• Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo

    every winter is the worst, just like every girlfriend is the hottest

  • Alphanatrix1067 *
    Alphanatrix1067 *

    You know how you sort out being snowed in. Get yo lazy ass a bucket and pick up snow from your door take it up stairs and yeet it out the god damm window. But if you live in a bungalow then put it in your bath tub and let it melt. And then once you can step outside just do your usual stuff like pushing it away from you.

  • Mohamed Sajid
    Mohamed Sajid

    And me in South India never seen a Snow fall!

  • Arctic Legend
    Arctic Legend

    Canadians be like "LOL that's just a regular summer over here"

  • ZKA

    Lol over here in The Netherlands its so hot, it feels like summer..

  • Cosmic Salmon
    Cosmic Salmon

    Why ain’t us Brits getting more snow, it feels like summer here for god sake

  • lmwrt

    Hum, it seem that global warming is at it's peak. It's so intense now that it is piling up all over the place in the Us, Canada, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Paquistan, South Africa, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the list goes on. Our European leaders are really making fool out of themselves with this global warming hoax. They are idiots if they think we are idiots. They only want taxpayers money to fill up the government vaults.

  • pike group
    pike group

    Global warming has started

  • Releta Ortiz
    Releta Ortiz

    So much for global warming

  • demonicporridge

    And unfortunately no snow at all in northern Germany 😞😔

  • RudRecciah

    *almost as much snow as steep*

  • Michael Snelling
    Michael Snelling

    It's not about global warming people it's about CLIMATE CHANGE!...and we will get a lot more of it.

  • maureen bernhardt
    maureen bernhardt

    Something tells me something is very wrong with the weather

  • onlythewise1

    thanks al gore your a evil man

  • Flora Meloyan
    Flora Meloyan


  • por qué
    por qué

    american news: *dramatic music plays on the background* europeans: *laughs*

  • Athos Minaj
    Athos Minaj

    Europe is not a country.

  • Just for Fun
    Just for Fun

    Where i live we call that a dusting !. Lol.

  • Mako Shiraishi
    Mako Shiraishi

    Y'all should come to Canada.

  • zahra vasheghani
    zahra vasheghani

    Hi how are you are you fine ? It is so very very much snow ! In iran espesial tehran we didnt see snow in the past years . we love snow and rain . but iran in the map is dry area . water in iran is lees and litle . farming isnot good becase we have not snow and rain in the cool seasun . if it possible send for us rain and snow cloods in iran sky . my childrens didnt seen snow and it is dreame for them .have a nice time and bay sh a v tehran 49 yers old

  • Mastapha Mastapha
    Mastapha Mastapha


  • Sumon Khan
    Sumon Khan


  • Steve Wilcox
    Steve Wilcox

    At least the willage is okay

  • Rose Engle
    Rose Engle

    My God, warming its global warming LOL freaking idiots

  • id104335409

    Too much snow for ski resorts? Hmmmm.

  • Battle Dog
    Battle Dog

    Man is trying to play god with the weather and has fucked it up

  • sundiii99OWS

    Global warming also affects the winters, to you unbelievers!

  • Santo Chowdhury
    Santo Chowdhury


  • motech 10
    motech 10

    Donald Trump fix climate change to.

  • Crayo

    -40 here in Finland

  • lee graham
    lee graham

    What's happened to global warming


    Nope that's not from climate warming..that's a glance into your future for messing with the ALMIGHTY'S WEATHER! There's MUCH MORE TO COME..LOL

  • Hamza Mirza
    Hamza Mirza

    *_DaMn iT ElSA!!!_*

  • ghali sooki
    ghali sooki

    Background music too loud. There was no need for the background music at all. There should never ever be any music in films and Documentaries. No background music please.

  • 4 Avenida
    4 Avenida

    Global Warming!!! Nice gess🤗🤗

  • Phillis Powers
    Phillis Powers

    Karma karma karma karma. Ghee, if this was ur LAND aka EARTH.. u wouldn't be SURPRISED with THE weather ISSUES U R HAVING! LAUGHING.... THE BEST IS YET TO COME TO YOU!!! GET THEM MOTHER NATURE!!! BE BLESSED X13X13X13X!

