Jayson Tatum drops a career-high 39 points vs. Hornets | 2019-20 NBA Highlights
Jayson Tatum drops his first career 30-point, 10-rebound game, scoring a career-high 39 points on the Boston Celtics’ way to an entertaining win over the Charlotte Hornets 119-93.

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  • GKicks42

    Saint Louis stand up 🙏 314 till the world blow.

  • Hubert Le
    Hubert Le

    not a career high no more 🔥

  • shawn v.
    shawn v.

    wow now he just dropped 41

  • Brooks Orlando
    Brooks Orlando

    He would still be a sr in college right now if he stayed at Duke..hes 21. He's still a good 5-6 yrs from his hitting his prime. Tatum is gonna be a perennial all star this decade

  • jonski vasaquez
    jonski vasaquez

    And someone dared compare tatum to kuzma. What blasphemy😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Jade Gramatica
    Jade Gramatica

    The next best player in the world, JT.

  • Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé
    Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé

    That's my boy, keep underestimating him, he will be a HOF when he retires, like it or not.

  • gtb naz
    gtb naz

    so did he get 39 points and no assists

  • Samson Jr.
    Samson Jr.

    This kid plying like PP silky smooth and efficient


    Tatun is gonna be a nightmare

  • Mj and Jj
    Mj and Jj


  • Chris Rogers
    Chris Rogers

    Mamba mentality

  • Barrier Boy
    Barrier Boy

    from the triple threat position he looks a lot like Jordan.

  • Billy Rosser
    Billy Rosser

    For being considered “kobe esq” or aka a talented “scorer” 39 points is not very impressive for a career high 😒 I’m js man I know role players who’ve dropped more 😂😂😂🤣

  • Stephen Perkins
    Stephen Perkins

    Ppgotta love celtics.

  • Jackisaboss1208

    Looked like a human flamethrower

  • cesar pires
    cesar pires

    Everything is going in for tatum 3:12 😁😂

  • IVERSON Emanuel
    IVERSON Emanuel


  • Tristan Gourdet
    Tristan Gourdet

    Finally, you are seeing what Tatum can become. The guy look like Kobe out there on the court. You saw the footwork, the three point shot, the fade-away jump-shot, a pump fake, and then, taking the basketball to the basket. He looked poised and patient out there on the court. If he can consistently play like this night in and night out, then he's a superstar in the next couple of years without a question.

  • Schuyler Savage
    Schuyler Savage

    THIS is what he can be. Already. And it’s going to become more normal now that he shook off his yips at the rim. Dude has been an all star level player in every area this year other than with his finishing in the paint. Which he’s been solid at in the past. If he continues to finish his layups and combines that with his polished outside game, oh boy. He wants this, and he knows he can do it, so here we go. He knows he hasn’t been as good as he can be all year, and I think things are going to change. He’s still young and immature in some ways, but he’s also way beyond his years in some ways. Sometimes I get annoyed with him and his shot selection while brown gets limited attempts and always makes the most of the them, but if the celtics are going to be their best then they do need tatum to be the featured player, he’s just gotta make sure that he’s playing at his best if he’s going to be taking the most shots because if not, it’s going to hurt the team in numerous ways. Luckily, I think jaylen is more comfortable outside the spotlight and as the sidekick than Tatum would be, so it’s prolly best that things go this way. I don’t think tatum would be cool if brown were the one who got most of the hype. So it’s perfect. Brown also benefits from the way people don’t think of him as a star the way they think of tatum. Both of these kids are going to be elite players tho, just in different ways and with different narratives


    I see some kyries move and skills in tatum.

