Jason Mitchell Speaks On Misconduct Allegations, Leaving 'The Chi' & Lessons Learned
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Jason Mitchell drops in to talk the sexual misconduct allegations that widely affected the former The Chi actor to the point where he's been looked at as a bit of a pariah.
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  • Mass Prod84
    Mass Prod84

    yeah something not right. you known what i mean

  • bklyngurlwurl

    I dont know. He seems pretty suspect.....ijs

  • Liz Neptune
    Liz Neptune

    He's being so ambiguous and complete dancing and talking around the issue! And clearly leaving out a lot of information. I believe he did SOMETHING. He knows exactly wtf he did and what was inappropriate. Trying to justify "she had a boyfriend, and I had a girlfriend too"... Whenever someone starts off with, "see the kind of person I am... I'm just so kind. I was just helping the poor girl. All I'm guilty of is being a good person." TUH! Yeah tf right.

  • Yaneries

    After hearing Lena say “I just have to believe women “ LOL I now definitely believe him ! Lena was talking in all kinds of circles !! Women definitely do lie and he obviously don’t know why they fired him because they ain’t even tell that nigga nun LMAO I would’ve sued but 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • luvoldskoolmusic2012

    why is envy madder then Jason? Why does everything bad happen to Jason? Why does he keep mentioning New Orleans and his childhood?

  • Audrey M
    Audrey M

    What was the point of this interview? 🙄 talking in circles and I walked away with very little answers. Ugh.

  • chriss smith
    chriss smith

    that going back and forth mess seems like you and her was doing the business, i would stop it now, dont try to explain a bad problem. Nothing wrong with getting puzzy whipped, but don't try to explain it, it looks bad. Jason, you looking like Martin Lawrence about now!!!!

  • chriss smith
    chriss smith

    Jason mitchell, can you just come to work and do your job and act , please leave the female actors alone, please!! i want to see you go a long way on the big screen, but it will not happen if you can't control yourself behind the scenes. Its millions of women out there, why does it have to be the people you work with??????? stop it already and get it together man!!!!!

  • Derrick Cox
    Derrick Cox

    That’s the homie right there he was the shit in Supafly

  • Mrs Paris Lady
    Mrs Paris Lady

    That girl at the bar story 🤔 🧐

  • Funnel Cakes 88
    Funnel Cakes 88

    Why do I feel like Envy & Charlamagne are Cops & I'm watching a police interrogation . what's really goin on lol

  • billy33365

    Real men take ownership by admitting their mistakes and guilt which is what this man did. Everybody goes through learning lessons in life but many don't learn from them in the same way this man did. Much Luv to him. I credit him for admitting his mistakes.

  • Hakeem Otenigbagbe
    Hakeem Otenigbagbe

    As a chef and entrepreneur I was rocking with the show but not anymore.

  • Mr. Slickwordsmith
    Mr. Slickwordsmith

    Charlemagne should be treading on thin ice trying to grill this brother. Anybody ever heard of Jessica Reid. It's a whole lot of fuckery going on. Jason is being honest and soul searching about being a regular person from New Orleans. Sucks how things get misconstrued. I see you Leonard sucking up to the me too movement. You ain't fooling nobody bruh. A.D.O.S one love.

  • __

    Jason Mitchell making this appear like a repackage your image tour. Not a great look for those amongst us who can think and are analytical. Trying to rehabilitate his image.

  • Marie s
    Marie s

    If you pay attention, you can always tell when someone is lying.

  • NeeNee

    $7800 for a ticket from Chicago to Vegas 🙄

  • nicole charles
    nicole charles

    If this MOFO say, "I don't know" One Mo time!!! It's like listening to a 3 year old. So, you get slapped, dropped, fired, and you don't know NOTHING. Ok, Bruh. He clearly has Anger issues.

  • Brenden Steele
    Brenden Steele

    To busy commercializing the questions brother we just want the truth lol

  • Frank Henry
    Frank Henry

    Envy got the hair growth kit

  • Steven Ricot
    Steven Ricot

    Jason ain’t keeping 100...but the Chi gonna suck with out him...I’m still a fan of his!

