iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone!
Marques Brownlee
Looking back at the first generation iPhone refreshes the way you see new tech. Next level Throwback Thursday.
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  • ROYAL atomis
    ROYAL atomis

    Note 5

  • Ejner Fulsang
    Ejner Fulsang

    I just went from iPhone se 1 to iPhone 11 pro

  • noah skerness
    noah skerness

    You and mr who's the boss should see who can use the first iphone longest

  • Mr Notch
    Mr Notch

    I don't know why but this video almost made me cry. I remember when my father bought the iPhone. I must be 5 or lower. This nostalgia, it's killing me

  • faris Y
    faris Y

    I cried a little

  • Denis Cfarku
    Denis Cfarku

    My first phone was an sony xperia which had only two gigs of storage and 128 megabytes of RAM,it sucked

  • Adr805

    even at the moment of the first iPhone release, everybody used to say that it has a really crap camera, there were many phones from Nokia or Sony that had way better cameras

  • Princess of a King
    Princess of a King

    Samsung is better

    • Hydro Sheep
      Hydro Sheep

      Princess of a King samsung literally wouldn’t exist without this iPhone

  • Prajwal Rai
    Prajwal Rai

    Mi 3s

  • Roblox_craft guy
    Roblox_craft guy

    wow my. first phone was a 5 as well

  • Dangly Dangus
    Dangly Dangus

    Holy shit this guy just explained something I’ve always wondered


    I used to beg mom for that 1st gen iPhone when I was a kid but too much expensive

  • IDK Tech Tips
    IDK Tech Tips

    My first phone was the iPhone 6s

  • MEDiAgamer

    I bet Apple hates the 2 year phone contract cycle.

  • Davy Lam
    Davy Lam

    Finally I can afford an *second hand* iPhone after a decade comparison video with the Iphone 11

  • slepx

    My first was the iPhone 4s. This started my voyage into being trapped in the Apple ecosystem 8 years later I have an iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

  • Abhishek Angne
    Abhishek Angne

    Nokia N73

  • J Ryan
    J Ryan

    The original iPhone is still a thing of beauty. I remember trying them out in stores back in 07/08 and being blown away just by the fact that here was a mobile phone that I could hold landscape and watch widescreen USsofts movies on. Nowadays an iPhone can more or less be a replacement for a PC for some people! My first iPhone was actually the 6. My very first "smart"phone was the Blackberry Curve 8520. I then later got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy Ace II running Android Gingerbread, upgradeable to Jelly Bean which it ran terribly with but Cyanogenmod came to the rescue there and enabled it to be upgradeable all the way to KitKat. I went from that to my first iPhone and never really looked back. (Please don't start a platform war. I have equal respect for them all. I just have my preferences.)

  • piyush ramnani
    piyush ramnani

    Mine was LG G6 i think, 2010, resistive touch ofcourse. Also i liked how you kept the mac's wallpaper in the background similar to that of iphone 1's, LOL. And yeah the photos from that little phone were not that bad.. comparatively.. Peace

  • Not Tech master Canales
    Not Tech master Canales

    my first phone was the iphone 3gs

  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor

    My first phone was the iPhone 3GS (iPhone 3) the second iPhone was the iPhone 3G because that was the year that the 3G mobile signal was first used.

  • 10k subscribers before 2022
    10k subscribers before 2022

    Who else is watching it again in 2020 while home quarintines ? 😃😃😃

  • Everything phone Tech
    Everything phone Tech

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="372">6:12</a>

  • Bruce Leeroy
    Bruce Leeroy

    My first smart phone was the LG Dare. I didn't start using iPhones until Verizon was able to carry them in 2011. That's when I got an iPhone 4s because the HTC Thunderbolt I had was constantly crashing. Some years before that though, I remember a college classmate bringing an original iPhone to class. I asked him how it makes calls with no keyboard. When he showed me, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I think I had a Motorola Razr flip phone at the time.

  • Raazim Ahamed
    Raazim Ahamed

    My first ever mobile was iPhone 3GS then iPhone 4s and now upgraded to iPhone 7 on its initial release. I should say till date it never fail to amuse me or urge me to upgrade. Wondering what could be my next iPhone ?

  • Dimetri Drossos
    Dimetri Drossos

    If we are talking about my ACTUAL first smartphone, then my first smartphone was the Samsung galaxy stratosphere. I couldn't call with it, or do much with it at all besides play games. I was about 12 when I got that phone from my mom after she upgraded. If we are talking about my first phone I could use to call people, that would be my handydown galaxy s5 that through a series of 5 unfortunate events ended with me getting my brothers old s5 that was handed down to him from my dad, to him, then down to me. But if you mean my first phone I bought myself, then it would be this galaxy note 9 i bought on Ebay for $350 just a few days ago. Funny story, My 3rd phone I ever got was a galaxy s4 that broke the day it was handed down to me because I was wearing saggy, bright yellow and black gym shorts (because I had no sense of style at that age) and as I excitedly ran through bathroom after just getting it, if flew out of my shorts and landed on the tile floor and broke the display panel. Didn't have another phone for a year after that.

  • Ivan M.
    Ivan M.

    Compare a new iphone to a 2g. It always works to fill up the gap or if you have no idea about next video. Another more interesting and useful way - cat video!

