How Sith Find Their Apprentices WITHOUT Jedi Knowing - Star Wars Explained
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The Jedi would house an entire Temple of Jedi students and Masters. They would take Jedi from their families before they were even younglings, and put them into the Jedi Temple's Jedi Academy.
The Sith however, did things differently. How did they sense their Sith appretnice, without the Jedi knowing about it? Did they have some extra power the Jedi didn't? Some new ability, perhaps?
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  • Beau Floyd
    Beau Floyd

    I'd like to see a video about if Sheev was taken to become a jedi. You think he would have rejected them and still turned to the dark side? What would have happened to the Sith plan without him? Interesting to think about 🤔

  • Maa'Quchii

    Seekers KIDNAP KIDS... and call it GODS WILL.. even worse.. they PRAY ON THE POOR FAMILIES.. so the parents who dont have much.. give up their kids to a guaranteed life of food shelter.. etc... its pretty fking sick tbh... tbh.. i would better and MORE LOGICAL and HUMANISTIC to also bring the parents.. butt nope.. u cant do that.. u gotta remove them from the picture so u can brain wash the kids more easily... i wish a jedi would come try an take my child... imma be like "oh.. so WE are coming with you.. bet...." jedi - um no.. just the child.. me - nigga suck my ass.. get the fk outta here... jedi - butt dont u want whats best for u kid... me - nigga im an atheist ur guilt trips and taken advantage of my situation will not work... u aint brain washing my kid... ya'll can go out of ya'll way to kidnap fking kids... the might jedi order... yet u can manage to bring the kids parents/guardians too... im sticking with the sith.. at least everyone is on the same page about the bullshit.. 🤣

  • Rain Raining
    Rain Raining

    The pathway of the darkside is the way of the sith 😎

  • Elijah Brown
    Elijah Brown

    Wouldn’t seekers be safe from order 66?

  • enelio farina
    enelio farina

    Essentially the sith are all around better

  • Christopher Haggerty
    Christopher Haggerty

    In legends I’m pretty sure Darth Plagueis couldn’t sense the force in him, like he was shrouded despite him being immensely force sensitive

  • TheDeathwalker86

    Without darkness there is no light

  • C.N Nixon
    C.N Nixon

    Didn’t he create Aniken with the virgin birth?

  • Sebastian Schuth Hurtado
    Sebastian Schuth Hurtado

    Well, the boy at the end of TLJ was one of those kids that never got the visit of republican Era seekers. So there is nothing innovative there. Good to know

  • Xoul Sakajiwa
    Xoul Sakajiwa

    is there a link to the music? it's so beautiful 🥰

  • Noah Olsson
    Noah Olsson


  • Lyri Metacurl
    Lyri Metacurl

    "What'th a thith?" - Jimmy Fallon

  • Galen Moberg
    Galen Moberg

    Dude your channel is the coolest thing on USsofts!

  • hazel goodshepherd
    hazel goodshepherd

    "If someone was very good at hiding their attunement with the Force, then neither a Sith or a Jedi would be able to determine the Force sensitivity without a blood test." I find the fact that you showed a pic of Rey here to be completely implausible.

  • Kage naru mono
    Kage naru mono


  • HappyKillJoy Productions
    HappyKillJoy Productions

    Also know as...THE SENATE

  • Gsup7s

    Great video. 👍

  • Jonah Key
    Jonah Key

    Sheev Palpatine, also known as THE SENATE

  • jack ryan
    jack ryan

    but the sith also didn't regularly take young apprentices. they preferred someone who had already experienced pain, and since the jedi didn't like taking older padawan learners, i'm sure that had some bearing on it.

  • nox

    sheev palpatine, also known as *the senate*

  • Syyko

    What’s the difference between a us army recruiter and a Jedi seeker? Nothing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Yoda c:
    Yoda c:

    Know everything, I do.

  • Codie Winbigler
    Codie Winbigler

    What if Palpatines father had allowed the Jedi to take his son? Would the timeline be any different from the canon?

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    You have a mistake in the description

  • DarkAlphaWerewolf

    Palpatine in Legends subconsciously hid his force sensitivity from the Jedi. It’s always been a gift of his. It’s also why Plagueis took an interest in him, because he blocked Plagueis off too.

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul

    Ya I don’t know how palpatine find me I was a baby

  • Alec Knighton
    Alec Knighton

    Is the dark side stronger then?