  • cierra cook
    cierra cook

    If he did something wrong why did they still pay him?

  • Quentin Williams
    Quentin Williams

    I am confused. So are you actually saying that a black man did the most humane thing to help and assist a co-worker to get safely back to her domicile intact and unscathed and his just reward is to be accused and defamed. Something is not jellying. I do know that some of the women of today's mindset seem to reject chilvery. If he did what he says he did with a clean and pure conscious then he still did the right thing if the sister got home safely.

  • Christopher Santwon
    Christopher Santwon

    real talk though bro should change his diet its effecting his reality frfr

  • Christopher Santwon
    Christopher Santwon

    lmao this guy awsome lol stop trying to tell black men we shouldnt be men he was done wrong and he expressed himself the way men do

  • Natasha Green
    Natasha Green

    In the Chi, I really liked this dude as an actor...@17:25, I liked him as a person@17:54, freakin love this dudeREAL TALK, we gon go head and call DJ envy "doo-doo brown", bc he was all up in Jason's behind with them questions. #goodjournalism

  • Hopper830

    Tiffany's Boone character in the chi sucked anyway.

  • KristaV ThatsMe
    KristaV ThatsMe

    He professes that he's very loving, "being from NO" and all but then turns around and admits that he has anger issues. Sounds like he popped off one too many times and that's why he got fired.

    • KristaV ThatsMe
      KristaV ThatsMe

      @AFROVOCATIVE You're absolutely right. I made a snap judgement based on his vague explanation on what went down. He may be a loving person but the whole interview was kind of sketchy to me.


      KristaV ThatsMe you can be loving and still have a smart ass mouth or short tempered.

  • Blaze Brown
    Blaze Brown

    I'm glad he accepted Mental Health Therapy, & wish him much success.☮️❤️🙏🏽 It's imperative not to make the same mistakes. He has to be a good example for his daughters, he'll do right by them.❤️👼🏽👼🏽👼🏽 I liked Brandon & the food truck in The Chi.💥🔥

  • Miss Ivery
    Miss Ivery

    These comments are disheartening. You people are looking for something that is not there. He's explained that he's been aggressive with women in his demeanor and reactions. These women are offended and intimidated and feel a certain way. He's under legal NDA and can't specify exactly verbatim. You guys want him to be the bad guy and try to hang him out to dry b4 these devils do. He's not corporate he's a normal regular person who happens to be an actor so when your normal behavior is applied to corporate dealings you are considered threatening, intimidating, and difficult to deal with. Smh, sad our people look for gossip and drama to be confirmed instead of being objective.

  • Catina Reed
    Catina Reed

    Dude Is most definitely omitting certain truths about a few things you guys🤷🏽‍♀️. You can tell! And who in the hell IN THIS CLIMATE AND DAY AND TIME (LIKE SAID) IS JUST TAKING "L's" and you didn't do anything. I just can not get with it.

  • Sifah

    Not buying it. !!!!!!:(

  • rscully5

    Did Envy get hair plugs for real? Did he talk about it?

  • cecillbill

    Lena Waite isn't going to call him ever again; he needs to give up on that expectation.

  • Malaky Evans
    Malaky Evans

    No Angela?

  • The Raulacious89 show
    The Raulacious89 show


  • Regina S.
    Regina S.

    This young man is so FULL OF SHIT! Saying a whole lot of nothing = FULL OF SHIT! Boy, bye! Everyone is lying, and your silly ass is so CONFUSED! SO HURT! What are you a blonde born in a black mans body? All these folks ain't lying on you. It's YOU! And please STOP using being a "Black Man" as an excuse for YOUR BULLSHIT! Please get YOUR shit together, take RESPONSIBILITY and STOP BLAMING OTHERS! Please have several seats. Ugh!

  • T Bell
    T Bell

    He's definitely dancing around the issues. I feel like he did something with that woman when he took her home.

  • Deelifull

    I loved this interview. While I still don't know the whole truth which will forever remain between him, the accusers and HR, I am so happy that he's taken this "L" and apologized. Nothing but love for you Jason Mitchell!!!! Peace.

  • De_LaGhetto music
    De_LaGhetto music

    Smh smh Chile he lying