  • Deebull


  • K Toner
    K Toner

    Oh dear God! 😯😦😦😦😦

  • Minadori123

    " Europe battles " haven't battled with any snow yet, and I also live in the northern region... Great news 👍

  • William Stumpff
    William Stumpff

    The weather is only going to get worse

  • D M
    D M

    The Day After Tomorrow

  • jamieson collie
    jamieson collie

    Climate change

  • Craig Parker
    Craig Parker

    This can't be right. All Gore said all the snow would be gone by now. Was he lieing ? Dah.

  • Brian W
    Brian W

    Global warming is freakin cold...

  • Cj30

    Global Warming, Am I Right?

  • ONYx2

    Corrupted wisdom has yet to regret having written a "holy" book!

  • Naz A
    Naz A

    Where is global warming??

  • Steve Taxpayer
    Steve Taxpayer

    If only global warming was real.

  • kam _
    kam _

    all i see is mother nature doing her thing

  • ScarlettLeMeme

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a> NoOooOooOo not the ski lifts!

  • Chapon Fernandez
    Chapon Fernandez

    Believe or not . This world it's over

  • P C
    P C

    Oh no! Theres too much powder to ski. This is the worst!

  • Mickey Jab Jab
    Mickey Jab Jab

    Its Villiage not Williage 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ralph Sisk
    Ralph Sisk


  • Lockon Stratos
    Lockon Stratos

    Take that USA


    Global warming... We have to control it otherwise nature will do it in a very cruel way... Sorry 😕

  • UGA Dawgman
    UGA Dawgman

    The American Al Gore is responsible. Also the Paris accords.

  • Leighton Julye
    Leighton Julye

    ice ice baby

  • atilla 1000
    atilla 1000

    Europe battles worst Chemtrails-fall, HAARP-fall and Geo Engineering-fall....

  • Tahsina Hera
    Tahsina Hera

    here i am freezing in 21°C! it's winter now in my country!

  • Oleg Gerasimchuk
    Oleg Gerasimchuk

    And Korea for the first time since 1937 hasn't seen any snow in January. Good way global warming!

  • Bbadass

    Weather warfare!!

  • Bbadass


  • breadandcircus1

    But the "specialists" say the Earth is warming

  • Matra Matra
    Matra Matra

    9380349575. mahalinga

  • Matra Matra
    Matra Matra


  • Eunoia Eunoia
    Eunoia Eunoia

    And here we have 18 degrees and I feel it's freezing!

  • Husain B
    Husain B

    So global warming is a myth


    Meanwhile in Philippines, people are freezing in 20°c.

  • Debater of Everything Presenter of Nothing
    Debater of Everything Presenter of Nothing

    Still think glass doors are cool?

  • Miami799

    Al Gore was right, these are the effects of global warming. It's getting hot in here.

  • You Only LIve Once
    You Only LIve Once

    Where's the global warming ?

  • Nina Ray
    Nina Ray

    Wow never seen this much snow in all my life... In pictures or reality... In South Carolina we pray for a lil snow... Just stay no more than 2 days...

  • Good luck everyone
    Good luck everyone

    If you ski 😃😃😃😃😃

  • Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes

    R.i.P. Globalist Warming

  • ADE 1960 ehrh
    ADE 1960 ehrh

    Hang in there Europe! This s&#t can't last forever.... USA

  • Taiana

    Wow and we're at the tail end of a heatwave in New Zealand.

    • Amazing World
      Amazing World

      Hahaha...hope to see u here

  • karen l
    karen l

    so much for the fairy tail of global warming .

  • Mingfei Wang
    Mingfei Wang

    Where is global warming?

  • Kill So
    Kill So

    All the waters gotta go somewhere, the earth is trying to make new glaciers