Jayson Tatum drops 28 points, comes through in the clutch vs. Bulls | 2019-20 NBA Highlights
Jayson Tatum scores a team-high 28 points on an efficient 12-of-15 shooting from the floor, including a clutch step-back 3-pointer over Kris Dunn in the final minutes to lead the Boston Celtics to a 111-104 win over the Chicago Bulls.
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  • Ken Ken
    Ken Ken

    Young kobe 2.0 keep grinding homie future superstar mvp

  • guru gara
    guru gara

    see alot of kobe moves here

  • Frankie The Zip
    Frankie The Zip

    He’s a beast! Kyrie is great but he held are whole team back last year. Tatum will be a star in the NBA for years to come.

    • SvpremeJay

      Frankie The Zip kyrie didnt hold anyone back last year actually watch the games... Tatum and brown werent doing that good either

  • cesar pires
    cesar pires

    he just well rounded versatile in his game dude can do anything

  • GT 306
    GT 306

    it's so nice to see him finishing at the rim with more consistency and hitting his mid range jumpers when there isn't a better option. if you take away the 1 for 18 game and 2 for 16 game his season shooting % would be around 47%. that's really good in this era.

  • blackezi3

    I LOVE how he's playing now. I'm seeing a difference. He's now making decisive decisions when he has the ball

  • Anthony Colon
    Anthony Colon

    Tatums handles tho

  • Kyle Bautista
    Kyle Bautista

    1:42 ngl that dunk by Wendell would've been sick if it went in

  • Cornel sims
    Cornel sims

    And some say he’s overrated

  • Jomaru Joestar
    Jomaru Joestar

    Vs the bulls meh

  • Julio Casaya Simons
    Julio Casaya Simons

    It remind me a Young kobe

  • Mike Flash
    Mike Flash

    Do it against the sixers or Bucks tho.

  • alfonso White
    alfonso White

    Him and Brown like a young PG and Kawhi


    The best part of Tatum's game is making all these haters cry

  • Inaz19

    Next game he’ll go 3-17

  • TheWill116

    J smooth

  • Goobweyn Media
    Goobweyn Media

    He is good but this year Brown is better and way more consistent.

    • ATUiLOL

      @RickkTrolling Facts. Its the same people that didnt want Brown and said he got overpaid too. Both J's are awesome.

    • RickkTrolling

      Why are you comparing? Enjoy them being on the same team you ungrateful swine!

  • Jose Sandoval
    Jose Sandoval

    It’s like Tatum got better by not getting a fade anymore 💀

    • Mario Clayton
      Mario Clayton

      It's because he got that beard

  • Bryan Ho
    Bryan Ho

    So fun to watch these guys. Don't count them out for an NBA finals appearance.

    • the black capitalist
      the black capitalist

      They have to play much better defense first.

  • Trevor Robbs
    Trevor Robbs

    Kobe and kd having a bby😭

    • Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé
      Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé


  • Hogo

    From 1/12 last gamed to 12/15 28 points this game and the most efficient game of his career. So weird lol

  • Princeton Swain
    Princeton Swain

    Tatum is so deadly 🔥🔥

  • Jim Sta.Maria
    Jim Sta.Maria

    The next to kobe bryant

    • Jeremy Jones
      Jeremy Jones

      Jim Sta.Maria Lol why everybody so quick to throw Kobe name in their why not start smaller. Like next Vince Carter or next Ray Allen. Y’all putting all that extra pressure on him just like Devin Booker😂

  • Luccas Alcindo
    Luccas Alcindo

    An underrated aspect of his game: Jayson is playing defense tremendously.

    • Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé
      Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé

      He always was quite good at defense, but stupid haters never gave him the credit he deserved.

    • JoshVision

      Karim Zakaria I wouldn’t go that far saying his defense is better than his offense but yeah man I agree he is already a great defender right now. Some Peeps tend to not do their research on players just going with favs lol.

