Dinosaurs Battle 29 Match Full ver.(Complete Season1)
pong 1977
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Dinosaurs Battle
Dinosaurs battle world championship Play All 16 Match.
- Triceratops VS Pachycephalosaurus
- Spinosaurus VS Amargasaurus
- Parasaurolophus VS Anchiceratops
- Guanlong VS Chasmosaurus
- Carnotaurus VS Euoplocephalus
- Styracosaurus VS Stegosaurus
- Phuwiangosaurus VS Cryolophosaurus
- Apatosaurus VS Sauropelta
- Lambeosarus VS Isanosaurus
- Eoraptor VS Minmi
- Baryonyx VS Ankylosaurus
- Dilophosaurus VS Iguanodon
- Dravidosaurus VS Medusaceratops
- Pantaceratops VS Tuojiangosaurus
- T-Rex VS Gastonia
- Giganotosaurus VS Centrosaurus
- Triceratops VS Lambeosarus
- Spinosaurus VS Minmi
- Ankylosaurus VS Parasaurolophus
- Guanlong VS Iguanodon
- Carnotaurus VS Medusaceratops
- Pantaceratops VS Styracosaurus
- T-Rex VS Phuwiangosaurus
- Giganotosaurus VS Sauropelta
- Triceratops VS Carnotaurus
- Spinosaurus VS Pantaceratops
- Ankylosaurus VS T-Rex
- Iguanodon VS Giganotosaurus
- T Rex VS Spinosaurus
Chase - Scoring Action โดย Kevin MacLeod ได้รับอนุญาตภายใต้ ใบอนุญาต Creative Commons Attribution (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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Big Rock - Take the Lead โดย Kevin MacLeod ได้รับอนุญาตภายใต้ ใบอนุญาต Creative Commons Attribution (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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Music used: The End of Mankind by Per Kiilstofte
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Statement Dinosaurs battle world championship is made ​​for entertainment only. Nor as to the documentary form . But there is enough information to make a reality. In some of the information The team apologize if the content is contrary to the reality on the other , and asked to watch for entertainment purposes only thanks.

  • ᆞ익룡유튜브ᆞ

    살라남은 티라노,스티라코사우루스


    has anyone noticed that guanlong & iguanodon both have hunchbacks?

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    Dinosaur battle world championship season 1 remake: Stegoceras vs pachyrhinosaurus Therizinosaurus vs shunosaurus 마야사우라 vs diceratops Velociraptor vs Jugaloceratops Allosaurus vs tarchia Achelosaurus vs Kentrosaurus Sauroposeidon Vs siamotyrannus Seismosaurus vs Saichania Saurolophus vs alamosaurus Dilong vs minmi (s1) Golden bsryonyx vs hauayangosaurus Monolophosaurus vs Muttaburrasaurus Dacentrurus vs torosaurus Diabloceratops vs Lexovisaurus Tyrannotitan vs Panoplosaurus Saurophaganax vs Eucentrosaurus O make

  • Los Hermanos tortuga
    Los Hermanos tortuga

    Tirex. vs espinosaurus pare 2

  • Porter Coplen
    Porter Coplen

    What would happen if 32 dinosaurs meet up at the tournament? Who would become a championship? Who do you think would win?

  • Hayden Schudar
    Hayden Schudar

    Spino ain't dead yet boi

  • Lily Ross
    Lily Ross

    I Wish Dino Master's Carno And Cryolophosaurus Has A Dewclaw On The Legs

  • 차상연

    Dinosaur battle world championship season 1 remake: Agustinia vs Koreanocerstops (agistinia wins) Shunosaurus vs Therizinosaurus (therizino wins) Maiasaura vs Diceratops (maia wins) Compsognathus vs Titanoceratops (comp wins) Majungasaurus vs tarchia (majunga wins) Pachyrhinosaurus vs Kentrosaurus (pachyrhinosaurus wins) Ampelosaurus vs siamotyrannus (ampelo wins) Seismossurus vs edmontonia (edmontonia wins) Saurolophus vs Alamosaurus (saurolo wjns) Coelophysis vs Brachyceratops (brachy wins) Metriacanthosaurus vs Huayangosaurus (huayango wins)

  • Sahil Faizi
    Sahil Faizi


  • Lily Ross
    Lily Ross

    R.I.P Baryonyx And Spino

  • ommie salma
    ommie salma


  • Rolando Jacomino
    Rolando Jacomino

    how dare they killed their own stegos that not even fair man 😠besides i looked at the videos

