Dinosaurs Battle s2 GC1
pong 1977
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Dinosaurs Battle
Dinosaurs battle world championship (Dilophosaurus VS Gigantspinosaurus)
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Statement Dinosaurs battle world championship is made ​​for entertainment only. Nor as to the documentary form . But there is enough information to make a reality. In some of the information The team apologize if the content is contrary to the reality on the other , and asked to watch for entertainment purposes only thanks.

  • Jesus Rivas
    Jesus Rivas

    vote por el megaraptor

  • Sandip Majumder
    Sandip Majumder

    Hey pong can yo make apatosaurus vs braciosaurus vs mammoth

  • Danny Escopete
    Danny Escopete

    Pong really doesnt like dilos he lost two times

  • Ilija Nenadovic
    Ilija Nenadovic

    2 38 that wouldn't work like that in real life.

  • Lily Ross
    Lily Ross

    Learn Your Facts Dilophosaurus Is Not Found In North America It's Found In Arizona.

  • ullie sitorus
    ullie sitorus

    Dilophosaurus the bite dinosaur vs gigantospinosaurus the same chukingosaurus


    kiero ya velociraptor vs saichania

  • pekys forever
    pekys forever

    Pong do you hate dilo

  • 차상연

    Pong1977 Where is Please do Make a Request:Dinosaur battle world championship season 6: Angaturama vs Huayangosaurus Prenocephale vs Kinnaremimus Diabloceratops vs Chialingosaurus Monolophosaurus vs Dacentrurus Utahraptor vs Einiosaurus Carnoraptor vs T rex vs V rex vs Irritator Pycnonemosaurus Vs Saltasaurus Metriacanthosaurus vs Pinacosaurus Majungasaurus vs Eotriceratops Oxalaia vs Albertoceratops Tarchia vs torvosaurus Magyarosaurus vs BRONTOSAURUS Megalosaurus vs Wuerhosaurus Gigantoraptor vs jobaria Omeisaurus vs Acanthopholis Cricthonsaurus vs Tyrannotitan Nedoceratops vs Mei Angaturama vs utahraptor Prenocephale vs saltasaurus Diabloceratops vs Metriacanthosaurus

  • مـہ‏‏نذر الأوا
    مـہ‏‏نذر الأوا

    Cool 🔱🔱

  • Lily Ross
    Lily Ross

    The Primal Carnage Raptor Can Be A Model Of Velociraptor!

  • Jésica Castillo
    Jésica Castillo

    😈😈wey dinosaurs

  • Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange

    I thought the dinosaurs in the first battle will not showed

  • Rolando Jacomino
    Rolando Jacomino

    what is the song

  • 이승인


  • Janson Lin
    Janson Lin

    r.i.p dilo part 2


    dilo basically flips off every opponent with his feet

  • Tedjini Khaldia
    Tedjini Khaldia

    raptorex vs diceratops . raptorex win pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss

  • sui tin fam
    sui tin fam

    I want gigantspinosayrus to win the whole tournament!!!

    • Lily Ross
      Lily Ross

      @Rolando Jacomino No! The Siamotyrannus Because It Is Like The T Rex Brother Though

    • Real Animal Battle 2020
      Real Animal Battle 2020

      @Lily Ross siamotyrannus 7m Torosaurus 9 m...-_-

    • Rolando Jacomino
      Rolando Jacomino

      Lily Ross anyways what is the song

    • Lily Ross
      Lily Ross

      @Rolando Jacomino Nope! The Siamotyrannus Is Bigger Than Torosaurus

    • Rolando Jacomino
      Rolando Jacomino

      welp the torosaurus has big horns so the toro might win

  • Ian Zuniga
    Ian Zuniga

    Allosaurus for the win!