    • Karim Zakaria
      Karim Zakaria

      I said his defense is better than his offense and people clowned me. He’s been unreal on defense, hes a huge reason Celtics are ranked highly defensively

    • JoshVision

      He will most likely make All NBA Defense Second Team This Season

    • Christopher Gibson
      Christopher Gibson

      Tatum is a beast on defense ... once he finds a balance between tenacious D and scoring he will become a bit more efficient more consistent

  • Ben Simmons
    Ben Simmons

    Still a bust

    • Shin Oishima
      Shin Oishima

      Try to learn jumpshot first, before you comment. 😆

    • Jimmy Lopez
      Jimmy Lopez

      @Blade Infinite or free throws

    • Blade Infinite
      Blade Infinite

      Ben Simmons you just mad because he can shoot threes

  • Zf 28
    Zf 28

    Hope da celtics get andre Drummond we need a solid big man like him

    • deibei321

      @Karim Zakaria they are fine the way they are and if he play Tacko and porier against Embiid the next two times we play I think they will fill that void in short minutes tho just enough to frustrate him or get him in foul trouble and we still got Williams we got the size too compete with them but we got to get them in there against these guys and see where we stand especially with Tacko he will stay at the foul line because once he inside that's your only option and we got the passers on our team to get him the ball in those spots once you got Embiid in foul trouble it's time for the rest of the crew to go straight to the the rim hypothetically this could work as far as Drummond no he will kill the offense because you have to play him with Tacko and porier you use them when needed

    • Karim Zakaria
      Karim Zakaria

      The Celtics do not need a big, there is not a single statistic that shows that Boston needs a big. They have a top 5 defense, top 5 offense, number 2 net rating. They’re actually a pretty good rebounding team as well

    • Atomatic Games
      Atomatic Games

      @Brow Ming Yeah. The fact people think you can just get a big and get one good enough to stop the likes of players like AD, Embiid, and Giannis all averaging 25+ and who are essentially unstoppable just shows their lack of understanding of the game. Getting a big doesn't add anything to this team, especially at the cost of players like Hayward and Smart. Embiid, Giannis, and AD are going to get points. One guy isn't just going to stop them. A team defensive plan will though. If you think Drummond is going to put this team over the edge, you should just stop watching lol

    • Brow Ming
      Brow Ming

      @Chrishawn Douglas finally someone with sense

    • Chrishawn Douglas
      Chrishawn Douglas

      Shisui Uchiha no we don’t casual😂

  • charlie kim
    charlie kim

    I wouldn't mind Lauri going to the Lakers.. He most likely will thrive in LA

    • charlie kim
      charlie kim

      @Brow Ming that's what he is

    • Brow Ming
      Brow Ming

      Nobody gives af what you think casual 😂 Bron will just turn him into a spot up shooter. Lakers want everyone I swear

  • Baron Bolanos
    Baron Bolanos

    Imo he’s gunna be a Melo type player but a bit better on defense

    • Dre Chillin
      Dre Chillin

      He plays like Paul George

    • ATUiLOL

      Tatum superior defender compared to Melo. Better outside shooter too. Melo way better in post though

    • Savino Cataleta
      Savino Cataleta

      I am a great Melo fan, but Tatum is waaay better in defense. He Will became a great of this league

    • Elias Ortega
      Elias Ortega

      Baron Bolanos a bit???

  • Moonroof

    Tatum is balling

  • Bryant Lynch
    Bryant Lynch

    Meh, he will go 1-20 next game 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Karim Zakaria
      Karim Zakaria

      And if he does the Celtics will still win. They have the best starting lineup in the NBA, when one person is having a bad game, the next person plays well

    • Angel Em
      Angel Em

      Bryant Lynch That’s probability my guy. You can shoot a thousand shots and somewhere in there you might hit 20 In a row. You shoot through the cold streak until you get hot again but u must keep shooting. he might drop 50 for an entire week at some point in his career like Harden like Kobe those guys ain’t afraid to shoot

    • Brow Ming
      Brow Ming


  • Roberto Baggio
    Roberto Baggio

    At best, Tatum will only be a better version of kawhi😂

    • The Avatar
      The Avatar

      Kawhi is an all-time great...

    • Roberto Baggio
      Roberto Baggio

      crazymonk3y1298 it was supposed to be a joke, now it seems people are too sensitive nowadays. Kawhi is a great player.