  • Mubeen Isma
    Mubeen Isma

    my favorite dinosaur is t rex

  • luis vasquez
    luis vasquez

    que maluko

  • yi sun
    yi sun

    1:14:24 T. rex 🦖 do backflip


    I think your favorite is tyrranus rex . Tyrranus is always win in battles

  • 차상연

    Dinoduel battle ANCHICERATOPS vs Stygimoloch Oxalaia vs shunosaurus Iguanodon zuniceratops Ornitholestes vs Triceratops Pycnonemosaurus vs ankylosaurus Styracosaurus vs tuojiangosaurus Brachiosaurus vs Cryolophosaurus Apatosaurus Vs Saichanja Saurolophus vs mummy isanosauris Zombie comp vs Minmi Suchomimus vs euoplocephalys Parasaurolophus vs monolophosaurus Kentrosaurus vs Albertoceratops Chasmosaurus vs Lexovisaurus Acrocanthosaurus vs polacanthus Eucentro vs Saurophaganax Metriacanthosaurus vs Talarurus

  • pekys forever
    pekys forever

    Poor spino

  • 차상연

    Dinosaur battle world championship part 7 Kinnaremimus vs dreadnoughthus (kinnaremimus wins) Dracorex vs t rex (dracorex wins) Deinonychus vs Pachyrhinossurus (Deinonychus wins) Hauayangosaurus vs gigantoceratops (giganto wins) Saichania vs Seismosaurus(saichania wins) Golden baryonyx vs GORGOSAURUS (gorgo wins) Fukuisaurus vs Dacentrurus (fukui wins) Nothronychus vs Brontosaurus (bronto wins) Koreanocerstops vs Barapasaurus (Tba) Ceratosaurus vs polacanthus (tba) Brachiosaurus vs Kentrosaurus (kentro wins) Lexovisaurus vs Eucentrosaurus (eucentro wins) Ampelosaurus vs tyrannotitan (tba) Utahraptor vs Muttaburrasaurus (tba) Megalosaurus vs Argentinosaurus (megalo wins) Gigantspinosaurus vs 사우로포세이돈 (gigantspino wins) Tarbosaurus vs carcharodontosaurus (tba) Talarurus vs Velociraptor (veloci wins) Mamenchissurus vs majungasaurus (tba) Anelisaurus vs Maiasaura (tba) Pycnonemosaurus vs Gigantoraptor (tba) Titanoceratops vs spinosaurus (s1) (Spino wins) Alamosaurus vs 아누로그 (tba) Bambiraptor vs Camarasaurus (bambi eins) Torvosaurus vs einiosaurus (tba) Achelosaurus vs Zombie compsognathus (zombie xomp wins) Diceratops vs Jobaria (tba) Protoceratops vs Microraptor (tba) Zuniceratops vs Iguanodon (s1) (iguanodon wins) Okay

    • 차상연

      Futalongkossurus vs bloody dimorphodon (tba)

    • 차상연

      Kosmoceratops vs siamosaurus (kosmo wins)

    • 차상연

      Metriacanthosaurus vs opsithocoelicaudia (opsitho wins)


    That was the argentinosaurus not phuwiangosaurus

  • Yechiam Getz
    Yechiam Getz

    סוף סוף קצת כבוד לצימחוניים

  • Shyamal Das
    Shyamal Das

    T rex is best and intelligent fighter

  • Lily Ross
    Lily Ross

    Dinosaurs Battle World Championship Part 10 Utahraptor VS Compsognathus (Utahraptor Wins) Cryolophosaurus VS Segnosaurus (Segnosaurus Wins) Hesperosaurus VS Parasaurolophus (Hesperosaurus Wins) Dracorex VS Torvosaurus (Torvosaurus Wins) Torosaurus VS Saurolophus (Saurolophus Wins) T Rex VS Siamosaurus (Siamosaurus Wins) Giganotosaurus VS Mummy Dilophosaurus (Giganotosaurus Wins?) Gold And Blue Baryonyx VS Grey Velociraptor (Gold And Blue Baryonyx Wins) Dark Blue Allosaurus VS Red Eyed Siamosaurus (Dark Blue Allosaurus Wins) Battle Scarred Cryolophosaurus VS Dark Blue Dilophosaurus (Battle Scarred Cryolophosaurus Wins) Golden Concavenator VS Fossilized Raptors (Golden Concavenator Wins) Gold And Cyan Alioramus VS Baryonyx With 4 Fingers (Gold And Cyan Alioramus Wins) Tropical Allosaurus VS Red Eyed T Rex (Tropical Allosaurus Wins) Tropical Carno VS Red Allosaurus (Tropical Carno Wins) Green Bay Compsognathus VS Compsognathus With 2 Claws (Green Bay Compsognathus Wins) Oasis Raptor VS Red Compsognathus (Oasis Raptor Wins) Beach Oviraptor VS 2 Clawed Dilos (Beach Oviraptor Wins)

