Fox News Calls Impeachment Hearings Boring & Rigged | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
After the first day of impeachment hearings against President Trump, Fox News pundits aggressively dismiss the entire affair as too complicated, boring and unsexy. But Trevor Noah is on hand to call them out on their biased reporting.
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  • Comedy Central UK
    Comedy Central UK

    Do you guys know what a 'Ukraine' is?

    • James Bertini
      James Bertini

      A what

    • morganne d'arcourt
      morganne d'arcourt

      I do. Too much close from Russia to playing with.

    • Trocken Rolla
      Trocken Rolla

      You cryin?

    • Mfurayase Davis
      Mfurayase Davis

      You mean a crested crane?

    • Vivian Stimpson
      Vivian Stimpson

      It's one of the 5 vowelkraines. Akraine, Ekraine, Ikraine, Okraine, and Ukraine.

  • Maria Robles
    Maria Robles

    Fox news Trump's 🐩. Is there someone still watching Fox news? Of course 😊 the dome and ignorant

  • Stephanie Francis
    Stephanie Francis

    Wow this is so sexy and hypnotizing !! That's all I'm hearing

  • Конрад Лейк
    Конрад Лейк

    Well you can't exactly say they're interesting...

  • Jay Arrington
    Jay Arrington

    Trumpists have given up on democracy, the rule of law and truth. Trump can do whatever he wants, as far as they're concerned, as long as he gives them back their white christian rule.

  • ky yin
    ky yin

    actually Im ojay with Fox and the double standard just like Im okay with the liberal treating Hillary....... But if you want to act neutral, then how you treat DT how would treat Hill

  • poev ponarak
    poev ponarak

    I thought this is daily what happened

  • HoshiReed


  • Mushin No Shin
    Mushin No Shin

    If it doesn’t matter then why r they so emphatic no one watch it? Methinks thou dost protest too much

  • racin ly
    racin ly

    Shakhtar will win the league

  • Aly Faith
    Aly Faith

    Awww please do something about prince Andrew's bbc interview...why not...sure ur heads bubbling with ways to rip in to him like a pack of lions...come on aaahhh... why the wait 😒

  • sandesh suresh
    sandesh suresh

    Well it's true American are dump

    • Reflective Shoes
      Reflective Shoes

      Thanks. That gave me a laugh, intended or otherwise.

  • Jaylon Logan
    Jaylon Logan

    So does anyone else wonder why racism only happens to white people 🤔

  • Alex Jordon
    Alex Jordon

    That dude talking about an Ally country like that? Disgusting!

  • Wassily Kandinsky
    Wassily Kandinsky

    Fox News is the major enhancer of the already disturbing general stupidity and hostility against education of a large part of the American people.

  • DragonFae16

    There's plenty of countries I can't find on the map, but that doesn't mean I don't care about them. And incidentally, I do know what a second cousin one removed is. It's the kid of your second cousin.

  • Nelson King
    Nelson King

    Here is word for word the exchange between ambassador Yovanovitch and congressman Chris Stewart. Chris Stewart: “Do you have any information regarding the President of the United States accepting any bribes?” Yovanovitch: "No." Chris Stewart: “Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the President of the United States has been involved with at all?” Yovanovitch: "No." For those of you who did not watch the hearings, the media doesn't want you to know this part. Yovanovitch's testimony was all about how she was fired without warning and how it made her feel. This up here was the most relevant part of her testimony but the media and late night comedy show hosts conveniently leave that out.

  • Solo Man
    Solo Man

    Is this North Korea or The USA, Land of the free?

  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex Ruiz

    Fox news wankas clearly talk to americans as idiots🤦‍♂️

  • Predzee

    The accounting convention 'reliability' indicates factual/objective data should be used in the accounting process. This convention can be associated with the impeachment proceedings. The press and the left-wing agenda are bargaining on Donald Trump's 'conscientious guilt,' suggested by his non-compliance with the impeachment proceedings and the numerous witness testimonies. However, Congress has been unable to find factual/objective data to support their claims, which is already contradicted by the transcript released by the GOP and the words of top Ukrainian officials. As an Australian, all I've seen is 'anecdotal evidence' which is not credible in consideration of the heavy bias of the left-wing media and populace. I think it's valuable to question the situation instead of coming in with a predisposed opinion that Donald Trump is guilty of these heinous crimes like the investigation of Russian collusion in the 2016 election. Verdict: It's possible, but where's the proof?

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson

    Is Judge Jannine an animated waxwork?

  • Stephen Hodgson
    Stephen Hodgson

    Let's get one thing straight these people on FOX are not journalists they are commentators. Commentators from the right with a highly biased point of view. To call them pundits is to insult pundits all over the world as pundits at least have some understanding of what they are talking about. They are not objective but rather highly prejudiced. Insert Obama instead of Trump and the very same people would be saying exactly the opposite to what they are saying now. FOX ceased to be a news channel many years ago their owner was deemed to be unfit to run a news channels in Europe and he had to close down one of his best selling newspapers because of illegal activity.

  • Pavel

    Nobody in US knows anything about Ukraine?? I suppose Fox News doesn't have an HBO subscription. XD Fox news, apparently has impeachment meters going only to 3.6 scandalons and they are saying "Hmm, not great, not terrible."

  • bisiilki

    Dont tell Tamil people they cant marry their cousin... or their uncle.

  • Brad Marsh
    Brad Marsh

    Trump 2020!!

  • Gerd Zech
    Gerd Zech


  • Ginger Nightmare
    Ginger Nightmare

    Americans have been dumbed down to become obedient workers and tax payers.

  • ProjectFlashlight612

    *LOGIC PROBLEM* If the hearings are rigged, why would they also be boring? If it was faked, would it not be more lurid and whacky? The truth is often dull.

  • Kim Jamilly
    Kim Jamilly

    The world is watching.

  • Zidlef

    Well it really shows that they took pages in Goebbels handbook on propaganda for the Nazis in 1933, which they used to get elected and do the second world war after and using media to help them. Remember the past and it will show everyone where the future lies to repeat itself under their noses :-( Can't those journalists be sued to propagate hate, despair, false information, war, descent, crimes against humanity, harm to people etc ???? Those are not journalists at all, they are warmongers with a personal agenda :-(

  • Sunday Oluwadayi
    Sunday Oluwadayi

    Are these people Americans or care about their country?. This is crazy.

  • Rocco Anders
    Rocco Anders

    Fox News is the GOPs propaganda arm.

  • Meriem Radhi
    Meriem Radhi

    do any of you guys know if there are people (voters) in the US who exclusively watch Fox news?

  • BloodlessJG

    Americans, a map, lol 😂

  • James Hughes
    James Hughes

    Fox it's a showpiece trial. Also Fox it's boring don't watch it. Schrodinger's impeachment.

  • gcirc

    Fox news was correct most Americans are dumb. True story

  • Atif Shaikh
    Atif Shaikh

    Comedy shows are doing news and news shows are doing comedy.

  • EagerBeaver2218

    And that's why I don't watch Fox News!

    • Connor Richardson
      Connor Richardson

      Because you like to be told what you want to hear?

  • free4lifeau

    Sexy??!?! It is a trail!!! there is nothing sexy about a trial or lying to the people ! ! !

  • DJ MacTab
    DJ MacTab

    Fox News equates to Morons!