Freeway: 'Snowfall' is a Fairy Tale, I Met w/ John Singleton & He Didn't Include Me (Part 11)
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In this clip, Freeway Ricky talked about the hit television series Snowfall that is eerily similar to his story. Freeway Rick said that he doesn't support the show because he's not "into fairy tales." He spoke about being called to be a consultant on the show but declined due to his exclusion from the show's creation.

  • Rontrell Giles
    Rontrell Giles

    Snowfall probably way better without him no hate...but ppl who been threw it better on a documentary

  • Ryan Vason
    Ryan Vason

    snowfall is rick ross story in fairytale form... its a great show though

  • Stephanie Holey
    Stephanie Holey

    How u gonna steal this Man's story & then ask him to consult? Rick is a Man among men!!! KARMA is a bi@#!

  • popcrnshower

    How you gonna hate on something you haven't watched?

  • Elijah Edwards
    Elijah Edwards

    It hurts cause John Singleton is gone

  • Dale Traverso
    Dale Traverso

    How is Snowfall a complete fairytale?

  • V M
    V M

    lol ur bitter ass.snowfall isn't a fairytale.its a fairytale because it didn't include u lol. shut up.ur just bitter.

  • Dekores Wade
    Dekores Wade

    Has it occurred to anybody that Snowfall is a story about a smart kid from a bad neighborhood. Replace cocaine with another drug and Freeway wouldnt be mentioned.

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams

    This is sad because the truth of his movie may not even hit the screen. Look what happened to John Singleton after putting out snowfall he's no longer here. The government is fucked up but we all in some way lived that shit too. Especially growing up in Cali we saw that shit first hand.My dad is Cuban and my mom is black in Cali we grew up around the Mexicans,Cubans, Samoan, Filipinos etc. Family members pimps and hustlers brothers and cousins are originator, uncle's Grandpa's all them was involved in that shit and very aware.Hustler's everywhere smokers everybody knew what time it was. The government didn't fool nobody then and they damn sure ain't fooling nobody today. I guess that's what they mean by the game is to be sold not told. all the more reason why we got to be up on it Mothers/Farthers wake up out the slumber.Remove the bells from over your eyes and take the plugs out of your ears otherwise your kids will be left to be devoured say don't give a fuck about us grown folks know more. It's all about the kids the future and now you see the 90s kids half as got it together and they got half-ass hope. But are 2000 babies they don't even know what's coming and that's where we have to pay attention step up pray over and lead them in the right direction. Who are you, what are you here for and where are you going are you fulfilling your purpose. Things that make you say him😏 May the blessings of YAH be with each and every one. Near and far, young and old.✨👑🖤💯💔🙏😘🙋

  • Adam Casey
    Adam Casey

    y would he watch it..he knows the real story no need to watch a fairly tail about ur life

  • Terrence Davis
    Terrence Davis

    Snowfall is one of the best shows out but with Rick’s involvement we definitely would have gotten a more accurate look into LA during that era. Rick would better represent the street element but something tells me him & John Singleton (RIP) just didn’t work well together

  • Queen Dom
    Queen Dom

    Ricky Ross we still want you to tell your story. Still do a movie please.


    Truth... he didn't live it... exactly.

  • James Papzeey
    James Papzeey

    John Singleton looking like a real sucker right about now 😂😂😂😂

  • geno816

    His story would have been a good movie. Him and Michael Franzese

  • Manii


  • The All Power Team
    The All Power Team

    Rick keeps making the mistake of representing himself. All those "PRE" meetings he has, selling books, showing manuscripts, sharing "ideas" etc.. should be done by his hungry half lion, half shark, half wild hairy hyena with rabies New York Jewish lawyer who loves putting in work. If he had one, he'd have ALL HIS MONEY and there would be no more "coincidences" and just lots of checks being cut in his name!

  • Yvette Lee
    Yvette Lee

    This why people should never show their work these corrupted grimy ass so-called black directors they grimy as f*** get your work legalize in your name so no one can steal it and you can sue.

  • Yvette Lee
    Yvette Lee

    I just have to say John Singleton was grimy stealing his Man story then labeling as Rick Ross story get the f*** out of here.

