Dinosaurs & Jurassic World the Ride! Dinosaur Theme Park for Kids with Indominus Rex, T-Rex & Raptor
Park Ranger Aaron and Park Ranger LB check out the new Jurassic World the Ride and the Dinosaurs at Universal Studios Hollywood. LB trains a new giant life size Triceratops Dinosaur, and then they meet Raptor Blue!
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  • T-Rex Ranch - Dinosaurs For Kids
    T-Rex Ranch - Dinosaurs For Kids

    Park Ranger Aaron and Park Ranger LB check out the new Dinosaurs and Jurassic World the Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, then they meet Raptor Blue!

    • ffa0924

      T-Rex Ranch why did your channel change?you don’t have to answer since I still remember you guys ;)

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      YouTube Animations

      You guys are the absolute best

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      RyanandJessica Pepmeier

      T-Rex Ranch Owen

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    Morgan Harper

    When y'all go to Dinosaur World, which one is it? Glen Rose, Texas?

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    Wayne Archer

    The baby raptor was cute

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    Ryan Oliveira

    the only

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    Joseph Galindo

    Tango cute

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    ashlie brown

    All Raptors are my favorite dinosaur because I love your dinosaur because l love your Raptors Blue the best dinosaur.

  • ashlie brown
    ashlie brown

    Blue is my favorite dinosaur and my favorite colors too 😍❤️💙😍❤️💙😍❤️💙😍❤️💙😍❤️💙.

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    Nice video. All the best! 😃

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    My lil sis loves your vids keep it up

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    I would do everything except the water ride 🦖

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    Marcus Damon

    When will you guys find dispikabel G

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    Rysiek Szklarz

    Goodjob 👍

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    Liam TV

    Cool raptor trainning

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    Kids Toy Reviews

    Such a cool video. My little brother loves your videos 😊

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    david lee

    Blue has a new altha

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    my brother loves dinosaurs

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    Hi Am your new subscriber.....My son like your all videos...every time he was watching & big fan of you guys...

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    I been there to I Like it

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    my grandson loves you all.....keep it up!!!!

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    🦖 Wow so fun! 🦖

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    Dinosaurs are awesome!

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    I have a feeling my son is going to watch this one over and over haha

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    Nancy Faulkner

    I got to see (and touch) Juliet the Triceratops myself!


    I'm literally eating a dinosaur cookie

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    Bret Wilkerson

    My son loves you guys! He loves dinosaurs and you guys are his favorite show to watch! We get to play “T-Rex run” all the time! Thanks for the great videos!!

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    David Padilla

    That kid gets the touch blue with kindness no way

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    I’m going

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    Ari tanto Setiawan

    This is amazing

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    I like it but I can't believe that this is the best thing to do 😉😉

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    Maverick Versus Everything

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