Jayson Tatum Highlights vs Charlotte Hornets (23 pts, 9 reb)
Jayson Tatum Highlights vs Charlotte Hornets (23 pts, 9 reb)
Statline: 23 pts (8/17 FG, 4/6 3PT), 9 reb in 29 minutes
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  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey

    Loved his work on the glass most. Thank you as always Tomasz

  • Elan Zankman
    Elan Zankman

    This kid needs to understand that he's an elite 3 pt shooter. If he shoots any time he's slightly open, and takes 12 threes a game, he'd probably make at least 5

  • crazymonk3y1298

    He is easily our best shooter and actually one of the better shooters in the nba

  • GOAT Essays
    GOAT Essays

    Tatum is made for the last :05 of the shot clock. You can swing the ball to him and he doesn't need any time to create ample separation and get a clean look. This is similar to Carmelo. He is actually less effective earlier in the shot clock when he gets the ball and has time to hold it and think about his move. He's so good offensively that when he has no choice but to just "go" and make a move immediately, he's at his best.

  • K

    *when he starts to get a foul watch out!*

  • Durag. Jeeb
    Durag. Jeeb

    We just need more shooters off the bench

    • Skull kid with Master Sword
      Skull kid with Master Sword

      crazymonk3y1298 we need to sign Melo or Joe Johnson for bench scoring.

    • Elan Zankman
      Elan Zankman

      I'm not as worried about the bench scoring, most teams don't have four excellent perimeter scorers in their starting lineup. The Celtics can always keep one of them on the floor

    • crazymonk3y1298

      That bench scoring will come with time once Carson finds a consistent stroke and romeo is able to get comfortable and in shape and possibly we see more green

  • Kiran Darai
    Kiran Darai

    his proficiency from 3 has been amazing, really like the way he's been playing so far

  • JennessyTV

    Young king