Gray VS Esdeath (Fairy Tail VS Akame ga Kill!) | DEATH BATTLE!
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  • Acid

    za warudo!

  • Frank Trazo
    Frank Trazo

    Can we also have Kula Diamond vs Frost (MK) vs Rylai vs Mei (Overwatch)? There can be only one (n)ice queen!

  • Eulahio Ornelas
    Eulahio Ornelas

    Should have been Vs Rukia Yo Mask tell these guys if there where a Rukia fight people would lose their Mind!

  • kryptic explosion
    kryptic explosion

    I thought he had HIGH resistance

  • GamerFreak354

    Wayyyy one sided battle😭just looking at the calculations you know who’s gonna we before the fight. Petatons >>>> Gigatons

  • Super60429

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> Episode begins <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="32">0:32</a> Gray Fullbuster <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="315">5:15</a> Esdeath <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="718">11:58</a> DEATH BATTLE! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="904">15:04</a> Post-match analysis <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1056">17:36</a> Next episode preview

  • just a friendly weeb channel
    just a friendly weeb channel

    Is the manga better then the anime

  • GREGG Crawford
    GREGG Crawford

    Me thinking Giorno Giovanna will be in death battle 😣😣

  • Thunder OverlordZ2
    Thunder OverlordZ2

    Battle of ice magic

  • Jacob Pontoni
    Jacob Pontoni

    Spongebob vs Flubber

  • PaladinGear15

    I could tell she'd win thanks to the fact they went on and on about the dude's instakill himself power. either it was gonna be she kills him as he tries to use it, or it kills him and doesn't hurt her.

  • Damion Farr
    Damion Farr

    You guys should do Todoroki and Natsu to

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    Love that Esdeath won, now to make sure that there’s absolute winners. Can u please hire people that actually know the characters you’re using? Not just for anime but for comic, video games etc. cause there’s some death battles that are, let’s just say, straight up pathetic.

  • Isaiah Huerta
    Isaiah Huerta


  • Elisha Johnson
    Elisha Johnson

    Enchantress VS Maleficent.

  • GS925 Gorilla
    GS925 Gorilla

    You should do Elsa vs Jack Frost. (Frozen vs Rise of the Guardians)

  • subway sandwich from subway
    subway sandwich from subway

    Guys don't worry gray is a fairy tail character fairy tail characters can't die

  • Zhao Yun
    Zhao Yun

    Jason Bourne versus James Bond, please?

  • Zhao Yun
    Zhao Yun

    Jason Bourne versus James Bond, please?

  • Sebastian Valerio
    Sebastian Valerio

    Agent 47 vs John Wick!

  • Dat Filthy Casual Gamer
    Dat Filthy Casual Gamer

    I mean, she has death in her name.

  • knows Best
    knows Best

    shouldn't elsa have been invited? would have been awesome to see that

  • Matt Gregor
    Matt Gregor

    Hey can we see a battle between ALITA the battle angel VS KOO JANG YOON of the WITCH?


    Do Meliodas vs Natsu

  • Matt Bowman
    Matt Bowman

    Dante vs Kratos



  • Or Eliasi
    Or Eliasi

    Hitman vs john wick?

  • Viper Slayer
    Viper Slayer

    Esdeath vs Sub Zero Or Esdeath vs Tatsumaki

  • Yourbrother_ Blkbear
    Yourbrother_ Blkbear

    Your Esdeath ice feat from the manga is wrong. She specifically said she froze a large portion of the Country, meaning 1 country, not the entire continent. She even further debunks this when Najenda mentions that what she is doing harms her teammates in the western warfront, she said it's "it's out of this range". I love both fairy tail and Akame ga kill, and both Gray and Esdeath but I cannot see her beating him, especially because of his ice resistance and devil Slayer magic which allows him to eat ice and not only power up but gain it's properties as well. Esdeath has no ice resistance that we know of, so in a real scenario esdeath wouldn't be able to do anything to him. Gray has even dealt with time bending enemies before and as y'all said he can probably absorb her timestop, and use it himself since he's allowed to take the properties of her ice abilities. I really can't see her beating him.

  • BloodMoonFT

    Literally just finished Akame Ga Kill 10 minutes ago. I am very satisfied with this. Power of friendship has no place in this fight.

