How I Survived Actual Military Warzone
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This is a true story by somebody who we will not be able to reveal and it's about how he actually survived being in army / military combat.

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  • Z A I
    Z A I

    This was probably one of the best USsofts videos I’ve ever seen. Like watching a modern military movie. I was so invested in this dudes life it really was nerve racking.

    • Spike The Dilophasauras
      Spike The Dilophasauras

      @Aaron Carroll Lol smae

    • live 922
      live 922

      Every USMC movie: 😑😐

    • uwu Playz
      uwu Playz

      I agree

    • Biggy _07
      Biggy _07


    • Silverfllame1

      I 200% completely agree this was the best USsofts video I was also invested in this!

  • lazar vidakovic
    lazar vidakovic

    Should not show this video to iran soldiers

  • Connor Burns
    Connor Burns

    11:49 why is this idiot wearing sunglasses at night

  • Simon Berglund
    Simon Berglund

    Whar rank where you as you semmed to give order to the team?

  • DubedPanda KP
    DubedPanda KP

    Dangg bro what was it like in boot?


    The “terrorists” fighting were heartbroken and bitter men wanting revenge for their family members we dismembered.


      Always thankful for our soldiers but why are we their in the first place

  • Akilesh L
    Akilesh L

    The Bradley has a big gun you know

  • NEKOmancer

    More war story plz

  • Cris Robert Felder
    Cris Robert Felder

    Can the m249 guy aim

  • Muddo

    Trump would've been like Nuke them

  • Drive ssjm
    Drive ssjm

    Wow, our military messed up a lot in Iraq, don't forget the first casualties from US was because the US accidentally messed up coordinates and dropped the bombs on the Platoon that asked for air support. That's a BIG FCKN MISTAKE...

  • Luna Raps.
    Luna Raps.

    I like how I jut got home from school and I’m still in my ASU, much respect and gratitude for the people that risk the life’s of themselves everyday just for us!

  • Maverick0f14


  • Deuce

    12:54 "As we move towards the rear of the house guns up and eyes ready." *runs to house without even having a gun holstered somewhere*

  • Coment Nine
    Coment Nine

    Will there be more like this?

  • Scum Fuck Flower Boy
    Scum Fuck Flower Boy

    War, war never changes. Its brutal and unethical, but it is how it is.

  • 4NGL

    Next tell us how this channel is funded by the government 👽

  • I've Seen Better
    I've Seen Better

    Part 2? I love this

  • Parker Muller
    Parker Muller

    There was a lot of false and wrong information in this that suggests that it is fake.

  • Adar

    Boys, take notes

  • Kolton FNM
    Kolton FNM

    Is this actually him or is he talking about some one else’s story?

    • Thunder Life
      Thunder Life

      im pretty sure he's just narrating,

  • Janne Virtanen
    Janne Virtanen

    Poits to improve: Not so loud music and read with some soul dont just rush trough.

  • Janne Virtanen
    Janne Virtanen

    Anyone else annoyed by the too loud music?

  • KageNekoSamax

    The ending could improve but nice video!

  • claing17

    Needed an outro with some more guitar. Awesome story. Reminded me a bit of some of my firefighting stories but this is on another level. Respect.

  • RadioActiV

    This guy sounds like the narrator of Home Depot commercials

  • Carter Jensen
    Carter Jensen

    at the end there guns switched like at least 3 times

  • Armando Hoeiy
    Armando Hoeiy

    This video starts like a part in the movie “JARHEAD”where there is a pile of trash and it has a bomb in it but they don’t shoot the trash

    • Torture Killah2
      Torture Killah2

      If you shot all the trash,youd never get anywhere.......they have trash everywhere in Afghanistan

  • Luiz Diaz
    Luiz Diaz

    So he (a fire team leader) calls higher? Acting as plt leader? Ok 👌sure

  • Runday 223
    Runday 223

    Wdym, I live in a war zone. It’s Australia, and the Emus are still killing everything in sight. We are in hiding. Jk great vid.

  • DuSk_ Sundown
    DuSk_ Sundown

    Did anybody else notice the m4s change in the middle of the video?

  • Pavle Marjanac
    Pavle Marjanac

    He's the only one man left alive, Cap'n John Price.

  • CalpolMeister

    Playing tarkox for the first time

  • Davis

    StarCraft song

  • Chase Pangburn
    Chase Pangburn

    It is cqb not cbg

  • Kevin

    I’ve never realized how terrifying war actually is. It’s unbelievable that our proud men and women go through this.

  • Username3544

    @2:10 The military doesn't use the m60 anymore and the image resembles more of the m2 50 cal if anything.

  • John Biever
    John Biever

    I never realized you could make a warzone so visually PG and still make it so enjoyable. Great job, here have a sub.

  • John Biever
    John Biever

    Every USsoftsr after Iran be like:

  • Michael Nwosu
    Michael Nwosu

    This video is for those people that are hyping WW3

  • CreeperFarts135 Rblx
    CreeperFarts135 Rblx

    Wait, is this the first video where he actually talks about himself? I LOVE IT!

  • ye boi troy
    ye boi troy

    My grandpa did in 1940s

  • astro60s


  • Tuu pakuun
    Tuu pakuun

    "Bad guys" more like muhhamads

  • the a guy
    the a guy

    This is like I Am

  • brawl_stars history
    brawl_stars history

    So glad there are no "who else 2019?"

  • brawl_stars history
    brawl_stars history

    U mean u??

  • 7Tyler _M7
    7Tyler _M7

    to put into smaller terms...Who dares, the SAS say

  • soreu

    “I survived an actual military war zone” WW2 Veteran: *”first time huh?”*

  • 고등 지능 ODINS trash
    고등 지능 ODINS trash

    This pops up in my head every time I hear about a war story I think of the “How to tell a true war story” in The Things They Carry

  • MoonEater Gaming
    MoonEater Gaming

    3:03 comment original comment below with this because im too tired to make one

  • Abdelhamid Ahmed
    Abdelhamid Ahmed

    why did you invade Iraq?

  • Superfamily Allosauridae
    Superfamily Allosauridae

    I thought for a second the maker of this channel actually was a veteran. No way, I thought.

  • Ricky Garcia
    Ricky Garcia

    So 2days is 1800 hours

  • Furious Kenneth
    Furious Kenneth

    Why is the ending so anti climactic

  • Jimmy Huynh
    Jimmy Huynh

    thanks for ww3 tips

  • SlippyThePancake

    I played a call of duty match like this once

  • Deniero Leach
    Deniero Leach

    Can you make a rap about Demon Slayer

  • Marvel is better Than DC
    Marvel is better Than DC

    What rainbow six should play like

  • Miles Daugherty
    Miles Daugherty

    I’m crying I just lost my Cousin in war