Dinosaurs Battle s2 GB1
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Dinosaurs Battle
Dinosaurs battle world championship (titanoceratops VS hylaeosaurus)
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Statement Dinosaurs battle world championship is made ​​for entertainment only. Nor as to the documentary form . But there is enough information to make a reality. In some of the information The team apologize if the content is contrary to the reality on the other , and asked to watch for entertainment purposes only thanks.

  • Sammie Fu
    Sammie Fu


  • tauqeerali ansari
    tauqeerali ansari

    titanoceratops is very hard

  • Gio Llanes
    Gio Llanes

    But I have to say that is some pretty tough naked skin

  • Gio Llanes
    Gio Llanes

    So you are telling me a naked triceratops killed an armoured tank

  • Shiv pratap Singh
    Shiv pratap Singh

    How is this possible can a dinosaur do that

  • Kitty senpai fofa
    Kitty senpai fofa

    2:46 dois triturador

    • Kitty senpai fofa
      Kitty senpai fofa


  • Baryonyx Louder 7890
    Baryonyx Louder 7890

    Titanoceratops Vs Carcharodontosaurus

  • Elder One
    Elder One

    This is crap if you were expecting something more realistic, because obviously none of these dinosaurs can fight like this. Hell even raptors aren't this skilled and agile.

  • godzilla games
    godzilla games

    Rip brown turd

  • godzilla games
    godzilla games

    My fave dino lost😥😥😥😥😥


    that was epic!

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe


  • Fernando Ortega
    Fernando Ortega

    Z DW’ E,KN9.GK7H

  • Stegosaurus 16
    Stegosaurus 16

    Now Dilophosaurus vs Gigantspinosaurus

  • Yusveidi del Valle Flores Villasmil
    Yusveidi del Valle Flores Villasmil


  • Rose Mello
    Rose Mello

    Fas allosauro vs ceratosauro

  • Fnaf dudes
    Fnaf dudes

    Pls let cantors win pretty please 🙏

  • Yvonne Morta
    Yvonne Morta

    Titanoceratops, a ceratopsian bigger than Triceratops smaller than Torosaurus, 2times smaller than Stegosaurus

  • Yvonne Morta
    Yvonne Morta

    Are you kidding me? Ga1! Seems my dino hand battle acrocanthosaurus vs edmontonia ST6

  • VADBERUS 2019
    VADBERUS 2019

    Titanoceratops VS Allosaurus or Saihania.

  • Cat Brothers
    Cat Brothers


  • Porter Coplen
    Porter Coplen

    Hylaeosaurus is to small to fight with a gigantic titanoceratops and titanoceratops is going to round 2

  • Rosmery Carvajal
    Rosmery Carvajal

    primera batalla contra herbivoro y herbiboro !!!!!!

  • Oswald Toledo Gallardo
    Oswald Toledo Gallardo

    Plis in the fight of the carnotaurus the carnotaurus win pleas pleas

  • ملكة الإحساس
    ملكة الإحساس

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  • comfi Plus
    comfi Plus


  • ashish mendiratta
    ashish mendiratta

    Yes YES guys! 99K left until MAYBE the next fight, COME ON GUYS!!!!!

  • Groudon Dude
    Groudon Dude

    Halfway done with the next fight?

  • klajdi zenunllari
    klajdi zenunllari

    if you want dilo to win reply if you want gigantspino like

  • Delmy Gomez
    Delmy Gomez


    • Delmy Gomez
      Delmy Gomez

      Trooydon vs overapter Decerex vs gigastegasouras Dilo vs tintantertops Hylousesouras vs spino Gigagintousares vs triteritops Volopcerapter vs pcyousaurase Trex vs brachusareas And i will tell you after battle the 4 ok Only4 more month

  • Niki la perra
    Niki la perra

    Qué gane dilo

  • Niki la perra
    Niki la perra


  • vlad cristian
    vlad cristian

    Battle S2 GC 1 pls !☺️

  • Rosa Aide Garcia
    Rosa Aide Garcia

    Ola por favor me puedes mandar una copia

  • Kayla Hildinger
    Kayla Hildinger

    Please! When is dilophosaurus vs. gigantspinosaurus comeing our?????????

  • ba khue
    ba khue

    You should make hybrid dino battle in future

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      Cool, but he made the hyper dinosaurs series which is hybrid dinosaurs fighting each other

  • vlad cristian
    vlad cristian

    Când v-a apărea următoarea lupta ?(Battle S2 GC 1)

  • Lisa Crespo
    Lisa Crespo

    make titanosaurus vs apatosaurus

  • 김현준

    Pleas Next Dino Zodiac Rangers

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      Yeah, I'm curious on when will he upload the next episode of that series.

  • Darcy Mek
    Darcy Mek

    Titano and hyaelo has a lot of damage

  • Laxmipriya Pradhan
    Laxmipriya Pradhan

    Please do make indominus rex in dinosaurs battle s2 .