Dinosaurs Battle : HyperDinosaur EP8
pong 1977
Raging dinosaurs were mutated, They are twice as big as before! It’s the beginning of new era called “Huper dinosaur” that ready to cruel fight lead to WAR OF DINOSAUR
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  • davealdrin dee
    davealdrin dee

    Wait wait wait how's the dinosaur spinning? And the spinosaurus is a great dinosaur and also the dinosaur is a good dodger and the spinosaurus looks like a zombie like the dark zombie because the dark zombie there's a spinosaurus and also the spinosaurus spin like a akyklosaurus and I thought it's a dark zombie too and it was a hyper dinosaur the trex I thought he would won he died cause the dinosaur movie the spinosaurus is bigger than a T-Rex so the trex lose...and done

  • orang byasa
    orang byasa


  • Andy Lozano
    Andy Lozano


  • Tedjini Khaldia
    Tedjini Khaldia

    next méducaceratops win

  • Neha Jayswal
    Neha Jayswal


  • RobertLewis Official
    RobertLewis Official

    that was not a fair fight because all t-rex hat with a horn that's all he had but you gave spinosaurus a whole bunch of spikes and he got them arms extra-long Claus and his stuff all t-rex had was that spinning thing you gave spinosaurus more stuff than T-Rex so I don't think that was fair

  • Nicole Barnett
    Nicole Barnett


  • Lily Ross
    Lily Ross

    Vote For Champion Of Hyper Dinosaur War It's Hyper Spino XXX! S2 Includes Hyper Dilophosaurus XXX, Hyper Velociraptor, Hyper Parasaurolophus, Hyper Concavenator, Hyper T Rex XXX, Hyper I Raptor, Hyper I Rex XXX, Hyper Carno, Hyper Cryolophosaurus, Hyper Allosaurus, Hyper I Raptor XXX, Hyper Oviraptor, Hyper Utahraptor, Hyper Allosaurus XXX, Hyper Giganotosaurus XXX And Hyper Carno XXX

  • Surajit Bhattacharyay
    Surajit Bhattacharyay

    To match good

  • Spino de Elite
    Spino de Elite

    3:07 Wtf



  • awi marantz
    awi marantz

    I thought it was hyper oxalia

  • Tommy Criton
    Tommy Criton

    I'm hoping hyper spino wins because it looks so cool

    • Tommy Criton
      Tommy Criton

      @Panda Craft that's what I'm talking about hypo spino

    • Panda Craft
      Panda Craft

      Tommy Criton nonononononononononononono Spinosaurus win

  • Creative Fun Toys
    Creative Fun Toys

    Nice​ video​👍🤩💓💕😍😘💘♥️🥰😉💗

  • Vina Iryadi
    Vina Iryadi


  • Lord Herrs
    Lord Herrs

    Lmao I though this was dark zombies


    Intersting and wonderful ♥️🌹♥️🌹😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩♥️🌹♥️🌹🌷🤗😉🤗😉

  • Syed Rayhan
    Syed Rayhan

    It's not true

  • Mira Labador
    Mira Labador

    It's a remach

  • Stella Haryadi
    Stella Haryadi

    Trex is supossed to win

    • Fotis Manolopoulos
      Fotis Manolopoulos

      He already has too many wins,lets balance things a bit

    • Alina Rivera
      Alina Rivera

      I'm going to agree but not all the time

  • Bryan morales
    Bryan morales

    Nooooooooooooo ty rex

    • Alina Rivera
      Alina Rivera

      I know but it's okay😢


    I didn't know they had ninja dinos.

  • Sanjuana Gutierrez
    Sanjuana Gutierrez

    about time t-rex losses

    • Mira Labador
      Mira Labador


  • the bird Romans classic
    the bird Romans classic

    This spino feels good off wining jp3 spino vs hypo spino jp3 spino gets wrecked like trex fans were like oh my god i hate the spinosaurus but me i was like spinosaurus you are the king trex loser

    • Alina Rivera
      Alina Rivera

      Thinking doesn't change who say that King again Carlos the king T-Rexes the king of the dinosaurs say Spinosaurus sorry you're not the king T-Rex you're still are king

  • Cris Games
    Cris Games

    Cool animation... but is it so hard to put spinossaurus on its natural habitat... a swamp... and... man that spino has some resilience it got drilled directlly onto its chest twice and survived just fine... ow ma gad.... this video is quite amazing... you shut up now...

  • kamal kumar
    kamal kumar

    Trex can win the fight

    • Alina Rivera
      Alina Rivera

      It is true the spino fans are dumb

  • Salman Sami
    Salman Sami

    I like this battle spinosaures is very strong all of dinosaurs

    • Alina Rivera
      Alina Rivera

      T-Rex is actually strong

  • SssniperGuiller *24*
    SssniperGuiller *24*

    T-rex looks ceratosaurus😂😂

    • Cris Games
      Cris Games

      Now that you said it... that horn does looks like a ceratosaurus horn...