  • Gus

    Hyouga. Fought, and won, against people faster than light, fought, and sometimes won against gods, can go BEYOND absolute zero (either physically impossible or is anti-energy,) and survived ANOTHER DIMENSION. He went OUTSIDE normal spacetime. Also he gained divinity meaning he can probably move around freely "whenever" time stops (frozen.) All ice users AND time manipulators are screwed. To be fair though Saint Seiya is entirely broken in terms of characters.

  • Ricardo Pagan
    Ricardo Pagan

    Can we get a Azula from Avatar vs Dabi from My Hero Academia?

  • Burhanudin Ardiansyah
    Burhanudin Ardiansyah

    Where aokiji

  • Ikermeny27

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="325">5:25</a> Imagine weighing 52 kilometers

  • TrueKnightGaming

    I need a goku vs naruto put all of the nay sayers to rest

    • Yourbrother_ Blkbear
      Yourbrother_ Blkbear

      Goku would win lol, plus this platform wouldn't put anything to rest just rile up the debate more. 😂

  • Avery Lungstrom
    Avery Lungstrom

    Next you should have Meliodas

  • Reny B. Caspe
    Reny B. Caspe

    I wish i would see a match of Scarlet Witch with any Magic User opponent.

  • NeddyGamer 7684
    NeddyGamer 7684

    Next time on DEATH BATTLE! Staz Charlie Blood (Blood Lad) VS Inuyasha (Inuyasha). Sakura Haruno (Naruto: Shippuden) VS Orihime Inoue (Bleach).

  • Darius G.
    Darius G.

    I just finished watching Akame ga kill too. Let’s get it.

  • Jack DeLuca
    Jack DeLuca

    In the Sonic DS demo, it's shown that Sonic can run so fast that time slows down relative to him. Now, when Sonic hits "top speed", his arms are behind him. But here he hasn't even done that at all, suggesting he can run that fast casually. In the Sonic the hedgehog live action movie , it's shown that Sonic can run so fast that time stops relative to him. sonic can move at the speed of light as shown in sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2, sonic heroes, and in sonic generation's In those games Sonic has his specific Lightspeed Set of moves. The lightspeed dash and light speed attack. Since Sonic Heroes, he can perform the lightspeed attack fast, and didn’t need to charge anymore under his own power. For the lightspeed dash, he no longer needs to charge as of sonic adventure 2. In Sonic Generations, Sonic is easily able to perform the light speed dash by himself without the light speed shoes. in the sonic unleashed manual it states sonic can go anywhere at light speed. One of sonics creators yuji naka stated in a sonic heroes interview that The signature gameplay of the Sonic series is the light speed action blasting through vast stages Sonic is even confirmed faster than the speed of light and the fastest video game character of all time in super interactive annual 2014 sonic the hedgehog book. And in sonic colors ds sonic is faster than a cyan wisp when the cyan wisp is in its cyan laser mode it is literally a laser which proves he is faster than light and sonic is faster than the speed of light in sonic lost world because he outran a laser in the casino level Due to such speed, he can scale vertical surfaces and ceilings, run over water, dodge machine gun fire, dodge lasers, and even cause the ground to explode in his wake. Even then, Sonic can take his speed even further. By revving up in one place, he can take off at turbo speeds in an instant. He can also envelope himself in a blue energy field that lets him accelerate beyond the sound barrier on both the ground and in midair for a short time, allowing him to not only smash straight through enemies and obstacles like a living projectile, but also fly immense distances through midair. In sonic battle he can heal himself by vibrating his body at superhuman speed and in the comics sonic can also vibrate his molecules to pass through solid objects.

  • It’s A Chomp Thing
    It’s A Chomp Thing

    No one is gonna point out spongebob <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a>?

  • Lady Juno
    Lady Juno

    I honestly think Nero from DMC vs Alex Mercer from Prototype would make an amazing Death Battle. Maybe Sam Gideon from Vanquish vs Genos from One Punch Man?

  • Tai Tasso
    Tai Tasso

    ... Weebs.

  • Henry Woo
    Henry Woo

    Who else saw this coming? I mean, Esdeath was so much stronger, kind of a pointless fight if we already know who's going to win.

