Henry Cavill Explains The Witcher
Screen Junkies
Hal checks in with Henry Cavill and the cast of The Witcher to explain just exactly a Witcher even is - it's The ScreenJunkies Show!
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Henry Cavill Explains The Witcher
Hosted by Hal Rudnick
Edited by Randy Whitlock
Produced by Billy Patterson
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Production Coordinator: Ryan O'Toole
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
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  • Nirmal Weerasinghe
    Nirmal Weerasinghe

    Games are famous not books. get ure facts together 1st

  • Gabrielle Dee
    Gabrielle Dee


  • Rowanmun

    Gizmo isnt a gremlin, he's a mogwai

  • Holum

    Y'all are on 6.66 mil subscribers

  • Mike Hollis
    Mike Hollis

    I haven't watched anything screen junkies for a long time. But watching this video just reminds me of how awesome Hal is

  • Nothing yet
    Nothing yet

    Omg he so annoying, I'd rather have him stop existing than undo the damage of Australia fires...

  • Bu Morgan
    Bu Morgan

    He is the better version of the necromancer of diablo 3 the game

  • Satish Rengarajan
    Satish Rengarajan

    The interviewer is a bit annoying

  • Eric

    6:52 - "Leatherface" .. "Silver"... "Yes." Uhhhh no, Leatherface is definitely a man.

  • MrGerbik

    Hal should really never be in front of the camera, he's just terrible

  • Gabriel Mohan
    Gabriel Mohan

    Why do people hate the Witcher?

  • Soufian W
    Soufian W

    What an annoying man.

  • leonthepromoreno

    5:49 WRONG!!! And right at the same time. Xenomorph is not a magical creature from different dimension, it's an animal from different planet. I would use metal sword, It will go through It's flesh easier. On the other hand, silver is a precious metal, not completely impervious to Alien's acid blood, but will possibly last longer in a fight.

  • leonthepromoreno

    Where is Witcher's Honest BOOBS Trailer?

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe

    Oh lord you are incredibly annoying, Hal.

  • volclaire1

    the interviewer need to be put into Trial of the Grasses

  • Theresa Sullivan
    Theresa Sullivan

    Loved the bard and his song!!


    The only thing I learned about "The Witcher" is that Hal is incredibly annoying & negate any interest in following Screen Junkies.

  • Tom Seymour
    Tom Seymour

    Hal, you are the most annoying human being on planet Earth

    • KatarnCrusader

      Even Jar Jar Binks would tell him "Tone it down!"

  • Epsit Ghodke
    Epsit Ghodke

    do the Witcher Honest Trailer

  • Jorel

    Average day of a witcher: Henry should of said "... a lot of gwent"

  • ghosttimer

    Was it just me or did anyone else hear that soul being crushed.

  • J C
    J C

    Jesus, this guy is desperate. What a pain in the hole

  • Lizzie Booth
    Lizzie Booth

    Hal brings out he best in HC, I swear.

  • Vanessa Cabrera
    Vanessa Cabrera

    I feel that the interviewer was the center of attention through the whole video and then there was Henry Cavil talking for like 30s before focusing on the interviewer... again

  • NIM

    did anyone see jaby koay in the back ground

  • Michael Buckelew
    Michael Buckelew

    When they do press for season 2, how many people will toss a coin to Henry Cavill?

  • bowelsoftrogdor

    Hal is the worst.

  • Pranvat Gulati
    Pranvat Gulati

    I like how the bar lowkey destroyed the anchor

  • Pranvat Gulati
    Pranvat Gulati

    Pls release roach solo interview

  • FranKiie XIV
    FranKiie XIV

    this guy is super annoying tbh

  • Balaji mudaliar
    Balaji mudaliar

    Honest trailer for the witcher and daredevil (Netflix) please

  • Sauce Gang Supreme of the Bray’s
    Sauce Gang Supreme of the Bray’s

    God this interviewer is annoying

  • Jai Mishra
    Jai Mishra

    A better person should have been interviewing Henry and the others...

  • Phim Asplund
    Phim Asplund

    We need Honest Trailer of Witcher 😁

  • Quinton Nam
    Quinton Nam

    lol the interview with Roach floored me lol

  • Mary Gameplays
    Mary Gameplays

    this interviewer is so bad his voice feels like a 7-minute-migraine-inducing tinnitus

  • FiJiJo Art
    FiJiJo Art

    Hey when are you going to make an honest trailer of this movie. The game one is old so there is room now for the movie

  • Sweedindeed

    I love when interviewers haven’t read the books or played the games and interview people about that very same topic. No credibility or reasonable explanation to listen to them.

  • Elizabeth Rivers
    Elizabeth Rivers

    Henry Cavill's level of sarcasm in interviews is a mood

    • Passione Nera
      Passione Nera

      Good old British sarcasm.

    • burny6666


  • miaubella

    henry is such a good actor!

  • kane bellic
    kane bellic

    he looks like a ape 1:54

  • Dee Gravelrama
    Dee Gravelrama

    Is Leatherface not a human? Or were you not paying attention to her answer because she's hot? In which case you are forgiven... Or if he's a monster & she got it right go ahead & pelt me with your twitter tomatoes & what not internet.

  • Wormhole Fairy
    Wormhole Fairy

    What a pest

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    So uncivilized

  • Victor Yeo
    Victor Yeo

    Hal is trying to give Gizmondo a run for it’s money

  • Sandra Nelson
    Sandra Nelson

    I really liked the horse. Should have interviewed the horse more.

  • Talha Amir
    Talha Amir

    Honest trailer for The Witcher Please

    • The Proclaimed
      The Proclaimed

      Talha Amir gonna have to settle for the honest trailer of Witcher 3

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith

    That fella was quite annoying and I could tell the white haired woman was irritated

  • TooManyBrownies

    Honest trailer the witcher with a bonus 'oh f**k' round lol

  • ochi henry
    ochi henry

    well, the singer was good..soooo oo

  • JimmyBasquiat

    Witchers do not kill people. Both swords are for monsters. Jeez.

  • Giorgi Tabidze
    Giorgi Tabidze

    How about an honest trailer of Netflix's the Witcher?

  • Millio

    No one giving shout outs to that bard for that amazing improvisation with the shitty interviewer's responses

  • Scifisam

    Sorry, but personally I find Hal to be NOT funny in the least. The only part of this video worth watching is every word out of Henry Cavill's mouth. A major class act that one (based on this interview anyway) Even when Hal tried to turn it into crap Cavill turned it around (loved the "they're still looking for me in Hungary" comment.) If I didn't want to see this show before, I do now based on Cavill's words alone.

  • ZdenekLU

    Wthat the hell? The interviewer?? It's Hal Spudnick, that's how he suppose to be!

  • RibsRulesDood

    this dude Hal sucks

  • 5055672439

    Top kek at the Wutang Clan

  • Riratos

    Yeah I would use silver, cause he's monster annoying

  • Altrim J90
    Altrim J90

    What bookkk the gameee is the best