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Since you guys REALLY asked for this one - We sat and watched all eight movies (20 HOURS of Harry Potter!) so you could relive the moment or two you liked.
NOTE: For those of you complaining about the different voice - we used the ACTUAL Voice of the ACTUAL Harry Potter Trailers to read it! So quit complaining... Don't believe us? Listen here: ussofts.info/hd/video/xqC1qsu_0KXdhY4
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Honest Trailers: Harry Potter Credits
Directed by Andy Signore
Executive Producer Mitch Rotter
Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner
Episode Written by Gina Ippolito, Spencer Gilbert, Jason Shapiro and Andy Signore
Edited by Dan Murrell
Voiceover Narration by Jon ussofts.info
As always let us know in the comments what movie you wanna see next!
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  • Н. Ж.
    Н. Ж.

    I would give my half life (not the game) for one night with 20 yr old Emma Watson..

  • Amanda Lopes Pontes
    Amanda Lopes Pontes

    Only someone who has never touched the books, let alone read them, could say that Ron was totally useless.

  • 1 of 3
    1 of 3

    Still the BEST HONEST TRAILER!!!!

  • Emma Guillemette
    Emma Guillemette

    Ha ha

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy

    "Michael Jackson" 😂👏

  • Natalie Robida
    Natalie Robida


  • a random slytherin
    a random slytherin

    Ron isn't useless :/

  • Amy Clarke
    Amy Clarke

    Hp 00s gf 🤣h d h r

  • christine fitz
    christine fitz

    “Ron really let himself go”

  • Line

    Hey I was 1 y.o. when the first film appeared I wasn't lazy. Still haven't read the books, but listened. (no timeeeee)

  • Dacia HOdgetts
    Dacia HOdgetts

    “Ron really let himself go”

  • Natalie Moriah
    Natalie Moriah

    The reason they dont need math/English is because they dont come to Hogwarts until they're eleven, which means they already have a basic understanding and knowledge of those things

  • Janne Michaelis
    Janne Michaelis

    Since when is Chamber of Secrets the one everyone hates? The first to movies are the best in the series in my opinion...

  • Arshia Choudhury
    Arshia Choudhury

    “British thespians yelling nonsense” *Dumbledore says Rubeus Hagrid*

  • Éirevatska

    Warwick Davis.

  • H Shogdar
    H Shogdar

    Please do The Human Centipede!!

  • Nata Kirich
    Nata Kirich

    Don't you dare to offend my sweety ginger pumpkin!

  • Beatriz D
    Beatriz D

    Everybody seems to forget that Voldemort is only noseless cuz he was brought back with a spell/potion of dark magic, I assume that in the beginning he had a nose, he was Tom Riddle after all😂 This honest trailer was very funny though😂

  • Lwazi Neo Canca
    Lwazi Neo Canca

    Please do Power Rangers

  • Rushil Motamarri
    Rushil Motamarri

    This is the movie, not the books

  • Athena Tan Yi Min
    Athena Tan Yi Min

    Damn this dude sounds like Janice from SortedFood 😂

  • Karyn Camille
    Karyn Camille

    Who else is geeking out watching this? I'm about to go host a HP marathon. ❤️ BTW, where my Hufflepuffs at??? 💛💛💛

  • ZoeyTheOreo

    Quidditch is literal garbage The only thing that matters is the seeker catching the snitch

  • Topaz SheWyvern
    Topaz SheWyvern

    Chamber of Secrets is my fav.

  • Tex Meta
    Tex Meta

    Emma Watson was my childhood crush and always will be. Makes it better that she’s literally real life Hermione. Amazing person.

  • Mandrakes Movie
    Mandrakes Movie

    Rupert Grint probably saw this....

  • Fancy Pants
    Fancy Pants

    And Warwick davis

  • baba yaga
    baba yaga

    vladimir putin !! 😂😂

  • aurel cruz
    aurel cruz

    I always thought Harry Potter is childish version of lord of rings.

