Damson Idris dishes on his series 'Snowfall' l GMA
Good Morning America
The star of the FX series opens up about his role and what fans can expect, live on "GMA."
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  • PennAgo 1949
    PennAgo 1949

    Don’t touch nothing😷

  • Braze The Daze
    Braze The Daze

    Stpo calling my city south LA Its SOUTH CENTRAL LOS ANGELES

  • Patriots are go!
    Patriots are go!

    Damn son!!

  • Kelcey

    idk why i had a feeling he had a British accent

  • dominique pugh
    dominique pugh

    He so damn fine

  • LiveOutLoud

    He’s too cute 😭

  • Crystal Alexis
    Crystal Alexis

    Just fine 😍

  • Tea Kea
    Tea Kea

    What a GREAT Actor!!! Thanks John Singleton...you left us awesome gifts♥️ continue to R.I.P

  • Dasha Miller
    Dasha Miller


  • Blue Treble
    Blue Treble

    Yo his smile <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a>

  • What's Hatnin
    What's Hatnin

    You see him tryin to throw that LA accent. He do a pretty good job throwing it though

  • FBI

    i legit thought he was american

  • mariah •
    mariah •

    I don’t even care about his acting this man is a A MANNNNNNNNNN

  • Kyshawn Mims
    Kyshawn Mims

    Great actor

  • Nafi Ashunday
    Nafi Ashunday

    She didnt wanna hear his story just get her questions in period. He know it's not about her.

  • deeeeeeezzzzaaaa

    He's so handsome. Wow.

  • Meeker Beatz
    Meeker Beatz

    Damn he's fine

  • Jalaina Parker
    Jalaina Parker

    He's so fuckin fiiiiiine

  • Nubian Knight
    Nubian Knight

    Good show the last episode was extremely disappointing though

  • toriia Dean
    toriia Dean

    That boy is fineeee

  • Karen Hall
    Karen Hall

    I 💛 Him 😍

  • Malonje Daka
    Malonje Daka

    I'm just blushing..he has a beautiful smile 😊😘

  • Jr N
    Jr N

    He’s dope no pun intended🤣

  • Alterrockgirl 24
    Alterrockgirl 24

    That eye smolder thing he does makes me melt.

  • Neffertiti Carey
    Neffertiti Carey

    Come back

  • Ether Channeling
    Ether Channeling

    That new movie he’s in will damage his career

    • Video Invader
      Video Invader

      The Skinhead movie? Why?

  • Tez Da1
    Tez Da1

    He’s British 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯yoooo homie a great actor

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    Damn yall bitches in the comments need to take a cold shower lmao

  • CarmentheKetoBabe

    Fine ass

  • CarmentheKetoBabe

    His acting is remarkable

  • Kenard William
    Kenard William


  • Miranda Alexis
    Miranda Alexis

    This man is so fine!

  • TARZAN Thompson
    TARZAN Thompson

    Damn, son ... 😍

  • Hmelnoy

    сериал крутой.

  • Kendra Heard
    Kendra Heard


  • wizardofsteez

    I’ve been telling everyone I know to watch Snowfall. Dopest shit on deck

  • Derrick Terry
    Derrick Terry

    This is a really good show. On the low.

  • itsCobee Loh
    itsCobee Loh

    He looks like a bitch behind the camera I bet no one wants to work with him he seems arogant

  • Edwin Larapaz
    Edwin Larapaz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a> that’s some young Denzil shit right there

  • Stay Alive
    Stay Alive

    Bruh why do they keep having British people play American gangster roles? Why don't you actually give the people here opportunities.

  • CloudIX

    John Singleton basically told him to imagine Freeway Rick when he was younger, and emulate him

  • dLearning

    Is dat you Ousmane?