  • Antonia Ribeiro Ribeiro
    Antonia Ribeiro Ribeiro

    T rex vs mammuth plz

  • Mattsun fans PLAYS
    Mattsun fans PLAYS

    Oh so so that's how the t-rex is the king

    • pekys forever
      pekys forever


  • Danh Trầnvan
    Danh Trầnvan

    i love t rex because they angry

  • BANIamat asror
    BANIamat asror

    Pong biso boso jowo pora

  • 차상연

    Dinosaur battle world championship remake Achelosaurus vs deinonychus Therizinossurus vs dicraeossuris Maiasaura cs ficeratops

  • 차상연

    Pong1977 make please do Dinosaur battle world championship part 24 Yangchuanosaurus vs titanoceratops (titanoceratops wins) Spinosaurus vs nothronychus (spino wins) Diplodocus vs Gastonia (s1) who would gastonia wins Kosmoceratops vs raptorez (raptorex wins) Pteranodon vs Zombie compsognathus (zombie comp wins) Majungasaurus vs einiosaurus (majunga wuns) Torosaurus vs Edmontonia (toro wins) Therizinossurus vs shunosaurus (shuno wins) Minmi (season 1 appearence) vs sauroposeidon (minmi wins) Protoceratops vs Velociraptor (proto wins) Ceratosaurus vs Muttaburrasaurus (Muttaburrasaurus wins) Dracorex (season 2 appearence) vs saichania (saicha wins) ARHINOCERATOPS vs iguanodon (s1 appearence) (iguanodon wins) Huayangosaurus vs Pachyrhinossurus (pachyrhino wins) Dacentrurus vs Jugaloceratops (jugalo wins) Triceratops (s1 appearence) vs Tyrannotitan (tyrannotitan wins) Torvosaurus vs achelosaurus (achelo wins) Golden baryonyx vs T rex (t rex wins) Lexovisaurus vs Brachiosaurus (s2) (lexovi wins) Opsithocelicaudia vs apatosaurus (s1 appearence): Opsitho wins Sauropelta(s1) vs Acrocanthosaurus (acrocantho wins) Dryptosaurus vs giraffatitan (drypto wins) Andrewsarchue vs Utahraptor (utah wins) Lambeosaurus(s1) vs red carnotaurus: who would red carno wins Parasaurolophus vs Ankylosaurus remake Indominus rex vs pentaceratops (s1) Indominus rex win Indoraptor vs Allosaurus (s2) indoraptor wins Pycnonemosaurus vs Oviraptor (s2): pycnonemosaurus wins Siamotyrannus vs Ampelosaurus (siamo wins) Arctodus vs Deltadromeus (delta wins) Deinosuchus vs tuojiangosaurus (s1) who would deino wins Guanlong vs Hylaeossurus (hylaeo wins) Saurolophus vs coelophysis (coelo wins) Titanoboa vs anchiceratops (s1): Who would Titano wins Fukuisaurs vs dakotaraptor (dakota wins) O make okay Yes

    • 차상연

      Dino fight monster Dunkleosteus vs krontosaurus (dunkeos wins) Deinosuchus vs Sarcosuchus (sarco wins) Futabasaurus vs Pliosaurus (plio wins

  • Lily Ross
    Lily Ross

    31 Match Not 29 Match, 16+8+4+2+1=31

  • Yến Bùi
    Yến Bùi

    Cô 9949499994


    As una batalla de braquiosaurios

  • Lily Ross
    Lily Ross

    Please Do T Rex VS Spino VS Giganotosaurus (3 Years Anniversary Video)

