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brian david gilbert
the time has come to get good at the darts
this is where brian david gilbert is:

  • Maria Annette
    Maria Annette

    I once threw a dart through the little tail fins of another dart that was actually in the dartboard correctly. Don't ask me how I managed this, I still don't know.

    • Calvin M.E.
      Calvin M.E.

      wow thats impressive

    • trillion

      It's called a Robinhood in darts🎯💯

    • very good youtube channel trust me
      very good youtube channel trust me

      @legueu YES PLease

    • Jonathan Gilchrist
      Jonathan Gilchrist

      It's actually quite common to do that 😁😂🎯

    • Alex Freitag
      Alex Freitag

      you're good at darts

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    The “Vin Diesel” was honestly a little scaring and now I don’t know what to do with this knowledge

  • Rayan Cretan
    Rayan Cretan

    I remember when bgd started at polygon lol... I love what he's doing there and feel like it'd be cruel to ask him to make content regularly for this channel too, but I do miss these videos

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan

      I'm so glad he kept up the dart board from the sims video

  • Charlotte Windmill
    Charlotte Windmill

    has anyone noticed that bdg is like.......kinda buff..........has he been promoted to twunk status?

  • The Color Red
    The Color Red

    Welcome back

  • Castafiore

    Okay but did he actually get good at darts?

  • Nicolas Tremblay
    Nicolas Tremblay

    well the quarantine is not for everyone...... Great vid xD

  • Lenergy

    I love playing darts (digital board) and this video is hilariously thoughtful quarantine material - bravo

  • DorkCube7000

    17776 but its darts 10/10

  • PhantomPanic

    This has a "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" feeling to it.

  • Karl Childers
    Karl Childers

    what a weird looking guy

  • Sporkipine

    I couldn't find any lyrics to this to sing along to so I'm doing it myself It's time It's time to get good at darts I've always wanted to But never wanted to work hard At getting good, just like bowling and chess I want the skill but have no willpower to do all the rest But now I'm home and social distancing and everything's fine I have the time to focus on darts during this quarantine And I'm finding all the moves and all the tricks of the trade I didn't know that you could throw a dart so many dang ways. There's: The Standard, The Quarterback, The 180 Chuck, The Vin Diesel, Tweeze, and Weasel and the 12-Point Buck The Christmas Tree, the Ctrl Z, and the You, Me, and Dupree, (Oh wow!) The Hinge and the Ninja- (Talking) The Ninja is an advanced technique that should not be attempted by amateur dartsmiths. It's time to get good at the darts! It's time for everyone to get good, Not just me but you too! The chancellor of Darts has now made their decree, That everyone on this Earth has dart proficiency, The future is coming and soon it's a world of the dart (Talking) By the year 2053, all communication will be done via dartboard. There is no more poverty or famine, there is only darts. The world has moved past the need for currency. Criminal activities have long since ceased. War is just a whisper in the memories of those who can recall a time before the dartening. This future can become a reality, so long as we understand the time has finally come. The time to get good at darts. (Yelling) OH COME ON!

  • Allison Gross
    Allison Gross

    This fills the musical void that Neil Cicierega no longer does. It's great

  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy

    I appreciate the SEVERAL dozens of holes in the wall from missed dart throws.

  • Jake Hatcher
    Jake Hatcher

    My brother and his friends used to play a game that I call “ sky piercing”. Essentially, a group of hopeful sky piercers (aka. idiots) grab 1 dart each, spin around as many times as possible without throwing up, and then chuck their dart into the ceiling. The winner was the person whose dart stayed in the longest, and we had several darts in our basement ceiling for weeks on end waiting for the little javelins to fall out. Needless to say, I know my way around a spackle wand now.

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy

      she has any independent work you could point us to so we could enjoy that too, thanks!

  • lizz bowlen
    lizz bowlen

    You should know better than to play chess with a barbarian like Zuko...they always flip the board.

  • Ian P
    Ian P

    Hey Irl bill wurtz

  • Jill Sleight
    Jill Sleight

    THANK YOU this is the most I've laughed in about two weeks

  • Jamebo

    I'm so glad he kept up the dart board from the sims video

  • Luke Taylor
    Luke Taylor

    this is great news for me, because iona dartboard

  • Benjamin Bergen
    Benjamin Bergen

    When your bored enough to post on the dead channel cause you work for polygon now

  • Amelia Webster
    Amelia Webster

    He’s baCK

  • cjd

    the end bit of the song with chancellor speaking and the beautiful music and black & white videos, combined with the promise of a beautiful future with no crime or war (only darts), genuinely has me feeling some type of Emotion. not quite sure what it is. is 'darts' an emotion?

  • Emily

    15/10 expectations wonderfully exceded

  • Myles Vilano
    Myles Vilano

    After watching this I instantly practiced my card shuffling skills

  • David MK
    David MK

    you did it brian david gilbert

  • Jessica Klimushyn
    Jessica Klimushyn

    You need to play Shakespeare in Something Rotten!

  • Kenzie Kimble
    Kenzie Kimble

    Brian, you okay?

  • Unoptimal Punish / Rio!
    Unoptimal Punish / Rio!

    your composition for vocals improved tbh

  • Tomwaitsalot

    better than cats

  • jarrod nash
    jarrod nash

    Brian, if you don't mind me asking, what does your sister do in New York? I know that she's assisted you in writing and producing some of these videos and I was wondering if she has any independent work you could point us to so we could enjoy that too, thanks!