  • Timothy Hudson
    Timothy Hudson

    Snowfall does not feel like Boyz N The Hood

  • Cyber Police
    Cyber Police

    You are all under arrest

  • Stoney M.
    Stoney M.

    Aint no winners in the drug game

  • lul choc
    lul choc

    This nigga a sucka

  • damien dolce
    damien dolce

    The reason why they couldn't work together is freeway would want his vision while John has his own. Its freeways story but John is telling it. Its like telling a dj what to play.

  • SilverBack Gorilla Gang
    SilverBack Gorilla Gang

    Rick Ross need to pay him for everything he does using his name.

  • SilverBack Gorilla Gang
    SilverBack Gorilla Gang

    It’s fucked up all deez cats getting paid of his reality except him.

  • Its Drayckoo
    Its Drayckoo

    Big meech and freeway deserve a movie or show

  • Eric Gway
    Eric Gway

    God bless the dead but that was a slimey move by him to steal Ricky Ross story and make a series out of it

  • Sergio Borini
    Sergio Borini

    Y’all really think this man is the only guy the CIA used to trade drugs with? Come on!

    • Kwame Rogers
      Kwame Rogers

      Yes to that magnitude yes

  • DTA 4321
    DTA 4321


  • King Daniel
    King Daniel

    Damn let the man talk !!!

  • Chief Jay
    Chief Jay

    The Late Great John Singleton told me himself that Franklin isn't Rick Ross. He's an Hybrid of Him, Waterhead Bo, and Rick Ross. So yes it's a fictional story of a true era. Freeway Rick acts as if he was the only person the CIA used. There were 10's and 20's of other crack dealers in Los Angeles alone that the CIA were giving crack to in order to fund that war on contra. Freeway Rick gets on my nerves.. at the end of the day bro you got yourself in some bullshit and helped hurt a lot of black families at the end of the day fuck you

  • Justin Turner
    Justin Turner


  • the man
    the man

    Geez thatz bs. Snow fall would of been even more better with the real ricky behind it. They need to pay him big money for the new season it does look like its running out of material

  • Wulff G
    Wulff G

    This nigga story is what destroyed us

  • Jumbo 380
    Jumbo 380

    Rozay and John some dirty mufuckas. RIP Js. Though.

  • 5lttrs KingC
    5lttrs KingC

    R.i.p. #JohnSingleton

  • Amber Lynn Wilson
    Amber Lynn Wilson

    Vlad is the most annoying mother****** on the planet. Quit interrupting. What a tool.

  • Lovell Williams
    Lovell Williams

    Foolish the industry is robbing you anyway plus they not letting you in now that John is gone they can use you turn that shit all the way to your DNA it would be easy that's what Melvin Williams did with the wire

  • Millie MoBuckz
    Millie MoBuckz

    “If you die, you’ll die on ya own”.... damn... 6 months later, John Singleton is dead!

    • glekaz 88
      glekaz 88

      Millie MoBuckz same thing i said

  • Artist 254grafitti
    Artist 254grafitti

    Snowfall is an amazing story.. John singleton a legend. No disrespect.. Wouldn't change it

  • dskillet

    Seems like Snowfall includes a little "American Made" up in there too

  • Majima San
    Majima San

    Freeway Rick does know he's not from south central LA right? Lol

  • brent thomas
    brent thomas

    Man, he knew he got fucked, he just can't say it

  • Lil Bank
    Lil Bank

    damn big ricky ross fan and big snowfall fan lol

  • rico pesos
    rico pesos

    They forgot Rick Ross not the first rapper who took his name and claim to fame atleast Freeway from philly never act like he was a kingpin. Besides everybody knew Franklin is Rick Ross in so many other words.

  • Emelio Sanders
    Emelio Sanders

    Freeway my dude

  • LilRayBans

    He’s just mad lol. He’s old and washed up.

    • ElectrikArguement

      Of course he's old now. All this happened over 35yrs ago, lol. Not about being washed up, but yes he's he's pissed cause John took his personal story & idea, changed the names and ran with it. You would be pissed too.


    Majority of hip-hop fucks wit law enforcement n sum shape of form, thats all police shit. Da game, Snoop Jay z, Nipsey, etc. Da list goes on and on, noone just wants to see shit or does recognize shit for what it is due to da lime light. Everyone wanna go viral and wit dat comes a price. All fall short....