  • cameron seals
    cameron seals

    Every stars scores their career high on the hornets

  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas

    Jaylen Brown better in my opinion

  • Green Face
    Green Face

    I see more pg in his game than Kobe

    • K-C x
      K-C x

      Green Face but I see some Kobe in pg, it’s a cycle brother ❤️

  • Edward Monkhouse
    Edward Monkhouse


  • Edward Monkhouse
    Edward Monkhouse


  • Danny Bautista
    Danny Bautista

    Good job! Jason Tatum

  • Mighty Cute
    Mighty Cute

    Happy for this kid. He's doing what Kobe advice on "The Details" he efficiently uses every small gap on every pick n rolls and has more confident to take shots compare last season

  • Tymir Harris
    Tymir Harris

    Yal told me Kobe made him a shot jacking bust I didn’t forget.

  • Cuzjudd

    Tatum v Ingram?

  • Thiago Martins
    Thiago Martins

    Jayson tatum is amazing in this season I am a number one fan of him since 2018 he is so good at feedaway and lay ups somethings he have a good pull back crossover and a great 3 ball !

  • Tony Gucci
    Tony Gucci

    The new TRUTH!!!

  • MoMoneyLessProblems

    Hes got size and he can shoot the rock. And hes got Kobe on speed dial. Kid is going to be a problem.

  • Patrick Barthold
    Patrick Barthold

    Young Tatum=young Kobe do the research

  • We Sore
    We Sore

    He needs to improve his vision. But anyway he good

  • Cole Palmer
    Cole Palmer

    Tatum has one good game: This kid is the next kobe Tatum has one bad game: Wow this guy is the most overrated player in the league

  • Anthony Hutchins
    Anthony Hutchins

    Honestly Tatums criticisms are like a compliment to me. Hes just a victim of his own expectations. People think he should be scoring 30 ppg by now because of how talented he is. Patience is a virtue my friends... Tatum is literally a kid still haha. He's got a good 6 years till he's in his prime.


    I see mamba

  • true leed
    true leed

    The jays been killing it on the glass this year

  • the business handler
    the business handler

    Him n brown are different this year

  • wrightterence680

    Tatum dropped a 39 piece on the Hornets

  • gamer05

    he's good but siakam's better

    • Football&Hoops

      Tatum is 4 years younger 21 compared to 25

  • Alhaji S Koita
    Alhaji S Koita


  • AI

    I see a tmac 2.0

  • Zorro TheFatBoye
    Zorro TheFatBoye

    The only reason Tatum will be the next Kobe for me is because he’s still young, unlike Kawhi Leonard who has already played for a long time.

  • Tarun Guhanand
    Tarun Guhanand

    I'm a Celtics fan. Have to preface that before I say this- do it AGAIN (clips 30 pt game) against one of the LA teams, and I'm convinced. Hornets are cannon fodder this year.

    • Anthony Yusef
      Anthony Yusef

      Convinced about what? Tatum us clearly one of the most talented young'ns in the league. Stevie Wonder can see that....

  • Rosauro Escabarte
    Rosauro Escabarte

    By the time he gets ghiannes body, it will be scary

  • Tristan Radeka
    Tristan Radeka

    39 points 12 boards on 51% shooting with great defense the whole game. Kemba and Jaylen held back a bit because Jayson was in his bag, but still combined for I think 40. I think we’re looking at a new big 3 for the C’s.

  • r'gent robes
    r'gent robes

    I saw kobe in celtics jersey 🤔

  • James Robert
    James Robert

    Tatum has returned to being the most valuable asset in the nba If im starting a franchise tatum is my first pick and jaylen brown is in my top 7 The celtics will be in championship contentions for the next 12 years with tatum, brown and marcus smart Also rob williams and tack fall will form an incredibly versatile big man rotation for the celtics for a long time. With guyslike grant williams and romoe langford starting to come along incredibly fast the celtics are the future and present of the nba I love it

    • gurinder singh
      gurinder singh


    • Heath Hersom
      Heath Hersom

      @Bruno Segnori Ehh I'd take Luka. Younger, better 3pt shooter, better free throw shooter and a better passer.

    • Bruno Segnori
      Bruno Segnori

      @Heath Hersom giannis?