  • ayyypizzarolls

    What if Jedi used the Schwartz instead of the force

  • Sef Khan
    Sef Khan

    You should do a video called what if that clone trooper who punched a droid survived

  • XanSam

    “Also known as THE SENATE” lmaoooooo

  • dries Buytaert
    dries Buytaert

    Whar if a full potential Anakin Skywalker trained starkiller, who then trained Luke

  • a swolle azz Winnie the Pooh
    a swolle azz Winnie the Pooh

    Sidious also hid his power so maybe no jedi may have noticed him

  • Ravi Mandera Regan Hughes
    Ravi Mandera Regan Hughes

    sith just get in their own way

    • Ravi Mandera Regan Hughes
      Ravi Mandera Regan Hughes

      And Find security in controlling others

  • Steven Zissimos
    Steven Zissimos

    Hey could you do a video about Mara Jade vs Darth Maul?

  • Chris Caldwell
    Chris Caldwell

    That stupid tiger Jedi! I cringe every time I see it in that comic or video.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Just want to tell you I love your videos. Nicely edited, thought provoking, insightful, and your voice just makes it so immersive. Hands down, best Star Wars fan theory channel on USsofts. Keep it up!

  • Not General_grievous
    Not General_grievous

    I am mad because I can’t eat spaghetti

  • Matthew Woodward
    Matthew Woodward

    Well if plagueis created anikan by messing around with the metaclorians then it was probly anikan destroy to turn to a sith in the 1st place personly I prefers darth baine vergen were the aprentic is a willing pupile not some slave weres anikan/vader is just a slave and nothing more

  • Nick Iwan
    Nick Iwan

    Do a video on what happens if anakin didn’t kill the young one’s

  • DarthAeonTheEternal

    Ancient Darkness Is Rising. . . Can You Sense The Dark Pulse Throughout The Cosmos. . . The Sith Failed. . Now It Is My Turn. . . Res. . Ect. . .N Has Begun. . . Dark Masters. . .Life. . .Pathway. . .Consider Unnatural. . .DARTHA AEON HEIRASTAS TULKASHKT TUAHRSH SITH'ARI ASH TENABRAE ASHTARSHK UMBARSHTA. . .Ego sum lux et tenebrae. . .Ex Darth Aeon Dark Prince Of The Sith. The Sith Still Live . . .WE Will return. . .

  • happysecret 180
    happysecret 180

    What if palpitenes father liked the jedi


    Jedi sees a Force sensitive child: *”IT’S FREE REAL ESTATE!”*

  • ChargeDodger

    What if Palpaltine actually was the senate?

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul

    Man I hate getting cut in half

  • Chuckles 44
    Chuckles 44

    Do what if Anakin visited his mom before she died I think it would make him not turn to the dark 👍

  • Erik Hopkins
    Erik Hopkins

    Star wars theory can you do a what if Ashoka and Rex raised luke

  • GamingJulian158

    What if anakin dident try it on mustafar

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez

    I would just assume they go to places where there aren’t any jedi, find a nice force sensitive, and then manipulate lmao

  • Aydan Topacio
    Aydan Topacio

    I know this isn’t related to this vid but can we get a theory where padme lives for once

  • Dakotah Cranford
    Dakotah Cranford

    Can I ask what comic was the one you showed with Yoda and dooku fighting?


    What I respect deeply about SWT ,is humility. Keep it up bro

  • assassins gaming
    assassins gaming

    Just wondering do you still have a discord server?

  • Thijs Gaming
    Thijs Gaming

    I still think Rey is obi wan’s child and palpitine is obi wan’s father

  • AnikiFTW

    What if Anakin didn't consult with Yoda about his dreams of Padme dying? Who else would he turn to for guidance, other than Palpatine?

  • Valentin Cavazzos
    Valentin Cavazzos

    Star wars theory Ben Kenobi and obi wan Kenobi look different in appearances Ben looks 100 obi wan looks 50 odd also Ben reacts when hearing obi wan Kenobi as if it. Is someone else strange

  • Dylan Baldwin
    Dylan Baldwin

    You should do star killer or Galen Marek versus Cal kastes

  • Silly Cyber Snake
    Silly Cyber Snake

    What if Rey became evil at the end of Star Wars 9?

  • Ryan

    Awesome video as always love learning more star wars lore from you

  • IconicNZZ

    Haha, that's right, the Senate was not inducted into the Jedi order.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    What if sand got in Vader’s suit or mask?