fact either (Canada and Mexico are points of entry for them as well). Disingenuous statements: drawing a parallel between murder and illegal immigration is idiotic, especially in relation to handling families. Pretending to want facts while misusing or even inventing facts, is indeed disingenuous. Trump has clearly behaved, both in paroles and acts, in a clear racist way, and has promoted, whether directly or indirectly, racism.

  • Beren Yildirim
    Beren Yildirim

    Imagine having to pay 500k to get into college 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Forsaken

    AOC for President. AOC I LOVE YOU

  • manu manu
    manu manu

    Trevor noah I love your show

  • Josny13

    The real "best" schools should be ones that accept people who can barely find their nose and have them leave the school a genius. 12:00 Brilliant! xD This has been a good laugh.

  • Evan AB
    Evan AB

    I think better than jail time would be that these rich jerks are required to fund yearly scholarships for DESERVING students who don't get to benefit from any of the privileges these children of Hollywood recieve!! Then there's Aunt Becky wearing her glasses trying to look, what smarter? Faking it is just a way of life for these people. Pretending you're smart, while trying to claim ignorance about not understanding that they could face jail time?!

  • Gale Miller
    Gale Miller

    Trevor Noah is the Best comedian I've seen in a long time! The jussie Smollett! Story is hilarious! I did not know Subway was open 24 hours either?until I saw the interview with Jesse Smollett making this so much funnier! 😂 Lol!❤️

  • Leo Avila
    Leo Avila

    Thumbs down cuz of the lakers joke

  • ForeverMe543

    In ref to the college scandal: I'm disabled. Ive been denied ssi and I'm still in appeal. I was illegally kicked out of community college and couldn't fight it. I can barely afford to go to school online half time because the gov granted me some help due to my disability. But I don't have a laptop. I can't afford books. I can't afford to go full time. These rich parents should be ASHAMED of themselves and frankly I wouldn't mind them paying my way after all the suffering I've been through.

  • ForeverMe543

    I love that skinny white guy. He was very great at explaining socialism.

  • atomic man
    atomic man

    A lot of the richest people in this country are are just actors and basketball players and pop singers that didnt do shit for the economy except entertainment.. Like thats fair.. That's why their kids cant do well on the sat caus they idiots

  • elizabeth thai
    elizabeth thai

    Yikes. Imagine being the kid that is now known for your parent paying money so you can get in because they thought you couldn't do it.

  • seokjinism cult
    seokjinism cult

    the photoshopped tommie smith/john carlos cracked me tf up

  • Travis Jones
    Travis Jones

    Bezos is an unbelievable hypocrite. He pays his employees awfully and says he’s so liberal. The dick pics didn’t make him pull his head out of his ass

  • Syreetha Kosoredjo
    Syreetha Kosoredjo

    shoulkd i say it in Italian? ''Donaldo''. T.Hanks father ;)

  • Syreetha Kosoredjo
    Syreetha Kosoredjo

    IF HE DARES!!! don't get me started trump.... then why r u getting mad trump *Cries* in behalf of #Melania

  • Syreetha Kosoredjo
    Syreetha Kosoredjo

    DO NOT I REPEAT DONT YOU EVER MAKE THE WRONG BLACK WOMAN! angry. plSS dont eat subway here in Atlantis *Cries for your life* bc the veggies smell rotten. Told you im sensitive

  • Syreetha Kosoredjo
    Syreetha Kosoredjo

    Arrogant baby face

  • mark l
    mark l

    Why is prostitution even illigal in this day and age

  • Tania NIXzS
    Tania NIXzS

    The country is several trillion dollar debt 🤔 I think that's what he meant. We will be rich in. At this point China owns us and another country can attack us.

  • Aulani Hoke
    Aulani Hoke

    Orange Assholery!

  • Nerdsammich

    Jeff Bezos is so rich that no amount of taxes can even materially affect his life. If you went super crazy and just straight up confiscated 99% of his assets, he would still be a billionaire. If he lost 99.9% of everything he has, he'd still be among the super- rich with a net worth of over ten million. That's a very cushy retirement, one that would see a family of four never have to work again, but it's not enough for Jeff. He's just not able to be happy with what he has. That's why we need some damn socialism.

  • BK Light
    BK Light

    So disappointed in Aunt Becky 😔

  • Charlotte Chebet
    Charlotte Chebet

    Boisterous trap music always gets me 😂😵

  • Hass Anderson
    Hass Anderson

    What free time and too much attention gets you, not to mention being surrounded by yes men and women, smh. "The prettiest people do the ugliest things"

  • Liana Rose
    Liana Rose

    "Honestly, for that amount of money, just buy a smarter kid" 🤣😂

  • Dianelaine929 truthbetold
    Dianelaine929 truthbetold

    @17:31 *NO $#¡T*

  • Ryan N812
    Ryan N812

    Like the SATs aren’t even that hard to do well on. 😂

  • Annie S.
    Annie S.

    "Senator Librarian" LMAOOOO!!!

  • Zhi Han Lee
    Zhi Han Lee

    Meanwhile some one in my country argued that "inequality is a must" because of his belief in trickle-down economics (& that the alternative would be USSR-style trickle-up economics); but I figure that's more theory than reality

  • Dexter Morgan
    Dexter Morgan

    rich people take everything and more than they should to survive and kill indirectly others this is serious !

  • Dexter Morgan
    Dexter Morgan


  • Rebecca C
    Rebecca C

    Can we also talk about how some of these rich people give there kids up (legally only with maybe a couple weeks outside their house) to a guardian so that they will pay less for college? Maybe the rich should be banned from colleges until they can prove they will not abuse the system.

  • World citizen
    World citizen

    It's getting to dangerous levels that, rich is richer and poor is poorer in US. Nearly 3 million people in jail. This number would of been 5 million but jails are full. Millions of people homeless. Well US supposed to hit the highest employment. Bulshit