    • crazymonk3y1298

      Soooo at his best he will be a top 3 two way player? Was this supposed to be a insult cus its not

    • Roberto Baggio
      Roberto Baggio

      Blade Infinite yes it is a compliment. Kawhi is definitely top 2 alongside Giannis.

    • Roberto Baggio
      Roberto Baggio

      Jimmy Lopez yeah, he is the best 2 way player in his draft class & the ones after & is already better offensively than kawhi at the same age. All he needs to do is take better shots & never lose focus when finishing at the rim.

  • philipus duha
    philipus duha

    One word for sure... UNDERRATED

    • André Vieira
      André Vieira


  • Micah Maranion
    Micah Maranion

    1:40 aren’t they suppose to inbound first?

    • ogre the line
      ogre the line

      @Micah Maranion Yeah, if you aren't paying close attention, it definitely looks like it goes in at first glance.

    • Micah Maranion
      Micah Maranion

      @ogre the line thats a trip. from that camera angle i thought it went in

    • Tommy Adrover
      Tommy Adrover

      He miss boss !!!!

    • King Izzo
      King Izzo

      He missed that dunk

    • ogre the line
      ogre the line

      WCJ missed the dunk there, so no.

  • wrightterence680

    JT balled out against the Bulls

  • Highway Jay
    Highway Jay

    I remember watching the draft thinking "I'd pick him 1st overall" He's the closest thing you're gonna get to Kobe and MJ

    • alfonso White
      alfonso White

      @Stevie J Kobe and MJ are good to have on a team with a great coach and a bunch of guys who don't have high aspirations for themselves or strong personalities. Tatum and Brown work well together because Tatum is an easy going laid back guy. Whereas brown has a dominate strong personality. MJ/Kobe would not be able to play with a player like Jaylen Brown because he looks at himself as the next Kawhi and would not let Kobe or MJ bully him. This is why Jaylen and Kyrie did not get along, kyrie wanted Jaylen to be a subservient to him and his game but jaylen views himself in a much higher esteem. This is also why kobe forced shaq out and why MJ would have forced Scottie out if Scottie had a strong personality. This is also why they were both known for bullying teammates and why they both needed a high level coach like phil jackson to reel them in.

    • Stevie J
      Stevie J

      @SamYG you don't like winners?

    • SamYG

      I don’t really want someone like Kobe and mj on my team tho

    • Saber Knows
      Saber Knows


  • ImaRealBoy !
    ImaRealBoy !

    All Celtics Fans need yall do me a favor and go vote for the Jays and Kemba to All star!!! 🙏🏻

    • jayraider521614

      @Zae Bradley um no! Jaylen Yes

    • Jimmy Lopez
      Jimmy Lopez

      Everyday...go on google...they make it so easy...just type in name

    • Angel Em
      Angel Em

      I’m going to vote for them every day!

    • Brow Ming
      Brow Ming


    • Zae Bradley
      Zae Bradley

      ImaRealBoy ! Gordon too

  • James Robert
    James Robert

    Celtics are the 2nd best team in the nba and tatum and brown are both better overall players than doncic like ive been saying I LOVE IIIIITTTT!!!!!!!! Celtics bout to win 5 championships in the next 10 years

    • Elan Zankman
      Elan Zankman

      @alfonso White Luka is a generational talent who will turn any team into a shoe in for the playoffs for the next 15-20 years. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are also really fucking good, and that tandem could end up being more successful than Luka. But that's two people. Luka is one person. Luka is the better player.

    • Brow Ming
      Brow Ming

      @alfonso White he's only in his 2nd year though. He can still improve. He still holds more value than both atm

    • alfonso White
      alfonso White

      @Brow Ming Luka is a good player but he plays absolutely no defense, Idk if JB or JT are better players but they add more value to a team than he does. That's why the mavs still looked good without Luka because he is a liability on defense and his overall value to a team is not as high as people say it is.