  • karima muhammad
    karima muhammad

    You so fine fine that accent to die for 😍🤗

  • Mr Crowne
    Mr Crowne

    Why do they always end up to being a foreigner

  • greg rose
    greg rose

    I hate English actors

    • Bb370

      greg rose big hater

  • Najeeb Church
    Najeeb Church

    Does anybody else get Denzel Washington vibes from this guy lol I swear it's like watching American Gangster.

  • Kisha Small
    Kisha Small

    Love him!😍

  • c .rchen
    c .rchen

    The audience looks lost and probably never watched the show or know anythjng about boyz in the hood.

  • She Hate Me
    She Hate Me

    My nigga

  • Faridah Omar
    Faridah Omar

    My gawd he is fine. His skin is like silk and he's so tall.

  • Sunny Chi
    Sunny Chi

    Why did she cut him off I wanted to hear his story about walking through south central. Smh

  • Zaylayah Sweeting
    Zaylayah Sweeting

    He soo damn fine lawwwd have mercy

  • King C Love
    King C Love

    Snowfall is a must see tv series.

  • Raashida Thomas
    Raashida Thomas


  • Takara Simmons
    Takara Simmons

    That is a handsome chocolate man😍


    Wow the show blows me away. I'm glad it got picked up for season4

  • Natasha Kent
    Natasha Kent


  • Mrs.Parker

    That man is fine as hell😍😍 Amazing actor keep up they great job.

  • Antonio Nguyen
    Antonio Nguyen

    this mf from london???

  • Ingrid Garner
    Ingrid Garner

    Im in love!😍😍

  • Alicia Cox
    Alicia Cox

    Just started watching, great show

  • Shani Smith
    Shani Smith

    That African blood...handsome fella.

  • socorro rotger
    socorro rotger

    In a few years he will be on People’s sexiest man alive. Mark my words

  • Samuel kings
    Samuel kings

    My Nigerian brother. Well Nigerian British Haha

  • tawonga munyanduri
    tawonga munyanduri

    I love how he says business on the show

  • Mati khorasani
    Mati khorasani

    I would have never guessed this dude was from South London! WTF??

  • Shelly G
    Shelly G

    He fine as hell 🤤

  • Luis Tavares
    Luis Tavares

    This guy is a great actor truly underrated

  • Tiffany Hagans
    Tiffany Hagans

    John singleton stole freeway Rick Ross life story.. Franklin sounds dumb af... I hate British accents

    • Tiffany Hagans
      Tiffany Hagans

      @jojo2times perhaps

    • Tiffany Hagans
      Tiffany Hagans

      @jojo2times takes one to know one

    • jojo2times

      You are a super hater

  • RandomNest

    "Damson, what the hell you doin?!!" 🤣🤣🤣 He is simply adorable. 😍

  • Darren Brissett
    Darren Brissett

    Damson i need you for a roll in a british movie but maybe i cant afford you now niggas price just went up 💪🏿

  • Ivan Rodriguez
    Ivan Rodriguez

    Amazing show

  • Aliya Ade
    Aliya Ade

    Such a beautiful man. 😍

  • Jose Marcos Perez Lopez
    Jose Marcos Perez Lopez

    Dioos me encanto esta serie!

  • Jayvion

    The next idris alba?

  • purplefashion03

    Any other girl in love 😍?

  • robert graham
    robert graham

    The last episode was bullshit even though the show is addicting.

  • King Moe
    King Moe

    Dude’s british? Hahaa I couldn’t tell at first. That’s real skill right there.

  • Cami Cane
    Cami Cane

    I knew it wasn’t a black American. Why they always getting immigrants for all these black acting roles?

    • Samuel kings
      Samuel kings

      Get over yourself, White Europeans take white Americans roles in acting , and u dont see them crying, always the black folks

    • Cecil Roberts
      Cecil Roberts

      Because many Americans caint act at this level......see Kevin Hart......or maybe Steve Harvey could do this role. Maybe because Brits actually go to acting school. You don't here white folks complaining about Aussie and Welsh actors! Get over your self!

  • Tasha the butler
    Tasha the butler

    I just love damson such a fine dude