Hardest WWE Royal Rumble Quiz Ever
WhatCulture Wrestling
How much do you know about the WWE Royal Rumble? Adam Wilbourn decided to test the WhatCulture crew on their knowledge with a Bloody Good Quiz!
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  • WhatCulture Wrestling
    WhatCulture Wrestling

    If you like this, what topics do you think we should do for future quizzes? Also, Simon lives about 300 miles away so unfortunately can't be in these. Maybe one day!

    • Jan Smitowicz, Author
      Jan Smitowicz, Author

      As many of these as possible please!!

    • David Smith
      David Smith

      Another idea is to do another version of the Wrestlemania quiz. But do a different style. Record each person answering all 35 questions, with a headshot camera. Then Wilbourn asks the question directly into a headshot camera. Then put them each on the screen like the Brady bunch, with a correct answer tally for each. I don’t know if you have the budget/tech for all that, but it would be a fantastic 20-25 minute video for Wrestlemania weekend, especially if you need something to post while traveling. (This would also allow Simon to be a part, if he wanted, via Skype).

    • David Smith
      David Smith

      It might be a bit niche, but I would love to see a WCPW quiz, highlighting each question with a clip of the correct answer, after someone gets it right.

    • JennyFrmDaBlck

      The Big 4 PPV's Also didnt think those questions were too hard

    • EddieRoadDogg

      Championships lineage and history is always good with ripe trivia. Even a viewer game would be excellent as well. I love trivia myself.

  • Scorpion Slayer 77
    Scorpion Slayer 77

    May I could also be the part of this quiz one day......

  • Mitchell Pape
    Mitchell Pape

    For once Simon Miller do one of these

  • Alex BOWER
    Alex BOWER

    Got one! Not including this year’s Royal Rumble, how many times was Roman Reigns in the top 4?

  • Kevin

    4:04 I know that one w/o needing the options: 2007!!!

  • Alex Venthem
    Alex Venthem

    Before the last question i counted, glad i got it right 😂

  • AJ Evans
    AJ Evans

    Adam Cleary: I need to poop Wins the hardest royal rumble quiz

  • partyboyprior

    Should definitely do more you tube quizes me and my mates love playing them see who gets it right before one of you guys the loser or loser's by the end of the video have to do a forefit 🙈😅

  • Mr KoolBreeze69
    Mr KoolBreeze69

    Just setup a scheduled DATE so Simon can DRIVE or FLY DWN to the studio to participate, either that or SKYPE IN & be the 1 READ'N the questions.

  • American Tea Time
    American Tea Time

    Clery ruins absolutely everything he's a part of. Just go away.

  • Mossadiq Ahmed Khan
    Mossadiq Ahmed Khan

    we want more QUIZZES

  • Freedom elf
    Freedom elf


  • Freedom elf
    Freedom elf

    Shortest to tallest wow

  • Nate D
    Nate D

    I love this! My suggestion is match the injury to the wrestler. Please do more!

  • Jason A. Voorhees
    Jason A. Voorhees

    Hamfelett is a fucking boss

  • Jan Smitowicz, Author
    Jan Smitowicz, Author

    I would watch one of these every single day in my life

  • Matt Norton
    Matt Norton

    I've got a good one. Who was the first #4 entrant in Royal Rumble history to be eliminated first?

    • Matt Norton
      Matt Norton

      @Alex BOWER No, but close.

    • Alex BOWER
      Alex BOWER

      Matt Norton Was it Liv Morgan?

  • thegantz87

    This was fantastic

  • Double Down
    Double Down

    It looked like Clery gave Sidgwick a hard on right there....

  • CDestine Couch
    CDestine Couch

    I'm liking Clery's push over these last few months! 😂

  • Mark Kincaid
    Mark Kincaid

    I love Phil's shirt "One giant leap for Mankind"

  • YoshiRocks57

    All these Rumble degenerates not knowing the Santino question

  • Derrick Castle
    Derrick Castle

    No questions at all from 80s, 90s or early 2000s.....most millennial royal rumble trivia ever

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena

    Please answer in a form of a question...oh,wait!

