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  • pawrarria

    I dare you if you dont make anymore games tell the reader that said graphicsare bad ill kill myself maybe? Ill haunt that person

  • gem universe
    gem universe

    Me: **plays pokemon go** I ONLY HAVE A GMAIL!!! NOT A EMAIL!!!! I WANT TO SIGN IN WITH GOOOGLE!!!!! Pokemon: nah

  • Palashjyoti Kumar
    Palashjyoti Kumar

    It is my earnest request to the Pokemon company to start the galar region in India along with that I have a request that Serena should return in the galar region Please Please Please Pokemon company it's my earnest request to our company Please Please Please and return gerninja too

  • Gold Flare
    Gold Flare

    Listen, I did the wrong email on the pokémon TCG. Please let me change it to the normal one. Thank you.

  • Vong

    hello when u use a mint in game on the diagram the nature dont change ?

  • marshmallow hi
    marshmallow hi

    I wish they can make 4 people to just sign in without having to go through all that are you really think that people a girl like this game yeah

  • dj blizzard5641
    dj blizzard5641

    Please make a pokemon game that like pokemon sword & shield catch a legendary in the story & the starter is not just fire grass and water .

  • Dominick P
    Dominick P

    Isn't accessing the boxes from anywhere kind of OP?

  • Papa J
    Papa J

    How about you up the battle tower rewards. Why do I need to do 25 battles for one mint? That is just for one Pokémon!

  • Someone who exists
    Someone who exists

    Can I offer you a nice mint in these trying times

  • Iamcorn

    I would love to use these On my Dragonite, Zangoose, Slowbro, and Houndoom that got cut.

  • STAGG_ O_Jack
    STAGG_ O_Jack

    Is Snivy in game or no that's my favorite Pokemon

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc

      Only the generation 8 starters and charzard are in. But it's likely the other starters will be in the generation 4 remakes.

  • CruddyGraze

    How do I saw egg moves

  • Vast World Pokemon Toy Adventures
    Vast World Pokemon Toy Adventures

    can one person subscribe to me from a comment section ever in my life ever 1?

  • ElShinyDorito

    Fix your animations, laziness at its finest -.-

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc

      The lazy thing has already been debunked. So come up with something relevant.

  • Marlon Vinicius
    Marlon Vinicius

    Sem mega evoluções novas,nao gostei desse jogo

  • Dull FuZioN
    Dull FuZioN


    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc

      Because the 3ds can't handle anything more then ultra. Besides the technology is 7 years old.

  • -??????

    Dynamax raids sre to strong

  • Ray Caballero
    Ray Caballero

    What I'm really saying is that I would love to see coughing get knocked out similar so how happens in fighting games were you hear the echo grunts of pain would really love to hear that Pokémon voice that that was one of the funniest ones

  • Ray Caballero
    Ray Caballero

    It would be nice if they had like during a Pokémon battle if they had like animated cut scenes of after you decide what attack or move that you want your Pokémon to do you'll see Ash say something like all right pick it would be nice if they had like during a Pokémon battle if they had like animated cut scenes of after you decide what attack or move that you want your Pokémon to do you'll see Ash say something like all right peaked pika husband let them have it and then obviously the Pokémon will probably look at Ash and then kind of feel determined to not let his trainer down

  • Ray Caballero
    Ray Caballero

    Other than the show I've never been that big of a Pokémon player but I just felt that the game maybe due to the limitations of the time never truly represented how amazing the Pokémon animation was or is rather it was very dramatic and suspenseful and funny

  • Ultra Afroman
    Ultra Afroman

    Time to take notes.

  • Queenie Leung
    Queenie Leung

    And yet we still have to stuff berries that are RNG generated down a Pokemon's throat fifty times in order to reset an EV in a single stat back to zero.

  • Amitha Biju
    Amitha Biju

    Excuse me I am a Pokemon fan and I love Sword and Shield but I don't know how to play it or how can I get this game ?? Please any one tell me

  • Jordan Temple
    Jordan Temple

    My egg moves arent transfering over

  • the weirdest person you would ever meet
    the weirdest person you would ever meet

    The creators have lessened the crazy eugenics shit going in the competitive scene in exchange for drugs that work better than the old drugs.

