Darth Vader VS Doctor Doom (Star Wars VS Marvel) | DEATH BATTLE!
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They are both masked conquerors of great power, but who will reign supreme?
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  • Jackson Rushing
    Jackson Rushing

    "The armor is even dense enough to deflect lightsaber blows." Not necessarily. When Luke scored that light hit on Bespin, Vader howled and flailed about in pain for a few seconds. Had Luke not been so terrified of Vader, he could have seized this temporary opening and beheaded Vader. Vader can withstand pain, but he still reacts to it.

  • john bailey
    john bailey

    4:39 Jeez I know lava is around 1050°C but.... Damn...

  • ever rios
    ever rios

    Once again.. he loses the high ground.. lol

  • 2neilas

    TAKE OFF...YOUR CAPES, you morons!!!

  • Hazardxnova


  • Conrad Bennett
    Conrad Bennett

    Ik Dr. Doom still curb stomps Vader, but Vader did run his own planet, Mustafar(sp?) and also used the force to open a gateway to time travel. Plus if you're using a video game to track power, Starkiller was weaker when he fought Vader due to killing everyone on his way to him

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black

    Dr Doom should also return

  • Zombiestrike 97
    Zombiestrike 97

    I’m sorry but it’s bull that Vader dies in lava... his suit is literally in the comics and cannon fire and lava proof

  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton

    About the doom ruling a planet vs Vader leading just an army: contemplate how large the army is, then realise that comparison is goofy. Only complete

  • Titan Power
    Titan Power

    Darth Vader:Luke you are my son Everyone:You are the father

  • Daddy Damen
    Daddy Damen

    Death Vader tanked a point blank nuclear level blast and walked away bruh. How does that kill him.

  • Jime DePaz
    Jime DePaz

    Sonic vs goku

  • X one King
    X one King

    Kano vs cyborg

  • Ehud Kirsh
    Ehud Kirsh

    If you go by looks, it should have been Doctor Doom VS The Spectre

  • Jason Cummings
    Jason Cummings


  • Ian The Cool Thief
    Ian The Cool Thief

    Darth Vader vs. RoboCop


    Spoiler alert: Star Wars episode 9 palpatine still alive

  • Matheus Carbinatti Brufato
    Matheus Carbinatti Brufato

    This is incorrect, vader can explose doom from inside independly of the armor

    • TheInfuckingcredible

      If the Infinity Gauntlet wasn't able to get through Doom's armor, then the Force, which is nowhere near as powerful, hardly has any chance to get through.

  • Alma Cabrera
    Alma Cabrera

    Can we be real, compared to Vader, no one likes doctor doom

    • Alma Cabrera
      Alma Cabrera

      @TheInfuckingcredible I meant compared to Darth vader

    • TheInfuckingcredible

      He's actually the most beloved Marvel villian right after Magneto.

    • Horrorgain

      I like, no, I LOVE Doctor Doom

  • Pedro Flores
    Pedro Flores

    Literally the only reason Why Vader hates Mustafar

  • Grimlord 31
    Grimlord 31

    Why would Vader just stand there trying to choke Dr. Doom when it obviously wasn't working?

  • Anai Torres
    Anai Torres

    F@$! You

  • AgskywalkerTDM Garcia
    AgskywalkerTDM Garcia

    I bet darth Vader fans are very angry


    I'm rooting for everyone Marvel.

  • Alex Bell
    Alex Bell

    Galactis vs unicron

  • J P
    J P

    Couldn't Vader crush dooms' skull?

    • J P
      J P


    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      The Force would have to get past armor that survived blasts from the Infinity Gauntlet. So that isn't happening.

  • Connor Playz
    Connor Playz

    They know Vader’s suit is resistant to lava right

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      Resistant. Vader is now stuck under lava to slowly be melted down or just dies of heat exhaustion.

  • JedJ vP
    JedJ vP

    Why did you upload this,we probably already predicted the “incredibly evil guy with the mask” would win =_=

  • Zavier Kistemaker
    Zavier Kistemaker

    can we get doc doom in the mcu

  • Ask your mama for one you BLEEP
    Ask your mama for one you BLEEP

    Totally agree

  • Whipping Toddler The Wanderer Wanker
    Whipping Toddler The Wanderer Wanker

    I mean....I don’t doubt Doom can win, but 1st....Vader has lead an entire armies the size of a planet population (all the 501st are the combined sum of all Clones.) -Vader also has an immense rage boost - Vader can render pain useless - His feats in strength are even greater then show.... I can keep going but I hope you get my point: he’s vastly underestimated

    • Venom Rules All
      Venom Rules All

      But he didn't lead said armies alone, he had many generals that helped lead the armies when he was busy with other things. Doom led a whole country and at one point, even planet, all by himself, since he simply don't trust anyone enough to let them help govern the people. His rage boost wouldn't help as he is simply to outclassed in terms of raw power and abilities. And his feats, while impressive in the Star Wars universe, are down right laughable compared to Doom's feats of fighting against multiple god level beings, or in some cases, actual gods. Not to mention Doom even became a god once and ruled the entire multiverse, overpowering the Phoenix Force which is a galaxy level threat, and managed to hold up against the Infinity Gauntlet, a universal level weapon. Even if we ignore God Doom completely, even in his normal state, Doom's mastery over both technology and magic is far above anything Vader can ever hope to contend with, and Vader has far more crippling weaknesses than Doom has. Doom's greatest weakness is his overwhelming ego, and his arrogance can be used against him. But Vader will literately die if his suit takes to much damage, he is walking around with a life support system built in to his body and thanks to the injuries he suffered, he will never achieve the level of power he could've reached. It's already been stated that, had Vader not lost his duel against Obi-Wan on Mustafar, he would've been way more powerful than he is now, powerful enough to even surpass Darth Sidious himself. But, thanks to being more machine than man, his true power will forever remain outside his reach.