    • Kolby Miller
      Kolby Miller

      I didn't know the characters very well (specifically Esdeath since I'd never even heard of her anime) so I couldn't have seen it coming. When I saw the analyses I thought she sounded really powerful, but I wanted to see if grey could pull out a win with his different strategies.

  • kaeli Sitri
    kaeli Sitri


  • Watari Piox
    Watari Piox

    very interesting battle, i do like esdeath alittle but she is one of those characters that needs to die

  • Ag Jr
    Ag Jr

    Gray: If I have to give my life, then I'll do it, FOR MY FRIEN- Esdeath: Nope.

  • TC Jr
    TC Jr

    Cool. I just finished watching Agame Ga Kill for the first time today. I can do with more Esdeath

  • Nathan Heinchon
    Nathan Heinchon

    Why not in Japanese

  • King Midas
    King Midas

    Put Issei Hyoudou in death battle

  • Rudy Preston
    Rudy Preston

    Ending me what was that

  • Anthony Gean Garlitos
    Anthony Gean Garlitos

    uhmmmm cringe ice doesnt work on grey because he's a ice demon slayer smh

  • You will Bee
    You will Bee

    I love Akame ga kill top ten fav animes

  • A Meme Page But On Youtube
    A Meme Page But On Youtube

    Esdeath vs Satsuki Kiryuin anyone?

  • Carlos Ojeda
    Carlos Ojeda

    This battle was lame. those characters are nothing interesting. but i guess they running out characters, to put on the show.

  • David Krauss
    David Krauss

    Our Lady Esdeath is always Victorious

  • Raul Martinez
    Raul Martinez

    No, i don't think so

  • Adam Taurus6659
    Adam Taurus6659

    I was about to say,there's ZERO way that gray would stand agaisnt esdeath.

    • Austin Lojzer
      Austin Lojzer

      wholelottaRem no she freezes time literally with ice so it would have no effect on gray and frankly he would have been able to eat all her ice and would be immune to all her attacks just like silver was to gray before. As for when they say esdeath has demon blood (while gray can turn into a half demon and is a demon slayer ), esdeaths being a great tactician doesn’t mean anything tho if gray can keep coming up with new and different things himself proven in the grand wizard tournament when he fought that memory make wizard who was stronger in power and tactics and definitely never let gray use the same trick twice. Also gray couldn’t sense the fact that his literal element was being thrown at him + hasn’t he dodged way faster things. I don’t think they got this one

    • wholelottaRem

      @Anthony Gean Garlitos ice magic* even still esdeath has a sword and shes hella fast and can stop time so even if the ice can't hurt him she still has her trump card and her sword.

    • Anthony Gean Garlitos
      Anthony Gean Garlitos

      uhmm cringe ice does not work on gray because he is an ice demon slayer death battle forgot that important detail

  • Biggest Truk
    Biggest Truk

    LUCK (black clover) V.S KILLUA (hunterxhunter)

  • Julia Janik
    Julia Janik

    I think Gray is stronger than Esdeath... sorry but its just my opinion. Anyway Gray is not strong only because of his friends. Friends are more like motivation to him

  • Zakesprobe

    Mahapadma is just insane. ❤ Gray you my brother but I will be routing for Esdeath in this to watch the video....

  • Wade the Wilson
    Wade the Wilson

    NOPE! She's 100% more powerful, but HE LITERALLY EATS ICE MAGIC TO GET MORE POWERFUL!!! SHE LITERALLY CANNOT HIT HIM! Why did you ignore this? It means she has exactly ZERO chance of winning?

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      Yes, Gray eats ice to replenish his magic reserves. But he specifically eats it on command. His body is not a walking sponge, he must specifically begin to consume ice. As a result, any time that he is not consuming ice, Esdeath can freely use ice attacks against him. And when he does begin, she can use her sword and hand to hand. So either way, Gray eventually gets overwhelmed and killed because of her tactical genius and overwhelming power.

    • Alex Sander
      Alex Sander

      When has gray eaten ice to get more powerful? He can do it in theory but I doubt he has mastered that ability. He was hit pretty easily buy invels ice magic and he didnt eat it even when almost dying so this proves your definitively overestimating how great the ability to eat ice or at least grays ability to eat ice is since he didnt uses it on Invel.