  • Darmo Kusumo
    Darmo Kusumo

    I demand pokemon platinum remake on switch

  • Tahmeed Rahman
    Tahmeed Rahman

    oh hell yeeeeessss!

  • Aaron Dostal
    Aaron Dostal

    Where do I find these candies?

    • Aaron Dostal
      Aaron Dostal

      Mr.Gentlemac thanks but not the exp ones lol but I figured it out

    • Mr.Gentlemac


  • Jordan Temple
    Jordan Temple

    How long does it take for a egg move to transfer over,?

  • Lemmy Koopa
    Lemmy Koopa

    Wait, Whuut was That? Sorry I was too busy digging up my nose

  • Manuel Pascual
    Manuel Pascual

    Allocated calcium on Gengar like it had osteoporosis

  • chris kennedy
    chris kennedy

    Me: I wonder what moves they cut? Data Miner: 140+! Me: Holy shit! What moves are gone?! Fire blast, thunderbolt, knock off, protect?! DM: Well no.. Me: Any moves I'd probably use in single player?! DM: Quite a few! Me: Late game?! DM: Well no... Me: Oh. How many competitive moves?! DM: Well if you count Z mo- Me: STFU, I knew they'd be gone and I'm happy. What ACTUAL moves? DM: 3 Me: In honor of our Lord, MightyKeef... SHUT YO BITCH ASS UP! For those curious; Return, Pursuit and Hidden Power. Only Pursuit and HP are actually game changing though.

  • Torque von Thorne
    Torque von Thorne

    At least I could change the shitty gnetle nature of my Diancie... wait... can I even transfer Daincie in gen 8? Glad I see vitamins now do have sense

  • WarlordSquerk

    Some nice stuff. Still no national dex so not buying it though.

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc

      @WarlordSquerk sorry to say. It's not even confirmed home will cost anything. Especially since its a Mobile app. And not on the DS. So it's likely it'll be free but like shuffle and rumble it'll be free but for the best benefits you gotta pay. And even if we do. you paid for bank. Which was nothing but boxes. Home will have trade and Wonder Woman options plus more. So really it'll be more worth it. And you think it's bad now. If they added every Pokemon in. One day the dex would be cut because they couldn't add every one. Then thousands of Pokemon would be lost.

    • WarlordSquerk

      ​@breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc If it's not a reason for you that's up to you but for me not being able to transfer all my pokemon into one game is not great. It means I have to spend money on pokemon home forever or lose my pokemon. Which is a REALLY SHITTY thing for the company to do. Whereas I still have my living dex in alpha saphire and I haven't had to spend any more to keep it alive. It also means I can use the pokemon I want in game or in pvp rather than be limited to whatever the devs think are good ideas. And in Sword and Shield they appear to have selected almost every pokemon I like and removed them. There are many other shitty things about sword and shield but I could.. tolerate... most of them if I got the national dex.

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc

      @WarlordSquerk petty crummy reason TBH. Especially since the only difference is our Pokemon are Gina be spread through the generations. While non are gone forever.

    • WarlordSquerk

      @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc A good guess. I'm certainly not buying any more mainline games.

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc

      Then I guess you're not buying anymore Pokemon games since the national dex is confirmed to never be returning.

  • Spyros Hormovitis
    Spyros Hormovitis

    Wait was this reuploaded?

  • Brian Kunz
    Brian Kunz

    So how are IVs going to work? As I understand the Vitamins etc are only meant for EVs or has that changes aswell?

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke

    My one take away: Give a duskull a $hit ton of calcium

    • Andrew Clarke
      Andrew Clarke

      The only problem is if I want to make the joke I have to wait a year

  • Otacon Magoo
    Otacon Magoo

    Who cares about mints and vitamins for Pokemon? I want to see a true national dex, and not some secretly made paywalled dlc add on that we have to pay extra for later. I played the games to earn a national dex to be happy with an extended story a way to further my game enjoyment. Cutting the dex like you have done is inexcusable and seriously making me not want to keep putting my money towards a franchise you obviously want money from than player appreciation.

  • gray

    why did i get the notification for this today? lmao wtf i already had to look it up gtfo >:(