I've been Banned from Fortnite (I'm Sorry)
I'm sorry

  • Jarvis

    I’m reading all my comments today and I love you guys so much you all don’t understand how much I appreciate all your support❤️❤️❤️

    • Gronkss


    • meryn williams
      meryn williams

      I'm so sorry.😭😭😭😭😭

    • Moeez Lahori
      Moeez Lahori

      Just make a new account we all will sub you

    • Xxvlog _andyxX
      Xxvlog _andyxX

      Jarvis it's okay we are trying to let fortnite in ban you

    • ツツ JULIUS
      ツツ JULIUS

      Bruh just make a new account

  • Evan Franks
    Evan Franks

    Imagine crying at fortnite

  • Rokaz

    I hope you enjoy your ban

  • Will Heap
    Will Heap

    Jarvis reads coments “omg I cant believe how much support you guys have given me” Hey guess what u won’t bee swing the support when u get sentenced to jail

  • Daniel Galich
    Daniel Galich

    Kraj u are luser

  • Damien Leloup
    Damien Leloup

    Well can’t you just play with a new account / PC ? I mean ok you’re banned for life, but I suppose there are ways to keep playing no matter what, aren’t they ?


    Just made a new account and if they delete your account then just made a new Chanell and New account and that is all you have to do

  • Fancy

    If you cheated then bummer kid. Permaban isn't enough imo

  • Yung Hy Frost
    Yung Hy Frost

    You can literally use someone’s account

  • Jolty._

    1v1 me u bot ur doo doo

  • Thor Michael Thesbo Porsbøl 4A
    Thor Michael Thesbo Porsbøl 4A

    Unban him or i fuck hack epic games program

  • Andrew Mailo
    Andrew Mailo

    Kids and fortnite is absolutely hilarious. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂! Bro it ain’t that serious. Fuck Fortnite!

  • AvexCYX

    Can’t u just play on a dif account

  • Abel Balderas
    Abel Balderas

    Oye compa como que le dieron poco tiempo , pida más , Ai saludos asta Guadalajara , nuebo leon , y greensboro

  • Joseph Robinson
    Joseph Robinson

    Jarvis " I can't have anything to do with fortnite anymore" Fortnite to download comes up in description

  • Joseph Robinson
    Joseph Robinson

    3:57 when ur minecraft world gets griefed on

  • Aazeeq _
    Aazeeq _


  • Fortun Maxim Aglugub
    Fortun Maxim Aglugub

    If epic games is watching..... Pls unban Faze Jarvis

  • O ひひ LoosescrewSuhaib
    O ひひ LoosescrewSuhaib

    Awww his mom said he gotta go to bed 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sektion_ 20
    Sektion_ 20

    Hacking is bad so ur own fault

  • Sektion_ 20
    Sektion_ 20

    Good u deserve this

  • FardoShowz

    this just reminds me of myself when I'm telling my friends that I've been grounded and I cant play fortnite.

  • Gabriel Urbano
    Gabriel Urbano

    Sorry FaZe Jarvis 🙇‍♂️

  • Apanui Te Awha
    Apanui Te Awha

    Fuk thats sad just find another game man

  • Eric Thomson
    Eric Thomson

    Make another account

  • Clapping IOS
    Clapping IOS

    c'mon epic bring ma boi back😢😢😢

  • EXP3CT3X

    GG’s ONLY 🥺🥺😔😔

  • Oofinnite

    Everyone fighting over this judgement lmao. Bruv legit I am sure the aimbot video was just for content and probably to show how strong hacks can be.

  • SSG-Leon Gamer
    SSG-Leon Gamer

    I’m sooooooooooooo Sorry bro😭😭😭😭😭 we hope You Get back the account

  • Vivi Is Here UvU
    Vivi Is Here UvU

    Hi, I feel bad but i honestly wanted to see what happend. I just want you to have a good day/night. 🙂✌

  • Damjan Stankovic
    Damjan Stankovic

    You deserve it

  • Bryanø P
    Bryanø P



    *Why are people laughing or making memes of Jarvis. this obviously isn't a joke. you can even see him crying. you may think it's funny but it's fucking not.*

  • Anthony Farias
    Anthony Farias


  • peter ka
    peter ka

    One like equals unban Jarvis 😢😢

  • Endeey

    Jarvis: does something bannable Also Jarvis: gets banned *suprised pikachu face*

  • Hussein Korayem
    Hussein Korayem

    First vid i cried from epic pls unban him

  • jared carmona
    jared carmona

    Its just a game

  • Max Lazarov
    Max Lazarov

    Please epic games don’t unban him

  • SuperPocoyo

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Not a soul: FaZe Kay: ThAt'S iNsAnE BrOoOOoOoooOOOOOO

    • bounty hunt3r
      bounty hunt3r

      SuperPocoyo Nobody comments are old.

  • NERDY1234

    Use me as "i've only come to see him cry" button

  • SpiralChas3r 123
    SpiralChas3r 123

    everybody STOP BULLYING JARVIS PLS!!!!

    • Maddox Da man
      Maddox Da man

      SpiralChas3r 123 no

  • IamTheBahe

    he only 17

  • Stefan Johnson
    Stefan Johnson


  • Grand Master
    Grand Master

    Damn 6ix9ine snitched on Jarvis too??

    • Maddox Da man
      Maddox Da man


  • Adam009

    It’s not a big deal, just move on to Minecraft it’s better.

  • joseph cadman
    joseph cadman


  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson

    he’s crying because fortnite wasn’t just a game for him... it was his JOB!

  • Shannon         vannest VanNest
    Shannon vannest VanNest

    Demonitized said f word 4:20 Sorry FaZe Jarvis Your insane!!!

  • Dream

    Ha your dumb you use hacks

  • DDx Eagle
    DDx Eagle

    Sending love and prase for him and all of his fans. SPAM F IN THE CHAT

  • Rikki Dulson
    Rikki Dulson


  • johnnywhiteshoe

    i masturbated when he started to cry

  • Joshua Aiavao
    Joshua Aiavao

    he protec he attac he got banned for hack

  • Jayden Huerta
    Jayden Huerta

    I’m sorry Jarvis your wer my favorite one on faze you shud of cheated by Bro sorry

  • Henry Bitz
    Henry Bitz

    Technically he just lost his locker loadout because he can make a new account

  • Henry Bitz
    Henry Bitz

    Make a new account like bro it’s not bad

  • iEnVy sweaty
    iEnVy sweaty

    Jarvis thats insane bro in a bad way

  • Benji bebe
    Benji bebe

    ;-; just dont use the aimbot in the first place

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker

      Benji bebe Lol

  • therealjacob Weiner
    therealjacob Weiner

    I watched you afew times and u are a god u shiuld be unbanned

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker

      therealjacob Weiner what?