  • Rolando Jacomino
    Rolando Jacomino

    what is the song

  • 토토 vs Nop 8030
    토토 vs Nop 8030

    Dinosaur battle world championship season 2 remake T rex vs Chialingosaurus (t rex wins) Koreanoceratops vs Kinneremimus (koreano wins) Huayangosaurus vs Gigantoceratops (giganto wins) Baryonyx (s1) vs lexovisaurus (Lexovi wisn) 유타랩터 vs Einiosaurus (utah wins) Dreadnoughtus vs majungasaurus (dreadnoughtus wins) Red carnotaurus vs Ankylosaurus (s1) (tba) Gorgosaurus vs pentaceratops (s1) (tba) Golden baryonyx vs avaceratops (tba) Tarchia vs Torvosaurus (tba) Amphelosaurus vs Brontosaurus (tba) Spinosaurus (s1) vs Wuerhosaurus (tba) Plateosaurus vs Opsithocoelicaudia (tba) Cricthonsauus vs mamenchisaurus(Tba) Nodosaurus vs abelisaurus (tba) Achelosaurus vs Mei (tba) Part 2 T rex vs utahraptor (tba) Koreanoceratops vs dreadnoughtus (tba) O makr

  • 차상연

    Pong1977 Please do make a Request:Dinosaur battle world championship season 2 remake: Gigantoceratops vs Tarchia (giganto wins) Koreanocerstops vs Kinnaremimus (koreano wins) Golden baryonyx vs Tuojiangosaurus (s1) (golden baryo wins) Gorgosaurus vs Chialingosaurus (chialingo wins) Sinraptor vs Centrosaurus (s1) (sinraptor wins) Camarasaurus vs pycnonemosaurus (camara wins) Yangchuanosaurus vs ankylo (s1) (tba) T rex vs styracosaurus (tba) Spinosaurus vs zuniceratops (tba) Sauropelta (s1) vs carcharodontosaurus (tba) Brontosaurus vs saltasaurus (tba) Majungasaurus vs wuerhosaurus (tba) Gigantoraptor vs Seismosaurus (tba) Cricthonsaurus vs Mamenchissurus (tba) Nodosaurus vs tyrannotitan (tba) Achelosaurus vs coelophysis (tba) Okay

    • 차상연

      Golden baryonyx vs sinraptor Koreanocerstops vs Camarasaurus

  • xRay

    Return of the s1 dilohosaur

  • matthew horsted
    matthew horsted


  • Richard Asante
    Richard Asante

    Finally, a type of stegosaurus has won a fight

  • Benito Segovia
    Benito Segovia

    Por que simpre pierden mis favoritos


    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


      @Bedrije Gubetini are you saying impressed???

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh

    Battles have become predictable

  • 2KINDY

    Dilo lost against iguanadon in the first season and now loses again, that’s so fucked up

  • Vasava Vijay
    Vasava Vijay

    dinosaur dinosaur ki part 2 Kab Aaegi

  • SK Then
    SK Then

    Er wat dilo lost twice ?

  • Vibe BroadcastTv
    Vibe BroadcastTv

    My younger brother loves your channel, keep posting. Amazing work.

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      That's nice

  • Ishant Limbu
    Ishant Limbu

    This is his second lose but ok

  • Jennifer Frederickson
    Jennifer Frederickson

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  • Dilofosaurus studios
    Dilofosaurus studios

    Winner ,gigantspinosaurus

  • SD People
    SD People

    I can't believe that the gigantspinosaurus lost an eye like the t rex

    • Tahiti Ahmed
      Tahiti Ahmed

      Is that a clue that he wins

  • Baryonyx Louder 7890
    Baryonyx Louder 7890


  • Kian Clive M. Peralta
    Kian Clive M. Peralta

    Jm,dj Jupkgugľmjmľmkmtjgmtgwgwpmgp@1234567890🐦

  • Sinar X
    Sinar X

    The next video carno vs bracio pleeeessss

    • Lily Ross
      Lily Ross

      Megaraptor vs Rubeosaurus*

  • Leopoldo Riera
    Leopoldo Riera

    suchuminus vs carcharaontosaurus

  • Leopoldo Riera
    Leopoldo Riera

    use la cuenta de mi papa' para suscribirme XD tengo 9

  • Kaji Sahabuddin
    Kaji Sahabuddin


  • Megaraptor: 99
    Megaraptor: 99

    What’s this song? It’s pretty cool

  • Baryonyx Louder 7890
    Baryonyx Louder 7890

    Dilophosaurus Vs Monolophosaurus

  • Coco Souter
    Coco Souter

    So season 1 and season 2 dilo died against a herbivore.