  • Janeth Brambila
    Janeth Brambila

    Ganó el t rex

  • Sam Sumg
    Sam Sumg

    Porque no gano el cryolophosaurus

  • 차상연

    Dinosaur battle world championship remake Udanoceratops Vs Deinonychus Gigantoraptor Vs saltasaurus Maiasaura Vs 디케라톱스 Compsogmathus Vs Sinoceratops Majungasaurus Vs Tarchia Pachyrhinosaurus Vs Hauayangosaurus Brontosaurus Vs Siamotyrannus Jobaria Vs Nodosaurus Saurolophus Vs Rapetosaurus Compsognathus Vs Gargoyleosaurus 황금 바리오닉스 Vs Saichania Ceratosaurus Vs Muttaburrassurus Achelosaurus Vs Wuerhosaurus Torosaurus Vs Lexovisaurus Tyrannotitan Vs Polacanthus Carcharodontosaurus Vs Eucentrosaurus Battle o make

  • yurany alvarez
    yurany alvarez

    Así se veían los dinosaurios peleando por comida y territorios asta los dinosaurios que eran de la familia peleaban

  • Valentino Ledesma Balmaceda
    Valentino Ledesma Balmaceda

    you good

  • Prasad Bhalerao
    Prasad Bhalerao

    T-rex is the best

  • Nicat pro
    Nicat pro

    T rex t rex

  • Junior Almeida
    Junior Almeida

    Master you uncle much send a kiss tô my granda grandma for everyone who terem in mygra

  • Fernando Calderom
    Fernando Calderom


  • angcleaninggardening Gabe
    angcleaninggardening Gabe


  • Lawrence Llagas
    Lawrence Llagas

    The last round looks like the end of world

  • 김재숙

    Dinosaur battle champion 100 Therizinossurus vs Carcharodontosaurus (carcharo Wins) Saichania vs seismosaurus (Saichania wins) saltasaurus vs deinonychus (Deino wins) Ceratosaurus vs Edmontonia edmonto wins Diceratops vs Hauayangosaurus Dicera wins Pachyrhinosaurus vs Kinnareomimus Pachyrhin wins Compsognathus vs Saurolophus Compsognathus wins Daspletosaurus vs Koreanoceratops Daspleto wins Tyrannotitan vs Majungasaurus Tyranno wins Tarchia vs Achelosaurus Achelo wins torosaurus vs Yangchuanosaurus Toro wins Abelisaurus vs Kentrosaurus Kentro wins Gorgosaurus vs Torvosaurus Torvo wins Maiasaura vs Utahraptor Maiasaura wins Deinosuchus vs Polacanthus Pola wins siamotyrannus vs Velociraptor Velo wins Udanoceratops vs Dromaeosaurus udano wins Microraptor vs Einiosaurus Einio wins t Rex vs Sinraptor sinraptor wjns o Make

    • 토토 vs Nop 8030
      토토 vs Nop 8030

      Where is Jugaloceratops vs Megalosaurus Megalo wins

  • Ian & Ivan Hernandez
    Ian & Ivan Hernandez

    That video is cool

  • 지현준영맘

    Do alamossurus vs edmontonia

  • 지현준영맘

    Do Diceratops vs Saichania

  • 山本睦美


  • Джеф парень
    Джеф парень

    Зачем рисовали крофь

  • Michael Ponadon
    Michael Ponadon

    The Isanosaurus was in Thailand

  • ram nithya
    ram nithya


  • Michael Ponadon
    Michael Ponadon

    Please make hybrid dinosaur fights because im a kid

    • Ololade TOWOJU
      Ololade TOWOJU

      im a kid using my dads computer to lol

  • Michael Ponadon
    Michael Ponadon

    Please make hybrid dinosaur fights because im a kid

  • Jenny Millan
    Jenny Millan

    the spinosaurus should win luckly she's still alive.

    • Ishant Limbu
      Ishant Limbu

      That's another spinosaurus

  • Minh Nguyen Quang
    Minh Nguyen Quang

    T-rex champions are too standard !

  • Aamir Rafique
    Aamir Rafique

    1PM is good

  • Aamir Rafique
    Aamir Rafique

    Spino is that kind of t rex

    • angcleaninggardening Gabe
      angcleaninggardening Gabe

      No it's a spinosur like baryonxcs

  • Julie Toombs
    Julie Toombs

    Tyrannosaurus rex is my favorite dinosaur

    • Andrea Johnstone
      Andrea Johnstone

      T-rex is a scavenger duh and is actually weak

  • •Just Luck•
    •Just Luck•

    What the hell are the comments on this video?! -