    • Tristan Radeka
      Tristan Radeka

      James Robert Jaylen brown is a better overall player tatum’s just a better scorer. You better believe we’ll see a 40+ point game from both of them this season and Kemba too

    • Heath Hersom
      Heath Hersom

      Uhhh Luka Doncic?

  • Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto

    Doesnt matter what you think about his averages. Hes 21! Hes making clutch shots + buzzer beaters. If you dont think hes going to be a star you must be hating.

    • Ryan Walker
      Ryan Walker

      Carlitos Way lol bro won’t even respond cause he know he a dummy boi 😂

    • Carlos Alberto
      Carlos Alberto

      Lah Mitch your an idiot obviously. You missed my whole point. He just turned 21. Most of those players you mentioned didnt have the turn around fadeaways, the dirk nowinsky fadeaways, the step back 3’s at 21. Hope you remember your comment 6 years from now.

    • Ethan Selinger
      Ethan Selinger

      Lah Mitch obviously guys like Kawhi and PG are better... key is that he’s 21. Look up PG and Kawhi’s stats at 21. And Tatum’s play is leading to wins.

    • Lah Mitch
      Lah Mitch

      Carlitos Way kawhi, Paul George, giannas, Kevin Durant and luka way better I’m sorry ain’t enough space for bro really I ain’t say lebron or ingram either maybe Zion who knows

  • Vinz A.
    Vinz A.

    we want tacko 😂

  • Nick Calash
    Nick Calash

    He can get a shot off any time he wants and score in any way. Tatum is the real deal and he’s only 21. Better than Ben simmons for sure.

  • jd ‘
    jd ‘

    Is he going to be an all star this year??

    • jd ‘
      jd ‘

      I think he can be a really big problem for any team if he doesn’t just shoot the ball most of the time.

    • Josh Plouffe
      Josh Plouffe


  • Sean Clarke
    Sean Clarke

    At least he is trying to elevate his game unlike simmons

    • jonski vasaquez
      jonski vasaquez

      Dont you dare compare tatum to brick simmons thats blasphemy.

    • Philly Jackson
      Philly Jackson

      @Z U Who cares he dominated every other asset of the game better than. Tatum. Shooting is not part of Simmons game.

    • Z U
      Z U

      Ok, but how? He can’t shoot at all which makes him so easy to guard in the playoffs

    • Philly Jackson
      Philly Jackson

      @Z U Simmons *IS* better than Tatum, you just don't want to admit facts. But you will in due time.

    • Z U
      Z U

      Simmons isn’t better than Tatum for the exact reason that in the Playoffs, Simmons becomes a good defender with little to no offensive output. Trash.

  • Zachary John Gilbert
    Zachary John Gilbert


  • Jimmy Lopez
    Jimmy Lopez

    Starting All Star Forward.... Kemba and Jaylen should start with him too...lol

    • Jimmy Lopez
      Jimmy Lopez

      Kemba, Tatum, Siakem, Giannis, Embid....

    • Jimmy Lopez
      Jimmy Lopez

      @Mike Ike sakem deserves it...Giannis deserves it...And Embid starting...so yeah...but Jaylen has a case...

    • Mike Ike
      Mike Ike

      its gonna be tricky in the east lol, cause siakam and giannis have them spots on lock. but siakam might be hurt for a while w that groin injury, those take a while.

  • erik puka
    erik puka

    Still overrated tho

    • James Robert
      James Robert

      Lol stop

    • B'Wyse Judah
      B'Wyse Judah

      You still got hate in yo blood

  • Jamal Abdelbaset
    Jamal Abdelbaset

    Go to bed, Woj!

  • Goobweyn Media
    Goobweyn Media

    He gets away with that little push off a lot. lol Tatum is still growing and getting stronger though. He will be an all star soon.

    • Waffle Gaming
      Waffle Gaming

      Lol harden known for stepback, tatum known for push off

    • Goobweyn Media
      Goobweyn Media

      I still like Jaylen Brown better though. Brown always raises his game when it matters. He has been doing this since his rookie year.