7-Second Riddles
Exercise your brain with an impossible quiz! Try to solve these 21 mystery riddles with answers! Solving tricky riddles at least for 20 minutes a day makes you smart and more attentive to the details. These tricky quizzes and brain games are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score! To see how good you are at solving riddles, try these brain teasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones.
00:14 - What must the robber do to survive? A logic riddle to boost your critical thinking!
01:19 - Who is planning a crime? A portion of tricky brain-boosting puzzles that will test your IQ and logic!
03:00 - How did he guess? A mind-blowing brain teaser that will test your IQ and boost your logic!
04:26 - Who is the killer? A mind-blowing riddle on crime to test your detective skills and boost your thinking!
05:59 - Here is a set of visual puzzles to test your attentiveness! Who is undead? Share your answer to the last puzzle!
07:11 - What would you do to survive? Turn your brain on and try to solve this brain teaser before the time is up!
08:52 - Why did she run away? This tricky riddle with an answer will definitely blow your mind!
09:47 - A mind-blowing crime riddle for the best detectives! Try to solve it before the time is up ;)
11:11 - Can you spot the killer? Try to solve these tricky visual brain games and boost your vision and attentiveness to a new level!
12:42 - Who killed him? A short tricky riddle to test your logic!
TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many riddles did you solve without any mistakes?
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  • 7-Second Riddles
    7-Second Riddles

    12:24 - Can you spot the killer? 😯

    • ferlyn grace gabi
      ferlyn grace gabi


    • Emanuel Yanez
      Emanuel Yanez

      Yes inte the yellow fruit

    • Kirt Mangubat
      Kirt Mangubat

      The girl with the black dress

    • Mahad Playz
      Mahad Playz


    • Tim Rathsman
      Tim Rathsman

      That's not a knife, it's a pen

  • Tayilana

    2:53 the lady with ready hair and a black dress is putting poison in the man's drink so she is planning the murder

  • Irene Vertido
    Irene Vertido

    Go to 7:08 the undead is the lady with the wiath jacket

  • Irene Vertido
    Irene Vertido

    The girl with the brawn t shirt has poisen like if you agree

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas

    Answer to the thumbnail: A hero.

  • Hector Flores
    Hector Flores


  • Wolfa Junior
    Wolfa Junior

    The girl in the brown dress

  • Tiffany Finn
    Tiffany Finn


  • Laurel Cokeley
    Laurel Cokeley

    There is a gun in the lemons

  • Anastasia Diaconu
    Anastasia Diaconu


  • Bliss Mapanao
    Bliss Mapanao

    2:54 it’s the girl beside the girl look closer she was putting poison a drink

  • chavela chavela
    chavela chavela

    The brown dress who's next to the boy

  • Diego Manuel
    Diego Manuel

    The girl is undead Idk

  • Jose Guzman
    Jose Guzman

    The girl put poison in the other person's drink

  • Sofia Velez
    Sofia Velez

    the lady with brown hair she has a blue tube full of poison

  • Wolverine Syke
    Wolverine Syke

    She put poison in the drink at the bar define the murder

  • bobo Ola
    bobo Ola

    For the last murder it is the lady with the dress because I can see her hand

  • Sara Jones
    Sara Jones

    In the lemons

  • Sara Jones
    Sara Jones

    Litterely the fzmrozen guy

  • Sara Jones
    Sara Jones

    The girl and boy with red hair worked together to poison the drink

  • Smiley Chayenne
    Smiley Chayenne

    12:39 the gun is in the lemon section

  • Smiley Chayenne
    Smiley Chayenne

    7:10 the girl in the coat,it is impossible that she can't feel any coldness

  • Smiley Chayenne
    Smiley Chayenne

    2:56 the girl in the black pouring something poisonous in the cup

  • irene Davis
    irene Davis

    The girl in the black dress she pour a drink inside the cup.

  • Erika Aguilar
    Erika Aguilar

    2:42 girl with red hair

  • ASHRAF AHMED (2023)
    ASHRAF AHMED (2023)

    The person who sells bear is the murder because he could of poi send the drinks

  • Ava Lucero
    Ava Lucero

    So he is the killer

  • Ava Lucero
    Ava Lucero

    Some ones in the lemeons

  • Ava Lucero
    Ava Lucero

    The girl is undead

  • Mr. dude
    Mr. dude

    How come the lady and the waiter doesn't noticed

  • Mr. dude
    Mr. dude

    It's the one in the black dress!

  • Shen MB
    Shen MB

    I think the pink girl is the killer she has blood too like she's pretending to cry

  • Allan Vega
    Allan Vega

    The lady in the black

  • Mary Beth Weiss
    Mary Beth Weiss

    Why is their a Ronald mick donnel

  • Joel Bravo
    Joel Bravo

    Look at the womans hand

  • Joel Bravo
    Joel Bravo

    2:51 the woman with the black dress

    • Joel Bravo
      Joel Bravo

      (Look at hand)

  • itz_ amiah_plays fortnite
    itz_ amiah_plays fortnite

    Orange hair did she put poison in the drink

  • Margendry Morales
    Margendry Morales

    Girl with the black dress was planning to merder

  • Daire Blackwell
    Daire Blackwell

    The girl with the red hair

  • master of origami
    master of origami

    3.the girl behind the man

  • Danielle Newman
    Danielle Newman


  • Arlyn Cobol
    Arlyn Cobol

    Can you spot the killer is in the lemons call the police now ahhhh!!!

  • ferlyn grace gabi
    ferlyn grace gabi

    2:54 the killer is the girl who wear black dress she put a poison to the drink ;0

  • Omar Salman
    Omar Salman

    the girl put something in the cup

  • Keith Lovino
    Keith Lovino

    7 Second Riddles: Impossible Riddles My Asian Dad: Imma Bout To End This Whole Man's Career

  • Squishies and me
    Squishies and me


  • Kelvin Quintana
    Kelvin Quintana

    The light skin lady close to light skin guy is puting s ok some thing in his cup

  • skilled_nitro

    13:20 how when the middle boy has a knife

  • skilled_nitro

    12:24 in the lemons

  • Imrozia Tahir
    Imrozia Tahir

    Ans lady with blue bottle

  • skilled_nitro

    2:52 The girl in the black dress she has poison

  • Stephen Green
    Stephen Green

    She puts poison in the drink and she has a black dress

  • Karma winkle
    Karma winkle

    the boy next to the shoulder is a murder because she put the poisen in the cup

  • Marquise De leon
    Marquise De leon

    The girl with a black dress because she is putting poison on his drink

  • TheFatGamer -TFG
    TheFatGamer -TFG

    The girl with black dress

  • Shiera mae May-as
    Shiera mae May-as

    Girl with a black drees

  • Nichelle Quinn
    Nichelle Quinn

    Who was planning to murder it was the girl in the black dress and them in the end because she put poison stuff in the drink

  • Theressa Angella De Vera
    Theressa Angella De Vera

    Girl in black

  • Deedra Coardes
    Deedra Coardes

    The girl in the black dress put poison inside his cup

  • Avery Dustyhorn
    Avery Dustyhorn

    In the bananas😎