Families Must Pay $2500 To See Santa | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Bernie Sanders embraces a healthy lifestyle change on the campaign trail, Venice suffers massive flooding, and a London store limits Santa Claus visits to big spenders.
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  • Comedy Central UK
    Comedy Central UK

    What are some of Bernie's favourite pick-up lines?

    • Tjoa Siu Cu
      Tjoa Siu Cu

      If i have to pay 2500 to see santa , he better dance a lap for me 😁 , that line is killing me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Copernico Felinis
      Copernico Felinis

      @jahleel mulugu thanks, I could tell from the zero likes it has got. 😀 But I reckon it could have been worse. Like "Lady, wanna be my new sweet heart?" Or "My, my... My heart is throbbing for you. Or is it something else?"

    • jahleel mulugu
      jahleel mulugu

      @Copernico Felinis haha so dumb but yours is the funniest

    • Copernico Felinis
      Copernico Felinis

      Hey, wanna see my ark?

    • Bob Robert
      Bob Robert

      this is the one* man who made the best of a disaster ussofts.info/hd/video/u2vKhMSqp2Lec6Q *well one of them...

  • K P
    K P

    The only three that matter are Sanders, Yang and Warren. Everyone else should drop out.

  • mychaela blatta
    mychaela blatta

    In theory, if one of the two, Bernie or Trump, absolutely had to die, which would you prefer? (your answer is the reason nobody urges Donald Trump to change his habits).


    this show doesn't fit u south boy. worst idea ever.

  • Ayman El kadouri
    Ayman El kadouri

    Pay a fake santa or wear a fake santa costume for your kid

  • TeeJay Jayti
    TeeJay Jayti

    Climate change? Someone check if Quentin Beck is behind this

  • poev ponarak
    poev ponarak


  • ti ju
    ti ju


    • Moji Okedara
      Moji Okedara


  • 柳岑焉


  • Cli & Mils TV
    Cli & Mils TV

    I just love you Trevor

  • zion

    Fake news. We spend pounds not dollars. 😃

  • Reden Carabeo
    Reden Carabeo

    What's Boba Fett doing there?

  • Dennis thefreethinker
    Dennis thefreethinker

    hahahaha. I thought Trump was the craziest thing in the USA and boom! replenishing of presidential aspirants and paying to see the fake Santa...Oops, sorry. even the real one does not exist.

  • Vicky Mc
    Vicky Mc

    Don't know. It seems like trump's diet could be the course of his dementia, if it's vascular.

  • Ohmy gosh
    Ohmy gosh

    I'm seriously tired of these candidates and for some strange reason Sanders and Warren are the worst for me. I can't take these hypocrites seriously

  • Конрад Лейк
    Конрад Лейк

    Guess how much they have to pay under Warren

  • Annora

    Well they are not going to let your kid on Santa's lap if all you bought this year was a jar of jam and some underwear.

  • franca deangelis
    franca deangelis


  • Maria Opinion
    Maria Opinion

    I have been to Venice several times and it was already suffering from flooding for more than 30 years. It is a dirty place with a lot of mosquitoes. It is pity because the buildings are very beautiful, but the place was always been dirty because of the floods. It is common knowledge that the city will eventually disappear under water if nothing will be done to preserve it.

    • Конрад Лейк
      Конрад Лейк

      Yeah Venetians don't want tourists like you so you better stop that before you go listing their problems

  • stephan m
    stephan m

    Mr Trump = the Eric Cartman of presidents

  • Zaroff's Trophy Room
    Zaroff's Trophy Room

    Twas christmas eve and all through the house not a creature was stirring apart from the money counting machine. And you wonder why the world is going down the u-bend.

    • Конрад Лейк
      Конрад Лейк

      Wonder why you're watching The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

  • jootai

    How is flooding a problem in Venice? What's gonna happen? Their boats are getting wet?

    • Конрад Лейк
      Конрад Лейк


  • Nikos Papasotiropoulos
    Nikos Papasotiropoulos

    Why was the Mandalorian in there ???

  • Marlo Webster
    Marlo Webster

    It’s £2,500 about $3,200 so Americans would pay more after a visit to Harrods to see Santa. I love Italy 🇮🇹, the last time we visited there was an earthquake, but it’s still a beautiful country ❣️

  • Emeka Okolocha
    Emeka Okolocha

    Trevor really likes about Bernie Sanders no matter how much he tries not to play favourites. 😄😄😄

  • Justin

    The Mandalorian for President

  • Elton Abas
    Elton Abas

    78? Ya seen our prime minister? (Malaysia)

    • Конрад Лейк
      Конрад Лейк

      Watch something else

  • mc st
    mc st

    Let me see you work it Nikolaus!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pat

    I started sweating when Trevor said "let me see you work it Nic..." -olas, ohh Nicolas, that makes sense!

    • Moji Okedara
      Moji Okedara


  • Subomi

    It's pronounced Venezia not Venice

    • Subomi

      @A. Westenholz Touche

    • A. Westenholz
      A. Westenholz

      In Italian it is but not in English. Just how would you be likely to pronounce Copenhagen? I doubt you'd do it as the Danes do it.

  • Laura Lee Roberts
    Laura Lee Roberts

    Work it Nicholas...🤣🎅🏽🕺🏻🎄lol

  • Jebus Hypocristos
    Jebus Hypocristos

    "More stylish sweaters". Its settled Bernie will be POTUS... #Bernie2020


    Hes wearing sweaters Because coldness raises blood pressure and can trigger a heart attack more easily

  • Jied Cghlm
    Jied Cghlm

    The unfairness is that Bernie has a heart to take care of.

  • all star
    all star

    Its okay bernie age is 78 ..Malaysia current president is 93 yrs old

    • Shyamsundar Rajan
      Shyamsundar Rajan

      Haha yeah the Malaysian pm is senile

  • Aella Lee
    Aella Lee

    Ooh, swimming in the Venice water? You know they dump their sewage in the water right?

    • zizinnnn


  • DeeJay VEVO
    DeeJay VEVO

    If anyone needs to see Santa for the low, I have a side hustle 😉

  • Gringo Sinting
    Gringo Sinting

    they all think donald trump is easy to beat, as if 2020 already belong to democrat. Trump is disgusting, but I think more people feel disgusted by democrat even more.

  • North Gaming
    North Gaming

    Venice needs to be vacated... yes global warming is a thing but yall just keep trying to support something nature clearly dont want yall to have 🤦🏽‍♂️😭

    • a. babatunde
      a. babatunde

      It's a city of canals. They're used to travelling by boat in the city 😂


    The new candidate's voice is unappealing

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