  • Alejandro Fernández Alcantud
    Alejandro Fernández Alcantud

    About time...

  • Raul Oliveira
    Raul Oliveira

    Wash your hands before throwing the dart

  • Bee

    this video is gr8 all jokes aside, hope y'all are able to stay safe

  • Brian Buhl
    Brian Buhl

    Brian holding that note from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a> for 14 seconds is underappreciated.

  • Dai Thomas
    Dai Thomas

    You, Brian are a bloody delight!!!

  • Rock Co.
    Rock Co.

    traveling would be like that phineas and ferb episode when they make the giant dart and ride on it

  • Nazish Talati
    Nazish Talati

    i'm alone in my apartment because i can't do anything i'm alone in my apartment because i'm social distancing so i'll probably just talk to myself and make new music videos maybe sing some prophecies again i'm alone in my apartment because i can't do anything guess i'll go play darts

  • Toasty 167
    Toasty 167

    I don’t know what to think of this

  • CatAndWolf

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> if you look hard you can see the hole from the dart he threw before getting in bed, and also his wall is riddled with holes when he pans down

  • CatAndWolf

    If the world only finishes the dartening by 2053 then Brian David Gilbert won't live to see it because he dies on May 6th, 2030.

  • Thomas Larsen
    Thomas Larsen

    Gilling in the name of.

  • KB's Racing Loft
    KB's Racing Loft

    Omfg I have the want for the skill but don't want to do the rest... My friggin life holy crap lol

  • Con Artist
    Con Artist

    this was super good

  • XxFishyWarriorxX

    Chancellor of darts uses they/them pronouns! I'm so proud :)

  • cum

    bad dart guy

  • nasecoo

    I didn’t realise my quarantine needed a theme song, but here it is. Thank you Brian, I shall listen to it every hour on the hour

    • nasecoo

      yes excellent still good

  • ShanJ Cosplay
    ShanJ Cosplay

    Honestly, this is still a better way to cope with plaguecation than what I’ve been doing

  • Hedeson Peter
    Hedeson Peter

    So, polygon suspended activities uh?

  • Shadowyuri

    did exurb1a direct this?

  • ItsJustLib

    I DID NOT REALIZE HOW MUCH I HAVE BEEN MISSING YOUR PERSONAL STUFF! I DEVOUR EVERYTHING you post on Polygon but there's something SO SPECIAL about this stuff.

  • Максим Шилов
    Максим Шилов

    Ahh, some classic bdg action in the manner of good ol' "IONA bar" and "siblings dance", this really made my day and shot a colorful dart of light right into my eye Loooove all the cryptic shit and plot twists in your videos, but maan, you gotta work on your aim

  • Thomas 1
    Thomas 1

    This man is capable of gaining and losing 10 years of age with facial hair alone.

  • Tyler Duke
    Tyler Duke

    Is it just me or does zuko look high as hell while "playing" chess.

  • DoctorShroom

    Hey. Nice job, Quarantine Brian.

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    me: teaching myself how to embroider during quarantine brian: D A R T T I M E

  • Clara Bang
    Clara Bang

    Stop at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a> if u wanna see how many holes are in Brian’s wall

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      are you good yet

  • Secret Sapphire
    Secret Sapphire

    I’m in love with Marget Robby. I hope she plays Tank Girl. She’s the bird I Prey for

  • Tripletronicle

    Bloons tower defense will finally be relevant

  • Jota Zé
    Jota Zé

    this faux-quarantine has led our generation into a myriad of anguish, an endless cycle of guilt for not being able to grip destiny on our own hands while trying to keep our own sanity in the thick of it all it's our own *D A R T* *S O U L S*

  • Shepard

    Thank you

  • Sarah Van Donsel
    Sarah Van Donsel

    I thought the reporter on the TV was BDG in a wig and then I realized it was his sister 🤯

  • Ian Dean
    Ian Dean

    please make a spotify

  • Gabe m
    Gabe m

    I got a bullseye once and nobody saw it

  • Nicholas Leyden
    Nicholas Leyden

    I need a video talking about whether Tom Nook even makes money with his house building business. Especially considering that there seem to be no consequences to not paying your debt.

  • Almost Shay
    Almost Shay

    The willpower to not make a fart joke during this video... That takes courage.

  • Thursday Pancakes
    Thursday Pancakes

    More of this content pls

  • Sar

    the lemon demon jumped out of this

  • broceratops1337

    Not sure if you're taking this quarantine hard or I'm still kinda new around here

  • Hannibal Montanabal
    Hannibal Montanabal

    You're telling me this ISNT an episode of Bob's burgers???

  • Archie

    oh COME ON

  • Naln1

    The dartening doesn't matter for bdg anyway though, as May 6th 2030 is the day he'll die

  • NotASpyReally

    are you good yet

  • Robert Whelan
    Robert Whelan

    bdg is secretly danny sexbang

  • Alex

    the time has come

  • Bryce Cohen
    Bryce Cohen

    How do you like a video more than once? I need to know

  • Potato Joe
    Potato Joe

    the 11 month wait was worth it

  • Riverfox237

    YAY we haven't seen your sister in ages! She is a valuable asset to your videos. I love these, I'm so glad you made a new one XD The Polygon ones are great but your home videos are special.

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      Video posted 6 days ago and yet it feels like its been here my whole life

  • Whimsie867

    Darts or Ping-pong?

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      wait, youre telling me that this isnt actually a video about bdg getting good at darts? im pretty disappointed tbh

  • Linosek279

    Anybody tell you you look like George Watsky?