Dinosaurs Battle s2 GC1
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Dinosaurs Battle
Dinosaurs battle world championship (Dilophosaurus VS Gigantspinosaurus)
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Statement Dinosaurs battle world championship is made ​​for entertainment only. Nor as to the documentary form . But there is enough information to make a reality. In some of the information The team apologize if the content is contrary to the reality on the other , and asked to watch for entertainment purposes only thanks.

  • Abhi's world
    Abhi's world

    Battles have become predictable

  • 2KINDY

    Dilo lost against iguanadon in the first season and now loses again, that’s so fucked up

  • Vasava Vijay
    Vasava Vijay

    dinosaur dinosaur ki part 2 Kab Aaegi

  • SK Then
    SK Then

    Er wat dilo lost twice ?

  • Vibe BroadcastTv
    Vibe BroadcastTv

    My younger brother loves your channel, keep posting. Amazing work.

  • Ishant Limbu
    Ishant Limbu

    This is his second lose but ok

  • Jennifer Frederickson
    Jennifer Frederickson

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    Winner ,gigantspinosaurus

  • SD People
    SD People

    I can't believe that the gigantspinosaurus lost an eye like the t rex

  • Abdi Hussein
    Abdi Hussein

    I Love your video’s

  • Baryonyx Louder 7890
    Baryonyx Louder 7890


  • Kian Clive M. Peralta
    Kian Clive M. Peralta

    Jm,dj Jupkgugľmjmľmkmtjgmtgwgwpmgp@1234567890🐦

  • Sinar X
    Sinar X

    The next video carno vs bracio pleeeessss

  • Leopoldo Riera
    Leopoldo Riera

    suchuminus vs carcharaontosaurus

  • Leopoldo Riera
    Leopoldo Riera

    use la cuenta de mi papa' para suscribirme XD tengo 9

  • Kaji Sahabuddin
    Kaji Sahabuddin


  • Lightningdragon -0
    Lightningdragon -0

    What’s this song? It’s pretty cool

  • Baryonyx Louder 7890
    Baryonyx Louder 7890

    Dilophosaurus Vs Monolophosaurus

  • Coco Souter
    Coco Souter

    So season 1 and season 2 dilo died against a herbivore.

  • alejandro campos
    alejandro campos

    Coolest battle ever 😎

  • Familie Ferati - Dressler
    Familie Ferati - Dressler

    Suchomimus vs Bravoceratops Siamotyrannus vs Torosaurus Spinosaurus vs Pterosaurus Concavenator vs lchthyovenator

  • margarita sarango
    margarita sarango

    Al carnivoro en la batalla anterior le cortaron el brazo

  • bing991 c.
    bing991 c.


  • Rahmawati Wati
    Rahmawati Wati


  • MrJoaoferraz

    Vai ter o Ankilossauro na batle 2?

  • Ashtyn Jackson
    Ashtyn Jackson


  • TokyoticCat

    Steve vs hayley

  • Andreas Mohr
    Andreas Mohr

    The Stegosaur: Wins a Pong 1977 match Me: Impossible

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      @TokyoticCat well it's the first time a stegosaur has won a fight, much like with Dracorex where it's the first time a pachycephalosaur has won a fight

    • TokyoticCat

      So true

  • TokyoticCat

    There is no need to comment he never looks at our comments

  • TokyoticCat

    Btw please make a decapitation in the series i want to see a dinos head cut off

  • TokyoticCat

    Pong 1977 is the best artist better than da Vinci

  • Sumintra Laljie
    Sumintra Laljie

    No dilo

  • Denise Miller
    Denise Miller

    Plz do kentrosaurs vs allosaurus triceratops vs oranosaurs and t.rex vs stegosaurus

  • Uttam Mojandar
    Uttam Mojandar


  • Murphy M
    Murphy M

    Yes gigantspinosaurus is the winner

  • Azka Gugun
    Azka Gugun


  • Azka Gugun
    Azka Gugun

    Pong 1977

  • Erik Rocchi
    Erik Rocchi

    voting megaraptor is fantastic dinosaur in next video wao

  • Roufail Gayed
    Roufail Gayed


  • Totally Herbivore Gallimimus
    Totally Herbivore Gallimimus

    Just like season 1. The dilo died again xd

  • Vihaan Mendiratta
    Vihaan Mendiratta

    Megaraptor VS Rubeosaurus might come out on 28 August 2019

    • Vihaan Mendiratta
      Vihaan Mendiratta

      Martin Uribe I know

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      Sorry it's not out yet

  • Vihaan n Viom PLAYTIME
    Vihaan n Viom PLAYTIME

    We're so close to 900 000 views!! Come on guys!

  • Tahiti Ahmed
    Tahiti Ahmed

    Dilo lost two times in arow against igaunadon and gigantspinosaurus

  • Tampa Sarkar
    Tampa Sarkar

    win mega

  • Tampa Sarkar
    Tampa Sarkar

    pls make new video bro

  • Miss M Sikdar
    Miss M Sikdar

    are you now makin another 1-2-5 days

  • Brandon Duguay
    Brandon Duguay

    The gravitie

  • John Kelly Marquez Animation Studios
    John Kelly Marquez Animation Studios

    Can you make Brachiosaurus vs Carnotaurus and Suchomimus vs Bravoceratops

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      Carnotaurus vs Brachiosaurus will come after Megaraptor vs Rubeosaurus

  • Miss M Sikdar
    Miss M Sikdar

    ples publish another video

  • جهاد لصلح
    جهاد لصلح


  • tan lengleng
    tan lengleng


  • Fakhira Jama
    Fakhira Jama

    Pong 1977 can you publish the next fight tommorow

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      @Surajeet Sarbaghya Well it really depends who wins the next fights for the first round then the second round and all the way to the final fight

    • Surajeet Sarbaghya
      Surajeet Sarbaghya

      In this final match will be siamosaurus vs. Tarbosaurus

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      It depends really how far into the animation pong is in, or working on another video from another series

  • Rosa Lara Moscoso
    Rosa Lara Moscoso

    No me la creo que dilophosaurio te mala suerte

  • Rosa Lara Moscoso
    Rosa Lara Moscoso

    Suje la pelea yaaaaaaaaaa!😊 te tardas un millón de años

  • Humantorsaurus Rex
    Humantorsaurus Rex

    I'm so sad because this was the chance for the dilophosaurus to shine a Dilophosaurus just lost right after getting a new season dad is so stupid

  • Mujeeb Rehman
    Mujeeb Rehman

    This 5 day you make new mach spinosaur and l rex and spino winnnnnn

  • Miss M Sikdar
    Miss M Sikdar

    ples make mega win

  • VADBERUS 2019
    VADBERUS 2019

    Siamosaurus VS Megaraptor

  • Kenneth Chang
    Kenneth Chang

    Dilophosaurus should’ve won because the gig spinosaurus can’t do those jumps and stunts

  • Odd Gaun
    Odd Gaun

    I'm starting to notice a trend with the raptors and dinosaurs like them having a hard time with the heavier dinos.