  • Quent K
    Quent K

    The home button size and chin/forehead height are exactly the same on all iPhones with a home button

  • KrœnT

    To be honest, this phone is still holding up really well for his age.

  • Hoi Hallo
    Hoi Hallo

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="417">6:57</a> looks like an off brand vs brand comparison

  • Abishek Ganeshbabu
    Abishek Ganeshbabu


  • Łukasz Pazdan
    Łukasz Pazdan

    T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II

  • Yasin I.
    Yasin I.

    The iPhone First Generation is older than most iPhone 11 Pro users


    blackberry curve

  • : Chef :
    : Chef :

    Always loved the shell design for og iPhone

  • Acecard23

    My first iPhone 7 Plus

  • Nico Harder
    Nico Harder

    watching the thumbnail i thought at first the iphone 11 wears a skin where the first iphone is printed on

  • sean kern
    sean kern

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="414">6:54</a> that dog is awesome

  • Devon Stone
    Devon Stone

    Google nexus i believe was my first smartphone. Now I stick with Samsung and currently have s10+

  • Checkers

    First iPhone I had was the 3g. I loved the design for the 4s and 5s, it just got slick after that

  • Nico Lira
    Nico Lira

    I would love a original iPhone with the internals of a new one... some kind of heritage edition.

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown

    nokia n900 was my favorite, modded to the max

  • JakeG1233

    Does the ipod touch 6th generation count?

  • Beast GamingMC
    Beast GamingMC

    Hold up. I haven’t watched him for a while. Came back and now he has 11 million subscribers. Well done 👍🏻

  • CTRobinson4267

    Puberty sure did your voice some favors

  • PratisthaGaming

    collaborate with @mrwhosetheboss for this challenge

  • Laurin

    Samsung S3 mini was my first

  • Pranav Nigam
    Pranav Nigam

    Pics from iPhone 1 are definitely better than any camera that I've ever used!

  • Flyingman 75
    Flyingman 75

    Make @unboxtherapy do the challenge

  • Kyle Dong
    Kyle Dong

    What about FaceTime

  • New Message
    New Message

    Literally every phone today in some ways had been influenced by the original Samsung.

  • Jacob Sanchez-Balizan
    Jacob Sanchez-Balizan

    The voice memos app actually didn’t come until the iPhone 3G S in 2009!

  • RedSlushie

    My first smart phone was the iPhone 11

  • Nathan Carrille Music
    Nathan Carrille Music

    2007 iphone battery is almost the same size as the 2020 iphone SE

  • Jason Montinola
    Jason Montinola

    Anybody watching on Original iPhone? Me Neither.

  • Wyatt M
    Wyatt M

    First one for me was the iPhone 4.

  • Clayton Moore
    Clayton Moore

    The first smartphone I had was the droid. At the time I was like this is amazing. Lol

  • Nicky G
    Nicky G

    The 8-bit guy already did the iPhone challenge

  • amnieto88

    Mine was the iphone 4 or 5 in my first year of college. I had a flip phone for my junior and senior year of HS, and I had nothing before that lol.

  • Andrew Michos
    Andrew Michos

    The voyager was my first phone and honestly, I miss it a ton. It was such a good phone for its day.

  • VaraždinecXD

    Who will win? iPhone, 1 year old iPhone, 13 years old Vote down in comments!

  • F0rnax

    I love the mousepad in the background! The Incredible True Story album cover by Logic. 😎

  • dudestop

    My first smartphone was the Nokia Lumia 365 (Windows Phone)

  • Nathan Tankersley
    Nathan Tankersley

    For the average person a smartphone replaces Laptop Phone Camera GPS Music player TV So when I account for pre 2008 buying all the stuff your phone replaces they are not that expensive

  • Master L
    Master L

    My first iPhone was the iPhone 5s

  • Leena Jose
    Leena Jose

    the photos on the iPhone 1 was actually pretty good

  • Alvin Ahammed
    Alvin Ahammed

    Chunky and THIC THIC THICCCC

  • Safeboot

    That transition

  • Vinny623

    Watching from my iPhone 1 :) Jk lol

  • abd alaziz
    abd alaziz

    The pictures from the Iphone 11 pro are better, but the feeling and the memories in that the pictures have from the first Iphone are indescribable,

  • The Dead Wiper
    The Dead Wiper

    LG E300

  • TheGreatChrisB

    My first smartphone was an iPhone 4s

  • Yusuf

    Cameras still better than my Samsung Galaxy a10e

  • David Steiber
    David Steiber

    I remember the voyager!

  • G&J R.C.
    G&J R.C.

    I personally thought the iPhone camera was better than the 11 Pro camera. Too bright. 11 hurt my eyes

  • Andrew Willis
    Andrew Willis

    That LG was my first smart phone in highschool as well, I was pretty salty that Verizon didn't have the iPhone. Ahh, dumb memories.

  • conroexlexx

    If I was just listening to this video and not actually watching it, I would honestly think that this is a white man talking 😁

  • mäxbox

    this is how apple users compare iPhones vs Android

  • Dylan Roberts
    Dylan Roberts

    my mum gave me her old Samsung phone which had the same-ish specs as the iphone 3g when I was like 8 and I was very happy, I'm 14 now and have the 1phone 6s.

  • RafinatorLp

    My first "smartphone" was a Samsung Galaxy Star II