Jayson Tatum Full PS Highlights vs Hornets (2017.10.02) - 9 Pts, Preseason Debut!
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  • Joshua Jacob
    Joshua Jacob

    Kuzma better than Tatum..

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee

    best player in this draft class.

  • DWILL Williams
    DWILL Williams

    Tatum has vet moves already


    Not as good as Kuzma

  • Chosen One 203
    Chosen One 203

    If Tatum and brown can defend at an above average level that is what going to take this team to the next level. Both have the athleticism and length to be above average to elite defenders. Going to be interesting watching them develop over the next few years

  • MertensCW

    Lol @ crazy ass celtics announcers. Already dude an all star before a damn preseason game. That why Celtics fan so damn crazy. Anytime they start watching games their announcers feeding them crazy pills.

  • MJ

    He'll be the reason that the C's knock off the Cavs if anything.

  • YeahWhatOoh

    "BUSTTT ONLY 9 POINTS"..... every youtube gm

  • Potty The Parrot
    Potty The Parrot

    Future Rookie of the year

  • Soloman Yan
    Soloman Yan

    Apparently, he did a fantastic job. He would probably lead the next generation.

  • Bryan Ortiz
    Bryan Ortiz

    thanks for the vid dude

  • I Love Sandy Perkus
    I Love Sandy Perkus


  • Jonathan Bulaba
    Jonathan Bulaba

    trade dude to tnew york ot fair him to be on a contending team with all that talent he the future of a franchise

  • flüküm flüküm
    flüküm flüküm

    Tatum > lonzo. lonzo is just a overhyped espn trash

  • ArtOfWaveTv

    Celtics vs Okc 2018 Finals

    • CelticsNation

      Aaron Gordon Gordon Hayward and Marcus Morris will be guarding Lebron.

    • CelticsNation

      OKC won’t make it out of the second round they’re not betting the Spurs or the Warriors. The Celtics could beat the Cavs they have nobody that can guard Kyrie.

  • mike jordan cryface
    mike jordan cryface

    Them shoes he had on was ugly asf why were they hornets colors lol

    • mike jordan cryface
      mike jordan cryface

      i know just weird color choice

    • Kawhi Leonard
      Kawhi Leonard

      mike jordan cryface those are pg1 (Paul George’s shoes if you don’t know)

    • CelticsNation

      mike jordan cryface Those were Paul George’s shoes

  • X8Mod

    He seems like a ball hog to me. He has the Kobe esque footwork though. If he can round out his game then definitely has all-star potential.

  • Wai Yip
    Wai Yip

    He will be a top 5 player in the league in the future mark my word

  • Vlone Lord
    Vlone Lord

    Poor man's Paul George wit the foot work of Melo

    • CelticsNation

      Don Hova You sound ridiculous Tatum is a rookie not a 7 year vet

  • Kuda Mwakutuya
    Kuda Mwakutuya

    they got two kobes on one team

    • Potty The Parrot
      Potty The Parrot

      Kudakwashe I miss the Celtics/Lakers Rivalry. I’m sick of Cleveland/Warriors. Now i’m starting to watch hockey.

    • BeastMode 21
      BeastMode 21

      Kudakwashe 1 upping the Lakers once again 😄

  • GodMelo Anthony
    GodMelo Anthony

    Paul Pierce Revamped #StayMe7o

  • Christian Roberts
    Christian Roberts

    He remind me of Melo

    • Prince Tuyishime
      Prince Tuyishime

      Bruh i thought the exact same thing, maybe its bc he isolates so much

    • Niko Cross
      Niko Cross

      A more efficient Melo perhaps?

    • Jai Brown
      Jai Brown

      Christian Roberts eww

  • Shawn A
    Shawn A

    Tatum is a beast. I'm a Lakers fan and I've honestly been more impressed with Tatum than Ingram ever since he was in Duke. I didn't think he could translate his game so smoothly into the NBA but damn! This guy could seriously be the future of the Celtics. Kyrie, Hayward and Tatum on the backcourt would be deadly!

