How to Core and Slice an Apple
How to Core and Slice an Apple - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I am Oron Franco from The Private Chef NYC and today I am going to show you how to core and slice an apple. Now, first thing I want to do is divide the apple into quarters. So, half once, and half a second time. Now, to prevent the apple from turning black, to oxidize while we are working with it, we will rub a little bit of lemon on each side. This will make sure that it will not go brown and especially if you are doing something like a fruit salad or a cheese plate and you want the apple to stay nice and bright, this is something you should definitely do.
Now, we will take each quarter in a diagonal cut, we are going to take the core out. Now we are not only getting rid of the core, but we are actually creating a flat surface for us to put the apple on, so it will be easier to slice after. So, let me get the rest of these guys. Now that we have all the apples nice and flat, we can go ahead and slice them. We have got these nice little petals or if you want something smaller, if you are making an apple pie or something like that and you want smaller pieces, that is how you core and slice and apple.

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    helped me a lot

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    Who puts Apples, with a cheese plate?

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    That’s how they do it! πŸ€” I was cutting it all difficult before. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    Quick and easy nice

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    He's wasting so much of that apple though.. Not very professional to do that

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    Are black people secretly deoxigized apples?

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    I slice up all the apple, the only thing I toss is the stem and that goes into a compost pile, yup core, seeds, the whole ball of wax goes down my nacho hatch, I'm an ANIMAL !!! I'm also cheap too, don't waste nuttin' !!! I schmear the slices with my own peanut butter and a dash of salt.

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      LD Meyer that also makes you a fat ass...... But a proud one :P

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    How did people do anything without the internet? I blame my parents

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      TheMusiclover500 we never had apples I can remember growing up..they would have been too expensive

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    I need an easy way to makes slices NOT wedges

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      Rachael Petal

      @mazza6411 No problem! I'm making caramel apples right now and it works just fine.

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      Thank you

    • Rachael Petal
      Rachael Petal

      Just follow the steps but don't slice them into small pieces, do a slice down the middle of the two big slices, It'll make them smaller. :)

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      Umm... These are slices. Did you watch the entire video??

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    He threw half the Apple in the trash.

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    Poor apple I hope it didn't go through any pain.

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      It died already so yeah...maybe it was happy to be touched by a cute guy >///<...

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    Refreshing to see a lefty chef!! :-)))

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    Thanks I've been doing it all wrong

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      +Cami Sweet glad we could help!

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    i eat apples

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    I think if you get one of this,You can slice very easily.Come check this out,

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    that's what i find difficult about high speed cutting - the slices often shift up the knife and onto your hand or they fly everywhere including on the floor

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    Thanks! I'm 13 and had too much pride to ask, so this was helpful

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      Man, I'm 27 and had too much pride to ask! Very helpful video.

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  • PCnever

    do you have to rub the lemon on every slice? im making a cheese plate so will have plenty of apple slices but in the video you only had it done on the first 4 parts

    • Rack C
      Rack C

      @***** I would think lemonade would be too sweet and would change the flavor. Plus, the acids might not be strong enough to do a good job. Just my thought though.

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      @GeoBeats News thank you!! very helpful!

    • GeoBeats News
      GeoBeats News

      You can also spritz with or dip in lemon juice, but, yes, if setting out on a plate, you would want to do this on any part of the apple with no skin. Otherwise, after some time, the flesh will begin to turn brown.

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    He's hot!! Anyways,now I can make an apple crisp, thanks Franco man.

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    A lot of the apple gets wasted ... but of course I can see how in a restaurant speed is more important than some cents worth of apple meat

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    great vid. i luv it

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    This is the best demonstration I have seen in regards to slicing an apple AND getting rid of the core. Very cool. :-)

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    Instructions werent clear enough. Got my dick stuck in the fan.

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    i didnt know Sylar from Heroes was a chef too

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