Eric Swalwell: Fartgate 2019 | The Daily Show
After Rep. Eric Swalwell allegedly farted on MSNBC, Swalwell and MSNBC claim that the source of the sound was actually a mug. Desi Lydic isn’t so sure. #TheDailyShow #DesiLydic #Fartgate
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  • Jacob Oliver
    Jacob Oliver

    "The fart heard round the world!" Oh wait... No one watches MSNBC

  • dawn widner
    dawn widner

    maybe he should get fined for the gas and polluting the air. or get rid of he like the cows new green deal.

  • baker6speed

    What a piece of shit fartwell is , thank god I can mute or fast / forward his dumb ass during the bullshit impeachment hearings . Scumbag

  • Dawana Miller
    Dawana Miller

    Eric, did it anybody see his shoulders rise when it happened!!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Eddy Mar
    Eddy Mar

    finally you figs don't believe a democrat's bs... or rather you do... anyway the good thing is you know see how all politicians like to lie.... what's the biggest lie of all?... killing babies through abortion gives women "freedom". Check out Can I Live by Nick Cannon. Peace.

  • Hobart Zardozerton
    Hobart Zardozerton

    Where's the whistleblower for this.

  • Polaki Komane
    Polaki Komane


  • Swinkscalibur

    I thought it sounded like something dragging actually. Thought it was a chair

  • Amadeus2248

    Desi was trying so hard not to laugh.

  • Jeff Keil
    Jeff Keil

    All these dumbasses in here.

  • salvador lopez
    salvador lopez


  • Nita Cruise
    Nita Cruise

    You can tell he pauses and raises up at the same time.🤣🤣

  • Max fucking Payne
    Max fucking Payne

    I guess it’s kinda refreshing seeing the daily show become bipartisan for one segment

  • Matthew 1980
    Matthew 1980

    Democrats smh

  • Nirrrina

    How the hell did I miss this happening? I really need to come out from under my rock more often. Then again it probably stinks out there.

  • Ray Zapata
    Ray Zapata

    He farted , from that shoulder shrug and longest pause, but mainly it was the clench and pucker ,which raised his shoulders and teeth grinding butt blast . He Must have been holding it in for a while .

  • goobee


  • Anne Heimburger
    Anne Heimburger

    Definitely got some lift with that.

  • TheEpicAlpaca

    It was a publicity toot!

  • Adam Shiffman
    Adam Shiffman

    2:10 😂😂

  • David Calderon
    David Calderon

    This aint shit! Who here saw the latina reporter sharting her white pants live?

  • Mahmoud El Arch
    Mahmoud El Arch

    Someone was playing with Jack Vale's Pooter I suppose !

  • Breon OftheFrench
    Breon OftheFrench

    I haven't seen the daily show in over a year, and I click on a clip about a fart. Hard pass.

  • Uriah Heep
    Uriah Heep

    A huge Fart. This sums up this dimwit, useless, demonrat tools entire existence. He has nothing to offer anyone accept globalism, bullshit, lies and farts. I wonder if AOC will add Eric swallow-well to her list of green threats??

  • Maya Best
    Maya Best

    Omg nothing funnier than a fart!

  • John Fay
    John Fay

    We need Congressional Hearings investigation

  • Daniel Isaac
    Daniel Isaac

    Wow. First episode I've been able to finish in years..

  • MUTANT 002
    MUTANT 002

    Lol. Trevoh makes it more funny.

  • MUTANT 002
    MUTANT 002

    Hahahahaha. Trevoh makes it more funny.

  • Ray Hall
    Ray Hall

    Well his voice changed, but his breath smells the same!

  • Randy Mcgrew
    Randy Mcgrew

    Shit happens

  • robert jeffries
    robert jeffries

    i just saw a Unpresidential Farting Orator....

  • Dalton - My World
    Dalton - My World


  • Justin Henry
    Justin Henry

    It's sad when late night "funny" guys can drain all the hilarity out of something so hilarious.

  • Zes

    wrg, dump s just sht

  • Karma Chameleon
    Karma Chameleon

    Trevor's reaction after watching the fart is even funnier than the fart itself.

  • Dañe Highfield
    Dañe Highfield

    Talking sh*t about POTUS? 😆🍿🇺🇲

  • Keitra Sanders
    Keitra Sanders

    😆stinkin ass... sounds like it hurt too! He's famous now

  • Angel Adriel
    Angel Adriel

    Why? Even...

  • Richard warren
    Richard warren

    We know Chris inhaled it so he didn't fart.