    Freeway most likely told himself, he barely got no jail time for all he did. U ain't gotta b on paperwork to snitch, I'm sure he gave enough knowledge bout da game to da feds n form of Intel that got him out of prison. To believe he got out without telling is pure stupidity. Da only niggas who didn't tell was meech and Southwest T.

    • Jerry Solomon Jr
      Jerry Solomon Jr

      Freeway got out because the prosecutors used the 3 strikes law he had 2 strikes but the DA built the case as if it were 3 strikes and he used that to reduce his sentence on appeal

    • MLB DOLO
      MLB DOLO

      If u just listen to all his interviews he give da whole run down, that's tellin and anyone who fucks with Vlad is a cop.vlad says himself he would tell and interviews law inforcement, if u fuck wit cops or any law enforcement ur n da same boat. U are who u hang wit, everyone who sits on his couch for a interview would tell or has told.

  • Henry D
    Henry D

    I don’t believe this is his story at all. Great show

  • ReiMourr Power
    ReiMourr Power

    Ricky 'Rozay' and FX / Dave Andron / Singleton owe this man some respect and ma$$ive checks. Snowfall is masterpiece series and should have had the original "Freeway" Rick Ross involved directly.

  • mccoy1303

    Still wondering why not an American Actor.🤔

  • LovelyAfricanaAmericana

    Snowfall is the shid

  • K. Real
    K. Real

    It is the Ricky Ross story lets be honest I'm from LA it is his story

  • K. Real
    K. Real

    Its fiction based on reality we know its fake


    This clown helped ruined L.A and people love him lol damn idiots

    • Chicago 020883
      Chicago 020883

      Hey dumbass drugs been around before him & gon still be around shit ain't gon never stop..

  • terraine brooks
    terraine brooks

    They should pay Rick his weight in gold and bring him on because this show is FIRE🔥

  • Derek Kissane
    Derek Kissane

    red, yellow, black, or white, you have the dream and drive, you can make a name for yourself if you apply yourself.

  • Terence G
    Terence G

    They have to reach out to rick now!!!! Rip John Singleton snowfall is the best show on tv sign rick Ross wow it could be crazy

  • wavy wave
    wavy wave

    boy fuck freeway and vlad

  • MainManJC

    Well snowfall is lit now!

  • Jacob Medrea
    Jacob Medrea

    vlad, get your mics fixed!

  • Lonn Lawrence
    Lonn Lawrence

    Snowfall could be based on Micheal Harris or Waterhead Bo

  • Wave McKenzie
    Wave McKenzie

    i think theyll wait til hes dead to do a freeway story. they had the 1000 keys movie awhile back.

  • O Tay
    O Tay

    A lot of the kingpins other govt officials supplied to are dead

  • Anthony Foster
    Anthony Foster

    He should've helped out w the show n got that money

  • Death Threatz
    Death Threatz

    Rick looking good and healthy



  • Gareth McClain
    Gareth McClain

    But if they steal his life. Think of this would it a real success with the changing.

  • Adrean Cotton
    Adrean Cotton

    I like Snowfall, I was hoping Freeway Ricky was involved in it somehow.

  • eric mcclure
    eric mcclure

    Everybody has made money off this man's name and story sad for him

  • Marvin Santana
    Marvin Santana

    Vlad shut the FUCK UP and let him talk, DAMN.


    Snowfall is A Dope Show

  • Nike Kiid
    Nike Kiid

    Damn..this nigga said "if u die..u die on yo own..I aint got save u" lmao

  • Pilucci Luccinassi
    Pilucci Luccinassi

    Sound bitter... TV is meant to be fairytale...!!!

  • James white jr
    James white jr

    I don't care what the"F " people say snowfall is the shit everybody will never by happy this show is crazy for public tv .

  • Henry Gee
    Henry Gee

    Free way Willy was God still is ......

  • Richy Rich
    Richy Rich

    Vladtv aka Special Agent Vlad

  • Vanza Music
    Vanza Music

    Every time I see dude he complainin about what someone did to him. Buddy need to stop that victim shit. Dude was not the only mf who sold cocaine in the 80s he just the most famous cuz he got caught up