    • GarGarComedy

      No way. Lord of the rings cgi fight scenes are childish: each main character can kill 500 orcs each with one hand. Pure bull🤣

  • Youri van Geldrop
    Youri van Geldrop

    Quidditch doesn't make sense because the game only ends when the golden snitch is catched. There is no time limit to it. So why even bother to score goals.. lmao

  • bureora

    Ok guys it's been six years, why is no one talking about the Hairy Old Man 😭😭

  • Amenla Chishi
    Amenla Chishi

    Please do Johnny sins

  • Nicholas Challenger
    Nicholas Challenger

    "After she turned 18." Um, she wasn't 18 in any of them.

    • Eugene Frolov
      Eugene Frolov

      Emma Watson was born in 1990. 6,7,8 movies came out after 2008.

  • Ankit sharma
    Ankit sharma

    But why would anyone hate chamber of secrets??

  • Jacob Pelletier
    Jacob Pelletier

    Dude the golden snitch really is bullshit let's be honest 🙄

  • Motivational Daily
    Motivational Daily

    Hahhah Ginger spice

  • Motivational Daily
    Motivational Daily

    I gagged at Vladimir Putin

  • Portantes Beneficia
    Portantes Beneficia

    They predicted that Dumbledoor is gay

  • TheAGTubeStop

    "And where child endangerment, is no big deal"... "Seriously, How is this school not shut down?"

  • Spiderman Pro
    Spiderman Pro

    "Your first erection" I died at that part

  • ActionZfilms Productions
    ActionZfilms Productions

    Magisterium is WAY better series.

  • Alexandra Petuhova
    Alexandra Petuhova

    Just yesterday me and my dad were arguing about which movie's better and him saying that Chamber of Secrets is the best

  • Dory Smith
    Dory Smith

    “Gandalf the Gay”

  • Divya Rao
    Divya Rao


  • pumpkinspic3

    ik some people hated the chamber of secrets and i like it its just not my favorite lol, like i guess it wasnt as exciting as the other ones, like its just about a cursed book and stabbing a monster. PLEASE DONT HATE ME

  • Silviu

    I don't get it, you do trailers for the most boring of movies but could not make a separate trailer for each HP movie?

  • Anne Ebben
    Anne Ebben

    The 150 pt ball is not bullshit! it's GOLD AND HAS WINGS AND A WILL TO BE FREE

  • Lauren

    I fucking lost it at “Hodor” 🤣🤣🤣

  • James Smithe
    James Smithe

    Just discovered honest trailers; so funny. I guess I'll spend a couple of hours checking them out.

  • Andy Thomas
    Andy Thomas

    This could be funny if it was funny.

  • jazziel totti
    jazziel totti

    He only meant she was hot after she turned 18 xD haha hilarios and clever! you pervs lol

  • MrBikashchachan

    This trailer sucks... And listen you muggle you can't attract a real Potter head like me..

  • Selena Pap
    Selena Pap

    I died at "Hairy Old Man"!

  • Tom Morgans
    Tom Morgans

    Please do Rick and Morty

  • Sophia Elisa
    Sophia Elisa

    ... yelling nonsense! "rubeus hagrid"

  • tom cool
    tom cool

    There a lot of nerds, geek, dork and fanboys who is outrage here

  • sobia nabeel
    sobia nabeel

    Ron isn't useless

  • JANYA potterhead
    JANYA potterhead

    Beautiful. Thank you !

  • Asian Dod
    Asian Dod

    *She wasn't 18 in the last 3 movies* 😅😑😕😬😦😥😲😧😰😮😱

    • Asian Dod
      Asian Dod

      @Nerd Empire Oh

    • Andy Thomas
      Andy Thomas

      An actress portraying an underage person makes it not okay to be suggestive.

    • Nerd Empire
      Nerd Empire

      Asian Dod The actress Was

  • 3myr Ryamo
    3myr Ryamo

    I love COS, I think POA is VERRRRRRRRRY overrated. (The book. BUT THE MOVIE IS SUPERIOR).

    • 3myr Ryamo
      3myr Ryamo

      Eadaoin Murphy Oh okay.

    • Eadaoin Murphy
      Eadaoin Murphy

      Movie I love all the books

    • 3myr Ryamo
      3myr Ryamo

      Eadaoin Murphy Movie or book?

    • Eadaoin Murphy
      Eadaoin Murphy

      I hate the HBP the rest are okay