Harry and Meghan’s Royal Exit Explained | The Daily Show
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The queen calls an emergency family meeting following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from their royal duties, and Trevor looks at the racially charged headlines that have been targeted at Meghan. #TheDailyShow
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  • dorothee michele
    dorothee michele

    When Kate does something, she gets all the glory and unicorns. Yet Meghan does the same thing or something entirely different, it's a scandal and brits get upset that they're leaving

  • B Jor
    B Jor

    This is some funny shit...everyone is talking like Harry personally talked to them about what he feels...lol😂😂😂 wether royal or not there are alot of people going thru this once someone bad mouths you and the cycle goes on there is nothing you can do...if they are strong they will find themselves and become stronger and what the press is saying wont hurt them...this is everyday life get over it...o he he...🙄🤣🙂

  • Lady A
    Lady A

    MA was living with them!! Its over now. ussofts.info/hd/video/2ILboLWev3bLg20 Scroll down on comments or just look up announcement ban on using ROYAL in branding! Harry coming home! Yipeeeee

  • culero perros
    culero perros

    4:50 they work for the queen i new it lol

  • culero perros
    culero perros

    0:25 wen ur grandma pulls up to beat ur ass

  • Richard Kambinda
    Richard Kambinda

    Min. 05:42=> "Fudge"? You mean 'vaccines'. Right??

  • trumpit 2020
    trumpit 2020

    Harry will end with Nothing, Nothing.

  • Sadia Afrin
    Sadia Afrin

    Megan is the luckiest girl


    They called Kate names, abused her.. It all depends on what tabloid you read. It cuts both ways!

  • Wairimu Mutiti
    Wairimu Mutiti

    That is all true about Harry being a gentleman and a bn protective husband. Just the opposite of Prince Charles.

    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba

      He never wanted to be a prince or a royal, but I wish him and Meghan all the best.

  • Jeena Alfredo
    Jeena Alfredo

    The Royals Gonna Sell Clothes and Toys techandmedialaw.com/trademark-rights-in-sussex-royal-brand/

  • Albert Salazar
    Albert Salazar

    Change and growth, its inevitable. Go with the flow and enjoy life the way God meant. you motherfuckers.

  • Bundles of Love
    Bundles of Love

    @Trevor... Your hilarious 😂

  • Michele Manuel
    Michele Manuel

    If princess Dianna was alive, she would be proud of her son Harry who walked away from his royal duties and put his family first. God Bless Meghan, Harry, and Archie, I wish them nothing but happiness.

    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba

      I hope so, may she rest in peace.

  • Alex tsmmi
    Alex tsmmi

    Jay Z 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ash Win
    Ash Win

    Koreans don't eat dogs dumbass

  • Keli A. Geancamp
    Keli A. Geancamp

    He left the fold and into the wolf's jaws. He doesn't get it. Mr. Noah, the house of Windsor is not unexcepting of a black person, divorce is highly frowned on, but not a reason. The emergency was losing a sheep. His heart is hard, over the media. He didn't learn that his mom died for because Fayed was the target. She was collateral damage. The oil interest who are his friends the wolves in this example. Nothing more or less. Windsor house is not racist, or is it fascist. Slam the resistance much?

  • Nicole Andromidas
    Nicole Andromidas

    1:26 got me dead 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Carolyn Minter
    Carolyn Minter

    Screw that racist country and the two or more racist members of the royal family. All of them can go straight to hell!

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog

    Trevor sucks dick

  • peace and love
    peace and love

    High class British prince marry American street girl!!!

  • Senad Bajrami
    Senad Bajrami

    Megan is a fraud

  • Ashley Ingram
    Ashley Ingram

    I can’t lmfao I had to rewind 3 times. Queen rolling up listening biggies 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂why y’all do that ... Trevor........😂😂😂

  • Kalitz Channel
    Kalitz Channel

    Love to Harry&Meghan and baby ❤

  • lea robins
    lea robins

    How can they be so fucking evil

  • Tafara Ronald Matongo
    Tafara Ronald Matongo

    A drive by by the Queen. Trevor kkk

  • Kaholi Y Zhimo
    Kaholi Y Zhimo

    93 year old queen driving 😎😎😎

  • blairbushproject

    Trevor throws in a clip of the queen with biggie beats. I fell over.

  • Che Hughes
    Che Hughes

    Since when are Blackamoors offensive?

    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba

      No idea

  • keinuser

    billgatesfudge.com is not real! I already prepared my credit card! Damn you, Trevor!

  • beesprimetimenetwork


  • carolyn carter
    carolyn carter

    Good for them! May God protect and watch over them.