  • La

    This battle and music gave me chills ngl

    • La

      _wait that was a pun goddamnit_

  • Arcaneus Umbra
    Arcaneus Umbra

    Lol too bad ice magic sucks in like every game ever

  • brian flynn
    brian flynn

    Thank you for doing a akame ga kill fight

  • Adrian Maldonado
    Adrian Maldonado

    Wouldn’t Urtear’s essence had stepped in when time was stopped and even the playfield for Gray?

    • MasterPlanPenguin

      Wouldn’t need too. Thanks to Grays devil slayer magic he’s immune to ice. So really since Esdeaths attack isn’t time based but ice based, it honestly shouldn’t effect Gray. Honestly this death battle would not be decided by Esdeaths ice powers it would be on her combat power which she easily trumps Gray in. It would be a battle of could Gray kill her before she got close enough to cut his head off. That’s the real deciding factor.

  • Paul Lacuna
    Paul Lacuna

    I was hoping sub zero could join this with mr freeze

  • Youssef Radwan
    Youssef Radwan

    Saitama vs Dr. Manhattan pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  • Loren Carter
    Loren Carter

    Do Leonardo(tmnt) vs Spyke(x men evolution)

  • AlphaLeader772

    "such a ??? country is hardly worth conquering" Was she talking about Bulgaria?

    • Spaghetti Master
      Spaghetti Master

      She said poultry, meaning it wasn’t worth much.

  • Torris Davison
    Torris Davison

    Can y’all do Uvogin of (HxH) vs Vetto of (Black Clover)

  • Electro•V

    Elsa: Allow me to introduce myself

  • KShark236

    Esdeath is anime wifu

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James

    Sephiroth vs kefka

  • Local Regend Savior of France
    Local Regend Savior of France

    Akame Ga Kill representatives? Very badass

  • sᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀʏ BôBâ
    sᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀʏ BôBâ

    YESSS MY BABY WONNNNN *slow claps for the loser*

  • Arnas Kazlauskas
    Arnas Kazlauskas

    Hey death battle how about a rematch? Doomslayer vs chief

  • ROEMON Chris
    ROEMON Chris


  • RobbyTheRogue

    Big mistake in the episode here, Slayer magic users are immune to their own element. The only exception is being attacked by their element that they created, Esdeath threw an arm of ice at him and even if it did hit him then he could pull it out and eat it to heal.

    • Alex Sander
      Alex Sander

      @RobbyTheRogue Invel ice magic was a bit nonsensical. His "pure" ice magic was partly body manipulation magic somehow. Ice slave and ice lock had almost nothing to do with ice.

    • RobbyTheRogue

      @Alex Sander Unless he froze the moisture in the air and, if i remember correctly applied a 'One has to die to save the other' thing to it. Your probably right at this point but Fairy Tail does do convoluted magic stuff.

    • Alex Sander
      Alex Sander

      @RobbyTheRogue no you theory doesn't work because his magic was obviously ice magic. I mean ice lock had the word ice in it and it made a collars and chains out of ice. Freezing chains into existence is the same as making ice chains. Plus gray could copy his magic with ice make. Also even if it was pure freezing if gray had true cold immunity then it still wouldn't have affected him. It still made ice and gray should still have resistance to it which he did as Invel stated but Invel ice overpowered gray resistance.

    • RobbyTheRogue

      @Alex Sander And it was described as 'Pure' Ice magic, the ability to 'Freeze' anything. I took this to mean he didn't manipulate ice but merely turned something into a frozen state, like the reverse of Gray's Ice Make magic as it doesn't manipulate Ice but turns things into a frozen state like flipping a switch but with the precision to make the things he did. If he was able to do more then that then I didn't see him do it, he was only fighting for a handful of chapters in the manga though.

    • Alex Sander
      Alex Sander

      False Invel ice maguc easily hurt gray. So not true immunity. And if he was stabbed in the heart he's dead before he could pull it out to eat and heal.

  • Untitled Goose Name
    Untitled Goose Name

    when are you guys gonna do erza vs emiya? there are some good analyses out there and i think i know who would win but you guys are the most thorough when it comes to these things