Dinosaur Cannibalism | Planet Dinosaur | BBC
A male Majungasaurus claims the feast of a carcass as his own. Narrated by John Hurt Planet Dinosaur tells the stories of the biggest, deadliest and weirdest creatures ever to walk the Earth, using the latest fossil evidence and immersive computer graphics.
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  • Trash studio
    Trash studio

    Thank god that camera man brought his anti-Dino spray with him who knows what would have happened if they noticed him

  • anil yada
    anil yada

    They are alive still guys I don't believe this it's true or not 😂

  • BTS _My aesthetic_
    BTS _My aesthetic_

    I can't stop thinking about their hands 😂 I seriously can't take them Seriously with those tiny hands.😂 What did they use it for anyway?

  • Billy Rukmana
    Billy Rukmana

    Still believe dinosaurus..

  • Uo Uy
    Uo Uy

    This is real or isn’t real

  • Galih KrisVector
    Galih KrisVector


  • BuqTheBuq

    So would it eat it’s own children?

  • Robloxmanz 2318
    Robloxmanz 2318

    My childhood


    1:16 they were so helpful 🤗🤭

  • Dr Supreme
    Dr Supreme

    WHAT! they eat there own people?!

  • Q0NX

    i found it again!

  • Indoraptor Unstoppable
    Indoraptor Unstoppable

    The ultimate entitled parent

  • Mohammadzafar Jan
    Mohammadzafar Jan

    I fell bad for the dinosaur that died

  • J Pennington
    J Pennington

    100% speculation

  • Natiele Santos de souza
    Natiele Santos de souza

    Esse e um doente que o walker doente analisa e manipula.....e bota manipula com galo way...do fiat way...

  • Declan Slayko
    Declan Slayko

    The t-rex

  • Super Mario Logan Fan
    Super Mario Logan Fan

    Majungasaurus, a relative of Carnotaurus

  • Reginae

    Is this real

  • Fredthegamer SCHRARDER
    Fredthegamer SCHRARDER

    Why they acting like that is evidence lol. The Dinosaur could have just killed another dinosaur and not ate it.

  • Jamycia Bailey
    Jamycia Bailey

    Dinosaur song

  • Andrej Janićijević
    Andrej Janićijević

    Their undeveloped front legs give me anxiety

  • Dedi mulyadi
    Dedi mulyadi

    2:41 yum yum

  • MrPivotAnimatorGuy789

    Who else gets hungry when they see dinosaurs eating meat?

  • Ángel Toledo
    Ángel Toledo

    Like si no has visto otro comentario en español

  • Ryder Rogan
    Ryder Rogan

    Me and my brother fighting for the last pizza slice

  • Joshua Witt
    Joshua Witt

    Humans were given a privilege of elevation above that. You are lucky to get what you get. Stop complaining. You whine too much, you are too particular about your preferences. You have no basis of selection other than pubic hair on your heads, lactose intolerance, and a long penis to injure the mother of your live birth offspring with.

  • Joshua Witt
    Joshua Witt

    Male carnivorous dinosaurs are sex slaves.

  • Kociara F1
    Kociara F1

    Dinosaur mother is good mom ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Krishn Sagar
    Krishn Sagar

    I watch this late at night> BIG BRAINS

  • Elle Richardson
    Elle Richardson

    Wait..... ThE BAbiES ARe eating ThEir MOm

  • Jess Farrow
    Jess Farrow

    This is me and my brother trying to being the last standing to ask for a hamburger

  • Ralph Fontanos
    Ralph Fontanos

    Some random dino: Get outta here kid this is my food now! Dino kid: Mom! Somebody stole my food! Mom: AY YOU YOU TOUCH MAH SONS FOOD OOOOOOO YOU GONNA GET IT NOW!!!! SJSJSIDIEOWOE9EE9E93O39EKAKWOQOWOWKWJW

  • Yolo Swag
    Yolo Swag

    God was on some next level shiz when he made these dinosaurs

  • L Gaines
    L Gaines

    Here’s what this is from a realistic/scientific standpoint: The female was willing to give the male the carcass. However, when he tried to attack the young, she thought he’d be a threat to her offspring and decided to eliminate the threat. Plus, considering that dinosaurs don’t kill out of spite, she probably ate him to recover that lost energy from the fight

  • Aashem

    Moral of the story:If you are selfish, you will get eaten by a dinosaur

  • kxlot79

    So wait. The kids are the mom??😳

  • Macoy Lopez
    Macoy Lopez

    They looklike carnotaurus

  • Yanoishi

    Rare footage of me and by siblings fighting for the last chicken nugget

  • Ayman Bin suraz
    Ayman Bin suraz

    Iv,e seen this in my dads phone now hes in the hospital

  • Caleb Yuen
    Caleb Yuen

    There majunosaurus

  • Sean Williamson Cordero
    Sean Williamson Cordero


  • Javier Mendoza
    Javier Mendoza

    Am I the only one who routed for the mom

  • рептил ТV
    рептил ТV


  • John Wyatt
    John Wyatt

    this dino might just have gained my respect



  • A

    Bitemark evidence is hardly irrefutable.

    • A Trex
      A Trex

      Exactly the problem. it could have been scavenged.

  • Andrea Acosta B
    Andrea Acosta B

    Hola buenas tardes 🦖🦖🦖

  • A lost person
    A lost person

    This is why you should never make a mama mad..

  • Gabriel Ramirez Barrio
    Gabriel Ramirez Barrio

    No te entendi ni verga no se ingles

  • Idelfonso Navarro
    Idelfonso Navarro

    Mató a la mamá. 😭😭😭😭

  • Harien Gradford
    Harien Gradford

    Jerk male wouldn't let the baby have that small piece of meat

  • God

    Nobody: Jurassic world evolution:

    • KingMeatballs

      Hey god, how’s it goin

  • Philip Vlogs
    Philip Vlogs

    He’s a great fighter but also wasteful

  • Natiele Santos de souza
    Natiele Santos de souza

    W analisan

  • Micheal jackson
    Micheal jackson

    She only fight the male cause he took her sons food

  • G Foz
    G Foz

    Great show

  • Leoncio Martinez
    Leoncio Martinez

    El majungasaurus es uno de mis dinosaurios favoritos😊

  • Jaden Rafael Soriaga
    Jaden Rafael Soriaga

    you think this is big look at an spinenosor my god this is just a baby

  • pink lasagna
    pink lasagna

    1:14 why you dont mess with mommas babies

  • Tu Tranngoc
    Tu Tranngoc