  • Najat Ahmed
    Najat Ahmed

    I'm totally shocked 😲... Why hating her?

  • Christopher Rod
    Christopher Rod

    That lady who had the racist broach should’ve had her title revoked by the Queen. Ridiculous.

  • Snuffy Smif
    Snuffy Smif

    The sad irony of racial bigotry and xenophobia lies in the way it proves that the bigots themselves, are the inferior ones because they are clearly too emotionally crippled to realize the utter folly of their blind ignorance.

  • Snuffy Smif
    Snuffy Smif

    A man is supposed to protect his woman, no matter what. Charles failed, miserably... Harry refuses to!

    • Dennis Pearson
      Dennis Pearson

      Awesome Statement!!! You Hit the Nail on the Head!!!!

  • C E
    C E

    Historically illiterate bafoons The Black-a-Moors ruled Spain for over 792 years King James aka Yacobus Hibernians Rex was Black as were all the Royal houses of Europa prior to the Catholic Church Assassinating his son Prince Charles. In fact Europa was a Black-a-Moor Empress Doh!👀👁👁

  • Eunice Foster
    Eunice Foster

    She looks like a clone

  • jackie archer
    jackie archer

    The broach part was not racist, those broach shows the Moors in royal attire, and it signifies the British Moorish heritage. Megan is not the first, second, or third person of African descent to be in that bloodline, I have Moor broaches and I wear them in honor of my ancestry, love your show Trevor

  • SkullDUDE101

    that hip hop thang was really DOPE

  • Vegan Nurse Practitioner
    Vegan Nurse Practitioner

    Silly, that's a man in a suit's hand driving, the queen isn't, lol

  • Ladan Weheliye
    Ladan Weheliye

    The whole thing is absurd seeing as their adorable son is as white as snow. 😳 Meghan should’ve just given them a fitting reply, but I am certain living a life in freedom is much more preferable. And royalty is anyway overrated and their mandate is as fake as their church. Read Thomas Paine to understand why royal arguments made by conservatives are false.

  • Xman8184

    @çeci n’est pas une pipe. Right and don't you forget that he lost his mother to it all. So what else does he need to give every day this man is in the royal mix he has to be reminded of how an what his mother went through, he owes no one anything. He is going to protect his wife and kids from the nonsense, and i don't blame him. People need to get to reality and tend to their own business. You all will get over it!

  • nomcebo hlatshwako
    nomcebo hlatshwako

    Prince Harry is everything woman's dream.

  • Geraldine C
    Geraldine C

    The British media absolutely racist. That brooch not so much per its history of depicting black aristocrats. Please look it up. I was curious too: www.haaretz.com/israel-news/culture/MAGAZINE-why-the-world-got-racist-royal-jewelry-wrong-1.5630137

  • standrew

    1:11 I just can't get enough of this part! The Queen is an OG, if Diana's death wasn't just an accident, but a well thought out plot then you know that old Queen is a straight up gangsta.

  • Lilou ou
    Lilou ou

    what's racist in this broche? so it's ok to wear this exact same broche if it's a white person, but not ok if it's a black one ? Truth is, it's americans who are completely racist because they are obsessed about race and see it everywhere ... Seriously how osbessed about race you gotta be to even think about race here...

  • Eduaardo Fidelis
    Eduaardo Fidelis

    Yeah, run Meg run!

  • Baby Dragon
    Baby Dragon

    Harry is husband goal 😀

  • Zedrea off grid
    Zedrea off grid

    OMG you are funny

  • GrizDrummer25

    When Fox runs out of American gossip to sensationalize, they turn to International Affairs that should really only stay within the afflicted family. But, you know, "news".

  • Ojay Negai Tee
    Ojay Negai Tee

    Sitting back and waiting for the dramas when they divorced ehhehhhe😁

  • our hearts delight
    our hearts delight

    You are too funny!

  • Lamont Tanksley
    Lamont Tanksley

    When the queen stopped and looked at the camera, I thought she was going to throw up the deuces.

  • Shruti Tamizhselvi
    Shruti Tamizhselvi

    People around the world calling Megan a narcissist kinda seems funny. That is not how you diagnose a disorder.

  • I Brownie
    I Brownie

    That's gangster...Yo, give my wife a job, I love it☺😘💕🔥



  • Jenna Brook
    Jenna Brook

    We’re talking about this but not his child rapist brother ?

  • Hawa Ahmad
    Hawa Ahmad

    Meghan .. the Woman who changes a Prince into a Frog!

  • Serafern

    he said shes black hqhahah