  • alejandro campos
    alejandro campos

    Coolest battle ever 😎

  • Familie Ferati - Dressler
    Familie Ferati - Dressler

    Suchomimus vs Bravoceratops Siamotyrannus vs Torosaurus Spinosaurus vs Pterosaurus Concavenator vs lchthyovenator

  • margarita sarango
    margarita sarango

    Al carnivoro en la batalla anterior le cortaron el brazo

  • bing991 c.
    bing991 c.


  • Rahmawati Wati
    Rahmawati Wati


  • MrJoaoferraz

    Vai ter o Ankilossauro na batle 2?

  • Ashtyn Jackson
    Ashtyn Jackson


  • TokyoticCat

    Steve vs hayley

  • Andreas Mohr
    Andreas Mohr

    The Stegosaur: Wins a Pong 1977 match Me: Impossible

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      @TokyoticCat well it's the first time a stegosaur has won a fight, much like with Dracorex where it's the first time a pachycephalosaur has won a fight

    • TokyoticCat

      So true

  • TokyoticCat

    There is no need to comment he never looks at our comments

  • TokyoticCat

    Btw please make a decapitation in the series i want to see a dinos head cut off

    • Megaraptor: 99
      Megaraptor: 99

      TokyoticCat that would be a little too violent. Pong might get demonetized

  • TokyoticCat

    Pong 1977 is the best artist better than da Vinci

  • Sumintra Laljie
    Sumintra Laljie

    No dilo

  • Denise Miller
    Denise Miller

    Plz do kentrosaurs vs allosaurus triceratops vs oranosaurs and t.rex vs stegosaurus

  • Uttam Mojandar
    Uttam Mojandar


  • Murphy M
    Murphy M

    Yes gigantspinosaurus is the winner

  • Azka Gugun
    Azka Gugun


  • Azka Gugun
    Azka Gugun

    Pong 1977

  • Erik Rocchi
    Erik Rocchi

    voting megaraptor is fantastic dinosaur in next video wao

  • Roufail Gayed
    Roufail Gayed


  • Totally Herbivore Gallimimus
    Totally Herbivore Gallimimus

    Just like season 1. The dilo died again xd

  • Vihaan Mendiratta
    Vihaan Mendiratta

    Megaraptor VS Rubeosaurus might come out on 28 August 2019

    • Vihaan Mendiratta
      Vihaan Mendiratta

      Martin Uribe I know

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      Sorry it's not out yet

  • Vihaan n Viom PLAYTIME
    Vihaan n Viom PLAYTIME

    We're so close to 900 000 views!! Come on guys!

  • Tahiti Ahmed
    Tahiti Ahmed

    Dilo lost two times in arow against igaunadon and gigantspinosaurus

  • i am k.o. Sarkar
    i am k.o. Sarkar

    win mega

  • i am k.o. Sarkar
    i am k.o. Sarkar

    pls make new video bro

  • Miss M Sikdar
    Miss M Sikdar

    are you now makin another 1-2-5 days

  • Brandon Duguay
    Brandon Duguay

    The gravitie

  • John Kelly Marquez Animation Studios
    John Kelly Marquez Animation Studios

    Can you make Brachiosaurus vs Carnotaurus and Suchomimus vs Bravoceratops

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      Carnotaurus vs Brachiosaurus will come after Megaraptor vs Rubeosaurus

  • Miss M Sikdar
    Miss M Sikdar

    ples publish another video

  • جهاد لصلح
    جهاد لصلح


  • tan lengleng
    tan lengleng


  • Fakhira Jama
    Fakhira Jama

    Pong 1977 can you publish the next fight tommorow

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      @Surajeet Sarbaghya Well it really depends who wins the next fights for the first round then the second round and all the way to the final fight

    • Surajeet Sarbaghya
      Surajeet Sarbaghya

      In this final match will be siamosaurus vs. Tarbosaurus

    • Martin Uribe
      Martin Uribe

      It depends really how far into the animation pong is in, or working on another video from another series

  • Rosa Lara Moscoso
    Rosa Lara Moscoso

    No me la creo que dilophosaurio te mala suerte