Jayson Tatum Full Highlights 2019.11.07 Celtics vs Hornets - 23 Pts, 9 Rebs! FreeDawkins
November 7 | NBA Regular Season | Jayson Tatum Full Highlights 2019.11.07 Celtics vs Hornets - 23 Pts, 9 Rebs! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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  • Jay Nguyen
    Jay Nguyen

    There you go boy

  • Darren Pottinger
    Darren Pottinger

    I guess they’re done hating on Tatum because he’s a Celtic 😂

  • Melo Gotem
    Melo Gotem

    Love to call JT overrated but he avg 21 on the season

  • OKC Celtics
    OKC Celtics

    I don’t see the Kobe/melo part of his game...to me he just kinda reminds me of KD and Paul George

    • alpha Acquaye
      alpha Acquaye

      OKC Celtics his post game is Kobe esq

  • OKC Celtics
    OKC Celtics

    I’m still trying to figure out how Tatum can be such a good scorer and have so many electrifying performances but when you look at the stats he’ll have like no more then 23 points a game when it feels like he be dropping 30 on a nightly basis....at least he isn’t forcing his shots anymore

    • ATN617

      the thing with Tatum is that he doesn't go to the, a few times he'll drive but as soon as he doesn't get calls he shys away, still young maybe next year or even later this year he'll get it. Jaylen Brown got it this year

    • OKC Celtics
      OKC Celtics

      Rashad Howard yeah that’s true....he’ll get it eventually I’m sure, but as of now I don’t really care as long as he plays great and we get the W

    • Karim Zakaria
      Karim Zakaria

      His defense has been insane this year, the dude is using his long ass arms to block shots, steals, etc

    • Rashad Howard
      Rashad Howard

      Lack of free throw attempts

  • rossdigitalfire

    By the time Tatum appears on screen the video is 1/3 over. There are plenty of “Kemba returns” videos out there.

  • Soji Sonibare
    Soji Sonibare

    Box score is a great touch 👌🏿

  • errin cerna
    errin cerna

    what's that shot clock count down on the hardwood ?

  • boof's2cents

    Better than Ingram

    • boof's2cents

      @Jaukeel Carvan people keep saying that but ignore the fact that he has to share the rock with Brown, Kemba and Gordon. While Ingram has to share it only with Jrue. (Zion is injured)

    • Jaukeel Carvan
      Jaukeel Carvan

      Naaahhhh. Let's see him drop 30 again first

    • Savino Cataleta
      Savino Cataleta

      They are both great players but i think that in the future Tatum Will be a bit better than Brandon

  • John Kim
    John Kim

    Where's haywards

  • Alex McLellan
    Alex McLellan

    He’s having a crazy break out season so far

  • gyoyobw123

    Man he has that KD type of smoothness to his game. I'm not saying he's on KD's level! He just reminds of KD's smooth style of play. I could watch it all day.

    • pat lin
      pat lin

      @Tim Sweeney a lot of interviews actually say he will have Drew hanlen fly in to tweak his jumpsuit quote often, yes it is not a completely a change of shot form like markell fultz, but the point is that I don't understand why he will often have such stretch where he couldn't make shot and need to tweak his jumpers. Some example is last year where he was really cold at the end of the season but then he tweak his shooting form for 3pt and was really hot in the playoffs,

    • Tim Sweeney
      Tim Sweeney

      pat lin his shot doesn’t look different to me. Every player makes some tweaks to their jumpshot especially at an early age. Kyrie doesn’t have the same shot now he did when he was 21

    • pat lin
      pat lin

      @Tim Sweeney its weird that he keep changing his jumpshot form all the time tho

    • Tim Sweeney
      Tim Sweeney

      gyoyobw123 I’ve been saying this too. the smoothness, and the high almost unguardable release on his jumpshot

  • MightySo92

    Looking good 🔥

  • Sambuu Badrakh
    Sambuu Badrakh

    like how he became a good 3-point shooter

    • Kvex 4
      Kvex 4

      Jamir Bingham he was

    • Jamir Bingham
      Jamir Bingham

      Zatora11 he wasn’t in college though

    • Zatora11

      Sambuu Badrakh he always was since his rookie season

  • Ahmed Awad
    Ahmed Awad

    most overrated player in the league LMAOOO

    • Shawn Valverde
      Shawn Valverde

      Ahmed Awad ?

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores

    on the real tho, Dawkins got some sus thumbnails...

    • Boston 508617
      Boston 508617

      What has been seen.. cannot be unseen. Thanks bro.

