Jayson Tatum BEST Highlights & Moments from 2018-19 NBA Season!
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Check out the best highlights by Jayson Tatum from the Boston Celtics | 2018-19 NBA Season
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  • John Tatum
    John Tatum

    Jason Tatum is very explosive and has some amazing moves!

  • Ke vin
    Ke vin

    Better than Ben Simmons.

    • Football&Hoops

      Better and Younger

  • Moses Redner
    Moses Redner

    Jason T. Plays with good performance.

  • Willie Gordon
    Willie Gordon

    He needs to get in the weight room and get stronger.

  • 315Marino

    Tatum that dude! One of the nba's future leaders as well.

  • Brandy Azevedo
    Brandy Azevedo

    My husband 💍

  • Mataeus Soccer
    Mataeus Soccer

    fav player in 2020

  • Taury13GT

    Tatum has some 2K defense NGL

  • OverTimeAngel

    Tatum straight clips Ben Simmons and embiid or dunk on lebron ? 🤯

  • Let’s talk LFC
    Let’s talk LFC


  • kha

    boston get lovd everywhere

  • RJ Macready
    RJ Macready

    Sorry, I just can't get over how hideous those Jazz uniforms are

  • Andrew Gracen
    Andrew Gracen

    most of his shots were flukes. But hes okay

  • Jus One
    Jus One

    I cant believe Lakwrs fans think Kuzma is better!!!!! Lmao

  • Truman Rodgers
    Truman Rodgers

    This is teaching me so much on how to drive to the hoop, tysm for posting this

  • King Anthony
    King Anthony

    Jayson Tatum aka The Boston Mamba☘️☘️☘️☘️

  • Jo Ro
    Jo Ro

    I'm surprised by how good Vince Carter still catches up to players like tatum who could really be his sons.

  • tatlas

    This guy is Paul Pierce on steroids. And that's not an insult. 2019-20 Jayson should become an All-Star. He is a hard worker and that kind of work pays off.

  • XimMj

    This guy is overrated

    • RickkTrolling

      hi bye This aged amazingly well




    Tatum definitely had the potential to be like Mamba.. Now we see he just doesnt have the mentality.

  • Buttah B
    Buttah B

    This kid going to be an MVP one day just by the looks of it 🔥

  • kezO0622

    He should be working out on driving and spot up hooting, less dribbling and iso.

  • noah mccormick
    noah mccormick

    If Tatum gels with Romeo Langford aka Black Luca Doncic and Carsen "Steph Curry Urlacher" Edwards...

  • Yohei Mito
    Yohei Mito

    1:18 kobe bryant?

  • KlayVon Boumjie Boumjie
    KlayVon Boumjie Boumjie


    • RickkTrolling

      KlayVon Boumjie Boumjie This aged well........

  • Jason欧阳子锋

    Everyone, please show this video to the people around you who said"Jayson Tatum is over hype and overrated,he don't deserve a 85 overall in 2K"

  • Synai Mccrae
    Synai Mccrae

    omg that dunk on simmons

  • Joseph Allen
    Joseph Allen

    He’ll average 23 a game next year!

  • FH


  • がんばるかん


  • Gus Floros
    Gus Floros

    A lot of these buckets are when the Celtics are up and don’t need Kyrie to score every possession, now imagine when Tatum does this all the time 👀👀👀

  • Bert Finland
    Bert Finland

    As a Celtics fan, I understand that it can get annoying to other fans how much he gets hyped sometimes. But there is a smoothness to his game that is so rarely found. It always looks like he's doing cone drills.

  • Mhae anne Rosas
    Mhae anne Rosas

    ILove jason tatum very much💕💕😍😍😘😘

  • Mr. Bigglesworth
    Mr. Bigglesworth

    4:39 as good a move as you'll ever see

  • Kalela

    Has there been a young who showed signs of being a star in his first 2 years but eventually never amounted to anything? I fear that for Tatum. When he is on you can swear he will be a future all star and may be even a super star but he is too passive and his athleticism is average at best and you can't help but question if he will ever be more than slightly above average role player.

    • kha

      Guys celtics records one of the best in the league rn... Tamtum multi 30 point games. Hes nasty dont sleep

    • Pull Up Jay
      Pull Up Jay

      I feel like with kyrie's ego and drama out of the locker room, and a team first leader like kemba, i feel like tatum will amass to a all star caliber player tgis year considering ue will most likely be the second or first option depending on the matchup

  • YellowTurtleTV

    Jayson Tatum has a bright and very promising future. Can’t wait to see him become a star now that Kyrie is gone.

  • J3 Mixes
    J3 Mixes

    Tatum could’ve easily averaged 20 ppg (or more) if he wasn’t on such a stacked team, and now that Kyrie is gone I feel like he’ll have a break out year.

  • Xanxus Cho
    Xanxus Cho

    He's a beast with skill!!!

  • Adrian Edwin
    Adrian Edwin

    11:14 what a play 😂😂😂😁

  • Wasabi Sushi
    Wasabi Sushi

    That moment when you realized that the Lakers should have drafted Tatum over Lonzo Ball. LMAO

    • King Chino
      King Chino

      Wasabi Sushi why draft Tatum when they had Ingram already

  • Chino Kingzz
    Chino Kingzz

    Tatum gonna average over 20 a game this year

  • Scatman Caffey
    Scatman Caffey

    Adding Gordon Hayward f**** up his confidence, this dude has way too much star power and potential to play second fiddle to that twitch gamer..... jaylen brown got played too....

  • MrObey444

    favorite nba player by far

  • Will

    I remember watching that bank shot when I got home from ball practice shit was magical

  • Thugfoelyf LA
    Thugfoelyf LA

    That Rozier dunk tho 😶

  • Zakee Jones-Rumph
    Zakee Jones-Rumph

    Pure shot creator

  • Sebas Montoya
    Sebas Montoya

    He can end up being a really good scorer

  • Melo Wang
    Melo Wang


  • TheGrandmasterfro

    Tatum fresh with it!


    6:26 that's teamwork.

  • Ezra Stone
    Ezra Stone

    Tatum is gonna have prime season in 2020-2021 season

  • Agam Lahav
    Agam Lahav

    11:22 look under the scoreboard(he predicted Kemba) 😂

    • RickkTrolling

      toby Jk yeah he used to play for the celts

    • toby Jk
      toby Jk

      Agam Lahav Antoine walker.

  • Caporal De Guerre
    Caporal De Guerre

    Midrange killer

  • Nathaniel Aguirre
    Nathaniel Aguirre

    My ears hurt( if you got the jayden smith ad you kno why)

  • 黄乐铧

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  • GodsProdiGy #55
    GodsProdiGy #55

    7:55 jeez bro on 2 big men


    He loves that driving spin move. If he keeps at it, he may have found a signature move.

  • - theMbig
    - theMbig

    He’s starting to remind me of Wiggins.

    • Patrick MahomeBoy
      Patrick MahomeBoy

      Wiggins lol kill ya self

    • Alexander De Guia
      Alexander De Guia

      Paul George*

  • - theMbig
    - theMbig

    He was fucking awful and inefficient lmao