    • Brow Ming
      Brow Ming

      @James Robert "trY wAtcHinG gAmEs" stop liking your own pathetic comments kid. If all those players are as good as Luka then why aren't they in the MVP race too? Trae is nice yet he's in the worst team in the league. Luka is in the harder conference and way more clutch than Young. Only thing Young has clearly over him is he shoots further. And Mavs fell in the standings because LUKA WAS HURT. You'd have known that if you actually watched the NBA and not just highlights

    • Atomatic Games
      Atomatic Games

      @Adri I agree overall with you but i honestly would rather a duo of Tatum and Brown putting up 25+ each, over a single Luka putting up 35 on his own. For many reasons. And that's not even counting Walker and Hayward who are also good for 20-25 a night. So in that sense, while we have no player as good as Luka on their own. The sum of our parts is significantly better. 5 chips in 10 years is laughable like i said above though lol dude is in dream land.

  • JoshVision

    He’s Finally gets the fact that if he drives to the basket no one can stop him and that it will open up his mid range game. This kid WILL be a top 5 player within the next two years imo.

    • Jomaru Joestar
      Jomaru Joestar

      On the bulls

    • Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé
      Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé

      @Jason He will be MVP one day.

    • Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé
      Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé

      @Ben Simmons 1 point playoff game. Never forget.

    • JoshVision

      Corey Higgins Yup

    • Corey Higgins
      Corey Higgins

      Lol top 5 what ?

  • Pies

    Compared to Luka 39 points from 32 shots this is great shooting

    • Nick Lima
      Nick Lima

      Joshua Johnson when you have 6”3’ guards averaging 10 rebounds a game (Westbrook) it diminishes the value of rebounds. Rebound percentage of a team should be valued more than a players rpg

    • Joshua Johnson
      Joshua Johnson

      Big Man That’s not true. Guys like Drummond and Capela are very valuable as rebounders, so I’ll give credit where it’s due to Luka for getting near double digit boards

    • Nick Lima
      Nick Lima

      Joshua Johnson nowadays rebounding isn’t as impressive

    • crazymonk3y1298

      I think luka and tatum will be the harden and Kawhi of the future amazing offense vs still outstanding offense but with top tier defense

    • Joshua Johnson
      Joshua Johnson

      Twelve I’m obviously talking about Trae Young, you literally said he’s better than Luka in your comment. 😑

  • Shourya Sangam
    Shourya Sangam

    He's either red hot or ice cold

    • Eazy


    • Nicholas C
      Nicholas C

      kids like 13 years old, consistency always comes with age.

    • Tommy Adrover
      Tommy Adrover

      Need to Understand since Kemva is on the team Tatum is Rising as a superstar. Remember he is Only 21 years Old bro. Eventually he will keep Improving the game. Jayson Tatum is Special. In 2 Years tatum will be top 10 In NBA.

    • Jimmy Lopez
      Jimmy Lopez

      No middle ground...lol

    • Brow Ming
      Brow Ming

      True. Hopefully he isn't so forceful in the playoffs. The man really needs to understand when he's off and on.

  • Steve Lambert
    Steve Lambert

    Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are both great young players they are both going to be superstars soon

    • kev j
      kev j

      Claire Hanson get back to the kitchen

    • kev j
      kev j

      Jordan Davis no they won’t clown

    • Karim Zakaria
      Karim Zakaria

      I noticed how people are trying to divide them this year and all you see in the comment sections are “Brown is better than Tatum” “Tatum is better than Brown”. Celtics have both players so stfu

    • Claire Hanson
      Claire Hanson

      @kev j Lol jackass that one really hurt your idiot feelings shut your mouth now.

    • Jordan Davis
      Jordan Davis

      kev j Yes they will be. You must be a casual you probably only watch games when they’re on ESPN

  • isaiaha mcneill
    isaiaha mcneill

    2:02 who man's is this😂

  • Quan Esco
    Quan Esco

    Too fucking easy where the haters at now ?

  • Sovereign

    2:03 🤣

  • Overlord of Everything
    Overlord of Everything

    Scoring machine. Gonna be a superstar

    • ciga daze
      ciga daze

      Future Laker

    • stew choi
      stew choi

      @HEJSAN SVEJSAN but no doubt as the future superstar will be in 3yrs


      Nsingi. Jr He’s not a superstar

    • Nsingi. Jr
      Nsingi. Jr

      Overlord of Everything he already is

    • Savino Cataleta
      Savino Cataleta

      @kev j haters gonna hate 🤮🤮