    • Jayson Taydumb
      Jayson Taydumb

      Lol that is sus af

  • McApp Perspective
    McApp Perspective

    He's going to be an all-star this year if he stays healthy..

  • 4Exia

    He isn’t the superstar people thought was going to appear this year but he isn’t trash either. We’re trying to find the next big star, but they’ll just appear. Let’s give these great young players space

    • Carlozz

      @Nahbro Bro Tatum is already a star, He leds Celtics to the ECF and was 1 win away of the NBA Final as a ROOKIE!!!. He's part of the big3 of third best team in the EC he's not a random role player.

    • Football&Hoops

      @Nahbro Bro Giannis probably gonna be a hall of famer and nobody knew him in his first 2 years

    • Tyler Gary
      Tyler Gary

      Nahbro Bro yeah but no one on the Celtics looked like a star last year. Individually Tatum didn’t look to great last year but nobody on that team looked great last year. I mean kyries a superstar and he didn’t look that great last year. IMO Tatum is picking right up where he left off. It’s like this season and the rest of his career going forward is a continuation from game 7 of the 2018 ecf where he looked like a STAR. He looked like that guy. Unfortunately the team and his journey hit a speed bump last season and couldn’t do and show what they’re capable of.

    • Nahbro Bro
      Nahbro Bro

      gyoyobw123 Not superstar, but many hall of famers became stars in their second year, Tatum didn’t make that progression. A lot of people thought he would

    • Verdict

      He’s Paul George 2.0

  • Darlens Leveque
    Darlens Leveque

    I knew the Celtics would be better off without Kyrie. Btw I'm not dissing Kyrie i think both parties are better without one another.

    • A R
      A R

      Darlens Leveque they had too many people that needed the ball Things fit together better with Kyrie and Rozier gone but I still think 1 more wing player (likely Brown for a big man like Steven Adams) should be moved to really make everything fit together best Kyrie gets to be fully maximized in Brooklyn while he still can during his prime. They’re both better off

    • steven whiters
      steven whiters

      Yea Defly the Celtics need a rim protector and

  • LeBeautiful

    He's developing, and maturing.

  • Yawnnnz Ingg
    Yawnnnz Ingg

    How is THIS A TNT QUALITY game 🗑

    • crazymonk3y1298

      First off Hornets haven't been bad this year 2nd its kembas return I think all the big returns will be prime time

    • Evan Mandrus
      Evan Mandrus

      they should hire you since you can foresee which games will be good

  • Y2Jericho

    But.... But... I thought he was Overrated 😭. Lmao ya love to see it

  • ThatBoiChris

    Is it just me or does the thumbnail look weird

  • Bearboy193

    His shot selections getting better, love his defense and his aggressiveness on offense

    • Karim Zakaria
      Karim Zakaria

      His defense has been better than his offense this year, hes been THAT good defensively

    • Bearboy193

      @kjax That's why they're first in the East unlike your Kryknee lmfaooooo

    • Jon Littlejohn
      Jon Littlejohn

      kjax you’re logic is literally invalid

    • Jamir Bingham
      Jamir Bingham

      kjax your 🗑

  • Commandosoap777

    All star year ?

    • Savino Cataleta
      Savino Cataleta

      Maybe yes

  • Hassan Haulcy
    Hassan Haulcy

    He’s been doin well so y’all can go away with the “overrated” talk

    • Karim Zakaria
      Karim Zakaria

      Btw I know these low life people calling him overrated won’t understand but Tatum has been one of the best defenders in the league this year. Hes currently number 7 in the whole NBA in defensive efficiency

    • Paulo Static
      Paulo Static

      @Jordan Davis Don't spend time asking them how. You'll just waste your time because they dont have any argument.

    • gyoyobw123

      @Young Cal Nah you need to explain yourself forreal.

    • MightySo92

      Fucking idiots don't know basketball

    • Jordan Davis
      Jordan Davis

      @Young Cal How? Hating ass

  • Walter Samuel Alva Rosnay
    Walter Samuel Alva Rosnay

    JT will be a Hall of Famer mark my words

    • gyoyobw123

      His jersey will be in the rafters in Boston too


      We gonna see

  • TheGoat 24
    TheGoat 24

    He will be an all star this yr because he isn't playing with a PG who poisons teams and shoots 37-104 vs the bucks and 7-33 at the three against the bucks

    • Dre Chillin
      Dre Chillin

      Kyrie looked like a injured deer vs the bucks

    • Jamir Bingham
      Jamir Bingham

      Lol he could have been playing like this last year if it wasn’t for trash can kyrie

  • Vecancy

    His game is so smooth