  • Palpatine McSenateFace
    Palpatine McSenateFace

    Vader losing to doom was inevitable

  • Tyler Anselmo
    Tyler Anselmo

    WRONG AGAIN.. jesus you guys are so bad at this.. Vader could crush birds throat in a heartbeat

  • Amelia Tejada
    Amelia Tejada

    Even in 2020 i still screamed NOOOO!!!

  • Maria Igoe
    Maria Igoe

    F*cking force choke

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      Also consider that it requires getting past armor that survived the Infinity Gauntlet's blasts.

    • TheInfuckingcredible

      For force choke, you need to focus the force on your enemy, which is kinda hard to do, if you enemy teleports around constantly.

  • cbcastle Castillo
    cbcastle Castillo

    I’m surprised they haven’t done anything with starkiller yet

  • alex farhat
    alex farhat

    i do not like sand its coarse and ruff and gets everywhere.

  • redviper57

    Idk how people actually thought Vader would win. As soon as they said "one shot the hulk" and "take a hit from the infinity gauntlet" I knew it was over. Severe mismatch lmao

  • demonic ginger
    demonic ginger

    when you realise Doom could have stopped Thanos in endgame...By himself

  • Luke Bolser
    Luke Bolser

    I don’t like sand

  • jose ramirez
    jose ramirez

    12:42 Vader: Am I a joke to you

  • J.B. T.V
    J.B. T.V

    I knew Darth Vader would lose soon as I saw a mountain with lava.

  • Jamarie McCrimmon
    Jamarie McCrimmon

    This fight could have visually astounding should have been in 3D

  • Let's Play TBD
    Let's Play TBD


  • Blue Ignition
    Blue Ignition

    Wow. Doom thinks he’s a good guy, yet he kills disabled people.

    • TheInfuckingcredible

      Well, Vader thinks he brings peace to the galaxy, yet he kills little children. I don't think they're that far apart honestly.


    I’d like to point out that Vader’s amour is immune to lava

    • Venom Rules All
      Venom Rules All

      When have we seen that? Only time I saw it was in a comic where stepped out of lava, but that only in his mind. And even if it could withstand lava for a bit, there no proof he could bathe in it for any longer period of time.


    I’d like to point out that Vader’s amour is immune to lava

  • Kiwichu _uwu
    Kiwichu _uwu

    Doom has no force abilities such as force shield.....therefore Vader could literally just choke doom and break his neck in all honesty

    • Venom Rules All
      Venom Rules All

      Doctor Doom's armor is absurd. Its magical barriers and separation from the physical world have protected him from reality warping and telekinetic attacks from the likes of Thanos and the Silver Surfer, whose power makes Vader's lightsaber and force choke look like child's play.

  • Andrew Bendle
    Andrew Bendle

    Vader, nor anakin were ever the chosen one. All he did was help tip the balance from the light to the dark, as is the case when one out ways the other in the Star Wars universe. The real one, not the current canon.

  • Sans Skeleton
    Sans Skeleton

    he could’ve saved himself with the force and there may be a force ability to read minds but he doesn’t do that, the force it is caused by midichlorians what makes up all living things and if someone has an abundance of them they can use the force so it’s just like if you were being pushed like extremely strong wind

  • Kingpin

    Darth Vader should of won his music is better

  • Sean Bullamore
    Sean Bullamore

    Im positive that whatever armies Doom can build pale in comparison to the Galactic Empire's Army and Navy however this fight should have been waaaay shorter. Doom is waaay OP over Vader. Tbh its kind of bogus to Vader making this video but still i loved it lol

  • Adam Cepeda
    Adam Cepeda

    The fact you used a doom bot to fight for him and the real doom shows up in end smh

    • cntoon90skid

      That's the way Doom fights his opponents. He lets his Doom bots fight his opponents so he can study their abilities and see what they are capable of.

  • christian D
    christian D

    Doom obviously

  • Barnabis Wirley
    Barnabis Wirley

    There was already a comic where Vader and Doom faced off. Vader killed Doom easily in the comics.

    • Venom Rules All
      Venom Rules All

      Ummm, no. Marvel and Star Wars NEVER crossed over. Whatever comic you may have seen (Unless you are just making this up) must have been fan made.

  • Mystical Dust
    Mystical Dust


  • The Assassin of the Caribbean
    The Assassin of the Caribbean

    You understand my power I will show you the true nature of the force

  • WillTheThrill


  • korvasxeno

    why does it feel like darth vaders hands r always upside down

  • Swagsui Uchiha
    Swagsui Uchiha

    Ah some things never change. I’ll still always say ScrewAttack is stupid lol

    • Grant Strader
      Grant Strader

      This is accurate though, but ok