  • Phyrexian Juggernaut
    Phyrexian Juggernaut

    I'm cheering for Phil!

  • Unusual K
    Unusual K

    Whys Simon Miller never in these type of things??

  • Andrew Greene
    Andrew Greene

    I won. I slip into the finals off the second Semi finals. Nikki Bella eliminated last by Asuka. 🤓

  • Nemesick TV
    Nemesick TV

    Funny More Quizes please.

  • theleerjetone

    this was fun

  • JDizaster

    I get more of the quick little references because I listen to the podcast. Makes me feel like I'm in on the joke. Cheers, guys. 🍻

  • Scott Walsh
    Scott Walsh

    As long as Sidgwick doesn’t win I’m good

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    This was amazing. Please do more!!

  • Randy G
    Randy G

    Okay you guys have to keep going with this concept cause this was really entertaining 😎✌😂

  • Panic Attack with BIG John
    Panic Attack with BIG John

    somebody feed Chambers that guy looks sickly skinny

  • Zachary Grieco
    Zachary Grieco

    Hey this was fun! Consider doing this around Wrestlemania time!

  • Flame God 420
    Flame God 420

    U guys r dumg

  • Kris Gimberlin
    Kris Gimberlin

    I love your shirt Adam!

  • Arkamouli Debnath
    Arkamouli Debnath

    Who were those 11 winners at first attempt in Royal Rumble??

  • Jude Dickinson
    Jude Dickinson

    Hamflett looks like Vladimir Koslov

  • John Lanham
    John Lanham

    I'm proud of myself. Answered every question correctly. The hardest one was the one who entered the most rumbles without an elimination. Of course after hearing the options, I knew it

  • who610055

    Omg do more of these

  • Xrapzz

    this was fun do more of these.

  • Steven Christy
    Steven Christy

    Not sure if you guys knew this but the rumble was around before 2006 so you could've asked questions from before then

  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper

    Do more of these, this was awesome content seeing them all compete, by far my favorite wresting related channel!!

    • Peter Piper
      Peter Piper

      Except Sidgwick and his hate for wrestling. Maybe if he just “sighed” less he’d be bearable!! Haha

  • Coffin

    Hamflett is whatculture’s walter

  • Leon Godfrey
    Leon Godfrey

    With the last question who exactly won in their appearance? I only know Brock n Shinsuke

    • Leon Godfrey
      Leon Godfrey

      @TheDeviantPro Thanks

    • TheDeviantPro

      The 11 people who won the match in their first appearance are Jim Duggan in 1988, Big John Studd in 1989, Ric Flair in 1992, Yokozuna in 1993, Lex Luger in 1994, Vince McMahon in 1999, Brock Lesnar in 2003, Chris Benoit in 2004, Alberto Del Rio in 2011 and Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka in 2018

  • Im Fallout
    Im Fallout

    U diss my Finlay u get these hands

  • Troy Trav
    Troy Trav

    can we do this for the rest of the "big 5" ppv's?

  • Keith Rogers
    Keith Rogers

    That was fun. I hope you guys do do one of these again. Maybe one about WrestleMania.?

  • mexchewy

    I like this! This was fun!

  • Ashok Sharma
    Ashok Sharma

    Congratulations Adam Clary

  • Ashok Sharma
    Ashok Sharma


  • Ashok Sharma
    Ashok Sharma

    Nikki Bella

  • Ashok Sharma
    Ashok Sharma


  • Ashok Sharma
    Ashok Sharma


  • Ashok Sharma
    Ashok Sharma

    Charlotte flair

  • Ashok Sharma
    Ashok Sharma


  • Ashok Sharma
    Ashok Sharma


  • Ashok Sharma
    Ashok Sharma


  • Ashok Sharma
    Ashok Sharma