Jayson Tatum Full Highlights 2019.10.06 Celtics vs Hornets - 20 Pts in 3 Quarters! | FreeDawkins
October 06 | NBA PreSeason | Jayson Tatum Full Highlights 2019.10.06 Celtics vs Hornets - 20 Pts in 3 Quarters! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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  • the business handler
    the business handler

    I think he's breaking out this year

  • Aryan Persaud
    Aryan Persaud

    New shooting form is so-so imo, his original has a better look to it.

  • Xavier Cardenas
    Xavier Cardenas


  • 이창렬

    I don't know he's doing exercise in this game or not. He didn't use open chance for 3 points and drove to the rim many times. His main problem is shot selection.

  • rome8180

    Lol at this announcer acting like Tatum wasn't already a good three-point shooter. His problem was that he didn't take enough of them, not that he couldn't make them.

  • The Grandmaster
    The Grandmaster

    Effecient asf shots I’m not gonna lie,I like what I’m seeing.

  • Young Jefe
    Young Jefe

    Jayson Tatum for MIP

  • Ken Ken
    Ken Ken

    Kobe's Nephew has born dude future superstar

  • GangGreen_714


  • Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé
    Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé

    Kyrie was an osbtacle to his growth and the growth of the team, glad hes not here anymore.

  • B-DuB 813
    B-DuB 813

    Kobe trained him Trust your shot

  • Phillip Riles
    Phillip Riles

    He's going to be much better and more efficient without Kyrie.

  • Miguel Arredondo
    Miguel Arredondo

    Looking great but hornets are ass cream

  • Jimmy Bryant
    Jimmy Bryant

    Jason keep doings your thing. We proud of you in St Louis.

  • TheWill116

    Time lord with the black and white shoes on

  • J Bilbs
    J Bilbs

    He has a DEADLY pump fake

  • Tristan Radeka
    Tristan Radeka

    His shot is looking wet again, he’s moving better without the ball, dribbling better, attacking the rim hard, taking smarter shots, and looking confident. Last season wasn’t his season to shine, but I think this one is

  • Bryant T
    Bryant T

    Really hope he can take the next step this year and be a consistent scorer

  • Michael Oates
    Michael Oates

    This team will flourish without Kyrie who dominates the ball so much

  • Mansour Toure
    Mansour Toure

    All star this year 🤞

  • Atano Desvarieux
    Atano Desvarieux

    He will be a All-Star very soon, Especially if he contunues to progress in his game.

  • Chiemezuo Uba-Ifegwu
    Chiemezuo Uba-Ifegwu

    Only way I recognised Jaylen brown was by his running style lol

  • Angel Rose Jr
    Angel Rose Jr

    Tatum all star season calling it now.

  • _I_BK_I_

    Jumper looks more one motion, way more confidence off the bounce and much more decisive. Yeah it’s just one game but real hoopers can tell


      Bkimfitness I suck ass at basketball but after watching it for over 10 years I know when I see a great player.

  • Daniel Berri
    Daniel Berri

    no kyrie no problem

  • Brandon Spence
    Brandon Spence

    Finally, Jayson. Enough with those long range two's bro. I mean it's good to have them in your arsenal but my word, Celtics fans can relate when i say he gave me a couple headahces when he'd do them for no reason and brick them

  • SwagSoLightskin

    This is gonna be a big leap year you can tell by the simplicity he is using to score a much more mature player than last season

  • Griffin Bitter
    Griffin Bitter

    Duke Made

  • OKC Celtics
    OKC Celtics

    You can’t watch this man play and say he won’t be an all star some day...just watching him move you can tell he’s going to dominate the league for years! I just wish he had more stability around him. I really wish Horford would’ve stayed for at least another season

    • OKC Celtics
      OKC Celtics

      gyoyobw123 I mean there’s a chance Jaylen Brown is gonna be traded...he’s asking for the max and if his game can’t back it up and some other team offers him like 25 million a year then I could see that happening...but yeah he’s at least have Kemba Walker for the next 5 seasons as well as Marcus Smart and the 5 rookies they got this season

    • gyoyobw123

      I think this roster will stay this way for quite some time (except at the center spot). Alot of guys are locked up for multiyear deals I believe, so I think he'll have the stability needed for his development. But yeah, Horford will be missed 100%.

  • OKC Celtics
    OKC Celtics

    Tatum is the player I’m excited for the most this season! I’m so fucking hyped!

  • John L.
    John L.

    And HE'S ONLY 2...nvm

  • Elias Ortega
    Elias Ortega

    This man is looking scary! His overall speed, decision making, and fluidity improved dramatically. Top 25 player this upcoming season


    JT too good brah

  • TheGoat 24
    TheGoat 24

    He might even be an all star as he doesnt have a cancerous point guard who shot 37-104 vs the bucks holding him back

    • rome8180

      You're the worst.

    • Yo

      @TheGoat 24 I'm not defending Kyrie, he played like trash after game 1 but he still was more useful than Tatum :P

    • Drink Me
      Drink Me

      @Metallica Rulz you cringe white boy

    • Metallica Rulz
      Metallica Rulz

      TheGoat 24, coming from a Celtics fan that’s is salty that kyrie left, Tatum is no where near kyrie

    • TheGoat 24
      TheGoat 24

      @Jahvarie Fletcher He is better than Kyrie you muslim


    He is going to have his best season. Mark my words

    • Regis Philbin
      Regis Philbin

      woahh hot take over here...

    • Garrison Armand
      Garrison Armand

      MrGenexxx he’ll have a career year this season

    • MrGenexxx

      Then it's just sad. He's way too young to have his best season.

    • jeff jordan
      jeff jordan

      U mean so far cause he is still considered a baby

  • Joi ri
    Joi ri

    Hes only 21!!

  • Grolly Cesiqk
    Grolly Cesiqk

    It's his team

  • Leon Fortii
    Leon Fortii

    Can't wait for this dude to steal the spotlight from Kemba thinkin like he's the better player and that he's the star of the team. Good luck though.

  • Tim Sweeney
    Tim Sweeney

    This kid still has superstar potential. Y’all love to hate on players you know will be great. He’s gonna shine away from kyrie

    • rome8180

      @lkwi-gir Kyrie has been a great playoff performer. He had a bad series against a great team. Kemba is ball dominant too. He had a lower assist rate than Kyrie and he's way less efficient overall.

    • lkwi-gir

      @rome8180 but kyrie is ball domimant, he's 6-21 in one of the playoff games with celtics

    • rome8180

      I don't think it has anything to do with Kyrie. Kyrie didn't tell him to take a lot of midrange iso shots when he wasn't efficient at them.

    • lkwi-gir

      @John Control 😂😂

    • John Control
      John Control

      He's only 19!!!

  • Tyler west
    Tyler west

    This 3 year time went by fast asf😂

    • Regis Philbin
      Regis Philbin

      interesting word choices.. lol

    • Tray Nyc
      Tray Nyc

      That’s because it’s only been two years

    • M3LO

      Tyler west hasn’t officially been 3 years just last year in April May was his first playoffs

    • Nathan Revilla
      Nathan Revilla

      Tyler west fr thoooo