iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone!
Looking back at the first generation iPhone refreshes the way you see new tech. Next level Throwback Thursday.
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  • Matthaeus Tomy
    Matthaeus Tomy

    My first phone was the Asus Zenfone Go 5.0


    Samsung Galaxy S 3 clone 🤣

  • Clement McDonald
    Clement McDonald

    iPhone 6s Plus (I hate it soooooo much) and I still have it. I want a Samsung A10e, Marques please review it!

  • BoniBon 666
    BoniBon 666

    🎛⬜️ ⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️

  • tommy kocab
    tommy kocab

    Lew @unboxtherapy would for sure switch to that for a week

  • Mr rmatltif
    Mr rmatltif

    LG Dare was my first Smart Phone

  • killertek78

    Galaxy S Vibrant, still have it.

  • M Yare
    M Yare

    My first was iPhone 4. For 1 yr then Samsung since then. If the 2020 iPhone 12 is better the galaxy Note 11. Then I will switch Otherwise Samsung

  • Harry Sanjaya
    Harry Sanjaya

    Dislike from kids born 2008😂😂😂

  • Sean Will
    Sean Will

    iPhone 4S was my first smart phone.

  • Anant Sharma
    Anant Sharma

    2011: Nokia X3 2014 : Sony Xperia C3 2017 : Oppo F3 2019 : Oneplus 7T

  • teh_oracle

    Not sure it counts as a smartphone but first touchscreen phone was the LG KU990 Viewty First proper smartphone HTC Hero. First iPhone was the 4S

  • Xi Xie
    Xi Xie

    Hi, are you not allow to unbox huawei anymore???? Just ask... I have seeming you doing iPhone 11 so May times already....

  • Rishabh Khanna
    Rishabh Khanna

    First "smart" phone : Motorola Rokr E6

  • Obi Aghamelu
    Obi Aghamelu

    That phone is less laggy than my OnePlus One 😫

  • SquidWardOP

    0:20 look at the iPhone screen then the Mac screen!

  • Nate Newman
    Nate Newman

    I had the LG Voyager, and the LG Dare, among many many other phones. Those were the days. I’m 35 btw.

  • Robby.Izaak

    4:06 your voice in 2007 !!!! Omg you are younger than I thought!

  • NZ joy
    NZ joy

    first phone was the sony xperia U . I loved the sony andriod skin . It was simple , fresh and i loved their ringtone. I wish Sony and HTC made phones again. Like actual good phones not the crap they are making now.

  • Orion Sanadiki
    Orion Sanadiki

    To the 1.9k people, you may laugh and dislike but the original iPhone was a revolution. Unless you wanted a phone you could only use with buttons and a stylus

  • Ron Jeremy
    Ron Jeremy

    My first smartphone was the HTC Incredible.

  • SnobGoblin the third
    SnobGoblin the third

    100% more of this

  • Reeda Tabbak
    Reeda Tabbak

    my first smartphone is Samsung Galaxy ACE

  • Jason Hearn
    Jason Hearn

    I was a Cingular employee so I got the iPhone 2g as my first smartphone and have only switched to android for 3 months to a Nexus 7 then couldn’t adapt and went back to iOS on my iPad mini back in 2014 to never look back again.

  • Elias C
    Elias C

    htc one m9

  • Timon Stettler
    Timon Stettler

    Who remembers the og youtube app

  • Max Jackson
    Max Jackson

    I remember feeling like the coolest kid in middle school with the T-Pain auto tune app on my original iPhone. What a pure time lol.

  • GregRyan

    Any chance of doing a small phone list or something? Gf has ended up with the s10e which is fine but it's still p big in comparison to the 5s. To get something that small you end up with something really quite mediocre

  • Cricket Khan
    Cricket Khan

    Mine first mobile phone was Nokia E5

  • suraj chauhan
    suraj chauhan

    2008 Nokia N80 2019 galaxy note 9

  • bvk Cars
    bvk Cars

    my first phone was actually the iPhone 4s

  • Anthony Stabile
    Anthony Stabile

    My first smartphone was the Samsung SGH-F480

  • D4VID4F

    I had the first iphone, I was on cloud 9. Having an iphone and ipod in one was a game changer back then.

  • Alin Popescu
    Alin Popescu

    Only 10 fingers touch? What if I want to use my toes on the phone? That's just poor.

  • Davin Johnson
    Davin Johnson

    2008 Sony Ericsson 2019 iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • The Gaverino
    The Gaverino

    Let's just be honest. Apple originality died after iPhone 6 and was reborn with iPhone X but died again after iPhone Xs

  • karimrakha

    was made by steve jobs

  • Jiminy H. Criquet
    Jiminy H. Criquet

    This is like finding a neanderthal skull

  • William. exe
    William. exe

    Original iPhone camera is comparable to the galaxy s10s snapchat photos

  • Elisabeth Bynum
    Elisabeth Bynum

    You should talk to Charles Trippy he has all the iPhones

  • Twerk Inc
    Twerk Inc

    Samsung or Nokia I don’t remember

  • Joe Lin
    Joe Lin

    I have an iphone 4s , and still run pretty will

  • Sharunesh Nahendran
    Sharunesh Nahendran

    my first phone - SAMSUNG S3850 CORBY 2 now-SAMSUNG J2 PRIME nothing to be ashamed of :)

  • Gelo Reyes
    Gelo Reyes

    It'll be a big hit if apple will release a colorway same with the first iphone.

  • Esquire2012

    OG motorola droid review also my 1st phone??

  • Ahsan's Tutelage
    Ahsan's Tutelage

    What is that mechanical keyboard called in the background @ 0:10

  • Cat Viper
    Cat Viper

    iphone 3gs white

  • xXLSSKonaraXx

    my first phone was the Galaxy S Duos that look crazy asf at the time :")

  • Jackyjo007

    1st Phone was an HTC Panache 🤢🤢

  • ronaldo Duran
    ronaldo Duran

    Smartphones should change every 2 years not 1 year.

  • JD Salinas
    JD Salinas

    I got the OG iPhone after the craze died down a bit. I was on Verizon so I ended up getting a prepaid line just to get the iPhone. Ended up switching to att shortly after when my Verizon contract ended.

  • stipriausias

    I had an xperia J it was a shitty phone after a half a year but if I would compare to my pocophone thesedays it's I would not use my old xperia even if you would pay me a lot

  • akat19

    samsung solstice 😂

  • watch your legumes
    watch your legumes

    At the beginning, there wasn't even an appstore

  • rajath s k
    rajath s k

    HTC Desire was my first

  • Muhammad Anas
    Muhammad Anas

    my first phone was Nokia 5230.....

  • GreatGrandmasterWang

    Literally every phone today in some ways had been influenced by that original iPhone.

  • Kadir Kokor
    Kadir Kokor

    2011-Samsung galaxsy gio gt 5660 2k17-Acer z6 plus

  • Shih-Hwa J. Tenkaminari
    Shih-Hwa J. Tenkaminari

    EverythingApplePro made a video about using just original iPhone, but only for a day

  • Yuvraj Kushwaha
    Yuvraj Kushwaha

    Lg optimus p970