    • Trevon Adams
      Trevon Adams

      Shawn I'm rooting for Ingram but dude is really disappointing me

  • dbzwayne

    I love his game he reminds me of Denver Nuggets Melo man

  • okc thunder blue white orange nation
    okc thunder blue white orange nation

    Rip to those in las Vegas

  • PressCAPLOCK

    That footwork🔥

  • Justin Allen
    Justin Allen

    Him and Jay B...NBT

  • Ivan Lopez
    Ivan Lopez

    LeBron is the only player who came in taking over

    • FastMoney Willie
      FastMoney Willie

      Ivan Lopez blasphemous

    • Ivan Lopez
      Ivan Lopez

      Bro everybody had there eyes on Bron same way they do on lonzo

    • Diego Lanza Quezada
      Diego Lanza Quezada

      Ivan Lopez he wasn't the only one. KD, shaq, anthony davis, etc.

  • Isaiah Patterson
    Isaiah Patterson

    The next kd I said it first

    • Ricothelegend 27
      Ricothelegend 27

      Isaiah Patterson Is every rookie that can score KD now?

    • Kevin Harris
      Kevin Harris

      More like TJ Warren lmao

    • Isaiah Patterson
      Isaiah Patterson

      True too but I'm not crazy

    • Fisher Markie
      Fisher Markie

      Isaiah Patterson u sound crazy lmfaoo prolly melo or pierce

  • Ivan Lopez
    Ivan Lopez

    He's a bust

  • J Stiles
    J Stiles

    Tatum is the future and got promise and he'll have fun with KY.

  • crazymonk3y1298

    he was very very nervous on offense once he got comfertable he was just real good and on d he was great all night

  • D-NBA

    More taller athletic Allan Houston.

    • D-NBA

      Niko Cross yes he played for the NY Knicks and Detroit Pistons.

    • Niko Cross
      Niko Cross

      I forget Allan Houston's play style and wasn't he a SG?

    • Chosen One23
      Chosen One23

      That's a good comparison

  • ArsPK22

    Celtics commentators might die while broadcasting

    • MertensCW

      And no joke their broadcast quality would go up by 💯 percent.

    • Rafael Torres
      Rafael Torres

      Lmao !! Tommy is been with the celtics for 50 plus years. As a player,coach,broadcaster e.t.c aint nobody as loyal as him lol

    • Yung E
      Yung E

      ArsPK22 I’m dead

  • SplashMelo

    2nd best rookie behind Frank Ntilikina. Don't @ me if you're not a Knicks fan or a Frank fan.

    • SplashMelo

      gerohero47 💯

    • gerohero47

      Just Knickin' it I like Frank he's looks good all around 👍 he's my 3rd fav rookie

    • Brick City
      Brick City

      Just Knickin' it franks good but not as much as lonzo

    • Samee Chowdhury
      Samee Chowdhury

      Just Knickin' it Jayson Tatum reminds me of Carmelo Anthony play style

  • Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz

    These celtics commentators are dusty asf

    • MertensCW

      Worst announcers in the league by far. Other notable shit tier is the Utah Jazz and Dominique in Atlanta.

  • Nova Cymbolic
    Nova Cymbolic


  • Chosen One23
    Chosen One23

    Bigger bust than Lonzo BaLL hahaha

    • Game Central
      Game Central

      The Chosen One-23 and you are

    • Chosen One23
      Chosen One23

      +Just Knickin' it (SplashMelo Anthony) Lonzo is a bust get over it.

    • SplashMelo

      Lol stfu. You're obviously trying too hard lmfao. Just stop, sir....

    • Chosen One23
      Chosen One23

      +DGTV! Fox>lonzo

    • DGTV!

      The Chosen One-23 who mans is u

  • samir

    Legendary performance.

    • Bostoncelticsforlife7

      Thanks man. I'm high on him too.

  • Lost Zaraki
    Lost Zaraki

    He was nervous in the begin but slowly started getting accustomed he'll be fine



  • Shamon Shaw
    Shamon Shaw


    • Devin Gonzalez
      Devin Gonzalez

      Shamon Shaw Well he was gonna go 1st anyway but yea ig he's a steal

  • Brayden Waukau
    Brayden Waukau

    Gd I am first

    • LAR Rodriglu
      LAR Rodriglu

      Brayden Waukau fuck u looser

    • Brayden Waukau
      Brayden Waukau


    • LAR Rodriglu
      LAR Rodriglu

      Brayden Waukau congrats