  • 창우 이
    창우 이


  • 박은찬TV


  • 박은찬TV


  • Chamille Doss
    Chamille Doss

    How did the spino survive after GETTING DRILLLLLLLLED IN THE FRIKING HEART I know mutated and all but still people the spino doesn't have to win and wasn't the hyper spino in the zombie series to? And lost to a freaking tiny raptor and a zombie spino and visit the hyper Rex in the zombie series to? And DIDN'T HE BEAT THE ZOMBIE SPINO THAT BEAT THE HYPO SPINO now I now the hypo spino didn't have the stego DNA in it but I think he probably just got a little weaker man you guys are buthurt spino fans my God there's a lot of them in the comments saying FINNALY SEEING THE SPINO WIN SERIOUSLY PEOPLE JUST DEAL WITH THE T REX WINNING

    • Chamille Doss
      Chamille Doss

      @Hazardous AMV to be fair kinda have a point but then i realised these are not hypo rex and spino as in the zombie series

    • Hazardous AMV
      Hazardous AMV

      If the Trex could survive not getting blinded by hits over and over to the face by the Spino in the tournament finals than why no this

  • ŒKaijuSpinøRGMønßterGT

    That isn't t-rex! That is drillosaurus rex!

  • Wasant Kitichat
    Wasant Kitichat

    ทำไม มันคล้ายเรื่อง ไดโนมาสเตอร์มากเลยครับ

  • SpinoGuy /Spinosaur Slasher/
    SpinoGuy /Spinosaur Slasher/

    Wow, isn't this rather unexpected...

  • Jerico Chy
    Jerico Chy

    Kicked Trex butt.Yeah boii.

  • VADBERUS 2019
    VADBERUS 2019

    Next Carnotaurus VS Brachiosaurus!

    • Hamza Simsek
      Hamza Simsek

      Tom 2

  • Ian Zuniga
    Ian Zuniga

    make Hyper Allosaurus VS Hyper Carnotaurus


    Carnotaurus vs brachiosaurus

  • Cc Cc
    Cc Cc


  • The Thing
    The Thing

    So dumb This is not wwe

  • Brawler Yiğit
    Brawler Yiğit

    Love T-Rex and Spinosaurus

  • Anastasia Mkw
    Anastasia Mkw

    Spino going to eat the rex spino going to legend and king

    • Alina Rivera
      Alina Rivera

      T-Rex is the king you dummy spino is King of the fish But t-rex is the real king

  • Scary lego Man
    Scary lego Man

    Ok i gotta admit...THAT SPINO'S COUNTER WAS EPIC.

    • Pyro Raptor
      Pyro Raptor

      Untill he got smashed onto a mountain

  • Martin Uribe
    Martin Uribe

    Hey Pong, congratulations! You now reached 700,000 subscribers, I'm so happy for you! Keep up the good work.

  • Diem Le
    Diem Le

    The t-Rex is a unicorn

  • Dinosaurgaming

    oh and what animation program do you use?

  • Dinosaurgaming

    And Spinosaurus got multiple saber teeth.

  • Dinosaurgaming

    Oh, and t-rex looks like a magma monster.

  • Dinosaurgaming

    Wow, these mutated dinosaurs are really, really powerful, I'm saying that because both of them disobey the laws of physics!

  • Eason Fang
    Eason Fang

    3:07 Nintendo Switch

    • Spino de Elite
      Spino de Elite

      hahahaha yes, this animation is very Weird

  • JJ rockstar
    JJ rockstar

    Allosuar vs mammoth

  • Rosita Neuro
    Rosita Neuro

    Vídeo legsu

  • maruti sir. mishra
    maruti sir. mishra

    Pong 1977 is cheat with trex . Trex is very powerful the spinosaures

    • Alina Rivera
      Alina Rivera

      True true but what if it was 2 he won't win he can kill and kill a four-legged Spinosaurus cuz I can't scratch and has short arms

  • vivansaurio rex Vivanco
    vivansaurio rex Vivanco

    Asesor videos de. Dinosaurios battle

  • Алина Каскирбаева
    Алина Каскирбаева

    Ну ты и сука как можно так убить короля Дино ссссссуууууукккккааааа!

  • VADBERUS 2019
    VADBERUS 2019

    Будет два раунда как в боксе!

  • k갸르

    I like the Spinoosaurus. Thank you for making the movie.^^

  • Stegosaurus 16
    Stegosaurus 16

    T-rex lost 2 times

  • Fernando Myszka
    Fernando Myszka

    Ep9 is come soon